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What animal would Iroh be if he wasn't a floofy pupper? :o

A cat.

Definitely a cat. Because that is what he already thinks he is.  In addition to sitting on the back of the couch (which he is not supposed to do), he takes great joy in hunting and playing with bugs.

ok but something just occurred to me

jack’s pre-game ritual is eating a pb&j

cause he’s had a pre-game ritual since he was a little kid. 

maybe it’s what alicia made him before every game. or maybe it was the only thing he’d eat for several months, the way kids go through picky phases of only eating one or two things. or maybe he had one before he scored his first goal in whatever little league hockey thing he did and he grew up hearing about hockey superstitions and pre-game rituals and all that from bob so he began asking for one before every single game. 

maybe it’s all he knew how to make himself when he got older, at the billet family’s house, on roadies. maybe it was the only thing he could concentrate on when his anxiety got so bad that his hands shook and his face went numb. 

maybe he couldn’t even smell peanut butter without gagging when he got out of rehab. maybe he didn’t touch his mother’s favorite jams and jellies the whole time he was coaching, filling out college apps, lying awake at night in his childhood bedroom, more empty than anxious. 

maybe he was on his own tour of the haus as a frog and he wandered into the kitchen, the way bitty would two years later, and found a perfectly-made pb&j sitting on the counter (courtesy of johnson, who suddenly had to step out?) and the sight of it didn’t make him feel sick to his stomach. 

(maybe, many years down the line, he’ll make himself one, very slowly, very carefully, and eat it as he waits for bitty to come home from work, absently toying with the small ring box in his pocket.)


“Ha! Do you see that? I told you he wouldn’t mind some new music,” you whispered in triumph, looking in with Sam on Dean sleeping. Sam turned to you, a small smile on his face and you furrowed your brow at him. “What?”

“He didn’t listen to it because he likes the music,” Sam said with a laugh. “He listened to it because it’s from you.”

You turned to look at Dean again, the flip in your stomach from Sam’s words not going unnoticed.

“We should let him sleep,” you whispered, still staring in at him with new eyes now, and an unfamiliar beat pounding in your heart.


Lap Dance

(Okay so as you’ve probably realized mortiphasm and I shouldn't be allowed to socialize because the sheer amount of AU’s we think up is outstanding. This is one of them. All im gonna say is,: someone was sad that in my fic Antlers Victoria wasn't in lingerie and wanted me to put her in some. the rest is Morti’s fault XD Enjoy!)

Max looked down at her phone for the tenth time in the past hour. She had a text from Victoria telling her to find Dana after class. That was it, no explanation, nothing. Just ‘find Dana after class, she knows what to do.’

 If this had been six months ago before they started dating, Max would have avoided Dana and Victoria like the plague for weeks. But as it was, their relationship was going strong and Max had slowly learned to trust Victoria. 

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Playlist to lift your spirits

  1. Crazy Beautiful - Andy Grammer
  2. Baby I’m Yours - Arctic Monkeys
  3. Boston - Augustana
  4. You and I - Avalanche City
  5. Stars - Beat! Beat! Beat!
  6. Til the End of Time - A Boy and His Kite
  7. Happy to Be Myself - The Boy Least Like To
  8. Put Your Records On (cover) - Caroline Glaser
  9. Lovers in Japan (acoustic) - Coldplay
  10. Stay Young, Go Dancing - Death Cab For Cutie
  11. Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
  12. You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates
  13. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
  14. My Dear (The Gentleman Approach) - Jeff Bernat
  15. Falling in Love At a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg
  16. We’ll All Be - The Maine
  17. Stuck On You - Meiko
  18. The Boobs Song - Priscilla Ahn 
  19. Baby Blue Eyes - A Rocket to the Moon
  20. The Boat Song - Set Sail
  21. Anna Sun - Walk the Moon

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Heyy!! I just wanted to let you know that I have been 4 months clean of self harm and I hit wanted to thank you for helping me realize that I shouldn't mutilate my own body I guess you probably hear this a lot I'm sorry if it's awkward in very awkward 😑 I coukdnt find your message box so... but I hope you are having a great day you really deserve it!!!