Yuuri Katsuki’s potential

Figure skating?

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- casually being the no.1 skater in Japan

- casually qualifies for the GPF for the second time in a row

- casually pulls off a 4F at the end of his FS program

- casually copies Victor Nikiforov’s FS program choreography

- casually marks a score in the 100s in the short program

- casually has the living legend as his coach, mentor and bf


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- casually has a former Prix Benois winner as his instructor

Break dance?


Ballroom dance?

It’s a piece of cake for him.

Pole dance??

His secret profession.




Well, he tried.

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what are your headcanons about vasquez's wife? how did they meet? what does she do? pets? kids? hobbies they do together?

I would apologize for the length, but you asked.  I honestly came up with most of this while writing, and it just took off.

They met in class their first semester at University, a Gen Ed English course related to neither of their majors (Computer Science and Art History), and spent the semester complaining about it to each other.  They went to school in San Francisco, Vasquez was born and raised there, Wife moved from a small town further north, within miles of the California/Oregon border.

They didn’t have any other classes together the rest of their time at school, and they might not have become anything, if future Mrs. Vasquez hadn’t shown up at the LGBT club the next semester.

(She later admits that she hadn’t been fully comfortable with the fact that she was gay, and because of her parents, she spent years, first running from it, then hiding it, which was why she didn’t tell Out and Proud Susan who managed to make every assignment in that English class queer.

It wasn’t until faced with the prospect of not having Susan as a constant in her life that she decided to change things.)

They got together a month into the semester and become, like, The Lesbian Couple in their friend group.  They can’t U-Haul right away, because of on-campus housing contracts, but they get an apartment together over the summer, and have two cats by the time their sophomore year starts.  They’re super domestic.  They’re the Mom Friends.  They go to Pride together.  Vasquez helps Wife come out to her parents, and is there when it’s obvious they aren’t fully okay with it.

It’s 2003.  They’re young, and in love.

Then, it’s 2004.  They’re young, in love, in San Francisco, and can Get Married.

And they sure as fuck do.

And because they’re That Couple, they get married on their first anniversary.

Anyway, when the news came that their marriage would be voided by the court, they spent days consoling each other, skipping class and calling out from work.  It really wasn’t until it was given then taken away that they realized exactly how much they wanted to be married to each other.

But, life goes on.  They still call each other wife.  They still wear the rings they bought (simple gold bands with their initials and the day/month of their anniversary, only slightly out of budget for a couple of college students).  They get a dog that is terrorized by their cats.  They graduate.

Wife gets a job at a museum, and goes to grad school to become a photograph conservator.  Vasquez works freelance programing jobs and goes to grad school for computer science.

The problem?  Wife’s program is in San Francisco.  Vasquez’s is in National City.

It’s hard.  They do a sorta long distance thing.  It’s only a few hours, but they’re both so busy they can only make the drive on the weekends.

When same-sex marriage was legalized again in 2008, they didn’t waste a moment.  They gave each other the ring they had worn the past four years, and later get the second date engraved on the inside.  They planned to have an actual ceremony on the anniversary of their first marriage, but Prop 8 passed, and although their marriage wasn’t voided again, they couldn’t put themselves through it.

Vasquez is recruited into the DEO from her grad program, and weekend visits become rarer and rarer.

Then, Wife shows up on a Tuesday shortly after she finished her program and I got a job in National City!

Vasquez has only been happier on the days they got married.

So, they settle into domesticity in National City.  They own a small cottage-esq house in one of the more LGBT popular suburbs.  They’re both pretty active in the community, well-known and well-liked.  They were That Lesbian Couple in college, and are still That Lesbian Couple.

There’s a giant street party on the day California legalized marriage equality again.  Vasquez and Wife start to plan their ceremony in full force.  (It’s a Glorious Gay Wedding.  They get new rings, and wear them with the old ones.  Not just the cheapest bands this time, custom made, a different design for both of them.  Vasquez’s is another band, but Wife’s is more like an engagement ring.  They both get rainbow gems, because they are Gay™.  They get the date engraved on the inside again, but not their names, instead they probably get some sappy quote about being Gay™ and in love.)

(They both wear their rings as necklaces while at work)

They have a  ‘menagerie of pets’ which comes from a fic I can’t fucking find after over 30 minutes of searching, and it’s bothering me, cause I commented on it, and I thought I bookmarked it, but I guess not….ugh this fic by Change-the-rules 

Anyway, they have a bunch of pets.  I’m thinking at least five cats, two dogs, a giant tank of fish, and a fox.

They are the go-to couple for pet sitting in the neighborhood.

And babysitting, honestly, although with babysitting, they go to the child, instead of the other way around, because Vasquez does not want to risk somebody else’s child getting their hands on her service weapon.  (It’s not likely to happen, because she keeps it locked up on the top shelf of their closet, but still Safety First.)

No kids of their own.  Yet.  It’s currently in the talks.

They sit on their porch a lot.  Wife draws random stuff on the street.  Vasquez watches her draw.  They play video games together.  They go to art exhibits and have gone to every museum in National City at least five times.  (Wife notices that Vasquez watches her more than the art, and just falls a little harder)

Basically, they are domestic af, and a good, wholesome, married, lesbian couple.

And I love them.


“Whatever may happen in the future, we’ll protect y o u and you’ll protect u s.” -Kim Namjoon

Bangtan will always fight for our right to live and love as we wish, just as we will always fight for Bangtan’s right to live and love in the industry that they are thriving in.

Congratulations on your first daesang, boys.

You’ve made it.

On the Alleged Ages
  • Literally that one post: Shiro is 25, Pidge is 14 and all other paladins are late teens talked to the writers in PRIVATE
  • Official Dreamworks site: 5 teens
  • IMBD: 5 teens
  • Literally every other sourced site describing Voltron: 5 TEENS
  • People: Shiro is 25, Pidge is 14 and all other paladins are late teens
  • Josh Keaton: No one told us anything about this age thing
  • People: Every ship with Shiro with any of the Paladins is invalid also with Pidge
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: ????
  • Me: *galra grunt voice* Emperor Zarkon, we were scouting system X-9-Y as ordered when we found these primitive creatures. I don't think they know anything useful.
  • Will: You can't keep shadow travelling. You'll hurt yourself or worse...Nico, are you listening?
  • Nico: ...yesss?
  • Will: What did I say then?
  • Nico: You asked if I was listening.

GintamaWeek 2016 → Day 4, Naraku: Favorite Scene | Gin-chan, I can’t sleep!

“What is sleep? When we close our eyes, we’re just shutting our eyelids. Our eyeballs are still darting around. It’s completely dark, but that’s because we’re looking at the inside of our eyelids. It doesn’t mean we’re asleep. To prove it, if you close your eyes during the day, it’s completely red. What do I do with my eyeballs if I want to fall asleep? Should I just stare at the inside of my eyelids? Or should I look up? And do we breathe with our mouths when we sleep? Or with our noses? Should I cross my arms? Should I leave them at my sides? Outside the covers? Inside the covers? How should the pillow be placed? Face-up? Face-down? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What’s beyond the edge of the universe? Why doesn’t anime make lots of money? What is sleep again?”