really can i be this cute when i'm drunk

Drunk Texts: Taejin
  • TaeTae: Eomma
  • TaeTae: Where did you go?
  • Jin: TAE. MY BABY
  • Jin: What do tou mean
  • Jin: *yoi
  • Jin: *you
  • TaeTae: You were with me and Kookie a minute ago
  • TaeTae: So where are you?
  • Jin: Srry, a cute huy asked me if i wantef a dirnnk and well i tuink he wants my duck
  • TaeTae: Duck?
  • TaeTae: oh. Dick. Jinnie, come back over to the bar
  • Jin: But Taeeeeeeeeee
  • Jin: I don't wanna
  • TaeTae: Do I have to call Namjoon-hyung?
  • Jin: psssshhhhh, he wont do anythinf
  • TaeTae: Please come back
  • Jin: Whyyyyy
  • TaeTae: Because Kookie left and I'm too scared to be alone?
  • Jin: hmmmm
  • TaeTae: And because you love me? And want to protect me?
  • Jin: i live you but i mean this guy is really cute tae i dont know if i can pass this yp
  • TaeTae: I'm really scared eomma
  • Jin: ugh, i cant resist when you call me that
  • Jin: I must take care of my babies. My babies are more important than getting.dick i guess
  • TaeTae: I love you
  • Jin: I love you too. Im on my way so stay by the bar olease

anonymous asked:

Did you like the music video? I'm kinda on the fence. Like I thought it was funny and cute(?) but the feminist in me is kinda disappointed.

I do really like it, it’s hilarious and quite clear that he wanted to do something totally weird and silly. But before you go around freaking out about misogynistic undertones I hope you realize that the whole point of the video was to make fun of celebrity culture and the shear ridiculousness that can ensue when you mix horny people and alcohol. It would be one thing if it was Ed doing everything in the video, the drunk driving, the groping, watching the strippers in such a way etc. that wouldn’t be cool and I’d definitely have a completely different opinion on the video. But this isn’t some Robin Thicke skin-fest, By having a puppet doing everything, it’s clear that the whole thing is merely a lampoon on the idea, he set out to make fun on the culture because while Ed himself wouldn’t go around acting like the puppet did, there are tons of people who do and make complete fools of themselves. Throughout the history of popular culture puppets have been a common means of satire because people know that there’s a certain level of silliness there. It’s hard to take what a puppet is doing seriously and hope by now you realize that Ed is far from the type who goes around banging girls for the hell of it. I wouldn’t say the puppet is supposed to represent Ed or be an alter ego, it’s more of his way taking the songs subject matter to the extreme and kind of making fun of it. And while I know people had issues with the song itself as well I think people need to realize that just because someone is singing about having a good time with a women doesn’t mean he’s necessarily objectifying her, in Ed’s song nothing leads me to believe that he see’s the girl as any less of person than she is. People are allowed to have opinions, I’m in no place to hold them back or put them down but before people go around taking everything so seriously they need to realize that the main character in this video is not Ed, it’s a puppet, a felt lined, cotton stuffed, plastic eyed puppet who Ed decided use to make a super ridiculous video that was meant to make us laugh not concerned. 

*and by the way it was never my intention to single you out, several people have approached me with the same concerns