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Representing the U.S.A., Leo de la Iglesia, skating to “Still Alive”

“I want to fill the world with things I like.”

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2, 3, and 4 for All I Ask of You, please! :)

Thank you, anon! <3

2: What scene did you first put down? 

Unless I’m remembering wrong, the first scene was the War Table scene. As I mentioned before, I tend to write in linear order. I first started–

Oh, dude. I just realized I started answering for As the World Falls Down, not All I Ask of You. Oops, sorry! Well, the same answer holds! The first scene I wrote is the first one in the story!

3: What’s your favorite line of narration?
4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue? 

(I always like writing the companion banter best! Though, okay, the sexy stuff was fun too.)

Varric licked his thumb and turned a page. “Looking for weak spots,” he explained without bothering to look up. “Ruffles has got one of Sera’s bees up her bonnet about a suitable surface for dancing.”

“A suitable…” Cullen pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Mmm. For dancing,” Varric repeated; a smile twined about his words, because of course the dwarf would be able to find humor in all this. “You much of a dancer, Curly?”

(Oh, Varric. Way to be obvious.)


Outside the broken-open doors, Cassandra was standing with her arms crossed, dark brows drawn into a fierce frown. Cullen could feel the disgust swirling around her, palpable as any spell; she jerked her chin toward the hall when he moved to join her on the steps. “You agreed to this nonsense?”

“I found my hands tied. Josephine was remarkably persuasive.”

Cassandra grunted. “She had this planned from the start.”

“No doubt.”

“I will not stand idly by and watch the Orlesian court descend on us like locusts.”

“No doubt.”

“I cannot abide.”

Cullen tilted his head, biting back a smile. Trust Cassandra to say everything he was trying so very hard to swallow back. “No doubt,” he said again, and when she jerked her chin toward him, dark gaze scanning his face for mockery, he arched a single brow in silent commiseration.

Cassandra grunted and went back to glaring holes into the new gold-plated doors that were being hoisted up the steps.

(Real friends glower and beat things up together.)


Cullen turned, startled. Dorian (because even in a mask, there was no hiding the teasing curl of his friend’s lips beneath the dark flare of his mustache) pressed a hand over his heart with a flourish and offered a teasing bow. He was dressed in flashy red-and-gold, one muscular shoulder bared in what was either Tevinter fashion or simply a testament to Dorian’s ego. Delicate gold scrollwork encircled a bicep, flashing bright against his skin like a Dalish tattoo. Chains—chains!—dangled from folds of plush red fabric, tinkling musically with every move Dorian made.

Cullen quirked a brow and Dorian waggled his own in reply. “You may ask where they attach,” Dorian said, “and I very well may tell you.”

“I won’t ask because I am certain you would tell me,” he countered.

Both of Dorian’s brows went up. “Oh, that accent coming from your mouth is simply unfair. Can’t you ape something a little less appealing? Blackwall, for instance.” He squinted an eye playfully. “Hmm, yes, plant a full beard on you and growl about like one of Cassandra’s bears and you’ll be quite uninteresting again.”


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So I wrote a fic and used the tag for it (#freezerburnweek) and I just realized,,,, are we supposed to submit it to you? Or can we just make a post and tag you? (Because I did tag the blog but oops maybe I did it wrong?)

No worries, dear! You can do one or the other, or even both! It’s all very much appreciated, but just as long as we can find it, that has us content. I already reblogged it but thank you for bringing this up! Hopefully I was able to provide clarity 💙

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Sketchbook – 19.06.2016

Guess which movie I’ve just seen today!! XD The live action Ace Attorney flick is just amazing, guys. If you’re an Ace Attorney fan and haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. Like, now! I swear, the casting is perfect! Especially Phoenix. Hiroki Narimiya is a total cinnamon roll and just… he’s a perfect Phoenix. Seriously.

Actually, I loved the movie so much that I added the live-action hairdo to my usual Phoenix drawings and somehow that lead to me reverting back to a more cartoony style. (also, the coat. I totally fell in love with that white coat.) I totally dig it though. I didn’t realize how much I’ve neglected my personal art style lately and I had so much fun going like 1000% cartoony again.

That’s a bit of a problem with me, actually. I’m really good at copying, so I tend to pay too much attention to drawing characters “right” instead of translating them into my own style.

It reminds me of how it all went wrong

My finger slipped and I wrote the evil thing.  I blame Colin O’Donoghue, for putting thoughts of this happening in my head.  Title comes from the song Organs by Of Monsters and Men.

He is dead.

               The thought echoes through her mind over and over again, until the words run into each other, and only one remains.


               She had loved him.  God, but she had loved him.  It had started as attraction and grown into affection that eventually morphed into a love that touched her to her very soul, and now that soul was bereft.

               Because Killian Jones was dead, and Emma Swan was expecting to continue living, despite his memory, despite knowing that he had died never hearing the words.

               Knowing that her father had killed him.

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