really can't wait to see this movie tho

140528 I and my boyfriend went to the cinema to watch a midnight movie and there were two really tall, eye-catching boys. So I was like "Who are they", the employees whispered they were EXO and I dashed over to take a look. It was Sehun and Tao. Really handsome, the two of them both had good proportions and Sehun's skin was flawless. Anyway, when entering to watch X-Men, because the entrance was a little dark, Tao told Sehun in a unique tone: "Do you see? Do you see? I can't see!" kkkkk so Sehun answered in a funny tone: "Eh I can see tho?" After the movie ended they didn't come out at first. Seemed like they waited for the end credits scene but we just left. Anyway in conclusion, they were really good looking. Even my boyfriend was angry that EXO were so handsome kkkkkk.