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So I was watching The Force Awakens with my mom...

And we get the the scene where Kylo Ren confronts Finn and Rey as they are trying to escape Star Killer base.

So Kylo Ren starts talking to Rey and says “it’s just us now,” and right after he said that, my mom turns and asks me, “ Does that guy with the hair (Kylo Ren) like Rey?”



negative thoughts about Tegoshi to stress him out

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8 with Jas pregnant

hope this is okay :)

“September is going to be atrocious.”

Jasmine sits on Pippa’s sofa with her leg bouncing anxiously, trying to figure out a way to tell Renee and Pippa the news that had been on her mind for the last few weeks. She had been so anxious to tell them, but her mind couldn’t bring herself to tell them until she was further along, wanting the confirmation that everything was going to be okay.

“Jazzy, is there something on your mind?” Renee questions when she notices the younger girl zoning out, Jasmine turning her head, forcing her leg to stop bouncing. She gives them both a small smile, knowing that this was her chance.

“I have some really big news for you guys, but I don’t know how to tell you,” She smiles, both girls urging her on.

“I um, how would you guys feel being aunties?” She questions, watching both of their reactions.

“Shut up, you’re pregnant?!” Renee squeals, Pippa leaning over to pull Jasmine in a hug, smiling.

“I’m 14 weeks. I wanted to tell you sooner and Anthony told me I should, but I was so worried something would happen so I waited. I have the tiniest little bump,” She smiles, standing up and pulling her shirt up, revealing the tiny bump that was now forming.

“Oh my God, Jazzy, it’s so cute!” Pippa smiles, Jasmine laughing as she nods, sitting down back down. She fields a million questions from the girls, trying to keep up with everything going on around her.

“September is going to be atrocious,” She rolls her eyes, letting her hands rest against her belly. “It’s always so hot and I’m going to be nine months pregnant and miserable,” She laughs, Renee nodding.

“The last month is the worst by far, and you’re just going to want the baby out, but it’ll be so worth it when you finally get to hold them in your arms,” Renee smiles, Jasmine nodding. Everything just felt more real now that her friends knew, and she prayed that she was able to always stay this positive about it all.

“We’re going to spoil this baby,” Pippa smiles as Jasmine giggles at her words, looking between them both.

“Between you two and Anthony this baby is going to be the most blessed baby in New York. Anthony’s already buying neutral clothes when he goes out alone. I’ve had to tell him to stop.”

“That’s so cute though!” Pippa smiles, Jasmine knowing that she’ll look back on the memory with fondness.

As they continue talking about the pregnancy and how blessed the baby is going to be when they’re born Jasmine wishes that she would’ve just told them sooner, knowing that sharing this miracle with them was going to be one of the best parts.

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i'm dying to know minghao's schedule. this is like really big news for minghao stans.

same here love, this just came out of nowhere like ???? YASS RISE MINGHAO!! 

(some fans are making theories that he could be appearing in kang ho dong’s new years special variety program? where foreign members in korean groups learn korean! just a speculation though)

Mod Addison's Transition!

I’ve got some really big news for yall! Both my moms are now on board with me going on testosterone!!! I’m honestly so excited I kind of just want to scream. I thought I’d share it with all of you first, since, well, this is a blog about gender after all!

Hopefully, since I’m already partway through the process, I’ll be on hormones sometime this year. I’m super excited and I hope that all of you get the same chance to feel comfortable with yourselves in 2017.

I love you all! If you want to send me messages, please direct them to my personal blog, @tiny-awkward-queer.

Thanks for being awesome!

-Mod Addison

Priya is really pushy, did you know this? If either of the boys is getting any attention she sidles up and takes their place while batting her eyelashes like, ‘Move over, hamburgers. A prime rib is coming through.’
—  my dad
Thoughts of random randomness #12

My calendar is getting filled with things to do. Not really a big news item until I think back at the fact I have never been the social type.

So far some are more “official” then others but still for someones whose dysphoria was so bad I went to great lengths not to do things this is quite the turn around.

Jan 17. Make over at Twist hair studio.
Jan 18. Hopefully Dr. Appointment
Jan 24. Therapist appointment
Jan 25. Wig fitting and consultation
Jan 25. T-Network event
Jan 31. Therapist appointment
Feb 7. Follow up or initial Dr. Visit
April 1. T for Two disco night charity event.

Now to find outfits for all of them!

With more to be added.

Strange, but nice to get out of my comfort zone. Soon it will be more “regular” stuff.



Okay, so I have a friend who attended Gary Barlow’s (member of Take That who wrote Kingsman’s “Get Ready For It” OST) Apple event last week and he let them listen to a new track his band has been working on.

And yes. IT WAS THE NEW TRACK FOR KINGSMAN 2. And according to my friend (bless her), there were no lyrics to the song yet but that the “first tones of the song gave me goosebumps straight away.”

She said it very Orchestra-like and that it sounded “bloody fucking amazing”

I know this isn’t really that big of a news, but I just wanted to share this with you because it’s still Kingsman-related and holy shit, I’m looking forward to knowing the lyrics of the song soon. 🙊

Okay, my mum’s calling me now, goodnight, fellow kingsman/hartwin trash 

When album’s go platinum, press covers it for like one day before the next album in line goes platinum. It’s not really worthy of “big” news. However, this is different. We’ve managed to keep press talking for days about the No Control Project and have taken over Billboard’s trends practically overnight. Album sales come and go, but it’s the fan domination that gets remembered. It doesn’t matter if One Direction can’t legally release another single. A “DIY single” is just as powerful, if not more. This is the type of thing that keeps bands alive.

Hurricane Patricia

If any of you don’t know, today is the day that the strongest hurricane ever reordered is going to hit the Western coast of Mexico. This includes places such as Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and Manzanillo (there are more, but these are the first I can think of.)

I don’t normally make posts about this or fuss too much over this stuff, but as a Mexican with family in Guadalajara (a city in the state of Jalisco, but its predicted that it won’t be hit, thank god), I beg you all to please take a moment to read this.

Hurricane Patricia has an incredibly small eye that can be well seen. Small eyes mean powerful storms. It is going at over 250 miles per hour (possibly more than 300?) It has broken the record thet Hurricane Wilma left ten years ago of 892 millibars. It is 902 millibars.Patricia is way bigger than Katrina was. It is more powerful than Typhoon was in Japan in 2013 (which was previously the last most powerful hurricane ever). Typhoon killed 6000 people, so you could only guess Patricia will only kill and injure more.

To give you an idea of how powerful this storm is, I can tell you that even though it is classified as 5 on the Saffir Simpson 1-5 scale, it technically would be a level 7. A level not even created because hurricanes weren’t ever supposed to be that powerful.

It has been said that in Guadalajara, in 24 hours, the amount of rain that will fall is equal to the amount that usually falls in one year. ONE YEAR’S WORTH OF RAIN IN 24 HOURS JUST IN ONE CITY! THAT’S 10.7 INCHES OF RAIN!!! My family say its been raining there a lot, and there’s the huge risk of floods. So now, Mexico has to worry about floods, the hurricane, earthquakes (in some places), strong winds, and possibly temperature.

It is also a little possible for all those small pueblos near the coast (Mananzilla included) to disappear. They are very unguarded and some are even a bit old.

Why does this affect you? Well, many people live in Mexico or have family there. Puerto Vallarta is a VERY popular vacation spot. Do you know what might happen to all of that? It could be gone in an instant.

Now, lots of bunkers have been set of, but thousands of people aren’t able to get to one, or hall the nearby ones are full. Lots of people have to just wait in a boarded up hotel, or put cardboard on their windows and hope for the best.

So many people are homeless or have very weak homes. What will happen to them? The stray animals?

The typhoon in the Philippines destroyed everything in its path. What can we expect of Patricia? The size of it is maybe about half of Mexico!

Texas has already gotten lots of rain and possible flooding. Baja California will definitely get that too. Maybe even California, Arizona, and New Mexico will receive rain.

The billions and trillions of dollars that will be lost in this storm.
The people, the property, the beauty.

I don’t want to be pessimistic. But honestly, I haven’t seen any Hurricane Patricia on my dash, and none of my friends knew.

This is important. This is a warning. Global warming is heating up our oceans, allowing hurricanes to get more power. Hopefully, we can put an end to climate change.

Here are a few pictures:

^^^Patricia VS Haiyan (typhoon that hit the Philippines) Notice the eye of Patricia is smaller. Smaller eyes mean bigger storms.

I can tell you this: Mexico’s government is doing their best to keep Mexico safe. They are preparing very well, so hopefully it will be okay. My family there is also saying that its not bad right now. Let’s hope this isn’t as bad as all the information I’ve listed here (which I’ve gotten from the news) and that the media is saying will turn out to not be true.

Here is the predicted path for Patricia. (Kind of. It was the best I could find)

So my final words are to pray and keep the Mexicans in your thoughts. If anybody in Mexico is reading this, then please, stay safe. I love you all. Ten fuerza, Mexico.

can people please stop hating on ant man. and for the love of god please don’t tag your hate. Ant-Man fans like me and my followers don’t want to see your constant bitching 

Starter call

Danielle bit her lip when she heard him come into their apartment. She jus found out some really big news and she wasn’t exactly sure how to tell him…
She walked from the bathroom into the living room and looked at him, her face a little pale, “W-Wade?” she asked, because she knew he was there, but it was dark and he was probably hiding, “I, um… I need to tell you something…”

So, the reason I called this family meeting for a couple different reasons. First, I’d like to start out by thanking all of the big kids for everything they’ve been doing these past few weeks. You all know that I’ve been out of the house a lot these past few weeks in meetings and on conference calls, and they have really pulled through with dinner and bed time and bath time and playing school bus and making lunches, so I’d like to give them a round of applause for everything they’ve done. Second, a new chore list will come out tomorrow, and it will be posted on the chalk board in the kitchen like always. And this is the really big news okay? Are you ready?