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I like the idea of ???% signing even more than originally planned, i think i’m going to do more!

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Psycho-Pass Official Profiling 2: Interviews

Here’s all the interviews from the Official Profiling 2 book. (Well, except for the ones with Ling Toshite Shigure, Chelly from EGOIST, and Yugo Kanno. Aka the ones in charge of the music. Sorry about that.) They include the following:

  • Staff – General Director – Motohiro Katsuyuki
  • Cast – Hanazawa Kana (Akane), Fujiwara Keiji (Tougane), Kimura Ryohei (Kamui)
  • Cast – Hanazawa Kana (Akane), Seki Tomokazu (Kougami)
  • Staff – original story concept & screenplay – Urobuchi Gen; 2nd season structure – Ubukata Tow
  • Staff – Director – Shiotani Naoyoshi

Under the cut are a lot of words (almost 13k), but here are the takeaways:

  • Like I theorized way back, Psycho-Pass is not a series with a fixed start-end plot, but a sandbox where only certain elements of the world and certain characters are set in stone. Thus new writers, etc can come in and play with the pieces every single time. Even the staff’s all “there are so many side stories and spinoffs that we’ll leave it up to you to figure out canon” from them.

  • The movie was thought up, planned, and put into production before they ever considered season two. I repeat, the movie was always the priority, and the gears started moving right when they finished s1.
  • Apocalypse Now was a huge inspiration for the movie.
  • Everyone (cast, staff) agrees that if a certain character had been there in s2, the case would have been wrapped up right away and there would have been no s2. (So unbelievably true, but grrrrrr)

  • Shimotsuki Mika is beloved by the staff for the exact same reason that fans dislike her (“she’s what Sibyl thinks a true Inspector is”).
  • Hinakawa was always made to be a foil to other characters (poor boy).

  • If you didn’t know, many of the important staff figures spent a lot of their careers on live action, crime series, etc, and really love Western scifi/crime/etc media, which is one of the reasons why PP feels so different from a typical anime you see nowadays.
  • The recording cast left an empty chair in the studio for you know who during s2, and HanaKana basically said at one point, “Please come back already!”
  • And if nothing else, read the two cast interviews!

Spoilers for s2 and the movie, obviously, under the cut.

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“– I kind’ve like the rain. Feels nice. Smells nice. Makes everything green…” And true to his word, he wasn’t seeking shelter from the misty drizzle now; ‘least not right yet, anyway. He welcomed the cool damp on the back of his neck, on his cheeks, the freshness of the air.

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Y'know, looking back on many posts of artwork and stories for various BatIM AUs, I find it interesting (at the same time amusing) that quite a few of them have accepted Henry's last name to be Ross after your idea/headcanon for him. I gotta say I can't really blame them for that; the name definitely does suit the guy to a tee, no matter which AU he's in.

I noticed that, too!  Kinda funny, since it stemmed from a silly joke about Bob Ross. :V

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more of kimblee and the mute alchemist?? i'd love a continuation if you have the time!

Sure I can do that for you, I’m just sorry it took so long. I’m making it a sequel to this request I did ages ago,, and I’m also making this the same mute alchemist that fell for Greed so you’ll see references to that. Anyway, I hope it was somewhat worth the wait at least.

Kimblee took a deep breath as he stepped into town. Years have passed since he was able to breath the outside air, to be in the sunshine, and walk next to people who weren’t war criminals or felons. He was finally free and honestly…he found it rather boring.

He couldn’t help but observe the people around him doing the same tired things. He saw a couple at a flower shop, the man buying roses for his lady. A typical dating activity that thousands of people did and they were almost universally roses, a painfully common symbol of love, Kimblee thought.

Next, he saw a couple of kids running around and playing what looked to be tag at the park, another common activity that almost all kids in Amestris played with each other at one point or another.

 Speaking of common, walking behind him were two men talking about work and how tough the boss was, a conversation so repetitive that Kimblee mentally guessed what each man would say before he said it.

“I see not much has changed,” Kimblee murmured with a wry amusement. Humans generally did the same things over and over after all.

Just when he started to become rather bored, a certain alchemist caught his eye. Sitting at an outside table of a cafe was the mute alchemist that questioned him about a philosopher’s stone all those years ago.

A smirk played on his lips as he stopped in his tracks and started heading towards the cafe in question. Now they were someone that Kimblee found interesting, after all it’s hard to forget someone with a fire like that.

The alchemist in question didn’t look up from their food until Kimblee sat right across from them, casually resting his chin on his hand while he waited for them to notice. Their eyes flickering up first in confusion and then surprise. Quickly, they pulled out the notepad they always kept on their person and began writing something down.

I thought you were in prison?

“I got out,” Kimblee said casually, straightening himself up.

Okay…why are you here then.

“Boredom and a little curiosity,” Kimblee answered. “I noticed you never came back after our first visit in the cell. Are you still in search of a philosopher stone?”

The alchemist furrowed their brows and tilted their head in a look of confusion before writing on their notepad, Why would you want to know that?

“I already said I was curious didn’t I?” Kimblee said with a smirk. “And you clearly didn’t find one otherwise you wouldn’t still be writing your words on a notebook or maybe-” Kimblee leaned across the table. “You wanted the stone for a darker purpose.”

The alchemist glared at him, prepared to write something in their notebook but no words came, as if they were unsure how to respond. A feeling of smugness began to creep up on Kimblee as their actions said it all. “Ah so you were thinking of bringing someone back. That’s a dangerous hobby to pursue you know.”

I know that, they finally wrote down, that fire that Kimblee loved so much burned in their eyes. That’s why I’m not looking for a stone anymore. I wouldn’t want to lose my hands or arms to a lost cause.

“Yes it would be a shame if you couldn’t speak,” Kimblee said casually before adding, “Besides, there are many potential partners out in the world. No use maiming yourself for one.”

I never said I wanted to bring back my partner, they wrote down, letting him read the message before quickly flipping the page.

“That’s true but I remember the way you looked when I asked who the stone was for, guessing either a romantic partner or a friend,” Kimblee recounted, feeling all to pleased that he was getting all these details right. “I remember you hesitated before writing that it was personal, as you put it. Since people are more likely to sacrifice something for their lover then their friend, a lover is the safer bet.”

The alchemist straightened at his recollection, looking a bit taken back by his statement. Shaking their head slightly as if to physically brush off their surprise, they wrote, That was months ago.

“I have a good memory and people are generally predictable,” Kimblee said with a shrug. “You, however, are an entertaining sort of predictable. I have high hopes for you.”

High hopes for what? You make it sound like I’m some kind of prize horse you’re betting on.

“You could say that,” Kimblee said with a chuckle. “In this world, only the strong survive after all and I believe you’re one of the strong.” Pulling out his wallet, he left a little money on the table before standing up. “That’s for whatever you spent on your food, I have somewhere I need to be but I hope to be seeing you again.”

Before the alchemist could reply, Kimblee quickly walked off with a smile plain on his face. Envy would no doubt be a bit peeved that he was late but Kimblee really didn’t care about that. After all, it was rare that he found someone worthy of his time. He wondered what would they do if they had a philosopher’s stone in their possession, would they stay true to their convictions or would they attempt to bring their beloved back.

Who knows, Kimblee thought to himself, maybe they would find a new beloved one day. A thought Kimblee found strange to be contemplating but still thought of regardless. He figured it wouldn’t be that unusual if he ended up falling for them after all.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Are Jae-ha's feelings for Yona just a side effect of his being a dragon warrior, or have they developed purely because Yona is a babe and an inspiration to everyone? Can't really blame the guy, I mean damn, even I'M in love with Yona. I must know. I can't keep losing sleep over this. And furthermore, I've only recently joined this fandom and already see people hating on Jae-ha and telling him to get out of Hak's way? Like?? He can't help the way he feels?? Oh my God???