really angry horses

do you think any fablehaven characters ever forgot the milk/walrus butter one morning when they needed it

warren is with the knights out in the wild and sees his leader negotiating with a really angry-looking horse and doesn’t realize it’s a centaur for a good five minutes

seth freaks out for a split second when butterflies and insects start to congregate around his sister, or gets confused when two goats start flirting with a tree

As soon as Luke saw that his dad was there, he tilted his head to look for the car.  He put his phone in his pocket before slowing sitting up from where he’d been laying on the park bench, looking probably a little homeless.  With one hand on his chest, he stood, taking a few careful steps forward while he waited for his dad to come and help him.  His back hurt, and he felt like he’d been kicked in the chest by a really angry horse, but he didn’t want to receive more help than he absolutely needed from his dad.