really I don't know what to put in this one

Lane Boy? I think you meant smiley bean puts on the floral thing

Wash keeps insisting that the Reds and Blues maintain absolute neutrality regarding the federation vs republic conflict as any sign of bias from any one of the ‘war heroes’ could be extremely controversial but Sarge has basically adopted Emily Grey, Donut keeps forgetting to call Kimball 'General’, Caboose and Lieutenant Smith are inseparable, and Tucker is p much openly in favor of the New Republic there’s really no putting that cat back inside of the bag.
Carolina, Santa and Epsilon are genuinely neutral politically but Carolina can not be convinced to stop wearing Kimball’s clothes. They aren’t even her size. Wash is suffering

Do you ever just… Boom that’s an idea here goes nothing?
Cause that’s what’s happening I am not even going to read over this just here goes.

Soul had always been one of those kids that preferred Halloween. There’s was no familial obligation attached, you just put on a costume and demanded candy from strangers and there were usually fireworks involved.

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i was at the gym and had a fucking anxiety/panic attack and my body was so weak… and i’m so done with it, why can’t the doctors find a fucking pill to stop it? mum keeps telling to stay calm and don’t cry because she feels hopeless and i understand her, but it’s so hard… i can’t even do normal things because i have attacks and it’s starting to make me feel so sad too. 

it all stopped when i left the job and now it’s coming back because of some stress things, but c’mon… now that i have a little bit of peace, let me be at peace… what if i find a job or something? it will happen again? ugh

mum called and said next month we’ll probably go to a private doctor to make some more exams and see what’s going on and get some more opinions… let’s hope this time it all goes well and it all stops!!!


When I was 10 years old, I decided to put really ridiculous no-chance-of-this-ever-happening items on my Christmas list. One of them was an electric guitar. Guess what I ended up getting? BUT HEY, THIS IS PRETTY COOL, ACTUALLY. I let the entire world know how cool I was now that I owned this slick red and white guitar, showed it off whenever I could….but could I play it? Buddy, I didn’t find out till a year later that you were supposed to plug it into the amplifier in order to make it sound cool (i saw someone do it on tv and was like OH). Never learned how to play it (or hold it), but sometimes i’d pluck a few strings on it like “YEAAAHHH” (until one of them snapped but i won’t get into that). To this day, it still sits there and I refuse to share or get rid of it because it is mine and I like it. And that is why I hate Lord Hater for owning stupid electric guitars that he can’t play either AND WHY I CONTINUE TO RELATE TO THE MOST PATHETIC CHARACTER ON THIS SHOW. 

So, I probably put more thought into this than I should have, but it’s really important to me and it’s been on my mind since Hayley Atwell did that all two truths, one lie thing.


Alright, so when she said Natasha is Steve’s love interest, I was like “okay, but Sharon is in the film and we know they’re a thing in the comics”.


But that leads to my theory that romanogers will be an actual thing and one could argue that “Johansson wouldn’t approve because she said it wouldn’t make sense”, but what if it didn’t make sense at the time because she said, and I quote, “Love is for children” in Avengers. She also doesn’t trust people easily and honestly, who could blame her. So, that leads to the next thing I’m about to say, so bare with me- It doesn’t make sense because Natasha doesn’t love easily. And as we all saw in The Winter Soldier, she was learning to trust him and gained more than just an ally out of him. She gained a friend.

And so BOOM. That’s my theory. Their friendship will blossom and they’ll lean on each other and we will all die from happiness.

Um, wow.  Thank you so much everyone for liking and commenting on my photos and art.  

I’ve not tried to hide it but I think with this many, I should put a disclaimer here. I am way older then most of you.  I do have a website that you can visit and get the gist of it, The Bristlee One .  If anyone at all feels uncomfortable because of my age and feels they must leave, I completely understand.

I started “following” Mark back in late 2012 because my son had just gotten “into” YouTube and as a concerned mom of a 10 year old, I felt that I needed to watch what he was watching.  At first Mark bugged the hell out of me.  Screaming and carrying on, I’m not sure where it flipped and I became, hmmm, not a fan but a person that enjoyed watching and learning the games. I’m also a gamer from way, way back.  In 2013 my son discovered Jack. Holy hell, that was when I bought him (my son) a gaming headset.  I thought, crap, I can’t listen to that without wanting to pull out my own fingernails.  I’m not saying that I’m not a fan, I certainly am but probably for different reasons.  I went to IndyPopCon because of my son. He is a HUGH fan of all 4 guys.  To learn as much as possible I sat down prior to going and really watched their vids.  It was the comment Vids of Jack’s that made me a fan.  I could only think about how proud his Mom must be (told ya I’m not a fan like you are).  So at Indy I took quite a few pics.  At first if was because my son asked but then the staff made it a challenge (tell me I can’t do something after I paid for VIP tickets and get told they aren’t honoring them…..ya right).  That is why I have so many pics.  I’ve been taking pictures for a very long time but never thought to share or really take pics that people might like.  I find that making people happy through pictures, well, it makes me happy.  

So, when I got the chance to go to VidCon, I took it.  I took quite a few there but some of my favorites are with Tinyboxbri and XYPT while there.  I know I’ve made some friends on this site despite my age.  So all in all, please only stay if you feel comfortable.

Thanks for stopping by.

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important fandom questions meme: your mutuals

oh my god

you really are a next-level troll


  • who constantly throws ill-advised house parties - rosepetalrevolution WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH LIFE SAILOR MIDWESTERNER
  • who would put glitter all over everything if given half the chance - chiefprostitutor YOU ARE THE GLITTER QUEEN I SAY SO
  • who starts unknowingly mimicking their best friend’s grossest habits - kazumaassougi you are way too eager to join all the hells, this is you
  • who gets Way Too Involved in game of thrones politics - this is canonically isabellacapets
  • who only ever buys hideous sweaters for people in gift exchanges - captainharrie‘s gifts are literally all sweaters with bears on them
  • who made out with an inanimate object once - I’M PLEADING THE FIFTH ON THIS ONE
  • who everyone’s convinced is secretly a superhero or magical girl - lemedy is a magical girl of suffering, by which I mean she makes everyone else suffer

You know what I’ll just put it here now cause otherwise I’ll chicken out and I tried too hard on this design to let myself give it up.

Face Unit for a certain favorite character of mine (Dickson) because Echo gave me rope and I ended up making it happen– I have no clue how to robots oh god but I really liked how this one came out. Also there’s canon/gun on arm/palm of hand if you’re wondering I just didn’t know how to draw it. 

In short: Blame echoelbo for this, also mew-poo though he didn’t give as much rope as he suffered from this w heee.

Craigslist’s Gift - Bo Burnham Oneshot

Summary: “We were friends. But we had a different kind of friendship. We were friends who kissed and friends who almost tried. But we were friends who were confused, and didn’t know what we wanted. Friends who couldn’t wait for each other. Friends that would never be anything more.”

AN): SORRY ABOUT THIS TAKING 87 YEARS. I wanted it to be good.  I’m writing this on an iPod so it’s most likely going to be the worse one shots that you’ll ever read. If there’s any typos or something that doesn’t make sense, inbox me. Also, I’m up for critiquing to become a better writer! ALSO SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO damnmurdock FOR MAKING ME CHILL THE HELL OUT BECAUSE MAN I WAS STRESSED AF SHE’S THE BEST HUMAN BEING ALIVE AND THIS FIC IS DEDICATED TO HER- sidenote: saved my life and I dedicate my soul to them. 

Warnings: uhhh idk swearing?? But if you can’t handle swear why exactly do you watch bo? One of the characters gets drunk, so yeah, that’s a thing too. Also um, the character works at Olive Garden and goes to Starbucks so if you’re like an ultra mega Olive Garden/Starbucks hater and you cannot stand to see the sight of those words, this one shot probably isn’t the one for you????? Uh yeah idk.

Word count: 6k+

Genre: Fluff and Angst

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is name dysphoria an actual thing ?? because ever since i was a kid i guess i’ve always been unhappy with my name, but even more so recently 

 no matter what name or nickname i give myself i still feel somewhat unhappy and/or uncomfortable with it n if i had the option of being nameless i’d go with it but ????? i don’t know what to do ahaha i feel like if i told my friends online this they’d probably feel annoyed with me because i’m constantly changing my name gah what the heck

I’m generally not this kind of person, since I hate confrontation, but it got out of hand really fast. A Tumblr user, star-svtfoe, not only has been harassing one of our RP Community, stole my human!Tom edit, but after further speculation into their blog, has also been doing nothing but taking people’s art and reposting them in canon tags. I don’t mean to put them on blast, but this needs to stop before it gets too far. I don’t know what to do in situations like this, but please help me and other artists whose art has been stolen.

ok so I feel the need to say this. jen, aka urineluv, is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. she always puts others before herself, in fact, she is the reason taylor followed me, and I couldn’t ever thank her enough, because really, she is the reason for one of my main sources of happiness. she is always trying to help others. I remember watching jen’s dancing videos on instagram, and then watching that evolve into her tumblr, and through it all, she has stayed the same, down to earth, hilarious and caring girl. the fact that there are people that make her feel bad, or hurt her, or offend her in any way makes me so upset. it hurts me, too. maybe you guys could send her some love because that’s really what she deserves. the amount of people she’s given happiness to is insane, and she deserves that happiness and more.


Thanks spellboundffgc21 for tagging me!!

Pick your top 10 Ultimate biases and write them on pieces of paper, fold them and put them in a bowl, pull two out and choose one for each round!

#1. Bias vs. Bias
Kris [EXO M (what? That I’m a delusional OT12 loser? Uh?)] vs. Amber [F(x)]
I’m not sure what this questions wants for an answer so I’ll just put who I prefer. Tho I love Amber, Fan Fan is in my top 3.

#2. Who would you rescue from a fire?
Changmin [TVXQ] vs. Jessica [SNSD]
WHuT?! I’d die just by seeing the flames!! I’d save Jessica, not cuz I like her better (I love them equally) but because I think Max is in better physical condition and therefore has more resistance than us.

#3. Stuck on a desert island with?
Henry [Suju M] vs. Zico [Block B]
I feel Jiho would be useful, I mean, he’s witty and (somehow…) mature so I think we’d be able to survive.

#4. Bias vs. Bias
Sandeul [B1A4] vs. D.O [EXO K]
Again. I ADORE Soo but Deul is the ultimate.

#5. Who to pull the plug on?
Key [SHINee] vs. Suga [BTS]
What plug? I’m confused

I’ll tag chan-yeol-o, la-li-luhan, abby-tabby, jongdammit & longjonginsilvers

tragically enough im actually just going to be left totally alone for hours instead. im fine with being alone but now ive been up this long anyway. im going to go get coffee then come home and fuck-ing sleep

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I’m not sure how much to write, or even what I’m supposed to write but here goes anyway..

-I’m from England

-I’m 19 years old

-I spend all majority of my time reading fanfiction (recommend me some good ones) 

-I love playing Sims

-I started this blog last month, my other blog I’ve had for 3 years and it’s literal rubbish haha

-I love speaking to new people on tumblr because I’m not very good at doing it in person

-I only have three friends in real life and one of them have been away at uni for the past year ):

-I’m quite nervous about starting new conversations because I feel like I’m annoying  awkward and that people don’t like talking to me

-Being more positive.. I love hugging teddies because they’re so soft and fluffy

-Sehunnie is my all time favourite because he is a talented cutie 

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The only thing I can talk about is how I can’t think about anything.

It’s been awhile since I had one of those moments where I wonder why the F do I put myself through this martial arts “training”. Literally lost my ability to walk for the moment and there’s nothing I can really do about it because crying in class means I’m weak and cry at home means I should quit (according to everyone in my family). But my legs hurt so bad right now to the point where I can’t sit or stand without pain shooting up both sides.

I know getting taking punches and kicks is “body hardening”, so we can take these kinds of hits but I can’t help but think my instructor is abusing that idea sometimes just as an excuse to beat us. Like I don’t think I should ever have to come out of class questioning if I could actually drive myself home or if I could even get up to go to work tomorrow.

I don’t know. I’m just venting cause I’m in so much pain and I can’t do anything about it because quitting is not an option. I stuck around too long to stop.

I talk about wanting my books to sell

but I know for a fact that I cannot handle any kind of fame

I weep when people ask me to sign their books 

or kindles

the random followers I’ve gained even just since Al posted my painting on instagram is too much LOL

Like, yeah don’t expect more random Weird Al paintings kids

just really awkward YA shit and lots of Phantom of the Opera stuff once this Weird Al stuff settles back down.