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Anyone els? think that white haired character (Rachel i belive) really looks like chara, this is sooo 'original' already.

Okay anon, I already blocked your IP. Can you at least have th decency to …idk not hide your face behind an anon mask.

On love: Agape

Ok, first of all, I don’t know any Latin - this translation of the lyrics was done by @littlechubbyyuuri​ that I found here

I’d been looking for the lyrics + translation for quite a while, so I was really happy when I finally found them. I thought it would give me some major insight into Yuri’s character, since lyrics in YoI never seem to be picked at random.

But after reading the translation I was a little … huh? That’s not Yuri. 

So I kept turning it back and forth in my mind until suddenly a thought snuck up on me.

Wasn’t Agape going to be Viktor’s short program? Same as Eros? 

So, what if Agape isn’t about Yuri, but about Viktor?

I’ll show you what I mean in a second - let’s go over the lyrics in hors d’oevre-sized morsels:

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new au concept: junkrat, the ancient god of the sun and explosives, who is also known to carry the sun’s weight on his back (sun is riptire replacement) ends up falling in love with this huge, hulking mortal farmer named mako who doesn’t even worship the gods all that much.

soon enough mako realizes that his crops are getting the perfect amount of sun and that he hasn’t had a sun tan in months (standing outside growing carrots and potatoes all day in the sun leaves him with lots of sun burns) and eventually is starting to freak out. he’s never really belived in the gods. are they real??? why are they helping him with crops?????????? what did he do?????????????

and just at this time, a young man happens to be at his door step in the middle of the night. he has sun tanned and dirty skin, golden blonde hair and eyes that look as if the celestial body had been trapped in his pupils. he asks if he could stay with mako for a few nights, and yeah, even though mako doesn’t really like company, he agrees to let this guy in (he eventually introduces himself as jamison)

and after that mako gets the best fucking crops around. perfect carrots, perfect potatoes, perfect food and this all happens just after this lil guy who has a hobby for blowing up things comes into his life and gets all buddy buddy with him. and hell, mako can’t even remember the last time there hasn’t been a sunny day near his house. and at first he doesn’t even think about it, but soon enough he thinks ‘man, this all happened after jamison came. is jamison doing this?’

after a few more weeks he realizes- this kid’s a god. this kid can control the fucking sun and he came over to mako’s acting as if he was a homeless guy. and fuck- mako rutledge knows that jamison’s hitting on him. he’s just a mortal farmer and he’s got a god out for his ass (in a good way) and most certainly wants to be with him. he has no idea how to react to this.

I think what valentina did was really unprofessional, but also really disrespectful towards Nina. Did she really think of herself so highly that she thought she could win without knowing the words? I’m honestly more dissapointed than sad. I thought higher of her, and even though her scripted cute personality started to annoy me in the last couple of episodes, I really do belive she is talented enough to have won that lsfyl if she would have prepared properly. What a shame.

No matter what he does or what he chooses to be. 

In the end, Jim will never let him go.

What the Future Holds - Dean Winchester x Reader (EndVerse)

Title: What the Future Holds

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,769

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hi i was wondering if you could do a one shot where its dean x reader and Dean and the reader are dating and mysteriously get sent into the future into the Croatian time ( like the episode 5x4) And basically when they get sent there future dean sees the reader and gets very emotional because in the future she’s dead and future Dean proposed to the reader a week before she died. Can it be like really sad xD

“What the heck is this place anyway?” Dean huffed as he looked around him. To say everything was a mess would be an understatement. It looked like a post apocalyptic scene, like in the series you watched in your free time and Dean had seen a couple episodes of.

“If we’re on the set of walking dead oh my gosh I’m so going to have a fangirling moment.” you breathed out and Dean rolled his eyes, a fond smile on his face.

“So long as you don’t fangirl over bat-guy.” he mumbled, taking a look around him.

“Oh my gosh” you groaned “If I see Negan I am so going to lose it.” you bit your lip and he huffed.

“I still don’t get what’s so special about that dude.” he mumbled.

“The leather jacket for one!” you pointed out and he gave you a look.

“Whatever-” he rolled his eyes “I still think he looks slightly familiar. Don’t you?”

“Maybe” you shrugged “But I know what doesn’t look familiar- and it’s this place.”

“Yeah” he ran a hand down his face “We obviously aren’t in the Walking Dead set. Such a shame you won’t meet him huh? But I mean- we should expect it. It’s the future, not another universe.”

“Yeah but just because we were sent into the future doesn’t mean there is no Negan going around, right?”

“I am afraid: nope.” he said satisfied.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes until they spotted someone familiar “Wa-wait- is that Chuck?” you frowned as you saw the prophet approach the two of you.

“Yeah” Dean’s eyes widened “Come on”

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Does cisnowflake really belives he's not a right wing douchebag when he constantly reblog from far right blogs and uses links from extreme conservative website to discredit trans people just admit you're trash.

He’s a leftist except on social and economic issues.

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Do you REALLY think that Jikook is real? You have sure about it? Like, I think that they would be the most perfect couple in the world, but deep down I feel that they are just friends, I don't know how to explain, but it's very good to be true, you know? And if you really belive that it's real, what have you relied on to come to that conclusion? (I LOVE YOUR BLOG <3)

i am so sorry but nothing about them being real is TOO GOOD to true.

what is too good about being involved in a romantic relationship with your fellow member in a major homophobic country , which makes your relationship an absolutely big threat to your career that you’ve worked your ass for ? nothing is too good about that .

sure thing the possibility of them being involved romantically sounds very good when you read it in fanfiction, but that’s not how it goes in the real world , korea is a major homophobic country , so it’s absolutely not that great when you think about it , them being actually together i mean

so  it’s not too good to be true , plus you can’t deny their chemistry there is definitely a big big chance of them being attracted to each other in that way , i mean you’re free to have your opinion but to me there’s nothing platonic about them , just freinds ? i don’t think so….

sure? i can’t be 100% sure , no one can be .. they haven’t personally told me : “we’re togther “, but yeah i do think they’re currently dating,or even we’ll get to that someday …  i’ve stated some things that made me suspect it here here  and here ,it’s pretty much the fact that their realtionship  totally changing over the past few years , their undeniable attraction towards each other which is so obvious anyody can see it and  so many other things . i’ve already answered this question so i’m not going to repeat myself you can go check it (the link is above)  

As usual, I’m really late to everything but here I am arising from the hell that is finals (still alive but I’m barely breathing). I’m here to introduce you to my angsty child Hongbin, a grown man who needs to sit down. Under the cut you can find a little information about him and if you want to know more about him, here is his profile and here is his bio. Also if you wish to plot, here is his plot page and you can like this post and I’ll fly into your ims!

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Conan/Ran - Yaiba
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan. I need to tell you something. My true identity...
  • Ran: Kamen Yaiba, right? Remember, you told me so yourself. At the Tohto Tower.
  • Conan: ...
  • Ran: Conan-kun is brave. Just like Kamen Yaiba. Remember the last episode we watched together? The Revenge of Duke Potato... Kamen Yaiba was almost defeated because Potato Tribe took Keiko-chan, his friend and love, hostage. That was horrible don't you think? To use a person he love to trick him...
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan?
  • Ran: Kamen Yaiba is a hero. He saved this planet so many times. But he sure is tragic character. Because he can't be honest with the person he loves. And you know what? I think Keiko-chan knows that... in the very depth of her heart, she knows that her friend who works with her at Hot dog stand is actually Yaiba. But she forbids herself from thinking further. Because if she'll really... really belive in it, then everybody will be in danger. Not just her. Kamen Yaiba himself would be in danger. Because... there's no way she would act the same near him. Because if she'll know, it would be easier for Duke Potato to find Kamen Yaiba. And if he does, he will win.
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan... you really...
  • Ran: What, Conan-kun?
  • Conan: You really like Kamen Yaiba...
  • Ran: Right. I really like this story.
  • Conan: I'm going to spend this night at professor's. He created a new game, so...
  • Ran: Right. Please be careful and...
  • Conan: What?
  • Ran: Please return to me safe, Kamen Yaiba-kun.
Got7 Reaction to meeting their virtual friend in person for the first time

I wrote this as if they had a virtual friend and it’s their first time meeting…? Hope this is what you wanted :) ~ Enjoy

Mark - You two met online playing games and start talking because you had so much in common. You decided it was time to met him and to finally be able to hug Mark, someone who helped you so much and someone who made you laugh many times. You knew got7 was having a meet and greet in your country and you went there without telling him, to make it a surprise. You were nervous to finally meet your friend, who you loved even before meeting personally. When you finally had the chance to talk to Mark, he would look at you with big eyes, wondering if you were really you, or just a fan that looked like you. You would wait to see his reaction but he wasn’t able to say anything. When you winked and remembered him of your conversations he would feel his heart clench and want to jump in your arms but would keep his image and whisper in your ear for you to wait for him in that specific cafe.

*you sit in front of him* “So… remember that time I won and you promised me revenge? I am still waiting for it.”

“No… it can’t be you…” *trying to keep calm since there are fans recording*

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Jaebum - It all started with a simple accident. Jaebum tried to send a message to Jinyoung, reminding him to buy some toothpaste since everybody was complainning that it was almost finishing, but wrote the wrong number and the message ended up to you. You respond to him, saying it was the wrong number, and after he sent you another message apologizing, you would keep a conversation. And with that simple accident you end up talking frequently, whenever you were bored you would just start chatting with that random person that asked you for toothpaste. You would end up going to one of his concerts for the first time and warned him you would be there, but he would be confused if you were just joking or being serious. You were really close to the stage, and once he got close enough to you, you would get his attention and he would burst into laughter as soon as he made eye contact, not beliving you were there. He would definitely meet you afterwards and you would become even closer since then.

*you shouting from the crowd* - “JAEBUM DO YOU NEED TOOTHPASTE?”

*laughing and pretending he didn’t heard you* “I can’t belive she really came!” (he would be looking at you the whole show though)

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Jackson - He would answer one of your DM’s and keep a conversation, since you were just a fan and not a crazy sasaeng. You would end up talking more frequently and even facetiming. Whenever you felt sad you would chat with Jackson and he’d cheer you up, just like you did to him. It was pretty easy to build a friendship with Jackson, and by this time you couldn’t leave without him anymore. You have been talking about meeting someday but with got7, the fans and the fame it was almost impossible. But this day, it was your birthday, and he told you he had a big surprise prepared for you. You got a message from him, saying to go to this specific garden in your town, and you got really confused, but did what he told you. You sit on an old bench, waiting for something to happen or for him to respond, but instead you would just feel two hands covering your sight and as you stand up, you would find Jackson himself, smiling with his arms open, behind you and waiting for you to hug him. And you did so, not beliving he came just to see you.

“You are really Y/N, right? Don’t trick me I will end up finding out…”

(you are Mark ♥ )

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Jinyoung - He found you pretty and smart, and since you had many things in common, he held this friendship with you for almost a year by now. You were chatting almost everyday, he made sure to text you all the time he could, cause he loved talking with you. You two finnaly planned to meet when he got some days off, he would be really shy but so happy at the same time. You two have gone through a lot since you started to talk with each other, he was always there for you and you for him. You would find him waiting for you, standing in that street with his hands on his pockets and looking around, hoping to see you. You waved at him and he lost his composure the moment he saw you. Junior would be smiling the whole time and even stuttering a little bit (shy shy shy). He wouldn’t want to let you go of his embrance and would hate the idea that he had to leave you again. Junior would always miss you, and make sure he knew you were important to him.

“I promise I will be visiting you. Now that I found you I don’t want to let you go.”

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Youngjae - He would be pretty shy in the beginning, Youngjae never thought he could get so close with a stranger on the internet, but it happened. You two started to talk when you caught his attention by commenting one of his instagram pics. and he found you funny and started following you as well. From then you both started to chat, but your friendship grew stronger everyday, and you started to call each other more frequently and facetime whenever he could. He would sing for you when you were down and you would make him laugh in return. He wasn’t expecting meeting you soon, even though that was all he wanted. The circumstances helped a lot, you would end up being in the same city at the same time, so you couldn’t let your chance go and planned to meet him at that city’s mall. His heart would be racing, looking everywhere for you, and you would find him on the top of the stairway and call his name. When his eyes met yours, he would smile and blush instantely, running to you and apologizing everyone that he accidentaly kicked in the way. You would stay there, hugging him for centuries when he got you… and both of you wouldn’t want to leave.

*lets you go and looks at you for some time* “How about we go eat some ice cream?”

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Bambam - You would start chatting when you answered one of his tweets and he answered back and it kept going til the others igot7s were starting to get upset since he only answering to you, so he continued the chat privately. He would flirt jokingly all the time and you would respond in the exact same way, that’s what he loved about you, you always knew how to respond and always made him laugh. The first time you saw eachother from skype he would turn into a shy ball just like when you met for the first time. He would be better with his words online than in person since he found you such an amazing person and wouldn’t want to mess the image you had about him. You would plan something fun with him for the first time like going to the amusement park or bowling, just something that could entertain you two for some time. When you met he would be laughing the entire time, nervous about it and never taking his eyes off of you. Bambam would probabily say something cocky and flirty just to light up the mood and to make you smile.

“You are prettier in person.” *faints*

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Yugyeom - He’d find you the same way Mark did, while playing games. You seem to be the only one that always won the matches with him at that specific game he was really good at, so he started to talk with you to ask you how you manage to do it and to ask you to teach him your strategy. Since then you started to play games together and talk about everything in general. He would text you always he could: after the dance practice, after shows, before going to bed… he would just love talking with you and wonder when he would be able to meet you. He found his chance when the boys planned a week long vacation in your country. As soon as he got there he went to this library that he knew you always went to at that time, since the wi-fi there was much better. Yugyeom would be praying to find you there and as soon as he spots you, sitting in front of that computer with those headphones you always wore, he’d take a deep breath and sit next to you, smiling and hugging you thightly. You wouldn’t belive he was actually there with you. Since you were making too much noise, he’d held your hand and take you out of there to take a walk with you and enjoy his time with you.

“Is this sit taken already?”

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Wooow this took me some time to write xD I am proud of it tho~

~I also write for BTS, B.A.P, EXO, MONSTA X and INFINITE if you’d like to leave more requests.