I shouldn’t be, but sometimes I like, wonder about my followers? Like, are they having fun? Are they wearing their favorite outfit and feeling super confident, or is it in the wash and they’re waiting for it? Are they okay? Have they eaten today? Is their favorite song on the radio, or have they just found a new song that makes them want to dance and sing along? And then I remember that this is the Internet and that’s Class-A Creepy.

anonymous asked:

I'm 5'3", blonde hair and blue eyes, and am a very physically fit person. I love the outdoors, and also writing and drawing! I love baking as well and making little icing flowers and designs. Baking stuff together would be fun!

Send me a description of yourself and I’d see if I’d date you!!!


I don’t mind spending some time outdoors (but be prepared for me to whine for like an hour before I go XD), and I kinda like camping so we can go camping!!!!!!! Also, another artistic soul!! There seem to be many of you guys out there who can write and draw >///< 

More importantly, wiill I become your muse if we date? 

Sorry I don’t know where that came from- too many K dramas lmao

For the baking thing, how bout you bake and I sit there and watch you bake, and you feed me your creations? I think that’ll work out much better considering I can’t bake/cook for nuts. I mean, I can sit there and look pretty and give your words of encouragement and occasionally steal ingredients. I think I’m a pretty good deal. We should date. 9/10

On the Alleged Ages
  • Literally that one post:Shiro is 25, Pidge is 14 and all other paladins are late teens talked to the writers in PRIVATE
  • Official Dreamworks site:5 teens
  • IMBD:5 teens
  • Literally every other sourced site describing Voltron:5 TEENS
  • People:Shiro is 25, Pidge is 14 and all other paladins are late teens
  • Josh Keaton:No one told us anything about this age thing
  • People:Every ship with Shiro with any of the Paladins is invalid also with Pidge
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:????
  • Me:*galra grunt voice* Emperor Zarkon, we were scouting system X-9-Y as ordered when we found these primitive creatures. I don't think they know anything useful.
  • Will:You can't keep shadow travelling. You'll hurt yourself or worse...Nico, are you listening?
  • Nico:...yesss?
  • Will:What did I say then?
  • Nico:You asked if I was listening.

Quick headcanon:

Everyone is allowed to fuck with Gavin, its an initiation really. But you’re not allowed to do it when he’s asleep for multiple reasons.

1. Gavin hardly sleeps in the first place, his two states are working or annoying, there is no time for sleep. So when he finally crashes, usually on a sofa (or more memorably, on the kitchen floor in front of newbie Jeremy) he is not allowed to be woken up.

2. He is a cat, and if you wake him up, he will drag you down and sleep /on/ you.

3. If you wake him up and he can’t get back to sleep, you have to deal with sad, sleep deprived Gavin, which is slightly worse than hyper, sleep deprived Gavin. Because at least hyper can’t do puppy dog eyes. (Also, you will have to deal with him, not Geoff, Geoff is fed up with the pet cat he seems to have adopted)

4. Jack is a mother, and she mothers all her children, and when you mess with one of her children, she will kill you. (Gavin needs to function when he does his job, let him fucking sleep)

(P.S, please imagine Gavin doing that thing that cats do where they basically massage their spot before curling up)(P.P.S, please imagine that this spot is Geoff’s lap)