realized that this is weird


this takes place shortly after/in the same time period ish as when simon agreed to work as knife’s assistant at thumb/recieved the red spoon from him. it is still pretty early into them knowing each other too. spoon ALREADY had huge crush but didnt realize it at this time. (he was like “hes weird but id follow him to the end of the world or die for him whatever.. no homo or anything.)
then later, after he realized that he was not straight after all and totally was into knife he’d constantly attempt to flirt with him.. which didn’t go too well lmfao. and spoon tried to pretend he wasn’t hurt by all the rejections esp when he thought knife liked him too..? so he’d be like fine!! see if i care!! and go party it up like a madman and be MR POPULAR and he’d find himself like laying in bed with like 10 exhausted naked people around him and be like staring wide eyed at the ceiling FUCK i dont have a crush on knife IM!!!! IN LOVE WITH HIM. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! and cry alone in the shower later
spoon is hilarious 

Ever since I saw that damn post that called out mid-westerners for making the “ope” sound I have been made hyper-aware of how often I make the ope sound and it pisses me off in the weirdest way because I had no idea that was even a thing like I could have gone my entire life without ever noticing that dumb sound coming out of my mouth but now that I’m aware that’s not a universal thing I’m constantly making that noise and being like WHELP THERE IT IS AGAIN THE MARK OF MY UPBRINGING HERE TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE AROUND ME KNOWS WHERE I’M FROM

Jes: so my aunt just told me that she reads gay romance novels (the romance is better!) and that when reading one with an asexual character she realized that she is ace when she always just thought she was weird for not liking sex.

So… that’s awesome!

The book was “how to be a normal person” by TJ Klune - she she recommends his “bear and otter” series as well :)

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From the promo for next weeks ep I think Bonnie will get that weird feeling and will realize Damon is in some kind of trouble with Cade

Second Anonymous:
Hi Nisha! Have you seen the 8x14 promo? What do you think? It seem we had some Bamon interaction at least. Not sure what to think about Elena’s coming back. She looks older and troublesome somehow.

Third Anonymous:
Bonnie and Damon and Cade in the promo for the next episode. What do you think?

Well, I finally sat down and watched the promo for 8x14, and I see now what you guys were excited about, lol:

That cave that they’re in with Cade looks like the one they were in during 6x05, and the way he’s being pulled away is like a reverse of what happened in that cave when Bonnie used her magic to pull him into the light and send him home:

There’s also shots of Cade seeming to be psychically attacked, so looks like maybe there’ll be a psychic standoff between Bonnie and Cade, with Damon literally in the middle (based on some of the other shots, he may be getting pulled into hell? Not sure.)

Also here’s the part where Bonnie says “Something’s happening,” since I think that’s what you meant when you said Bonnie might be psychically feeling that Damon is being hurt somehow:

Looks like Enzo is there with her. Might be too much to hope for from this show, as a BD shipper, that whatever she’s sensing is related to Damon. But I guess we’ll see?

At least it looks like there’ll be some good action and movement forward, whatever direction they’re moving in. Can’t believe this is where things stand, 3 episodes to series finale. Really doesn’t feel like it yet, but if the episode lives up to this promo, maybe it will after that.

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This is something I've been wondering and have no idea if it's a good Headcanon, but.. Simon has some kind of medical problem thanks to the 'jolts of justice' he was given. Either an off heartbeat or something. (I'm very sorry if this turns out to be horrible.)

Dude I really like this a lot! (Do not apologize!)

Simon has arrhythmia as a result of being shocked so many times. While the Phantom claimed that the electric wasn’t high enough to cause any harm to Simon, he was lying and not thinking about (or caring about, really) the long-term effects.

And actually, I imagine Simon isn’t aware at first - he just kind of goes about his days but he starts realizing that his chest sometimes feels weird and he gets fatigued really easily, which he doesn’t understand because he usually has exceptional physical endurance. Not knowing what it is, Athena sometimes teases him about it, and he just glares at her while she runs circles around him.

One day at the office he feels especially dizzy and starts wondering if he should take the rest of the day off, because everything just seems to be spinning and for some reason he can’t seem to catch his breath, even while sitting down. Taka seems restless, since the hawk actually is aware of what is happening, and is getting more and more agitated and worried as Simon gets worse.

He stands and takes a few steps before fainting and collapsing onto the floor, causing Taka to shriek and fly out of the open window (as Simon’s door was closed). The hawk finds Edgeworth’s office window and keeps screeching and tapping on it until the Chief lets him in, and Taka just flies around Edgeworth’s room in a panic. Luckily, Miles’ logic tells him there must be something wrong with Simon, and he is running to Simon’s office as quickly as he can.

Klavier notices Edgeworth running past his open door and kind of follows out of curiosity; he had his music on so didn’t really hear anything even though Simon’s office is relatively close to his. He sees his boss bust through Simon’s door and hears him yelling, and Klavier is at his side quickly, internally freaking out as Miles tells him to call an ambulance while checking up on Simon’s vitals.

Simon wakes up at the hospital, wondering what happened and hears that he had collapsed at work due to his heart. All of his symptoms make sense now, and - after he hears that this could be caused by electrocution - he curses the Phantom for continuing to screw with his life even now.

i was thinking how ex-aid has thus far killed off its 2 most attractive characters, so taiga would hypothetically be next, since he is unfortunately #3 in my book.

but then i started actually pondering it and i think killing him off could be really good? like maybe he gets a little bit of sympathetic backstory at some point, maybe he doesn’t, but either way he ends up taking a fatal blow meant for nico. he has his first big genuine emotional moment as he’s lying there dying, and he willingly gives her all his gashats - the perfect final reversal of his usual “i’ll be taking yours” shtick & a good conclusion to his character arc.

nico is in shock during this, finally realizing too late that she does actually care a lot about this weird older brother figure. and once she’s recovered a bit she has real motivation - whether to put an end to this whole situation or just plain revenge, real & meaningful this time compared to her silly grudge against M - strong enough that it allows her to bypass the whole “gamer surgery” requirement. she becomes the new snipe and sets out to kick dan’s ass (or, y’know. whoever might have replaced him as main villain by then). in this way her earlier attempt at using bang bang shooting is no longer cruel taunting on the part of mr toei but in fact really excellent foreshadowing for what’s to come.

and at the end of the show we see her living her life happily, preferably with some friends her own age, wearing taiga’s dog tags as a memento of him. it could be groundbreaking tbh: the first ever satisfying permanent main character death in all of heisei rider.

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OKAY SO- like a Klance or Shallura Au (whichever you prefer) its like one of them is well on their feet and making good money so they decided to help a homeless person get back up on their feet but end up falling in love in the process, do you get what I'm saying?

It got weird near the end but I’m really proud of this? It has both Klance AND Shallura. Keith and Lance also sing A Lovely Night from La La Land at the end, then realize their weird love for each other. 

Hope you enjoy!


Lance’s mother had always taught him to be generous and considerate of others. He knew how to look after pretty much anyone, and had babysat more times than he could actually count. Lance had always been a people person. Every Sunday, he would go down and volunteer at a soup kitchen for as long as they needed him. The woman in charge, Allura, always gave him a serving or two to take home afterwards.

She was a sweet lady. He could be himself around her. Sometimes, he would get her to talk about her home life. From what he knew, she had no children, but she lived with her brother. Their father had died when they were teenagers, and it had been them ever since.

The pair were stationed behind the main counter, Lance holding a ladle and an empty bowl when the main doors opened.

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there was a point in my life where i would just fall asleep while watching horror movies at night when i was too anxious to sleep. id watch like one missed call, the grudge, silent hill, paranormal activity, and a few others.

only now am i realizing that it was kinda weird for a little kid to feel at peace watching horror movies at night

happy whatever it is you celebrate and happy new year for all of u