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4x04/05 AU

So here’s an angsty idea for these next couple episodes.

Bellamy goes to Polis to warn Roan about the new time limit and the Nightblood theory. Unfortunately, word rises about the ice nation attack/freeing the slaves, and Roan has to take action to secure his throne. He calls off the alliance and sentences Bellamy to “death.” (But a fake death, since we all know Roan ships the OTP). Soooo they put on a convincing show…but Kane thinks Bell is really dead, and he goes back to Arkadia….and he breaks the news to Clarke:

Clarke receives word that the others are back, and a wave of relief washes over her. She hurries to the gate to greet them, but she can’t spot that familiar head of brown curls.

Something gnaws at the pit of her stomach.

“Where’s Bellamy?” she asks.

The look Kane gives her sends a shard of glass through her chest.

His sorrow. His regret. His pain.

As clear as day.

“I couldn’t save him,” he says softly, and Abby glances back at her, eyes wide. Preparing for Clarke’s reaction. The entire camp appears to hold its breath.

And Clarke is shaking her head because there’s no way Bellamy-her Bellamy- is gone.

But the look in Kane’s eyes is too convincing.

“I’m sorry, Clarke….”

Raven and Miller are staring at her; everyone is staring at her and she can’t feel her tongue, only the cold weight in the back of her throat.

Abby steps toward her, reaching out, but Clarke takes a step back, shaking her head again. She closes her eyes and gets the hell out of there, practically running back to her room. Their room.

She slams the door shut and sinks to the ground. And shock gives way to horror and grief and she buckles.

The next morning Abby finds her working rations bright and early, expressionless.

Abby glances at Raven, who gives her a slight shake of the head. A warning.

“Clarke?” she asks anyway, and her daughter doesn’t pause. “You don’t have to be here…you’re allowed some time…”

Clarke glares at her. “I’m fine. There’s work to do.”


“I need the distraction, mom,” she blurts, her voice cracking.

And the end of the world is the best distraction the universe has to offer.

Clarke hardens herself. She boldly chooses for the survival of her people. She sets her humanity aside to do what’s needed. Regardless of what her friends think. She’ll be their leader. Nothing more.

Her fear dissipates with her will to carry on. She takes on the army head on. She doesn’t fear death. She will do whatever it takes.

There’s nothing left to lose.

But she doesn’t heed Raven’s warning, and after the confrontation with the Grounders, she gets sick. Radiation poisoning.

They’ve developed a cure with the help of Luna, so she will recover, but she spends a few nights in the med bay, half conscious.

One night she dreams of Bellamy sitting there beside her, stroking her hair away from her face. He smiles at her when she registers his presence. But then she frowns and turns away.

Because he’s not really here.

He’s gone. He left her behind.


She tells the apparition this, and he sits back, withdraws. His brows are drawn together in confusion, and then her mother whispers something she can’t hear and the dream is lost.

It isn’t until the next morning that she’s lying there, staring at the ceiling, that she jerks upright, her heart in knots, beating wildly.

She sprints from the med bay to the main foyer, and she sees him.

Alive and strong and breathing.

She’s already crying, and she manages a high-pitched and breathless, “Bellamy?”

And when he turns to her and gives her that heart-wrenching smile, she breaks down. His arms are around her in seconds, and she collapses into him, gripping the back of his shirt with white knuckles.

She falls apart, but that’s okay.

Because Bellamy is home. And he’ll find a way to piece her back together.

He always does.


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