really bored and made a gif

Im pretty sure it was a Cat Grant scene that made me like Supergirl.

Just the way Cat spoke and gave good advice, I think.

I started watching Supergirl on a weekend when I was really bored. My friend, Annie watched it and I had made her a Supergirl vine. It looked interesting. I needed a new show.

I ended up enthralled by the end of episode 1. Kara was so earnest and eager to help. She was so like and unlike her cousin. She had that natural sense of duty but at the same time, she had actually had some years on krypton and it showed in her behaviors in subtle ways.

It was different enough to make me see her as separate from Clark Kent who I’ve always had an appreciation for. I grew up a bit of a Superman fan, I wont lie.


happy 27th birthday to YoonYongYangLeeSon’s amazing main vocal yang yoseob!