realized fan art is really fun
So not too long ago I did a series of Five Night's At Freddy's pieces and I really missed drawing FNAF! Sooo.... While I was at my last two conventions I was...


So not too long ago I did a series of Five Night’s At Freddy’s pieces and I really missed drawing FNAF! Sooo….
While I was at my last two conventions I was looking at my art pieces and realized that some of them just…looked old.
Out dated even.
The original picture that you see in the video is my old version of this piece. I had done that piece…maybe 2 years ago? I don’t even remember! But it was long enough ago that my style had changed and it was time to be redone!
I set out to do this piece and somehow I actually finished it VERY QUICKLY!
The sketch was done back before New Years. Then I did the pencils all in one sitting. I had put off doing all the lines for this piece for a long while mainly because I knew it would take a very long time to complete. To my surprise it didn’t take long at all! On rare occasions I have enough focus to just plow through pieces! *Victory dance*

As of right now my next event isn’t until the Tempe Public Library Comic Con next weekend. (Sounds pretty cute right?! )  It is a one day event in Tempe, AZ and I can’t wait! It is FREE to attend, so if anyone is in the Tempe area next weekend please stop by!

After that I have a break until Feb! Whoo! And that means working on more art!

I am currently working on a brand new BEE + PUPPYCAT piece! I put in a little teaser into the video! I will be uploading this piece on THURSDAY so stay tuned!

setosorcerer day 2016

so last year i found out that no one knew about it until the day before, so to help prevent that from happening again i’m going to try and make a short post about it every now and then.

June 1st is SetoSorcerer day; a day for the fans to remember that happy times and to reconnect a bit. 

share your seto fan art and fan fictions with #SetoSorcererDay !

remember; its about remember the happy times and all the fun we’ve had as a fandom. i notice that people are often really sad or melancholy when it comes to Seto, and i don’t blame them; i miss him too.

but a part of me doesn’t think that being sad is the way to go. sure hes not doing videos anymore, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a favorite video, or a funny story to share. Seto made us happy even when he didn’t realize it, so i don’t think he would want us sad and moping around.

i feel like a broken record but again, this is to remember the good times and be happy that he did youtube in the first place.

TL;DR #SetoSorcererDay June 1st! share your fan art, fan fics, good times and happy memories with the rest of the fans! 

hope this year will be a blast :)