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do you know any signs/ways to distinguish whether or not someone might be experiencing attraction to guys or if it's just comp het???? ive id'd as bi for a while now but i keep wondering if im actually bi or just a lesbian that experiences internalized lesbophobia ? sorry if this a weird question

signs to realie that its comp het

-your attraction to guys feels faker: yeah, youre into women and, apparently men too! but your attraction to guys isnt as.. strong as the w/w one. in fact it feels more, well, artificial. 

-yeah, youd do them, but..: but to be honest, dating them feels like a stretch, and something you would NOT be into. to you, hitting it off in bed with a guy doesnt really mean much to you after that fact. 

or vice versa. dating guys isnt reall ALL that bad but you just…. cant get past that at ALL.

- the everlasting feeling of “being gay, but you know what! mr perfect is sure to arrive…..”

-reach for the stars: and by stars i literally mean going for guy  celebrities and having crushes on them and whatnot, alongside many, many unnattainable men. including fictional characters. theres just some sort of comfort that comes with the idea of pining over a man who definately cant be within your grasp.

hope this helped!


Jumping boy 🐶.

His heelings is slowly getting better after the training break, good boy.
We was on a walk with Sammys best friend Spoony the Jack Russel.
They had a lot of fun and the camera was with us - poorly the weather was not so well (and my photography skills are reall bad) and the pictures get unsharp and grainy.
Hopefully you all had an good day too.

Yet Another Fanfic Author Ask Thingy
  1. When did you read your first fanfic and what fandom was it? Have you written for that fandom as well?
  2. What’s your approximate fanfic/original works reading ratio?
  3. Do you read more fanfic than you write? Or write more than you read?
  4. How many wips do you have right now?
  5. And how many additional plot bunnies?
  6. Did you ever receive anon messages about your stories?
  7. Do the people in your offline world know you write fanfic?
  8. Have you ever inspired fanart of your fanfics?
  9. What do you think about OCs/Mary Sues/Self-inserts?
  10. What do you think about crossover fanfics?
  11. What bugs you the most about writing fanfics?
  12. What’s the one thing you’re reall bad at? What’s the thing you’re really good at?
  13. Quantity or quality?
  14. Architect or gardener?
  15. Do you write original stories as well? Want to write original stories?
  16. What have you learned from writing fanfic?
  17. What have you learned from reading fanfic?
  18. What have you gained from writing fanfic?
  19. Canon stickler or canon casual?
  20. Do you do a lot of research?
  21. What’s the most challenging thing you wrote?
  22. What story of yours do you wish would get more attention?

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i'm in a bad mood do u have any cute happy primary paladins headcanons to share


keith tends to fall asleep in weird places around the ship (most often the training deck) & almost every night hunk has to go hunting around the castle to find him & carry him to bed. (lance is already in bed but not asleep bc he can’t sleep w/o his boyfriends it’s just become a Thing

after getting together the three of them start sleeping in the same room. they have a couple of mattresses they lay on the floor bc sometimes it gets fucking Hot but usually they squish into the same bed, usually w lance in the middle bc he loves being right at the center of everything. sometimes hunk is in the middle (esp on nights when he’s sad) but it’s almost never keith bc he doesn’t like feeling boxed in.

lance is a notorious clothing thief. at first hunk & keith are super confused when their clothes start going missing & blame the Alien Laundry System but eventually they crash in lance’s room one night and find like.. all their missing clothing. lance likes to wear them to bed & casually around the castle. hunk’s shirts are always too big & keith’s are always too short but he doesn’t care it’s Boyfriend Couture. pidge makes faces at him and shiro thinks it’s very cute.

hunk gets.. rlly sad sometimes. there’s not always a trigger for it & there’s not always a reason, sometimes he just wakes up sad and there’s nothing he can really do about it. the first time it happens keith is.. kind of at a loss bc he didn’t know hunk could BE sad (like.. he knew that hunk was a person and people get sad but he’d never actually seen HUNK sad u feel) but lance has been w him for years and knows that there’s rlly not much they can do but hug him and be there for him and let him sleep in the middle that night. eventually keith gets better at handling it and hunk’s sad days still really suck but his boyfriends love him so much and do their best to make it easier so he thinks he’ll be okay.

at the start of their relationship keith is rlly iffy on being tactile esp in front of the other paladins. he’s lived alone for a rlly long time and he doesn’t know how to deal w how casually touchy lance and hunk are and it’s Weird and he feels bad abt asking them not to touch but they take it in stride. (lance struggles a bit. he’s a tactile person and struggles w verbal affection so not being able to touch is weird for him but he just hugs hunk like 3x as much which hunk is totally good w). eventually keith grows more comfortable w it, tho he’ll never quite be as at ease in public as he is in private, and he finds that he really does enjoy being able to grab hunk’s hand or throw an arm around lance just because he wants to. (pidge doesn’t make faces at keith and they all love her for that)