really adorable things

Things I've noticed about the YOI fandom:

-every other blogs header/picture is that forsaken screenshot of Yurio smiling.
-Georgi fanart is nonexistant; it’s kinda sad actually.
-“OMG Victor is such a dorky lover!!”
-everyone and their moms have cried over King JJ’s theme song.
-nobody really ever got over drunk yuri.
-long ass posts making fun of some stupid/adorable/really petty canon thing Victor did.
-there is literally no such thing as a normal interview with Kubo-sensei; the fandom explodes with cute headcanons every time she talks.
-someone could write a cute fanfiction about a headcanon and it would fucking come true next episode.
-half of the fandom is “Yurio is actually just a bean who needs love and he deserves Otabek” and the other half is “don’t ship a fifteen year old with an eighteen year old CUNT.”

things I love: Ivar wanting to lead the biggest viking army ever despite being the youngest of five brothers, and not being able to walk

things I also love: Ivar asking his older brother to ask their oldest brother if he can lead the biggest viking army ever

How the hell do people write fanficton.

I want to write so bad but I’m terrified that I’ll write out of character? I’m sitting here thinking up plots and AUs and ficlets and stuff that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t put words on paper (or a word document, heh).

What would ______ character do in this situation? I don’t know, I’m not them.


Private Sawamura Eijun reporting for duty to Shogun Kataoka Tesshin