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if you’re going to be all out there for Auston Matthews being Mexican American in the super white NHL

you should be just as out there for Max Pacioretty who is also Mexican American when his coach is going after him publicly 

and the coach is known for throwing the non white Canadian players under the bus

Alex Galchenyuk #3.1

Requested by Anon:  Hi your writing is so great! Thank you so much for your writing! Can you do one about Alex Galchenyuk and he asks his best friend to go to a formal Canadiens event with him. And when he sees her, he’s taken by her beauty and the emotions that follow. So the whole night he’s super touchy and flirty. Which she’s not really use to. And you can take it where ever you want from there. Thank you so much!

*Hiiii!! Thank you so so much too. :* This is something I whipped up real quick. This is actually longer so I’m making it a two-parter so I HOPE you request it because I don’t want to post it if you’re not gonna want to read. Haha Love you. Enjoy!! :**


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“Stop laughing,” you slapped his arm for the third time, “I will kill you.”

He snorted and covered his mouth with his hand, coughing a little, “sorry, that was the worst thing that could ever happen to you in front of a hundred cameras.”

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What I find really interesting about Carey Price is that he started in Montreal spectacularly, then he flattened out and maybe went down a bit for a while and then has had to find his way back. It is not easy in Montreal to peak and then drop and to survive Montreal. And at that moment of the drop, everybody is on you and that feels like the world is on you and you start to say to yourself ‘Why am I here? Who needs this? I’ve got my whole career ahead of me. This isn’t fun. I want out.’ He could very easily have said that. He didn’t and he survived that experience. If you could survive that in Montreal, you’re a pretty tough-minded person.
—  Ken Dryden on Carey Price

anonymous asked:

Hi Kim! I've been seeing all of your hockey posts lately and it seems so fun to get into! But I've noticed that it's a very white-dominated sport. I know representation is important to you, so I was wondering who your favorite POC players are.

ok listen i know i say this a lot but this may just be the best thing i’ve ever been asked

so to start this off, i’m just gonna be real with you: hockey is a very white sport. very. there’s about 45 non-white players currently in the league, and 3 of them have the last name subban. it’s pathetic. BUT it’s a lot better than how the league looked even 10 years ago. the key to developing diversity in this sport is to make sure it reaches new audiences, and show kids of color that they can make it

anyway, here we go!! 

 PK Subban- Montreal Canadiens
PK is probably the most important man in the world. Definitely the most important in hockey. 

He’s funny, charming, amazing at social media, and is such a good person. I could (and have) talk about how incredible PK is for hours. He’s involved in charities that help underprivileged kids get the gear they need for hockey, he stresses the importance of staying in school, is amazing with kids, and is an all round good guy. 

I love PK Subban. People who hate the Habs love PK Subban. Everyone should love PK Subban.

[Plus both of his younger brothers Malcolm and Jordan are also in the NHL and y’all should keep an eye on them as well]

2. Carey Price- Montreal Canadiens
I promise that this isn’t going to be a Habs-Only list. I just really love Carey Price. Price is First Nations and hails from Anahim Lake, BC. What I love about him is how involved he is with his heritage. If you look at his twitter following list, you’ll see many accounts involving First Nations news and culture. 

Like his BFF PK, Carey is also involved in many charities including a program that provides breakfast to the school children of his home town, and he donates a pair of tickets every game to an outstanding student and their mentor in an effort to keep kids involved in school. 

Plus, he’s just a kickass goalie. 

Scott Gomez- New Jersey Devils
Scott Gomez had the distinction of being the first hispanic player in the NHL, and is carving out a path for other Latino kids to follow in his steps. Gomez is not only Mexican-Colombian, but also Native Alaskan as well. In addition being one heck of a hockey player, Gomez cares about the rise of women’s hockey and even set up a program to ensure the girls’ hockey team in his home town continued to thrive.

Kyle Okposo- New York Islanders 
Sometimes someone doesn’t need to be the Best Person On The Planet to be loved (hear that, Subban?) Sometimes you love them just because they’re unabashedly nerdy  and adorable. I can live with that.

Seth Jones- Nashville Predators 
Speaking of adorable, meet Texas native Seth Jones. In the hockey world (and the real world too, I guess) he’s still a baby at only 20 years old but that does’t mean that I love him any less. Also, his instagram is a treasure. 

Wayne Simmonds- Philadelphia Flyers 
Is it in bad taste to put “because i just love him, okay?” as a reason why you should also love Wayne Simmonds. Because…. that’s all I’ve got here y’all. He’s adorable, even if he is a Flyer. 

Devante Smith-Pelly- Montreal Canadiens
DSP became so near to my heart so quickly, considering that he used to be on the Anaheim Ducks. He’s just so fun to watch on the ice, and his social media presence is the bomb. Plus, how can you not love a guy who isn’t afraid of emoji? 

Nazem Kadri- Toronto Maple Leafs
Nazem is of Lebanese Descent and is the first Muslim drafted by the Maple Leafs- not that he let that stop him from living his dream. Kadri is one of the top goal scorers for the Maple Leafs,

Just to be clear, this isn’t an exhaustive list! These are just some of my favorite players of color off the top of my head! I hope you enjoy hockey and let me know if you have any questions!