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Something Y'all Really Need To Note About Chapter 18

Sangwoo, was the last one to text Jieun, it WILL show on her phone records from her phone company. If police look into her case after she goes “missing” they’ll check them and see Sangwoo was the last txt message. They’ll probably question him, but knowing how lax they are, how outwardly Sangwoo is a “good boy”, and how some of them like him as soon as he comes up with an excuse they’ll probably believe him.

But! As I said in a previous post, guess who won’t? Officer Seungbae, if he hears of it I bet he’ll once again be suspicious of Sangwoo and start REALLY looking more closely/watching Sangwoo.

This is something people really need to note because this could very well be the start to Sangwoo getting caught.

I’m moving

Hey guys. So, I’m about to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’m moving from this account to @jensenlord.

This blog was always a side blog, but recently I have lost my interest in @scarswillstayfurimmer as my main blog, primarily because I am more active and have made more friends in other fandoms and it’s always a hassle like this. I also feel like this blog has become too jumbled, too many fandoms in one. So, I have decided to move onto a different account so I can have this blog as my main blog.

This means that I am going to lose all of my amazing followers. I am really bummed about this, but please follow me back on my new account @jensenlordor @tinymichael (or both), depending on whether you followed me for my taste in music or in tv-shows.

If you can, please please please go follow my new account if you’re already a follower of mine.

This account, along with its contents, will stay online, but I WILL NOT BE USING IT ANYMORE.

Please, follow @jensenlord / @tinymichael and reblog this to get the word out.

I’ll be queueing this post and I hope I’ll see you all on the other side.

Love, Marlon.