really awesome dancing


This is so cheesy, oh wow 8,^D

Basically Wander defending Lord Hater cause Emperor Awesome said something rude about him and tried to persuade Wander to leave him and stuff; you guess what Awesome rudely said, idk.

Crossover Rant

It’s a pity that a really good crossover episode was used to shove into people’s throats the BS that is km y wa…

Well at least we have a really good song and the awesome performance of Darren Criss to compensate.

Now back to avoid those shows like the plague until real plot is back.

Imagine Chanyeol telling his members that he’d like to make friends with BTS. They’re in the middle of partying and bobbing their heads to the lyrics while seated at an awards concert. Chanyeol sees BTS across from them, and they look like fun people, so he announces this to his members. They all give him shocked faces before bursting out in opposition.

“But you’ll hang out with them instead of us!”

“Rapmon might raise your IQ, so where does that leave me?!”

“You’ll listen to mama Jin instead of your mama Suho!”

Chanyeol starts to defend his decision when Kyungsoo pulls on his sleeve and says solemnly, “They aren’t like us, Chanyeol. They’re hip-hop. They’re dark and moody. They’re not our type of people.”

Chanyeol just shakes them off., gets up from his seat, and approaches BTS’s table slowly. As he gets closer, they all turn to him, their smiles still on their faces but cautiously pasted on. “H-hey.”

“Hey.” Rapmon nods. They all exchange a look before going back to their previous activities. J-Hope twists in his seat, giggling and trying to pinch Jimin’s earlobe. Jimin ignores J-Hope, swatting him his hand away. He laughs and pats Jungkook’s shoulder to get his attention every few seconds, pointing wildly at the stage, while Jungkook laughs lightly and repeatedly says, “Cool it, hyung, I get it I get it.” Suga and Jin are whispering to each other and giving their members judging looks, with Rapmon occasionally nodding in agreement.

And Taehyung. Chanyeol wrinkles his brow as he stares down at Taehyung, who’s piling all the napkins together and pouring packets of salt into the center. He opens his mouth to ask, but Taehyung notices him and beats him to it.

“It’s an offering.” Chanyeol’s eyes widen at Baekhyun’s lookalike. Taehyung adds, “It must be done at every ceremony or else the aliens shall be confused and believe the noise is a beacon for help. This tells them that all is well.”

Chanyeol waves them all goodbye and returns to his seat. When his members ask him how it turned out, he looks from member to member.
A single tear rolls down Chanyeol’s eye. “I have found my people,” he whispers.

This morning as I was stalling my wife and I from going into work I loving made fun of the small noise she had made. This evening after dinner, she remembered the noise I was making that made her laugh for a good couple minutes and asked what noise I was making. I said, “I dunno! I was mocking the noise you made.” And that my friends is how I broke my wife. But then I had to try and recreate the noise to distract her from the fact that I was mocking her this morning.

Things I Want To See In The Descendants Sequel:

-Jaylos (of course)
-more stuff that are from book canon
-the Villains trying to find a way to get to Auradon
-the Villains being really evil and true to their characters in the book (not that I’m complaining, i mean like the actors portrayed them really well…)
-I kind of want to see more of the Isle
-more VK’s in Auradon and probably some AK’s turning bad
-Jaylos (did i mention that?)
-Anthony Tremaine (I NEED him to be in the sequel)
-the rotten four bonding with their Auradonian counterparts
-more Chad, Audrey, Lonnie, Doug and Jane
-more really awesome songs and dance numbers
-Aladdin, Eugene and Jay just because I think they could really bond
-Carlos standing up more to Cruella (I just really need this to happen)
-JAYLOS (I’m so sorry this is the last time I promise)
-Jordan, Freddie, Ally and Harriet Hook please
-Ben dealing with problems of being King

When you get called out of school early: