really charlotte


harlots // charlotte’s fuchsia dress

falsettos characters as things said on my bus pt 2

bc people liked the last one

marvin: being sad gay is better than being no gay

whizzer: we kick out all straight people. we don’t associate with those kind of people. i’m sick of this slander

trina: just cry. it doesn’t help the pain but you can pretend it does

mendel: in other news i just picked up my water bottle and tried to drink from the Not Drinking end

cordelia: i don’t WANT your salt

charlotte: when i’m ready to die someone just murder me because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper

jason: maybe if i was a kettle, people would actually acknowledge my existence *screeches*

bonus interaction!

mendel: sometimes i forget you’re gay

cordelia: what the fuck is this being a lesbian is like 90% of my personality


The Three Sweet Commanders

Ok but can we talk about the Falsettos costumes real quick??? Everything Charlotte and Cordelia wore made me 1000% gayer and Mendel? Wholesome as fuck. Whizzer? Talk about style. Jason? Definitely what I would wear if I was 12 in 1981. It’s all just so fucking perfect, A+ costume design 


hello i am completely in love with @falsettosdiner au that’s all