really bad photoshop jobs

anonymous asked:

I'm confused about the tree pic, the color one and monochrome one. It seems they sit same position and pic was taked from same angle. Then why the branch behind them are different? Because the latter is zoomed in? I saw the theory JP was photoshopped but it can't explain about this. (・・?)

Hi Anon! Good eye! The backgrounds are indeed slightly different. I’m pretty sure it’s because photographer moved. If you look here:

It seems like the picture was taken from their right but here

the photographer not only step in a little bit closer but also moved to face them better. That changes the perspective enough for the branches above them to “move” and you can also see branch they’re sitting on looks different too.

As for the pics being photoshopped. I can’t stress enough how much the first pic looks photoshopped to me. It’s a really bad job too. There’s light around Jared’s head that makes no sense and there’s no explanation for that, except maybe that his beanie is glowing (OR MAYBE HIS HAIR?! THAT’S WHY HE’S ALWAYS WEARING BEANIES?! BECAUSE HIS HAIR GLOW?! I KNEW THEIR WERE MAGIC!). Also, he’s looks like he’s in the shadow. Which yes, he’s standing behind G. BUT what about his legs? There’s no way they should be in the shadow as well. And why his arm isn’t fully on the branch and his hand looks cut off? That just look awkward. But just from the look of the pic itself. This is one weird looking pic. She doesn’t even acknowledge him, she’s even slightly turned away from him, ffs! And he simply just does not fit in this picture. Look at his gloom face. Does this face says happy picture with the happy family? Especially since everyone else had no problems to smile. And if he didn’t get the face right they could always snap another pic. Simple.
Someone hadn’t had enough time to work on this properly and it looks very rushed and, like I said before, very bad job.

The new pic is more difficult decide whether is real or fake, because they did what I implied in my post, posted it in black and white. That’s photoshopping 101. Make it black and white so all the color inconsistencies or weird glows and whatnot won’t show in the final product. Or at least won’t be that noticeable. Let’s remember it was posted on IG, where most people look at it on their tiny screen phones. And it was put in a slideshow nonetheless, so you couldn’t get the good look at it. So yes, as you can see I still believe second pic was photoshopped as well. Mostly because that would NOT MAKE ANY SENSE to first post a photoshopped pic when you had a real one ready, ykwim? The first one was posted on April 5th and it was implied it was taken in real time. So couple weeks after the baby was born. So I guess my question would be, why G has a baby bump visible in the new pic? It’s not what’s left of the baby bump after she was born (not if what I believe it’s true, anyway). And also, how could she sit on a branch giving a birth just three weeks before? Idk, weird man. 

I trust you’ve seen Sera’s post about the new pic. If not please take a look at it, since she provided some very got photographic evidence of the pic being indeed photoshopped. 

Here’s my copied comment from under Sera’s post, and I still stand by it: 

The funniest thing about this pic to me is Jared looking at G’s armpit. I don’t think he can see her head at the angle he’s looking. One would imagine he’d take a step to his left so he actually can see her face if he was taking the pic at the same time.

Again, super awkward and weird. No good photographer would see this and go, “that’s a great picture, great pose, you should post it”. And G still ignores Jared, turning away from him, it’s just… Weird. But hey, at least this time he put his hand on the branch, right?

Those pics are so awkward and I can’t even begin to understand why they photoshopped them. And if they really didn’t, then they should fire their photographer because those pics are awful. 

Anyway, I hope I helped you somehow. Maybe? Have a good one! :)