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Things girls do that are cute:
-talk to each other while they’re in separate showers (such as in dorm room showers)
-always share food
-crinkle their noses when they laugh
-“my hair is really soft right now feel it” *amazed hair touching*
-braid trains
-the little hand rubby thing when they put too much hand sanitizer on their hands and they’re trying to give it to their friend. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s cute and I love it

Three Words

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Three Words

The first time Derek says it, it is to the wrong person.

He had never gotten the chance to tell Paige so he tells her the instant he knows. He tells her in the quiet of a Tuesday so late it is almost Wednesday. He tells her in the moment that comes after, when he should be sneaking back home. He presses the words into her bare shoulder and times them so the words come between the beats of her heart.

She doesn’t say it back, but he thinks her laugh means the same thing.

He thinks that her attention makes him special and her age makes her wiser and, most of all, he thinks that she loves him. He thinks that he loves her.

He does love her.

That’s the worst part.

The worst part is that when it’s over, when it’s done, when he’s lost everything and the world as he knows it is destroyed, when he realizes what happened, what she did, what he did, there’s still a part of him that cries not for his family, but for her. For what he thought she was. For what he still misses.

She comes to see him after, armed and ready and so he couldn’t have killed her anyway but it still shamed him, years later, that all he could think to say was:

“But I loved you.”

She laughs again and he would love to say it was different from before, that it was darker and sinister and that she was at least acting on that Tuesday and the months of Tuesdays since.

It isn’t. It is the exact same. Somehow that makes the nightmare real.

He vows never to say it again.

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