really bad teeth


@winslowdraws‘ darlin doughy fella, Fantouche! Plus some alt versions because you know what they say about spice and life.


My entry for the @squipthirstclub icon contest! I’d prefer that the 2nd one be entered, but I wanted to post the non-glitchy one too

(I finally gave in a drew an unoriginal squip this time but don’t worry I still love my rainbow-eyed one)

random darry headcanons


-his favorite color is green

-he collects coffee mugs

-like he has an UNHEALTHY AMOUNT

-when he was little his hair was blonde

-when he was a teenager he tried to bleach his hair with lemon juice and it did not turn out well

-he gets very angry when the gang brings it up to taunt him

-young darry had really bad teeth and he had to have braces for like 3 years

-so he had a very long and veeery embarrassing awkward phase poor guy

-and the gang loves to look up pictures of him from that time in the family photo albums and like put them on his pillow and he is p i s s e d

-he is actually a great cook,,he learned from his mom

-he hates the color of his eyes

-when he was younger he was jealous of his brothers bc they had cool and unique names and his was DARREL

-but as he got older he realized it was a good thing bc he didn’t have to explain his name to everyone

-and after his parents died he was glad to carry on his father’s name

-modern darry would love breaking bad just saying

-total Gryffindor don’t even try me,,,,,,

-in high school EVERYONE liked him

-it was the whole “every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him”

-but he was forgotten by a lot of them and the ones who didn’t forget just feel bad for him

-very depressing situation here

-you know the Brandon Rogers video “a day with mom”? yeah he is that mom

-he looks tough but he’s basically a big teddy bear

-his skin is so soft

-the longest eyelashes????no fair???


-ok he belongs on The Office

-like he’s looking into that imaginary camera 24/7

-needs a fucking foot rub someone help him

-he always says goodnight to all the boys no matter how mad or tired he is



I haven’t posted many new things about skull lately, so I figured i’d give y'all an update!

The first skull is my newest, an Alpaca! I dont know its backstory, but I got it from a friend on tumblr <3

The second is a roadkill Raccoon I picked up near my house.

The third is a porcupine that I recently found that had fallen off a cliff!

Fourth is a roadkill cat that I picked up last winter! I searched for its owners for a few months, but wasnt able to find them. Poor girl got some really bad teeth!

And the final is my most interesting, a beaver skull. I actually found it at the base of a 40 foot sheer drop waterfall! There was a flood a few weeks before we found him, so he likely was swept off the falls and died.


Baby Glitch is getting settled into The Pipsqueakery today!

Glitch is absurdly cute with her tiny messed up face. We think she was injured during birth which gave her a really bad underbite, upper teeth that grow sideways, and a nose that is twisted downward. We are hoping that her teeth will fall out on their own as she grows, but as long as she gets big enough she can have surgery to remove the teeth! Right now she is super tiny at 5 weeks old and weighing only 26 grams. #hamster #adorable #baby #weeklyfluff

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Black and Gold

He crashes his car driving back from her house and he still smells like her perfume when they pull his body from the wreckage
When his girlfriend finds out she tries to rip her heart out with her hands and if you think that’s an exaggeration, examine the marks on her chest and tell me they don’t look like death was trying to get in
like she was begging to let him in.

At the funeral it was quiet
quiet quiet
like maybe if they stayed silent he would wake up and they could stop the whole thing
but the dead don’t wake up they stay dead like they should and
he still smelled like her perfume when his girlfriend kissed him goodbye and
she tried to ignore the way it tasted in her mouth
like maybe one too many broken promises
or one too many “I love you's” that weren’t true.

—  Kisses like crashes– Lily Rain

yall…..i feel so fucking ugly
my body isnt right anymore and i have a bad face and really bad teeth i just look disgusting….
i wanna get a bunch of plastic surgery and look like lisa rinna or something, im VERY sick of it, i am so fuckin nasty looking!