really belive

new au concept: junkrat, the ancient god of the sun and explosives, who is also known to carry the sun’s weight on his back (sun is riptire replacement) ends up falling in love with this huge, hulking mortal farmer named mako who doesn’t even worship the gods all that much.

soon enough mako realizes that his crops are getting the perfect amount of sun and that he hasn’t had a sun tan in months (standing outside growing carrots and potatoes all day in the sun leaves him with lots of sun burns) and eventually is starting to freak out. he’s never really belived in the gods. are they real??? why are they helping him with crops?????????? what did he do?????????????

and just at this time, a young man happens to be at his door step in the middle of the night. he has sun tanned and dirty skin, golden blonde hair and eyes that look as if the celestial body had been trapped in his pupils. he asks if he could stay with mako for a few nights, and yeah, even though mako doesn’t really like company, he agrees to let this guy in (he eventually introduces himself as jamison)

and after that mako gets the best fucking crops around. perfect carrots, perfect potatoes, perfect food and this all happens just after this lil guy who has a hobby for blowing up things comes into his life and gets all buddy buddy with him. and hell, mako can’t even remember the last time there hasn’t been a sunny day near his house. and at first he doesn’t even think about it, but soon enough he thinks ‘man, this all happened after jamison came. is jamison doing this?’

after a few more weeks he realizes- this kid’s a god. this kid can control the fucking sun and he came over to mako’s acting as if he was a homeless guy. and fuck- mako rutledge knows that jamison’s hitting on him. he’s just a mortal farmer and he’s got a god out for his ass (in a good way) and most certainly wants to be with him. he has no idea how to react to this.

Personally, if there is not a secret episode happening (and at this point I don't really think we are getting one) I am gonna keep this...



and this (because Tom is the cutest kid in all the planet)…

…and basically pretend the fourth season never happened.


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No matter what he does or what he chooses to be. 

In the end, Jim will never let him go.

Look at this kid looks. He is so cute and innocent, he really belives in the Christmas spirit, and that it could fix his home.

So cute im gonna cry

how can you belive in god

So much for keeping Malec real and relatable.

I really wanted to belive them when Harry and Matt said it during numerous interviews and reassured fans that Malec would be handled with care and consideration.

Well, last week I gave them the benefit of doubt but last nights episode was a great disappointment in terms of Malec storyline.

I watch the show mainly for Malec. ( Like thousands of other people) and I love and respect Harry and Matt for portraying the characters the way they do. And of course I know that they are more or less powerless when it comes to the script etc… and I’m sorry that they are getting shit for things they have no say in. I don’t approve this hatred.

The producers and editors on the other hand, leave me speechless.

I just don’t get it why they emphasize the fact that Alec is a virgin left and right through the season and all of a sudden….
He’s not!
Like HOW IS THIS REAL??? The probability of shy, sensitive, virgin Alec jumping Magnus the first chance he gets is sooooo low that they can’t even mean this seriously. And Magnus being cool with it is just plain ignorance.

And even if they had had sex, it must have been real bad if all they did afterwards was a pat on a chest and a smirk towards each other.
Why??? Why do their first time so hastily and with no care???? Like if they don’t have time for it in the episode then why do it at all????

They could have led up to it for a while and make it a nice moment of intimacy between Magnus and Alec with at least 30 seconds of screen time.

My interest in the show is plummeting and I’m sure I’m not alone who feels that way.
It seems like every time there is a strong ship with so much potential, the writers just send it spiraling into the same box as cliche rom coms and Spanish telenovelas 😒

I was tagged, what should I do?

I was tagged by the awesome @morethananaveragebitch, to list 6 random things about myself. This could be a challenge.

1. I am not the most outgoing person. I used to be the life of the party and loved people, but as I am getting older I find that I am becoming an introvert.

2. Back in 2013 a week before Thanksgiving, I somehow managed to get my leg crushed by a hoist that had over 1500lbs hanging off of it. Part of it went through my leg. I manged not to break any bones, just crushed a couple of nerves. Took a long 20 months for me to be able to really walk again. I belive this has a big impact on why I have become an introvert.

3. I really enjoy Drag Racing and autocross. I race my Mini as often as I can, and currently slowly building a dedicated drag car.

4. For many years I did front of house sound for a club here. Doing my best to make all the small town bands sound good. Had an opportunity to go touring with a band that rolled through. Descent band thought they might go all the way so gave it a shot. Toured with them for half a year, doing FOH sound in 60 different clubs along the way. Had a great time learned a lot. Got to meet lots of cool bands. They didn’t make it and returned home to pursue my current career.

5. I really enjoy food, only a few things I can’t stand. The main one is lettuce that has been heated up, it gets all soggy and tastes funny. Lettuce needs to be crisp and cold. And the best kind of pizza is Pepperoni, Pineapple, and Mushrooms.

6. I am a workaholic, I enjoy work. I have a full time day job, rebuilding and rewinding electric motors. Then in the evenings I enjoy working on cars.

Well this was more of a challenge than I thought it was gonna be. I don’t really talk about myself much.


Hello baby, how are you? Sorry for the long wa :) I expect that you like it ;)

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Namjoon always was the “Cool guy” but when you’re close to him, he will be different and cutie like he is inside. His reaction will be very unexpected.

Rap Monster: You like me?


Jin: So how you feel when she say “I Love You”?

Suga: Whas something like… Go to sky and… Oh, i really like her.


Jimin tells Hoseok about this, but he does not believe him.

J-Hope: Stop play with me like this, Hyung!

He will take a little while to really starts to belive that you really likes him. When he sees you again, will try do anything just to make you smile and still pay more attention to him.


When Jin sees you again, will not stop talking about how beautifull and precious you are.




Jungkook: Of course it’s about Jeon JungKook who we are talking, i knew it all the time.


Taehyung will gets more dorky than normal. 

V: I love you too.

Annyeong o/ Just to say: ASK BOX IS OPEN \o/ Click here to make one request. 

If you are a witch please help

I’ve realy been interested in Wicca/pagen religions along with magick and becoming a witch. The only way of becoming a witch that I have read about is by becoming Wiccan. I started to look into this and I really liked the ideas and overall things that Wiccans stand for. However, I have a hard time realy believing in a god or higher power. I feel like by trying to believe in a higher power im lying to myself, and i’ll never really truly belive in what im doing. So, to be Wiccan must you belive in a higher power? And if so, can I still be a witch if im not Wiccan and do not beilive in god?

Mary Winchester not-so-silently judging her son for his love of 70s and 80s rock and going through his cassette collection.

“Where are The Turtles and The Beach Boys and Marvin Gaye?”

“This is my music mom.”

“This is all the awful music your father would never turn down. We’re going to have to do something about that.”

Later they are in an old record store for some reason and she finds The Crystals or The Temptations holds it up, and says “you used to love these guys! You used to dance around the kitchen in your little diaper!”

And suddenly Supernatural’s soundtrack is suddenly full of happy, upbeat 60s music because Mary is obnoxious about it. Like Dean-level obnoxious about it. Sam now knows where Dean gets it. Because dad was never this addicted to music.

(Bonus scene with. Like. Johnny Cash or uh… The Monkees or someone.

“Mom, “Im a beliver?” Really?“

"You used to think they were the cutest boys you’ve ever seen.”


“I couldn’t peel that old 45 cover out of your hands for days!”


“Saying ‘oh so handsome’ and just staring at them for hours!”

*sam losing it in the backseat tbh*)