really bad movie but great shit

Ice Cream – Kim Joonmyeon

Pairing: Suho x Reader

Genre: smut

Word Count: 456

Drabble request: could I have 2, 15 and 18 for suho smut?? :) thank you

“Movies and ice cream sound good?”, “Are you disobeying daddy? and “Do you really want a punishment baby?”

I was going to leave food play out of this but the ice cream was just there…so I couldn’t help myself…hehe, hope you enjoy :)

“Bad day?”

“Freaking shit.” You groaned and slumped down on the couch, tired from the day. “Movies and ice cream sound good?” your boyfriend came out from the kitchen with two bowls full of your favourite ice cream, a bright smile on his face and he was shirtless, what a great sight to see.

“Absolutely perfect babe.” You sat up and moved over so he could sit but he pulled you onto his lap, peppering your face in small kisses to make you giggle, which you did.

“How come you’re going around shirtless?” You raised your eyebrow at him. “Is it a crime to be shirtless now?”

“Not at all, but it’s a crime to look that good,” you grinned back, running your hand down his chest and lightly grazing over his abs. “Ooh that was smooth princess. But something tells me that you don’t want to watch a movie or have that ice cream…”

“Hmm, I think you’re right, daddy.” You bit your lip, seeing his eyes widen at the name you called him. “Strip.” He spoke, eyes staring into yours with lust, demanding you. You stood up and took off your clothes as quickly as you could, looking back at Joonmyeon afterwards as you waited for instructions.

“Bra and panties too princess.” He spoke as he palmed himself through his sweats, eyebrows furrowed and wanting nothing more but to be buried deep inside you at that moment – you looked at him blankly for a few moments, he’d never been this straightforward but it was a good change.

“Are you disobeying daddy?” he began, “do you really want a punishment baby?” you shok your head and quickly rid yourself of the restricting materials as he stood up from the couch. “Lay down.”

You laid down, looking up at him expectantly. Joonmyeon grabbed the bowl of ice cream, some of it already melting due to the hot summer weather – taking the silver spoon in his hand, he let the ice cream drip down onto your already hard nipples before moving his arm down so the cold ice cream hit your stomach as well. You gasped at the cold sensation.

He smirked down at you before wrapping his soft pink lips around your boobs, licking and sucking the ice cream off you before trailing his tongue down the centre of your body, licking up the rest. “Mm so sweet princess. I bet you taste sweeter, am I right?” he looked up at you expectantly.

“W-why don’t you find out, daddy?” you breathed out. “Oh don’t worry, I will princess, that’s exactly what I plan on doing.” He said as his fingers came in contact with your clit, pinching your bundle of nerves earning a moan from you.

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1) I really hate prequel hate. Yes they can be cheesy with bad dialogue but people act like the originals never had those issues when they definitely did (Carrie fisher said so herself) 2) I hate when people shit on Hayden especially, saying he's a terrible actor. There was bad direction but his other movies are great and he tried so hard

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Suicide Squad (Spoiler Review)

Okay. Where should I even start with this???


-The use of the music was amazing. All of their song choices worked very well, most of them fitting directly with all of the characters. I’m seriously gonna buy the soundtrack when it comes out.

-Harley, of course, was AMAZING. Just… Perfection. You can tell Margot truly loves the character and that she wanted to portray her as accurately as possible.
She was both fun and cruel, and she kept it pretty real with the squad about how they’re all bad guys and they need to “own that shit.”

-Joker, of course, was ALSO AMAZING. Truly great. I was still worried going into the movie that I wasn’t going to like his version as much as Heath’s, but he did a wonderful job. I just feel so terrible for Jared as about 80% of scenes (if not more) seemed to have been cut.

-I actually really liked Deadshot??? He was a little bit like “regular ol’ classic Will Smith” in some scenes, but he actually managed to be pretty funny sometimes. And the motivation he had to get his daughter a good education was great. And thEY FUCKING PLAYED “BLACK SKINHEAD” OVER HIS LITTLE AUDITION SCENE IN THE BEGINNING AND IT WAS SHEER PERFECTION F U C K

-Amanda. Motherfucking. Waller. What a true BAMF. Holy shit. She killed it. She was intimidating and brutal in literally every single one of her scenes. SHE LITERALLY CALLED ENCHANTRESS A BITCH AFTER SHE THREATENED HER!!!

-Boomerang is my shitty, garbage son. Fuck, I almost hate how much I loved him. He’s the true asshole of the group, you know? Also, him carrying around his stuffed unicorn named “Pinky” was just priceless. And when he just straight up left the fucking bar the second without hesitating the second Rick said they were free to go cracked the entire theatre up. Oh my god.

-Katana was a goddess, good lord. I loved that she was so ruthless and brutal in all of her scenes, but she let her walls down and got so emotional while talking to her husband. Awesome performance by Karen. I only wish we saw more of her.

-Croc was also great, but again, we really didn’t get to see much of him. His “I’m beautiful” scene was the best, and the makeup they used for him was just… incredible. Can’t wait to see more of him.

-Poor, poor Diablo. My child. He was so smol and pure. I completely felt for him and his reasons for not using his powers anymore and the flashbacks were haunting. I also loved when he decided to accept what Harley told him about them being bad guys and not being able to get happy endings like they saw in their hallucinations. I hope he eventually comes back to the DCEU somehow…

-Slipknot is… Well, he’s Slipknot. We all knew he was gonna be the first to go. He didn’t even get a backstory! Didn’t really get to see enough of him, but Adam’s performance was good.

-I liked Rick way more than I thought I would. He managed to watch over what was essentially a group of kindergarteners while keeping all of his emotions and feelings inside, not letting them know why defeating Enchantress was so important to him.

-I also didn’t really mind the relationship between him and June, though it felt kinda forced…

-Batman was awesome, as usual. It was really cool to see a new perspective where he’s actually seen as a scary jerk instead of a hero. And Flash’s cameo, though brief, was perfect, and I really hope we get to see him have a real battle against Boomer in the Flash solo film.

-June was a cool character, but I didn’t care much for Enchantress. Cara did a fairly good job for such a new actress though.

-The overall aesthetic of the movie was fucking great.

-Also, Harley calling Deadshot a pussy was iconic. I think they might be one of my biggest brotp’s coming out of the movie, tbh.



-Enchantress didn’t have much of a villainous motivation except for: 1) wake up my brother, 2) get my heart back, and 3) take over the world, which felt pretty generic.

-The editing felt sort of hard to follow in some places.

-I don’t like the jokes about mental illness. I know that- at least, in this version- Harley actually is mentally ill, but her saying stuff like “I’m off my meds” made me a bit uncomfortable as someone who knows what being on medication for mental health problems is actually like.

-They cut SO MUCH out. Mainly Joker’s scenes. Joker went from being in half the movie like people from earlier screenings said to being in maybe 15-20 minutes overall. And his entire role was basically done by the first hour and a half (maybe even just the first hour) of the movie until he came back in the ending.

-There were a few sexist and racist jokes (mainly from the guards) that I didn’t care for at all.

-Sometimes, the music did feel a bit out of place for the tone of the scene.


Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’m sure I’ll have more to discuss later. By the way, if anyone has any questions about the movie, feel free to send them in!

finally got to see cacw!  LOVE-LOVE-LOVED black panther, ant-man, spider-man, and the little touches of humor.  silent-screamed my way through most of the fight scenes.  emotionally devastated by 50% of the movie.  I had trouble not looking and bucky or tony and just feeling really bad no matter the context.  like, “ooh hahah that was a great gag but also remember how bad they’re suffering??” it’s weird.  but then again I’ve been kinda fuzzy and anxious for a couple days now so maybe I’m just emotionally messy.  overall, great movie!