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My sister ( @bekaroth ) and I came up with a headcanon today that all of the Lucas hands regenerate like starfish into new Lucas’s, but each one just gets progressively dumber until there are a couple dozen or so idiot Lucas clones running around.

Lucas decides to use these Lucas clones to set up his traps. “Lucas 3, you like games right?” “BOY, DO I!” “Great! Go test that puzzle for me.” “Why does Lucas 3 get to play a game and I don’t?” “Fine, Lucas 5. Go help him.” “YAY!”

Also they wear numbered hoodies to keep them separated. 

Also also, Lucas 8 and Lucas 9 are assigned to lure the Fat Man into the elevator. After the door shuts with them inside, they’re like “Now what?” and “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was trying to kill me…”

Times when Billie and Mike have taught us about friendship and love- Part 1

I’m really bored, okay?

1. When Billie was crying and Mike went with Billie to confort him

2. The fact that they have been friends since they were 10 years old 

3. Billie’s speech in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

“…Mike is my musical soulmate and I love you so much and we’ve been through everything together, and I thank you for everything – your friendship, your family. I love you.”

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4. Outlaws is a literally a love song Billie wrote to Mike

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5. At Woodstock ‘94 Billie took on a ward twice his size because he was hurting Mike ( taken from fucktrecool )  

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6. When Mike broke his bass at IHeartradio festival in 2012 to show that Billie wasn’t the only insane one

7. They are not afraid to show affection in public <3

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Extra?: When they do this when they’re playing Basket Case live (I just love when they do this)

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Making playlists is always fun. I’ve been playing around with the idea of making ones with classical works that evoke a similar feel to popular themes and melodies that many would recognise from films and/or video games, mostly.

So I bring to you the reminiscent playlists, hopefully for your studying pleasure.

With that said, here’s a very small playlist that is reminiscent of the theme from Howl’s Moving Castle. And for those who do not have access to Spotify, I got you covered with YouTube links below, haha. I chose not to list the performers since they will differ on Spotify and YouTube, but you should be able to find necessary information.

  1. Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1, Op. 46 - III. Anitra’s Dance” by Edvard Grieg
  2. Symphony No. 8 in G major, Op. 88, B. 163 - III. Allegretto grazioso - Molto vivace” by Antonín Dvořák
  3. Masquerade Suite: Waltz” by Aram Khachaturian
  4. Symphony No. 4 in G major - II. In gemächlicher Bewegung, ohne Hast” by Gustav Mahler
  5. Prelude No. 5 in G minor, Op. 23 - Alla marcia” by Sergei Rachmaninov
  6. Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, L. 86” by Claude Debussy
  7. Hungarian Dance No. 1 in G minor - Allegro molto” by Johannes Brahms
  8. Jazz Suite No. 2 - VI. Waltz 2” by Dmitri Shostakovich
  9. Je te veux” by Erik Satie*

*Unfortunately, I cannot find on YouTube the lovely orchestrated version that exists on Spotify. HOWEVER, Thibaudet does a phenomenal interpretation of a lovely piece, so at least there’s that, haha.

At some point I’m probably going to watch the new Beauty and the Beast before it leaves theaters, since my mom wants to go see it.

Will try my best to go in with no expectations….but so far, I’m not impressed by Emma Watson’s singing. >>;



Those eyes, and those teeth … they are not the ones I adored. I miss that smile that had a lust for life, not a lust for blood.

A collaboration with @tititatatoot featuring Leona and Andy!


and if it was just how you wanted, you’d be glued to his bones

got my nails done for all the weddings i have coming up and OF COURSE i chose gray. my url is really representing me well rn.