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Hey I've been following/reading your comic, and watching your channel for roughly 9 months now, and I just wanted to say keep up the good work, I can see that your dream on being a graphic novel artist/writer (Sorry if i'm using the terms wrong ,lol) will come true! I really belive in you! And yey :) 💖

glad to know that! thanks for your support <3


Our teacher suggested us to practice different styles for our portfolio soo… I tried Jin Kim’s style and failed miserably. BUT I tried.

I had a lot of fun and I actually was dying to work on George Blagden’s expressions since I watched this scene. Concept artist problems.
Anyway! I’ll keep practicing this style.

On love: Agape

Ok, first of all, I don’t know any Latin - this translation of the lyrics was done by @littlechubbyyuuri​ that I found here

I’d been looking for the lyrics + translation for quite a while, so I was really happy when I finally found them. I thought it would give me some major insight into Yuri’s character, since lyrics in YoI never seem to be picked at random.

But after reading the translation I was a little … huh? That’s not Yuri. 

So I kept turning it back and forth in my mind until suddenly a thought snuck up on me.

Wasn’t Agape going to be Viktor’s short program? Same as Eros? 

So, what if Agape isn’t about Yuri, but about Viktor?

I’ll show you what I mean in a second - let’s go over the lyrics in hors d’oevre-sized morsels:

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color doodles from a while ago. 
*coughs* that i almost forgot about 

new au concept: junkrat, the ancient god of the sun and explosives, who is also known to carry the sun’s weight on his back (sun is riptire replacement) ends up falling in love with this huge, hulking mortal farmer named mako who doesn’t even worship the gods all that much.

soon enough mako realizes that his crops are getting the perfect amount of sun and that he hasn’t had a sun tan in months (standing outside growing carrots and potatoes all day in the sun leaves him with lots of sun burns) and eventually is starting to freak out. he’s never really belived in the gods. are they real??? why are they helping him with crops?????????? what did he do?????????????

and just at this time, a young man happens to be at his door step in the middle of the night. he has sun tanned and dirty skin, golden blonde hair and eyes that look as if the celestial body had been trapped in his pupils. he asks if he could stay with mako for a few nights, and yeah, even though mako doesn’t really like company, he agrees to let this guy in (he eventually introduces himself as jamison)

and after that mako gets the best fucking crops around. perfect carrots, perfect potatoes, perfect food and this all happens just after this lil guy who has a hobby for blowing up things comes into his life and gets all buddy buddy with him. and hell, mako can’t even remember the last time there hasn’t been a sunny day near his house. and at first he doesn’t even think about it, but soon enough he thinks ‘man, this all happened after jamison came. is jamison doing this?’

after a few more weeks he realizes- this kid’s a god. this kid can control the fucking sun and he came over to mako’s acting as if he was a homeless guy. and fuck- mako rutledge knows that jamison’s hitting on him. he’s just a mortal farmer and he’s got a god out for his ass (in a good way) and most certainly wants to be with him. he has no idea how to react to this.

I’ve just reached a new milestone guys and I want to thank you for 3000+ followers!

The 2.5 years I’ve been on this site has been a wonderful experience. I’ve got to know so many amazing and kind people from all around the world and I made so many new friends.

Big thanks to everyone, to the ones who have been with me ever since the beginnings to the ones who just joined the last days, THANK YOU!!! I appreciate every single one of you! ♥♥ Every comment you left either on my gifs or writings just brightened my days, and I’m so happy that I got to know you.

So yeah, thank you!! (●´ω`●)

Ps, I’m planning to make a little something for you guys, as a thank you gift so would any of you be interested in icons? Or headers?

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Anyone els? think that white haired character (Rachel i belive) really looks like chara, this is sooo 'original' already.

Okay anon, I already blocked your IP. Can you at least have th decency to …idk not hide your face behind an anon mask.

I m just gonna leave this here to remind everybody to not believe anything that s gonna be said and to not pick sides, because at the end of the day we know the TRUTH. Camila, Lauren, Dinah, Normani and Ally are always saying women must stick together and not against each other and now if something is really gonna happen and they do the opposite it s not really them. The FACT that many people predicted and were warning us that somenthing was going to happen just proves that their management is not doing a very good joob ( i mean when did they ever did they re predictable AF) so don t believe SHIT

Now everybody needs to stay together and hold tight because if shit is really going down it s gonna be one hell of a roller coaster and we just need to show them how strong this fandom and this just proves how FUCKED UP this industry and people really are.

Again don t belive anything and show support to these 5 amazing girls and if you re not a fan of all of them don t show hate and preach what they preach LOVE.

Ohh and really they re going to make Camila and Lauren fight come on dude they want so bad to kill camren that they don t realize they re making it more real its really funny if you think about it and like Camila once said people need to learn to chill the fuck out.

Okeyy buy Down, CITC and IHQ on ITunes and stream it on Spotify.

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What the Future Holds - Dean Winchester x Reader (EndVerse)

Title: What the Future Holds

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,769

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hi i was wondering if you could do a one shot where its dean x reader and Dean and the reader are dating and mysteriously get sent into the future into the Croatian time ( like the episode 5x4) And basically when they get sent there future dean sees the reader and gets very emotional because in the future she’s dead and future Dean proposed to the reader a week before she died. Can it be like really sad xD

“What the heck is this place anyway?” Dean huffed as he looked around him. To say everything was a mess would be an understatement. It looked like a post apocalyptic scene, like in the series you watched in your free time and Dean had seen a couple episodes of.

“If we’re on the set of walking dead oh my gosh I’m so going to have a fangirling moment.” you breathed out and Dean rolled his eyes, a fond smile on his face.

“So long as you don’t fangirl over bat-guy.” he mumbled, taking a look around him.

“Oh my gosh” you groaned “If I see Negan I am so going to lose it.” you bit your lip and he huffed.

“I still don’t get what’s so special about that dude.” he mumbled.

“The leather jacket for one!” you pointed out and he gave you a look.

“Whatever-” he rolled his eyes “I still think he looks slightly familiar. Don’t you?”

“Maybe” you shrugged “But I know what doesn’t look familiar- and it’s this place.”

“Yeah” he ran a hand down his face “We obviously aren’t in the Walking Dead set. Such a shame you won’t meet him huh? But I mean- we should expect it. It’s the future, not another universe.”

“Yeah but just because we were sent into the future doesn’t mean there is no Negan going around, right?”

“I am afraid: nope.” he said satisfied.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes until they spotted someone familiar “Wa-wait- is that Chuck?” you frowned as you saw the prophet approach the two of you.

“Yeah” Dean’s eyes widened “Come on”

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I think what valentina did was really unprofessional, but also really disrespectful towards Nina. Did she really think of herself so highly that she thought she could win without knowing the words? I’m honestly more dissapointed than sad. I thought higher of her, and even though her scripted cute personality started to annoy me in the last couple of episodes, I really do belive she is talented enough to have won that lsfyl if she would have prepared properly. What a shame.

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Can you write an ask for HT UF Sans and SF Pap and how they react with an SO who compares them to Kintsugi? It's an art form where broken vases are put together with gold lacquer, resulting in something more beautiful than the original.

(Ohhh I have seen picture of it. It’s so pretty lookign and just cool.)

HT Sans: He…doesn’t know what to say. He really doesn’t like himself. He had his moments of self hatred even before everything went so horribly wrong. But now, after all what he has done, and especially after he has so much time to remember this things, his memorys now no lounger clouded trough starvation, his memory getting better, the hole in his head healing slowly. But then you compare him to something so beautifull and he..he cries. 

He hasn’t cried often in his life, he just is not the type of guy to cry. He is the kind of guy who shrugs things off usually, why bother crying, it doesn’t solve anything, and is way to exhausting for a lazybones like him. 

He can’t belive you really think he came out of everything broken but better then before. Do you know how many people he killed with his own hands. Do you know how often he felt a twisted sense of joy when doing it. He just can’t accept that he is somebody you would compare to beautifull, golddecorated vases. But a part of him is glad that there is somebody who loves him like that, even if he can’t. Not yet at least.

UF Sans: “if you pour lacquer into my cracks, i won’t be cracking any jokes anymore, hehe…”, he doesn’t know what to say, so he does what he always does. He fingerguns clumsily while sputtering out a terrible joke. He doesn’t know why you would compare him to something like that. What kind of fucking thing is this even. More beautifull then before, pff, you gotta be kidding me. Nothing is more beautifull after beeing broken. It’s only usless and it takes effort and time to make it at least usefull again, and nobody got time for that kind of shit.

But you make him see it like that. A lot of people helped him, his brother, his friends and you. You all put effort into helping him out whenever he needed it. And he tries to deny everything you say, but you are right. He is so much…happier? Yes, he is actually enjoying himself. he barelly has panic attacks, barely feels like shit, barely sleeps only so he doesn’t have to be awake, rather he sleeps because he likes doing it.

Hm..maybe…maybe he can accept that you see him like that.

SF Papyrus: He just chuckles, withouth any amusement in his voice. He doesn’t deserve to be compared to something like that. He isn’t worth beeing seen as anything good or beautifull. You shouldn’t even waste your time on convincing him otherwise. Don’t listen to him and keep on it. He will start thinking about it. He usually hates thinking about things, it always leads to unpleasantlys. Just existing and not feeling a thing is what he prefers. It’s not nice or good, but it’s better then actually feeling things sometimes.

He doesn’t know when he started to become numb like this. But whatever broke him, so to say, nothing glued him back together. 

Maybe hours or days later you two will do something, nothing big, maybe jsut watching TV and cuddling, maybe just reading books while sitting next to each other, and he wil lookg at you, and smile. And realize how much you made him feel, andhow much he enjoyed that. He can deny it, but he hasn’t been truly numb to everything in so long. He enjoys his brothers shenanigans, enjoyes messing with him, you and other people. He likes baking small things. He even enjoyes feeling negative emotions. Not like he looks forward to beeing sad or angry, but more like he enjoyes how many different things he feels.

And a part of him remembers your comparison, and he starts to believe you.

You know what bothers me?
We don’t know what happened on the time Voldemort was in the manor. We don’t know what happened during the time Draco was there, with fucking Voldemort and a bunch of sick death eatera at his house.
A lot of fanfics shows Draco so pround of the manor, having no problem living there alone, and it bothers me. At minimum, he would have been scared on every corner.
If you wanna know, I think he would have been mistreated, and tortured. Even more after the “I can’t be sure” episode, and the trio taking off with his and Bellatrix’s wands.
I really believe that year to be the worse in his life, and I really belive he was more damaged than we think.

All in all, what I mean is that we don’t think about Draco’s traumas enough. He did not got out of war untouched. He did not got out of it unharmed. He must had nightmares and PTSD, and yes, I think that is a really important point on his relationship with Harry. They would actually understand and know how to deal with each other.
Just… I really don’t like when people minimize what Draco must have been through.

Sticks and Stones (Part 2)

A/n: Me: “I’m not going to be able to update much cause finals.” Me to Me: “You know a great way to procrastinate? Writing” Me: “Oh, ok, fine, 15 minutes to get it out of my system then back to studying” 1-2 hours later and here we are. Oh well, I’ve prayed to Athena for good test scores so I should be ok, right?

Warnings: I’m actually pretty sure I didn’t swear. It might be a little confusing at the end if it is let me know. 

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It took Bruce a solid 3 months to even get the courage to think about asking you out. He didn’t want to rush you especially because of the relationship you’d just come out of. Besides he didn’t think you liked him, not like that anyways. Bruce didn’t realize he’d zoned out until a jolt of electricity brought him out of his daze.

“Ow” he glared at Tony who was smirking next to him

“I’ve asked you the same question 3 times Bruce” Tony exclaimed, “and you still ignored me if anything I’m the one that should be hurt.”

“Sorry, what do you need?” Bruce asked

“Pass me that pen?” Tony asked nodding to the pen in his friend’s hand

“What happened to your pen?”

Tony waved his hand around the lab table “rolled onto the floor.”

“And you couldn’t just pick it up,” Bruce asked giving Tony his pen “of course not why pick up your own pen when you can have someone else do it for you” the scientist muttered as he searched the ground for Tony lost pen

“Were you thinking about Y/n again?” Tony asked Bruce

“No” h answered far too quickly “why would I be thinking about Y/n?”

“Cause you clearly like her. Don’t think I don’t know what you did to help her with Adam we all know.” Tony pointed out

“That was for her not me” Bruce reminded him

“Oh come on that was a little bit for you” Tony stated

“Tony-” Bruce started

“Hey Captain Rogers wanted you two to look over this,” you said as you walked into the lab, your voice made the scientist jump and bump his head on the table as he resurfaced, pen in hand “and you know do your sciency stuff.”

“Sciencey stuff,” Tony asked as he examined the object you had set on the bench in front of him

“I only use technical terms gentlemen” you replied as Bruce hid a grin

“Bruce why don’t you head out with Y/n I got this covered maybe buy her dinner or go see a movie,” Tony said, Bruce gave the man he regretted calling his friend an ‘I will kill you’ look and turned to you.

“He’s just joking,” he told you forcing a chuckle I’m sure you have better things to do.

“Oh come on dinner wouldn’t be that bad” you shrugged “as long as I’m not paying.”

“You’re sure” Bruce hesitated “ we don’t have to just cause Tony said to”

“I’m sure, free meals are always appreciated” you smiled

“All your meals are free I pay for them” Tony chimed in unable to keep his mouth shut. You chuckled, and Bruce hesitantly lead you out of the lab

“How was the mission?” Bruce asked

“Good” you shrugged “relatively simple no scratches for once.”

“That’s good” Bruce mentally cursed himself, why did he have to be so bad at small talk?

“Where did you want to eat?” you asked

“You can choose I usually get take out” Bruce informed you

“There’s a nice diner down the block” you mention

“Sounds good to me” Bruce smiles

Bruce let you lead him to the diner walking in an awkward silence. There were so many things going through the scientist’s head, so many things he wanted to say. Before he knew it, he was lost in his thoughts. Thinking of how he’d tell you how he felt each situation ending in failure.

“Bruce?” your voice drew him out of his trance

“Huh?” he asked looking at you remembering what was going on

“We’re here” you were both standing outside a small diner the smell of burgers wafting through the air. You walked to a booth and gave your drink orders to the waitress.

“You ok?” you asked him

“I’m fine” he assured you

“Alright” you smile “so what have you been up to?”

Bruce shrugged “sciency stuff” he hoped the rest of the night wouldn’t go like this, as much as he loved you he hated small talk.

“What kind of sciency stuff?” you questioned

“Mixing chemicals and things” Bruce commented not wanting to bore you

“Why?” your voice curios

“You really want to know?” he asked

“Science was one of my favorite subjects you know” you mention “well that and art and English and history. Basically, anything that wasn’t math or gym.”

Bruce chuckled “trying to solve my problem.”

“What problem?” you furrowed your brows

“You know,” Bruce paused waiting for you to understand “my big, green problem” he finished

You frowned “The Hulk?” Bruce nodded “I mean I’m not you and I guess I could understand not wanting him but” you trailed off as the waitress brought your food “he’s not much of a problem” you finished once the waitress had left.

“How do you mean?” Bruce asked surprised by your answer

“I mean, yeah he’s hurt people but who hasn’t? He’s saved people too Bruce, he’s saved you. I dunno it’s your decision, but if you ask me, he isn’t a problem, maybe in the beginning but not now, not anymore.”

The rest of the meal was spent in silence as Bruce mulled over your words. He couldn’t help but be happy that you weren’t afraid of him or the other guy. His mind ran through more scenarios of confessing his feelings, and soon his confidence was building. He paid for your dinner and walked you home.

“Y/n, would you ever consider doing this again?” he asked standing outside your door

“Of course” you answered

“I mean like, as a date,” Bruce added watching your eyebrows furrow he grew slightly panicked. “That was a joke,” he forced a chuckle “see, funny,” your brows furrowed more “unless you want it to be a date” Oh god he’d ruined it, he’d ruined the whole night. You were both having a great night, and he ruined it.

“Rewind a bit,” you said “this wasn’t a date?” you confirmed

“You thought this was a daBruceasked, it was his turn to be confused, it wasn’t that he didn’t want this to be a date but he didn’t think this was considered an ideal first date. You two were just hanging out, right? 

“Yeah” yuo dragged out “I thought Tony asked for you or something” you froze “Oh god, I’m so sorry why don’t we just pretend I never said anything”

“You thought I had Tony ask you out for me?” Bruce broke out into a smile

“Is that so hard to belive your really shy and I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask you because I like you but I’m shy too and ugh” you groaned

Bruce started laughing “you want this to be a date?” he asked

“If you want it to be” you smiled

“Then consider it a date,” he said

You pulled out your phone “Hold on let me put this in my calendar so I don’t forget our anniversary or something” you muttered

Bruce chuckled and watched you put your phone away “So can I take you out again?” he asked suddenly nervous again

“Definitely” you answer “this Saturday work for you?”

“I’ll be here at 8”, he said “maybe we can catch a movie”

“Sounds good” you confirm. Bruce turned to walk away before he embarrassed himself even more “Bruce” you called


“You forgot something” you mention pulling him in for a quick kiss on the cheek “goodnight Bruce”

“Goodnight Y/n,” he said “See you Saturday”

“Or before then” you comment just as Bruce is leaving a smile spreads across his lips and a small brush dusts his cheeks Or before then he thought to himself.


A/n: I hope you guys enjoyed part 2 sorry for the wait. This is really where I will stop writing for the end of the week but look at me putting up two fics. Love you all -G