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AC Preference: How The Assassins Would Handle Their Jealousy

Anon Requested: 

ooh! I just saw your bio! and I LOVED your jacob oneshot! <3 i was wondering if you could do Assassin preferences for how they’d handle their jealousy over their S/O? Preferably Altair, Desmond, Edward, Connor and Jacob :) throw in a few extras if you wish :3 Thanks hun!

^ Your wish is my command, darling! Sorry I’m late TT__TT 


A/N: I am slightly stoned, so I may fuck it up. I’m going to base these whether the S/O would be on missions, or interacting with other men. Either way. Wait that sounded dumb. Hahahahahhaa. Reading back I realize Altaïr’s is shorter but…. I’m more of a Kenway or Frye kinda person but I tried my best DON’T JUDGE ME!!! )”: 
But enjoy, amore mio! 


Altaïr: A happy chap, he was not. 
He would reluctantly let his S/O go on missions with another male, but there was a curfew. If his S/O wasn’t back within the required time, suspicions would rise as if she wasn’t safe with the other male she was with. Whether she was finished with the mission or not, she was coming back home with him. The partner would have to finish the mission himself. 

Desmond: He’d stay in the hiding spots while his S/O would be operating on outside satellites with Rebecca, with the obvious situation of Shaun making things worse. (Y/N) had been talking about her guy friends lately, being there for her at times when Desmond wasn’t, being an Assassin; especially with the ancestral DNA inside him.
“Maybe you should spend more time with her. You know, before one of her blokes do it for you” Shaun insulted Desmond sarcastically. “Shaun… Fuck you” Desmond responded knowing Shaun was right, and left the hiding place to join his S/O and Rebecca. (Y/N) was shocked to see him out of their spot, but before anyone could say anything, he reeled her in and kissed her proudly and intensely, “I need to start doing my job as a boyfriend, a bit better”, (Y/N) chuckled, “Well, this is a start” she grinned until Rebecca cleared her throat, “Do yous mind?! Psycho’s are on our asses right now!” 

Edward: For someone who doesn’t think, this guy would overthink things like this. Sometimes, only sometimes, he’d even get weary of ol’ Adé. Fair enough. Adé’s a nice guy! Men around the West Indies already knew full well who Edward’s S/O was. (F/N L/N), the fearless lass of Edwards, and they both made that clear. Especially Edward. That was the downside of having (Y/N). She was NOT UGLY! One of the finest beauties in the Caribbean she was.
James in particular would get annoyed, never hearing the end of Edwards imaginable theories he’d make up ‘What if she fancies those fellows that keep talking to her at the Tavern?’, ‘She gets along with Adéwalé well… a little too well’ and so on. “Sod it, Edward! Just shut your trap the woman loves ya” James would say and roll his eyes. Sometimes the occasional slap upside the head for babbling on too much, “If it bothers you that much ya twat, OPEN YA MOUTH AND TALK TO ‘ER! If not then just shut yer fucking gob why don’t you” Kidd told him boldly, letting Edward tweak at his mind. 
“She’s the last thing I wanna lose” he finished off the conversation, before walking off to…. I don’t know think some more. 
Or commit a crime. 
He’d decide on the way. 

Connor: Okay, well. Speaking from experience- HAHAHA KIDDING!
Well, Connor is a silent deadly.. kind.. of uh, jealous. See? Even I’m hesitating as I write this TT__TT 
Connor would be watchful over his S/O. Whether it’d be at the Homestead, inside the Manor when they had company, or just plain old cities like Boston and New York. Even in the Frontier he’d be pushing her gently into bushes whenever he heard the sound of nearby soldiers strolling along, knowing full well she was a Master Assassin as he was, he still wouldn’t let her fight them because there were ‘too many’... or maybe it was lowkey him not wanting anyone touching his One and Only. (Y/N) Appreciated being looked after, it was adorable. But sometimes Connor needed to calm down. His handsome face made up for it but still. A man would turn to her to ask her for directions and he’d jump in front of her to speak on her behalf. His pride would get in the way, but when other males were around or looking at his S/O, his body language and eye movements conquered what his mouth said by miles. “I am fine” he would tell (Y/N), but as soon as a man would wink at or grip her waist at a Tavern trying to have his way, the night would usually end with a whole bunch of dead guards on the floor including the Perv who tried hitting on his dearest (Y/N) and a chase through the Frontier; eventually losing them on their tracks to the Homestead…. sometimes if he was deprived of her love (so he says) the night would also end in a rough round in the bedroom.
….I ain’t complaining. 

Jacob: Ugh, this handsome headache. 
Unlike the others, Jacob’s too much of a little shit to be subtle about his jealousy over his S/O. Of course (Y/N) would have next to no idea that the eyes of most of the blokes in London had their eyes locked on her luscious beauty. She didn’t care. She had Jacob, and in her eyes he was one of the most precious (and annoying) things on Earth. Everyone learnt eventually not even to stare at her for more than 3 seconds. Even members of The Rooks would fear escorting her to places, knowing they’d be questioned by their Leader at the end of it. Luckily for (Y/N) Jacob’s possessiveness was something she could handle. Seeing him mad over other men always amused her, making her pin Jacob down and kissing him passionately afterwards, “Shut up darling. You’re stuck with me” she grinned, knowing from his actions she’s the only woman romantically involved in his life.

why is my girlfriend the most adorable person ever

small world (2)

summary: she had completely forgotten all about her high school love who broke her heart multiple times. from cheating, from drinking, from lying ; they were both miserable. she thought she would never see him again until the day she started getting coffee and folding his clothes for him.

requested: yes many times im glad yall enjoy this shit story

warnings: cursing, angst(kinda idk i suck)

wc: +3.5k

**this is gonna be in 3rd person pov from now on:))
**if you see brin, brin is y/n. ty

As she stared at the boy who broke her fragile heart many years ago, she realized the small features he had changed about him. He had a lot more tattoos that peaked through his short sleeved shirt with the word “Maine” across the chest, his hair was shorter and his facial structure was so different, she could barely recognize him. His style was different and he looked different in general.

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New Headcanon

~Hunk has a twin brother back on Earth
~He went to study studio art while Hunk studied engineering through the Garrison
~He’s a few inches shorter than Hunk
~He realized he was trans at a pretty young age, and both his moms were fully supportive of him and helped him through his transition
~Hunk can sing (I personally love jazz singer Hunk) but his brother can dance
~He enjoys more folksy kind of stuff like swing dancing
~He almost went into veterinary studies but he couldn’t handle having to put down animals
~He actually has quite the temper of you rile him up, which is significantly easier than riling up Hunk

I need suggestions on names if you guys are willing to give them!

daughterofwrathandruin  asked:

Hi, I’m researching some magical abilities based on the signs, but the answers are varying so I was wondering if you could give me a personal evaluation based on your knowledge? (P.S I LOVE your blog and posts. Please keep making such amazing post they are so inspirational)

Oh gosh, that’s an interesting question. I’ll do the best I can to give you some ideas. 

Edit: I never meant this post to get long, but as you can see with every sign the paragraph gets longer, I got more into thinking it and over thinking it and it just got carried away… and by the time I realized it, it was too late to delete everything and make things shorter and to the point XD. 

Firstly, though, I think the easiest way is to look at their elements, and what those elements represent. Fire would be offensive, Earth defensive, Water healing, and Air would be stealth. Though all four can be as destructive as they are constructive. 

So here are some ideas based off of that, for each sign.

  1. Aries: Symbol is the Ram. Element is Fire. Planet is Mars, also known as the Roman god of War (Greek: Ares - i mean obviously). Aries are known for being headstrong leaders, stubborn, love a good challenge, and are genuinely energetic. A magical ability for an Aries should have something to do with energy and strength, something that’s used to attack more than defend. Off the top of my head, I immediately think of a pyromaniac, someone like Natsu from Fairy Tail, if you’ve ever watched it. 

  2. Taurus: Symbol is the Bull. Element is Earth. Planet is Venus, also known as the Roman goddess of Love (Greek: Aphrodite). Taurus are known for being reliable and steadfast, hella stubborn, and relatively patient and docile until provoked and in which case they explode. A magical ability for a Taurus would have something to do with both offensive and defensive, because Taurus want to protect whats theirs, but arent afraid to fight and attack either. Off the top of my head, I think of trees, they’re sturdy and safe and strong, but if you’re able to control the branches and roots, I can see them doing a lot of damage. Something like Maleficent in the movie Maleficent, where she makes that wall of thorns.

  3. Gemini: Symbol are the Twins. Element is Air. Planet is Mercury, also known as the Roman god of Messengers, Travel, Trade, Thieves, and a few other things (Greek: Hermes). Gemini are notorious for having a ‘split personality’, and are fickle minded and can’t see things through to the end. But they’re still very endearing, charismatic, and have a way with words. A magical ability for them would definitely be something unconventional and break morality barriers, meaning it could be used for something blatant good or blatant evil, or at least they have no qualms with switching their use for it. Off the top of my head, I can think of a ‘change of heart’ kind of thing. Like manipulating someone’s mind and controlling them to be put on their side. Like the Imperius Curse in Harry Potter, or the actual ‘Change of Heart’ Yu Gi Oh card. 

  4. Cancer: Symbol is the Crab. Element is Water. “Planet” is the Moon, also seen as Luna, the Roman goddess representation of the Moon (Greek: Selene). Cancer is seen as super sensitive, but also very protective, like the crab. Hard and dangerous on the outside, and soft and fragile on the inside. They are a homebody, and love comfort and are typically see as the “The Mother” of the Zodiac signs. A magical ability for them would have to be something much more softer yet powerful. Maternal figures are the most ferocious species on the planet, so the magical ability for a cancer should appear like it’s not much, but when used properly it is probably the most powerful ability that one could possess, but can only be used for the most dire of consequences. Off the top of my head, I think of the power of Light; like the light of the moon, it lights up the darkness and protects you from things lurking in the dark. I immediately think of Galadriel and the light of Eärendil’s star from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. 

  5. Leo: Symbol is the Lion. Element is Fire. “Planet” is the Sun, also seen as the Roman solar deity Sol, personification of the Sun (Greek: Helios). Like most fire signs, they are very arrogant, and love to be in the centre of attention. They’re born leaders, but are also hot-headed, easily jealous, and don’t like to be in the background. I usually see every single main character in an action and adventure as a leo. A magical ability for them would be offensive and defensive, and not subtle. I think a Leo would do all they could to have as much power as possible, but in things like stealth and healing, they lack the grace and patience for. They’d want to be show-offy, so something that would inspire a lot of awe and get a lot of attention. I immediately think of physical strength, like Hercules, Superman, but also a good fighter like Wonder Woman and an almost unlimited amount Stamina and willpower. 

  6. Virgo: Symbol is the Virgin. Element is Earth. Planet is Mercury, the same as Gemini. Virgo as implied by the Virgin symbol is very conservative, meaning not that they’re prudish, but they are fixed on their views of usually modesty, dignity, and grace. They’re organized, and like everything neat and tidy and nothing in disarray. They’re very intellectual, methodical, and prefer facts over fiction. A magical ability for Virgo, I think would be more scientific and would have to be more of a craft, in my opinion. So for example, an Alchemy is a good idea for a Virgo, as there are rules in Alchemy, and it’s logical, but still considered ‘magical’ given what it could do. Alchemy could be used to heal, to poison, or achieve things such as turning iron into gold, or immortality (as mythology says). I immediately think about the Harry Potter universe, and how there is somewhat science behind their magic, especially in potions. Hermione is a Virgo, and a good example of what I’m thinking about. 

  7. Libra: Symbol is the Scales. Element is Air. Planet is Venus, the same as Taurus. As the scales imply, Libra’s strive for fairness and what is right. They’re diplomatic, political, and want justice. They’re also considered pretty charismatic and idealistic. A magical ability for Libra would have to be something that isn’t very destructible, but still dangerous if used in the wrong way. So something subtle, and could ultimately affect outcomes rather than inflict damage or defend people per say. Since they’re an air element, like Gemini, they’re ever changing, so they could very well use their abilities vindictively should something happen that weighs in the balance of their needs over the needs of everyone else. I immediately think about telepathy, like Professor Xavier from X Men. Being able to read people’s minds, see the truth, their past, their dreams, and their nightmares.

  8. Scorpio: Symbol is the Scorpion. Element is Water. Planet is Pluto, otherwise known as the Roman God of Wealth and the Underworld (Greek: Hades), and Mars, the same as Aries. Scorpios are magnetic and mysterious, and have a reputation of being tall dark and broody. People really like Scorpio’s, and I think it’s because they’re confident and relaxed in their skin, and are very passionate to an almost poetic point. And honestly? Everyone loves a badboy who has depth, like the water element that it is. Easily, Scorpio will have a offensive and defensive magical ability, something that could cause physical harm but mental harm as well, and like the venom in the Scorpion’s stinger, it’s a slow pain and/or death. Protective and dangerous as they are, I imagine their magical ability is more or less the kind that you can’t go back from. Attack a scorpio, and you’d be lucky to come back slightly sane and a little injured. I immediately think of vampires when I think of Scorpio, especially “glamouring” (example: Tru Blood), and how people are drawn to Vampires because of their irresistibility which is actually one of their abilities. However, I think of others, such as Itachi Uchiha from Naruto, and his Sharingan and how he uses it as an illusion and a form of punishment. I’m also reminded of the character Copperhead from Batman, and how she(or he in comics) uses poison to slowly kill her enemies and make them hallucinate. 

  9. Sagittarius: Symbol is the Centaur Archer. Element is Fire. Planet is Jupiter, otherwise known as the Roman God of the Sky and of Man (Greek: Zeus). Sagittarius are athletic and adventurous, just as much as they are intellectual and curious. They don’t like to stay idle, they like being wild and free and doing what they please. So their magical ability would be a hyperactive one, one that has a lot of energy and hard to ignore or avoid. Despite them being a fire element, the first thing I think of is something that is electric and fast, and that’s probably because their planet is Jupiter. That being said, something to do with speed and electricity would be perfect for the Sagittarius. Of course, I immediately think of the Flash and Quicksilver, someone with super speed. But on the other hand, a lightning user also comes to mind: Livewire from DC, Shazam from Justice League, Azula from The Last Airbender, Laxus Dreyar from Fairy Tail. To name a few. 

  10. Capricorn: Symbol is the Goat. Element is Earth. Planet is Saturn, otherwise known as the Roman God and Titan of agriculture, time, and liberation (Greek: Cronus). Capricorns are authoritative signs, and is considered the “Father” of the Zodiac signs, opposite to that of Cancer, and therefore people say the best marriages come from Cancer and Capricorns because they perfectly balance each other. Capricorn hold a lot of traits that are similar to Virgo and Scorpio. They are shrewd, but practical and responsible, and incredibly smart, but they don’t brag or show off, so they are very low key and work behind curtains. A magical ability of a Capricorn is difficult, and I had to give it a lot of thought, but the only thing I can come with is having a power with multiple possibilities. Something, like I said with Virgo, that had a little bit of logic and work behind it. So, sorcery. Thinking of people like Merlin, Gandalf, but especially who I immediately thought of was Doctor Strange from Marvel. 

  11. Aquarius: Symbol is the Water Bearer. Element is Air. Planet is Uranus, otherwise known as the Greek God and Personification of the sky (Roman: Caelus). Aquarius is probably the most unique of all the signs, because they’re so incredibly idealistic that many people have a hard time understanding them. They have a reputation of having their head in the clouds, and come off as aloof or detached, but that’s because they’re too busy living in their own world, sort to speak. They pay a lot of attention to things that many would over look, and they are the first person to speak out against something that is morally wrong. This sign is hard, and I had to do a lot of brainstorming of what their magical ability could be. It could be as simple as the ability to fly, maybe they have wings, but it could be something more intense like illusions. Weather manipulation, or teleportation? An interesting ability could be a time traveller. Most of Aquarius’ magical possibilities would stem from away from offensive or defensive, but rather be something as a tool that you wouldn’t see them use in battle, not always practically. Thinking of people that could fit the suggestions above, someone like Doctor Who or Rip Hunter while both don’t actually have the ability to travel through time they have devices that help them to. However, one character that I know that embodies the ability to pause, rewind, go forward and teleport by himself would be Hiro from Heroes. I wish I could be a little more help on Aquarius, but that’s all I can think of. 

  12. Pisces: Symbol are the Pair of Fish. Element is Water. Planet is Neptune, otherwise known as the Roman god of the Sea (Greek: Poseidon). Pisces are super sensitive and emotional, and the most idealistic of the water signs. However they are very compassionate, empathetic, and generous. I can think of two magical abilities that a pisces might have that would fit its character. The first would play by how they are intuitive, empathetic, and willing to help others, so they can be easily a psychic, medium, or use the power of empathy on those. I can’t think of an example of someone like this off the top of my head, but I know someone using this power where they dump memories into someone’s head and that person immediately knows and understands after they mentally gone through everything that another person went through. Or, they could be like mermaids, and use the power of the Siren’s Song, and luring people by their voice or even sexuality, which can be a magical ability if you count vampires, mermaids, sirens, and even witches who’ve done it in mythology and stories. Overall, though, I think a magical ability of a pisces would do more emotional impact, a defensive ability, but also one that has potential to heal. Or if you want to take it easy, they could manipulate water. Don’t have examples for these, because I figured they’re pretty straight foreword. 

WELL that took all day to answer, and I’m super sorry about that. Literary essay. I got carried away. So…I hope that you got something out of this fucking long ass answer XD. 

Different Varieties of Carnists
  • <p> <b>Guilty Carnist:</b> Only buys free range chicken and eggs and grass fed cows because they believe that that actually makes a difference.<p/><b>Lazy Carnist:</b> They would go vegan but, you know, BACON!!<p/><b>Respectable Carnist:</b> Says things like "I'll respect your diet and you respect mine." or "Don't judge my personal choices." Even though their "personal choices" hurt animals and the environment.<p/><b>Hypocrite Carnist:</b> Believes animal abuse is wrong and takes shorter showers because they care about the environment. Fails to realize that eating meat and animal products contributes to the worse type of animal abuse and climate change.<p/><b>Guilty Carnist:</b> Constantly on the defense when you bring up veganism. Feels like you're attacking them just by eating vegan yogurt.<p/><b>Angry Carnist:</b> Randomly starts yelling at you about how you're shoving your beliefs down their throat. Will bring up you being vegan at the most random of times. Constantly harasses you throughout the day about the food you eat. Will commonly say that you going vegan isn't making a difference.<p/><b>Dr. Carnist:</b> Pretends to be concerned about your health by constantly inquiring about your protein intake. Will tell you being vegan is not sustainable and that you'll suffer from malnutrition. Considers raising your kids vegan to be child abuse. Tells you that the hormones in soy are bad for you, all while failing to realize that their meat, eggs, and milk are pumped with way more hormones that soy is. Says being vegan is unhealthy but ignores the fact that heart disease and diabetes are America's number one killers and they are both atributed to meat and dairy consumption.<p/><b>Activist Carnist:</b> Will try and argue that being vegan is a privilege. Will claim that the vegan diet is more expensive and not affordable for everyone, even though they have never bothered to research affordable vegan options. Also will erase vegans of color by suggesting that only white people are vegan and say that we are attacking other people's cultures. All this while not realizing that many poc are vegan.<p/><b>Immature Carnist:</b> Will resort to dumb jokes about vegans eating rabbit food. When animal suffering is brought up they will still say things like "mmmm" or "animal suffering taste great" or "I don't care". They will commonly say that vegan food is gross, even though they themselves eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.<p/><b>Curious Carnist:</b> What most vegans are before they become vegan. A meat eater who is interested in learning more about veganism and is genuinely concerned about their harmful impact on the animals and the environment. Will most likely end up being either vegan or vegetarian.<p/><b></b> Inspired by "Different Varieties of Vegans" by @vegan-confessions<p/></p>
Falling in love with the right person at the wrong time.

The only thing that describes how falling in love with the right person feels it is home. Suddenly having that constant feeling of belonging somewhere and to someone, constantly having the feeling of having every thing in the world, constantly knowing you are happy and it is all because you feel at home wherever you are, as long as you are with that special someone. That is what love felt like when I was in love.

But then it started getting hard. Our schedules kept us apart, my school and job kept me away for days and phone conversations got shorter and less frequent, meeting in person became a once a week thing, date nights disappeared from our lives, we started driving each other insane. When he left for a vacation and we didn’t speak for a bit more than a week, it felt good. It felt like freedom. I realized then, that I felt trapped in a relationship I was not able to keep alive. I realized that the same relationship that used to be my source of energy was draining me and that I was being unfair to me, to us, and mostly to him.

So I broke it off and continued my life like nothing ever happened. But then the volleyball season was over and so were my job obligations, then the school ended and the second my schedule cleared enough for me to catch my breath I broke. I knew, he was my one in a million, I knew he was the one, I knew there will never be anyone else like him in my life, but I also knew I put him through too much already and I was not going to put him through it again so I never bothered telling him I still loved him, even if he said it to me every time we saw each other on the street. 

I often think about us. About what would happen if instead choosing work over him, I chose the other way around. I think how happy we could have been, how our lives would be different, but then I remember that he moved on and is happier than ever. I remember the time I saw them on the street and he looked at me with a huge amount of love in his eyes, but a love different from the one we felt before. I remember I knew then that it was as real for him as it was for me, that we were each other’s right person, but it was just the wrong time and now it is too late. He is in love with someone else, they are happy and so am I. I am happy for them. And I will eventually find someone I feel at home with too, I will be okay. 

It had taken a lot of thought whether she wanted to attend the party or not. On one hand, she didn’t really want to be surrounded by drunken strangers. On the other, work had been tough and if she wanted a break, what better way than to allow herself a bit more freedom? After all, apparently the party was going to be huge so the chances of her running into anyone of importance was low.
That was how she found herself in the Brighton house, wearing a dress that didn’t quite reach her knees (far shorter than her usual attire), and having yet another glass of wine. A soft giggle left her lips as a stranger started up a round of toasts and she joined in. She turned to toast with the other person beside her and realized they were familiar. “I know you.” 

PLL Endgame Theory

I started writing this out already and realized it was taking forever given how many clues I was putting in. So I decided to do a much shorter version since this theory is a combo of a few of my recent theories. It’s still pretty long but bare with me and you’ll be glad you did. (Still way shorter than the original lol)

Lucas is AD. He has been working with Mona since the beginning. He is the only person besides Mona who was confirmed to have done something as A in the first two seasons. You could argue ‘Ali pushed Ian while dressed as A’ but she wasn’t doing it as A. She did it to protect Spencer and she was dressed like that so no one knew it was her. Except Ian but he didn’t live long enough to tell anyone. Lucas hated Ali and started the A game with Mona to show her how it felt to be the victim of bullying. Mona started the game back up herself and got help from Lucas when she needed it. If he refused she’d threaten to tell everyone the game was his idea. After CeCe took over the game Lucas learned he was adopted. He was visiting CeCe in Radley, not Mona. He left school when Mona came back because he was scared she’d tell everyone he wasn’t visiting her at Radley and was afraid she’d tell everyone that he helped her drug Emily. After CeCe took over Lucas struggled with what to do. Ali was gone and Hanna was his friend so he didn’t want to play anymore. He only helped ‘that night’ with Emily because of Mona’s blackmail. That’s why Toby tried to run Lucas off the road, because he refused to join the team willing and knew too much. Lucas fired back and messed up by almost blowing up a teacher instead of Mona. He continued getting to know his sister and when she died he wanted to avenge her. He’s getting the liars to find her killer for him so he doesn’t chance getting killed himself.

Lucas DID NOT kidnap and torture Hanna. Hanna texted that she killed Charlotte and Lucas backed out of his original plan because he couldn’t kill her. Rollins got mad and decided to kidnap her anyways and tortured her since Lucas wanted her alive. Charlotte loved her brother so Rollins couldn’t kill the woman Lucas loves. One of the lines highlighted in Archers book, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, reads “Kill what I love?” A hint that Lucas debated killing the woman he loved, Hanna, for killing his sister, Charlotte.

Lucas is a tech genius. He could have easily hacked Rollins phone and sent Emily the GPS to find Ali. He told Rollins to get Ali out of Welby, hence why “the plans changed.” He set up Rollins death as payback for torturing Hanna. He had Mary take her to Spencer’s after she escaped because he knew she’d need her friends. He has plenty of money to afford being AD. His living room is also where every plan is made and AD is always one step ahead. Hmm, I wonder why? Lucas hasn’t done anything bad to the liars yet and possibly won’t. He never planned to burn Aria just like he never planned on burning Meredith. I doubt it’s a coincidence that both had the same injury. Could be a clue that Lucas caused both. (I don’t know how to add pictures but Meredith’s injury can be seen in Mona Mania at 17:43)

Melissa is the killer! Melissa was the first person of the series to kill someone. The first death was Bethany Young. The series is supposed to come full circle so it makes sense that the killer that started the show will be the killer that ends it. Jessica thought Spencer hit Ali so she buried Bethany to cover it up. Melissa found out and panicked thinking Jessica would tell the cops. She then killed Jessica to make sure her secret was safe. When CeCe was released from Welby Melissa killed her to protect Spencer. Everything Melissa has done was to protect herself and her family. She will stop at nothing to protect her secrets. She killed Sara, or ordered one of her minions to do it for her, because Sara knew what Melissa had done.

Melissa knew the liars killed Rollins. She was keeping an eye on the liars since they were trying to find Charlotte’s killer. She had to make sure they didn’t find out it was her. When she saw Spencer had screwed up the plan she threatened Wren into helping her. Wren used a realistic Rollins mask to make the cops think Rollins was alive. He then fled back to France so the cops would stop looking for him. This protected Spencer and her friends from going to jail. As I said before, everything Melissa does is to protect her family.

The doctor at Radley told Spencer and Aria that you always go back to family. The camera focused on Spencer because when the show comes to end Spencer will finally have to choose between her family and her friends. Spencer and Melissa have had the same conversation twice only the second time Melissa started it. She tells Spencer “You asked me a question once. If it came down to protecting you or protecting somebody else, somebody I loved, who would I pick? Do you remember that? What would your answer be if I asked you the same question? If you had to choose, what would you do?” In my opinion, this is serious foreshadowing of things to come. Every time the liars have ever suspected Melissa of anything bad Spencer has always protected her. Even after having what they thought was proof that Melissa was A she still couldn’t turn her in. The show will end with Spencer having to choose who to save, only this time I think she’ll pick her friends. Imagine how heartbreaking it would be to see Spencer saying goodbye to Melissa and apologizing before watching karma catch up to Melissa in the form of death. It would likely be followed by a flash forward showing the liars living their happily ever after now that serial killer Melissa is gone.


In April 2013 two lesbian Kazakh women Kristina Chernysheva and Alexandra Lee had a very beautiful wedding. It was the first and the only same sex wedding in Kazakhstan. When a journalist asked Kristina and Alexandra if they were afraid that after the wedding their relationship will became just an agonizing routine both girls replied that it will never happen and that they are pretty sure that they will be together until their last breath. However “forever” turned out to be much shorter than it was expected – after a couple of months Kristina realized that she is not happy and decided to leave her wife so Alexandra and her two female friends killed Kristina. After doing that they dismembered Kristina’s body and burned it. Alexandra Lee was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. Her friends received 13 and 11 years sentences. While in prison Alexandra Lee confessed that Kristina wasn’t the first person she killed.

anonymous asked:

I know someone with their sun in 12th, cancer moon in 8th and saturn in 7th opposite rising and... what do you think these placements affect ? (PS: your blog is great and i like you <3)

The person is likely /really/ intuitive, whether they realize that or nah, and probably a bit on the shorter side lol. Also very hard to properly get to know I’d say, it can be hard to get to see the “true” self of people with 12th and 8th house placements!

does anyone else have moments where they realize that block b helps them so much with their personal self image? I’ve dealt with a lot of negative body issues and mind issues that have made me feel inferior and disgusting because I’m not X weight and.. almost every time I get really down I think of the times zico’s said he doesn’t like super thin thighs or the time he commented that he likes girls with broader shoulders… or the way ukwon likes shorter hair on girls, and just the way they sometimes say they like little things that don’t fit the conventional mold of what is “perfect” or sought after.. it helps me honestly so much to just accept myself and let go some of the self hatred. I seriously love them so much????

lord of the flies jack/ralph headcanons:

-ralph had calm hazel eyes, that showed his gentleness, which were in contrast with jack’s mad blue ones

-ralph was one head shorter than jack, but ralph was still the one who flustered jack and made jack feel unsure of himself

-ralph was the first person that defied jack, because ralph was the first peer that jack had to listen to. ralph was the first person that truly had power over jack, which was why jack was so conflicted and tormented during the entire book

-ralph was the first person that jack had actual positive feelings and even a deep affection for 

-another reason jack wanted to kill ralph was the fact that jack had realized he had those feelings for ralph, who was another boy, and jack knew society saw it as immoral. he wanted to get rid of this crush, because jack considered it to be a problem for himself

-jack especially liked ralph because ralph was also the first person that had treated jack as an equal and even as a friend, not as a person with authority/intimidating leader, which was how the rest of the boys had treated jack for the majority of his life

-ralph had also admired jack at the beginning of the book for being intimidating and having the authoritative behavior towards the rest of the boys, which was why ralph always sought to spend time with jack and chose him as his companion most of the time. ralph actually had a superficial boy-crush on jack, but he soon realized how jack truly was as a person, especially after ralph had turned from the immature kid he was into a kind, decent boy

-ralph was annoyed and upset with jack’s obsession with hunting, but ralph was especially upset with it because ralph wanted to spend time in jack’s company and jack was never there 

-ralph was traumatized and broken at the end, after the death of his friends, but he was also torn inside because jack was the one who had instigated everything 

if I’m not mistaken, nonwhites tend to have fewer opportunities to education compared to whites, so all this “only the educated should vote” business is actually pretty classist and racist.

That’s not even getting into the ageism behind “old people shouldn’t vote because they’re going to die soon” mentality. Sure, average life expectancy is around 75 years, but a person in good health could live to 90 (so if they’re 65 now, that’s another 35 years). Plus, mentally and physically disabled people have shorter life expectancy, so must we refuse them a right to vote as well?

Seriously, the more you actually stop and think about limiting voting rights, the more you realize how messed up it is. Being bummed the ballot didn’t go your way is one thing, but calling for ageism, racism, and ableism in response is childish.

ok but modern au where bilbo and thorin don’t know each other, and one day they’re sitting on the bus next to each other during the morning traffic, and thorin falls asleep and his head falls down to bilbo’s shoulder

and bilbo’s face turns completely red because this handsome stranger is literally sleeping on his shoulder, and he doesn’t have the heart to wake him up, so they basically sit like that the entire bus ride. 

but when bilbo has to get off, he carefully nudges thorin, and thorin wakes up and realizes that he fell asleep on a person he doesn’t even know, and he gets so flustered and ashamed; “sorry” being the next 50 words exiting his mouth

bilbo gets so utterly charmed by him, and so he reaches out his arm, smiles, and says “bilbo”. and thorin just stops apologizing and looks at the shorter man with wide eyes. finally he grabs bilbo’s hand and manages a weak “thorin” before the bus door opens and bilbo has to exit the bus

bonus: thorin exits the bus at this station as well, and they awkwardly walk together until they’re standing in front of a building. they both look at each other, and that’s how bilbo and thorin discovered that they have been working at the same place all along

Unlikely Companions

Can you imagine the struggle Harry must have when he starts to realize he actually ENJOYS Draco’s company, as well as his personality, and that they actually go quite well together?  At first it’s like OK I can accept that I think he has a nice arse that’s fine a bloke can’t help all his earthly desires and cravings can he? And then it’s like ok maybe Malfoy isn’t a complete twat ALL the time anymore, and then he’s trying not to laugh when Draco makes a joke, probably a rude one which no one else finds funny, and he’s so pissed at first, lips tightly sealed. He will not snort at Draco’s quips and no way does he share the same sort of sensibilities as that prat! So what if he thinks Malfoy was right about that argument at the Ministry, no way is he going to agree with him out loud. So he’s just really angry with himself for awhile because if he agrees with any of Draco’s opinions or laughs at his dry humor then that must mean Harry isn’t any better than him, but then after enough time passes, he can’t help it anymore. Suddenly everyone else’s company just isn’t quite as amusing as Draco’s nor does it give him that odd little thrill like Draco’s does, and maybe Draco isn’t such a terrible guy. Maybe he’s being too hard on him. Maybe he is a little like Malfoy and maybe he can forgive both of them for that, Malfoy and himself, because they aren’t perfect but they’re doing the best they can- but it feels perfect, sitting on a park bench, harmlessly making jokes about the outfits of muggles passing by and being compatibly snarky and sarcastic. And maybe now it’s a bit of a challenge to see who can be more wry and more snappy about their (mostly) empty insults, but that’s what keeps it so entertaining, it always has been, and when they’re alone and all that sly flippant humor has gone away, faded into the evening, and Draco is pensive and serious with him, it’s a hundred times more intense, the feeling of being confided in and trusted. Those secret places Draco keeps hidden from everyone else are so much deeper than anything else Harry has crept into and he wants to protect them from the rest of the world as if he needs to, has to, because he’s never felt anyone open up the way Draco does and it engulfs him utterly until the daylight returns and it’s back to their off the shoulder inside jokes and sideways glances over mixed company.

In too deep. (Draco X Reader)

Hello good luck on the blog! I was just wondering you could do an imagine where Draco Malfoy realizes that he’s fallen for a Hufflepuff- Muggleborn?! I’d just love to see his reaction is all-

This is shorter than usual but I decided to do it as more of a no dialogue type imagine.

He wasn’t sure exactly when it had happened. Or even how it had happened. But one thing he now knew is that he was in love.

And with the wrong person. Definitely the wrong person.

As he watched her from the Slytherin table, his heart fluttered and his cheeks flushed slightly as she laughed with her friends. His eyes then moved to stare at the table.

This feeling was so new to him. And so wrong.

When she spoke, Draco couldn’t help but listen to every single word. When she smiled, all of his problems seemed to disappear and that cold, empty feeling inside his chest was filled with warmth.

He shouldn’t feel that way about her but he couldn’t help it.

Imagine his parents reaction if he told them he had fallen in love with a muggle-born. One of a different house as well.

After Draco confessed his feelings late one night in the astronomy tower, she had shyly stated that she felt the same.

Somehow that made his feelings stronger, knowing that she felt the same and that maybe he stood a chance with her.

She made him want to smile, really smile. And laugh until his stomach hurt. She made him feel alive and like he was worth something.

He wanted to make her feel like the most important person in the world, to ignore his parents beliefs and give in to the sweet temptation.

Looking up again, his eyes met hers across the hall. His breathing slowed and all sounds from the loud hall died down. Including the persistent whining from Pansy beside him.

All that mattered was her. Not his parents, not Pansy, not anyone. Just her. They smiled at each other, both faces slightly flushed.

He was in too deep now, that was obvious. There was no doubt about it. He was in love. And he liked it.