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Chinese people are being left out of almost every discussion of rising xenophobia in the U.S. which is really irresponsible given that most Americans can’t/won’t tell the difference between different Asians and Trump won over many of his followers with a “China, specifically, is out here to drain America dry” message. And you know damn well that the Yellow Peril is going to come back into the national psyche.

And there’s not a lot of us out here and we have a very weak history of activism, so if shit hits the fan people could do essentially whatever they wanted to the diaspora community.

TL;DR if you want to believe that the Chinese diaspora is too statistically insignificant to be worth discussing when thinking about xenophobia you are wrong and you are basically leaving a lot of people for dead

stop invalidating poc bc theyre not as in touch w their culture as some!!

some people of color dont have ~ethnic~ names. some poc have white last names. some poc are white passing. some poc have white parents or a white family. some poc never got an opportunity to learn the language that belongs to their culture or never had a desire to. some of us dont know all of our cultural dishes or traditions, some of us have never been to our home/family’s/ancestors’ country. some of us dont know who our ancestors are. some of us were forced to assimilate or were robbed of the opportunity to be engaged in a culture(s) we cant quite call our own.

moral of the story please keep that in mind when u automatically assume that all of x ethnicity will look x ethnicity or speak x language etc bc it really can make us assimilated people of color feel kinda shitty and even more disconnected imo so

eijiciam replied to your post: “Make me choose between 2 characters and I’ll draw the winner”

Kaz Brekker or Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows

i am a smol seventeen year old girl myself so i think i’m biased in this situation but whatever the world needs more chillin inej

Zayn’s 16 magazine covers so far… Which one is your fave? 😍😍😍


Keith and Lance discovers the secrets of the universe or how Keith come in terms with his sexuality

If anyone has read the book the comics is based on the “family meeting” scene

The night is dark and full of terror ! Melisandre of Asshai commission for @histruequeen ♦♦♦

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do you think asian people have the right to be angry? they have just as much privilege as whites imo, and they've never really been targeted.

unless u are asian you really need to stfu because asian racism is very real and alive like yikes you dont have their personal experiences therefor you have no right to invalidate them 

if u are asian and see this post reply/reblog w your racist experiences

Watch Train to Busan Before American's Ruin It

Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie flick that stars Gong Yoo

this cutie:

The movie was released in July 2016 and it grossed about $99 million USD. THIS FILM WAS HUGE, the action and acting are great from the entire cast (even the child actor), and the direction and cinematography was beautifully executed.

You can find the movie online and watch it with subtitles. I cannot stress this enough, YOU CAN WATCH IT WITH SUBTITLES. Before the Americans take this wonderfully smart zombie movie and bastardize it just watch the original. I promise you won’t regret it. This movie is a wonderful addition to the zombie genre, and it most definitely does not need to be white washed. Alas, because American film makers are scared of coloured people of course they’re planning on remaking it. Shame really. 

Anyway if you’re at all a fan of the zombie genre I would encourage you to watch this movie. It’s pretty cool seeing the zombie apocalypse from a country that’s not America, but that’s just my opinion.