really apple this is dumb

Two stanzas of a really, REALLY dumb song I’m writing called “Apple Peel.”

I know its super cringy, but I’ve never tried to write a song before LMAO GIVE ME A BREAK.

Also I have a cold, so excuse me for looking pretty rough and sounding pretty stuffy rn lol

Lyrics: I’m sitting in a car,

 With my three favorite honeys. 

Listening to songs about sex and doing drugs.

 But it doesn’t really matter what they’d think I’d like.

 I’m not really into it unless it’s funny.

 People joke around,

 About things I’m known to like,

 Not thinking about how that it

 Might make me feel.

 People try to carve back my skin with a knife, 

But I’m just an apple with a really thin peel.