really bad rhymes

Enemy asks for names.

Pidge talking to the enemy: …Lance Mcclain, and Keith Cocaine-I MEAN Kogane.

Enemy turns around: Put down Keith Cocaine, they think they have us fooled.


Keith: We won’t let you hurt anyone else!

Enemy: Oh yeah? Try and stop us Keith Cocaine. That’s right, we knew!





Lance: *wheezing and stomping from laughing*


Since you came into my life, I didn’t need friends or status anymore. I only need…To have you by my side…

Here’s a combo Lacie (17/01) and Jack (19/01) birthday / Jacie edit because I didn’t really want to make two separate edits since their birthdays are two days apart.

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Companions being dared to sing everything they say for the next ten minutes? 😂

Thanks for the ask anon! <3 

Companions are dared to sing everything they say for the next 10 minutes

Cait: She tries not to talk at all; surprisingly, she was quite embarrassed to sing in front of everyone.

Codsworth: He wasn’t programmed to sing; but he tries his best to do so!

Curie: She blushes and tries to sing; she finds it really hard. The girl doesn’t even know how to breathe properly!

Danse: He is too embarrassed; but he tries to do it. His voice is deep, and monotonous. He stops immediately after he heard the others laughing.

Deacon: He doesn’t use his normal singing voice. He makes voice really funny and weird. He also starts talking in rhymes… really bad ones.

Dogmeat: He starts howling after he hears the word “Sing”.

Hancock: He likes singing! He sings in his ghoulish voice, which, is not that bad. Kind of sexy to be honest!

Macready: “I hate this game!” After Sole reminds him that he has to be singing; he repeats the sentence in a singing voice, full of voice cracks. “Fricking heck” (Sounds cringe-ier while singing)

Nick: He shrugs his shoulders and stays quiet. When his turn comes to talk, his singing voice is a combination of static and sexiness.

Piper: She blushes all the way through the dare. Her voice sounds kind of annoying but still cute. “That’s why I stick with the press!”

Preston: He gets a little nervous, and sings silently whatever he wants to say. After he sees that he is not being teased, he gets more comfortable and sings normally.

Strong: He doesn’t understand what singing is. After they explain; he finds it way too hard and gets mad at Anon for asking!

X6-88: “Uhhh, no…” Sole managed to persuade him, which didn’t change much; he just stopped talking for 10 minutes!

Maxson: “That is so childish…uhm…I mean…” He changed his voice into a singing one “That is so childish!!”. His voice was really deep; he was actually a good singer!

“Do you wanna be a hero?
Come on we can’t delay!”
That’s what you said to me,
Never explained to me
When you spirited me away!
You used to be so determined
But now you’re not,
I wish you would tell me why…!
Do you wanna be a hero?

"Oh, go away, kid..”

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so im really bad at rhyming/song writing but here’s a thing oh yes a thing indeed! i guess its part one of…two? three?

STORY TIME: The first time a boy told me he liked me, he accidentally confessed it to my mother instead of me.

So lets take it back to the seventh grade, okay? I’m talking to this boy, he’s very nice to me and he’s cute and popular and we just recently met. I’m thinking I hit the jackpot here. He’s my best friend’s cousin and my other friend’s older brother. I met him through them and we hit it off immediately. We’re both kind of shy about it, but it’s clear we like each other. He gets my phone number from my friend, right? So we’re texting pretty much all the time, right? You know how 13 year olds are. And I use up all off my data and I can’t text him anymore and he has free texting. I feel as if the world is ending. So what do I do? I borrow my mom’s phone cause I can’t go on without texting him for a whole minute (she would let me text people cause she also had free texting and she’s cool about stuff like that, and also I was 13 and thought he was amazing okay) and I tell him I’m messaging him from her phone and not to message me back on that number. I delete all of the messages I send him and I am very careful about keeping our innocent flirting private and we talk for some time more and I excuse myself to go to dinner and tell him we’ll hear from each other in a couple of days when I get more data and so I have dinner and end up watching a movie with the fam. It’s pretty late and he hasn’t responded to my last message and I get slightly worried. But I don’t want to look clingy, right? So I say nothing and I just keep on watching my movie, unaware of what is happening right next to me. The dumbass texted my mother. He texted her saying he likes me. Only, he thought he was texting me. He got confused from switching number to number and forgot he wasn’t supposed to reply to her number. And what does my mom do???? She, the evil woman that she is, texts him back. She’s like, who is this??? While she knows damn well it’s my 2 week crush and the love of my life and the most perfect boy I have met since like, last September. And he realizes what he has done and starts apologizing to her and she’s still like, who is this, do I need to have a conversation with my daughter about something???? All while she’s dying from laughter so much that even my grandpa who is sleeping 3 rooms away notices it. I’m confused but I don’t know what’s going on and I ask her if she read something funny, completely unaware of the situation and she tells me that she just read the funniest thing but refuses to tell me what it was. She even whispers something to my aunt about it and they both start giggling and I’m sitting there thinking it was some kind of an inappropriate joke that my innocent self could not take. So while I’m wondering what kind of perverted things my mother stumbled upon, I suddenly get a text message and it’s from my first boo and he’s like, babe, I fucked up. Your mom knows that I like you!!! She made me tell her everything! And I’m just thinking to myself, what kind of dumb boy I fell in love with when he could have just stopped replying to my very sneaky mom who intentionally scared him into telling her our whole texting history. My mom had receipts!!! She refuses to let me live down some of those texts even up to this day. She quoted his love declaration to me up until I was about 20. She still talks about it sometimes. She’s evil. And so my mom was the first person who read the first love confession meant for me and I only got to hear it days after that cause she said it was too good to hear it from her. She lied. It was horrible. He wrote me a really bad poem. He rhymed my name with things that don’t even rhyme with it (nothing rhymes with my name though) and compared me to the black death. I still went out with him though. I still went out with him. We broke up like a month later cause he was too afraid and embarrassed to meet me anywhere near my home because he thought he was going to see her and she would yell at him (she really scared him okay) and I thought he was being silly so I dumped his sorry ass.