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this is such a selfish/self indulgent prompt but like.. could there be a prompt where you just found out you lost your grandfather and danny is there for you or something...mine passed in february but its been a hard ass week missing him and all that.. sorry to be selfish but...

A/N: Hey there lovely. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry your week has been so rough. I’ve absolutely been there with missing someone so much that it hurts, and sometimes there’s little else to do than just have it happen. This is not a selfish prompt at all, and you are more than welcome in my inbox any time to request anything that might help. I hope the prompt fill makes you feel better, even just a little, and know that I heart you. ♡
I also realize that this is one of my shorter fills; I hope that’s okay. I know this is a personal request for you, and if you ever need anything more, once again, just let me know.


Nine months, two weeks, three days. They told you not to count the days, do your best to ignore time, but it kept creeping back up on you like a chill. It was hard to ignore the lack of phone calls, the missing day trips, the absence that pushed against your chest like a weight. It doesn’t get easier, it just gets progressively less shitty, one of your friends said early on in the loss of your grandfather. You couldn’t help but take that sentiment to heart.
Nine months, two weeks, and three days had passed, and you were on the mend. Sometimes you were still hit with a wave of realization, knowing you’d never see him again or feel his presence or hear his voice. It happened during inconvenient times sometimes, like in the middle of work or when you were folding laundry, and that only made things worse. But you were an adult, and adults had to deal with things.

You were in the middle of washing dishes when it hit you again. Late evening, the sky a purple-black gradient, you were watching your hands scrub at a particularly stubborn bit on a plate when your chest tightened. At first you didn’t understand, and you thought you could work through it, but it was suffocating you suddenly, and you looked up, out the window and took a deep breath in through your mouth. Why? Why was this happening now? You didn’t have breakdowns at home, not when Dan was home, not when you were doing just fine…
Shutting your eyes tightly, you tilted her head back down, opening your eyes to see your hands all pruned up and damp from the water. That’s when you felt the tears. Your hands looked so much like your grandfather’s, and that hurt, it hurt so much that you’d never get to hold his hands again, give him high-fives or squeeze it in reassurance and love. Dropping the sponge and shutting off the water quickly, you braced yourself against the sink ledge, breathing hard, choking back on any noise that dared come from you.
Count to ten. Breathe in through your nose and our through your mouth. Think happy thoughts. Your therapist’s words were gentle in your ear, but they weren’t helping. It was just one of those things you had to work through, let it run its course and be gone when it was ready.
Footsteps approached, but you hardly noticed them. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Dan’s voice was concerned, as it should be. “Nothing.” It was strangled, like you were speaking through water. “I’m okay.” No you weren’t, he knew it as well as you did; more footsteps, then a hand on your hunched back. It was as gentle as his voice, and you fell apart, the sob finally busting through, a horribly sad sound that, in your humble opinion, would’ve won you an Oscar.

From your shoulders, Dan took you into his arms, prying you off the sink ledge and holding you close despite the wet hands. “It’s all right. I’ve got’cha.” You weren’t the type to just start crying out of nowhere, so he had to understand why. He let you cry it out, quiet, holding you while the sobs shook you. It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t exactly something you were going to be proud of in a few hours, but it was a needed release. The past nine months had felt like a lifetime, and you felt like the time to cry and mourn had long since past. It felt like you only got a few days after the wake and funeral to sort yourself out and get back into the swing of things, then you had to go back to being an adult.
Slowly the crying faded into heavy hiccups. “I’m sorry.” Your voice was still watery, slightly garbled. “Don’t be sorry,” he replied simply, not letting go just yet. “You need to cry? Cry. I’ll be here for you when you do.” Yeah, he definitely understood.

i honest to god was walking through the parking lot of my college’s chick fil a and i witnessed with my own damn eyes two beautiful women, one in a plain dress and the other in a navy uniform, hold hands and then kiss each other goodbye and it was so cute and as i turned to head back to my dorm i saw these two boys staring at them across the parking lot and i was like “oh no” but then the taller one grabbed the shorter one and kissed him really hard and they looked so embarrassed and i realized that sometimes you just gotta have a little courage yknow

Jupiter: the greater Benefic. The planet that can expand, exemplify, and enlarge. It can also bring abundance and luck. Although depending on the sign, house and aspects regarding Jupiter, a person can have positive, neutral or no luck. The soft aspects (trines, sextiles and conjuncts) will enhance jupiters energy. The hard aspects (squares, inconjuncts and opposites) can make jupiters energy harder to see or manifest.

Since Jupiter and Saturn are the gateway between the personal and interpersonal planets it is important to look at both the sign it resides and the house. If Saturn represents life’s tests and lessons then Jupiter is the guide and teacher out of those lessons.

SIGNS modify planets
PLANETS are the energy of the chart
HOUSES are areas of focus in a chart
ASPECTS interconnect planets and points in a chart

How you best use jupiter is up to you. 🌟

****I use mostly whole signs so check your placidus and whole sign house

JUPITER’S FIRST-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You are your own good luck in that your personality and appearance can see you positively through just about any and everything. Cash in on your all-encompaasing sense of humor and normally-positive attitude and outlook. You have the natural ability to make others feel better while in your presence. You may have a beaming million-dollar smile; don’t neglect using it to help with getting what you want. Others seek you out for your natural adeptness to counsel them on their problems; draw upon your natural intuition. You can get complete answers to rather complex questions from sources beyond your “worldly” practical awareness. You can charge for this gift. You have an inborn ability to accept adversities calmly and positively, since you have an inner awareness that they are only object lessons which are essential and meaningful to your emotional growth.

JUPITER’S SECOND-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Material gain, money, and possessions in abundance are your true “birthright.” You may deal in, work with, and, in time, accumulate large sums of money and other representations of material success. When it comes to getting ahead financially, you have your lucky four-leaf clover ever at hand. You are very much a materialist and should concentrate your major energies on getting ahead first and foremost in a material/financial way. Little spiritual growth may be made until you have gained your worldly fortune. It is most important that you not burden yourself with any feelings of guilt concerning this truth. Feel guilty only if you employ any form of dishonesty in achieving the material rewards which are rightfully yours. Whether it all belongs to you or not, you are destined to handle large amounts of money and deal in other ways with great wealth. Put on your thinking cap and find practical and honest ways to make more of it yours personally.

JUPITER’S THIRD-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your mind and the ability to communicate well are the keys to realizing your good fortune. Your mental capacity is great in scope; you can be a storehouse of information. This information is knowledge; knowledge is power. The remuneratively-rewarding areas of selling, writing, public speaking, publishing, and broadcasting can open fabulous channels for you in which you can realize your fondest dreams. You may find that it is necessary to be mobile, to move about, to travel shorter distances, and to make changes in order to take advantage of your best luck potential. Be versatile and willing to go along with whatever seems right and best. Your luck will work for you if you will work with it. You cannot realize your true potential if you are an unyielding “stick in the mud.” Read, write, listen, speak, gesture, go, change, modify, rectify; consider the meaningful role brothers and sisters and other family members can play in boosting you to a fuller realization of your ultimate potential.

JUPITER’S FOURTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Luck to you is closely connected with actual security. Above all else, you must first work to assure that you develop a secure base from which to operate; you need to put down firm and secure roots. Once you have done so, you may then work in a certain and relaxed way to add measurably to that basic security. Land and real property hold great promise for you; put all the money and effort you can spare into wise investments in real estate. Your major plan should be to acquire one piece of land and then, as you can, buy adjoining property, etc. Having rental properties can bring you great financial gain as well as an inner joy through ownership. You are fortunate in birth in that your parents may serve as a springboard or guiding hand in your moving forward at a relatively early age. They may enrich you with gifts, money, property, basic intelligence, and love. Most of your good luck is always very close at hand – near home base; or in proximity to your area or place of birth. Your luck works best when you maintain an inner confidence in yourself and your ability to do well.

JUPITER’S FIFTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You are extremely lucky in that you can get a lot of pleasure and joy just from the routine of living your life day-to-day. So, don’t miss out on a single day – enjoy yourself. Jupiter here expands your creative faculties and offers you personal gratification when you utilize your innovative ideas and talents. You can be lucky with your own children and the offspring of others as well. Your best future may center in the practical application of this native capability. You may excel in sports and in the areas of commerce associated with recreation and entertainment. If you are wise and careful, you may make striking gains through well-thought-out speculation, especially if it involves matters at a distance. (Your hobby should be to enter every give-away contest possible.) You may, if other indicators support, have better-than-average luck with gambling and other games of chance. Also, use your sense of humor and general zest for living as stepping stones to getting the things of life which you desire.

JUPITER’S SIXTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your fortune may lie in the quantity of service you are capable of giving others in exchange for payment. You are wisest and best advised to sell services as opposed to products. Glowing, abundantly good health may be yours; and when you have good health, there is really no greater fortune. Jupiter placed here offers you the opportunity or ability to turn out an impressive amount of work so you should have little or no reluctance to put forth the amount of effort necessary to accomplish whatever you really want. It has been said that genius is five percent inspiration and ninety-five percent perspiration. Go ahead and let others label you a genius if they want to, even though you know that you accomplish tasks best through honest hard work. Jupiter in the sixth house also causes others to want to serve you; consequently, most of those who work with or for you may, through their willing efforts, aid in speeding you on to great and worthwhile accomplishments.

JUPITER’S SEVENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your prospective good luck and your fortune in life are determined importantly by the partnerships you do (or do not) form. These partnerships include marriage, meaningful relationships, business, social, legal, religious, and all others. You could marry into very fortunate circumstances, as you can attract others who will work hard or share generously to your personal advantage. You must not overlook your natural potential for being able to make judgments quickly and accurately. Knowing when the “iron” is hot, sensing the proper time to act, can propel you toward your best fortune. You may also capitalize from a natural legal bent in your mental machinery. Because of this factor, you may be able to handle your interests quite well in contractual dealings and other matters relating to agreements. Almost anything which deals with balance, form, order, color, and symmetry can offer you abundant opportunities for forwarding your luck potential.

JUPITER’S EIGHT-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your good luck can lie in your desires and your ability to harness and direct their very potent powers. It would not be an unfair or unrealistic matter to make an analogy between desire and what is commonly called prayer. Prayers (often expressing desires) are materialized if one believes and persists in the belief (keeps faith). You will receive your fondest dreams as realities only if you first get a clear mental image of what it is you want. Once you have this in mind, you must fan your desires and intensify them to the point that the accomplishment of that desired goal becomes a part of yourself. With an eighth-house Jupiter, your desire potential is naturally very strong and you generally succeed or fail to the degree that you are able to manipulate this very potent force. Inheritances, and gifts or those things which you did not have to work for in a literal sense may figure importantly in your good fortune. Dutifully cultivate good relations with all those who could benefit you in these areas.

JUPITER’S NINTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Thank your “lucky stars” for an inborn capability to get answers and guidance “out of the blue,” intuitively. Your higher levels of consciousness and intellect can aid you markedly in reaping great rewards materially and in enhancing your good-luck potential. Jupiter is especially well-placed in this sector since it is natural ruler of the ninth house. Institutions of higher learning, those in positions of authority (judges, professors, spiritual leaders, and gifted advisers) can help you toward realizing your greater fortunes in life. Don’t overlook the ability for utilizing your potentially-positive philosophy toward yourself and life in general. The word “distance” may be a key to your success. Your fortune is most likely to be at a distance from your place of birth (another city, state, or country), or it may deal directly or indirectly with long-distance travel and communications, or import and export. Gains through higher learning, college degrees, and published writings are strongly accented.

JUPITER’S TENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: You can bask in the sunshine of recognition through your natural ability to gain attention and receive the favorable notice and approval of others. You can often cash in on fame and your marketable reputation. You may be lucky in getting free publicity, so make it a point to circulate and frequent places or events where random favorable notice might come your way. You can be extremely fortunate in selecting the right career or professional area. Rapid promotion and advancement are your natural “birthright.” Seek work or career areas in which there is room at the top, for you are likely destined to be there – especially if you play your cards at all wisely. You can easily receive the nod from those in positions of power and importance, especially in the world of business and commerce. Because of your ability to gain notice and command mass appeal, the wide world of entertainment may offer you many opportunities for growth and luck.

JUPITER’S ELEVENTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Your best luck may come through your friendly nature, your friends, and your usual bright optimism and positive regard for yourself and others generally. Be wise in your selection of friends; choose those who can either pull you up or give you a needed shove from beneath. Hopes and wishes are important to you, but remember that they can be rather fleeting in nature. You will realize more of them when you intensify and refine them to the level of desire. Capitalize on your ability to make friends quickly, and your natural talent to cause those friends to maintain a consistently-high regard for you. With this placement of Jupiter, it is valid to state that generally you succeed or fail through your friends – either directly or indirectly. Don’t ever be reluctant to think big. If at any time you should feel that you personally lack a particular talent or ability, don’t forget that friend who does possess this ability. You can never afford to overlook the inherent good-luck potential available through your friends and your circle of acquaintances.

JUPITER’S TWELFTH-HOUSE POTENTIAL: Good fortune for you may lie in secret, out-of-the-way or hidden places. Much of your luck is manifested quietly and unobtrusively. Hidden resources and reserves may contain the ore of your greater fortune. Of all the house placements, this may seem the least promising; but this is apparent only. The reason it seems so is that good luck (Jupiter) may not announce itself as obviously or easily or loudly if concealed here. If you have this placement of Jupiter, your firm inner motivation and belief must be that you have to persist with faith and patience until you are able to comprehend your good fortune’s soft whispers. For you, there is “gold in them hills”; but you will have to prospect faithfully for it. Patience is necessary; but the lode is very rich, as you will in time discover if you persist. Another very valuable asset of this placement is that it enables you to be quite successful in keeping covered up just about anything concerning yourself which you do not wish others to know about – for whatever reason.

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10 facts you didn’t know about BTS

Hello everyone! Admin M and I have both been having very hectic work weeks which have left us a little behind on ship! We are so sorry!! We are close to getting caught up but until then please enjoy this shitpost while you wait!

10 Facts you did’t know about BTS

  1. When Kim Seokjin was born it is rumored that the doctors and nurses cried over his beauty
  2. One time Jungkook saw Namjoon wearing a white T-Shirt and Timberlands so he went and bought white T-shirts and Timberlands
  3. Park Jimin is a literal angel sent from heaven to deliver charming vocals and killer dance moves unto us
  4. When God made Min Yoongi he realized he was too perfect so decided to make him a bit shorter for the safety of humanity
  5. Kim Taehyung still hasn’t realized he’s in a boy band. He thinks he’s just hanging out with his buddies doing normal buddy things
  6. Kim Namjoon has broken 37 phones over his lifetime, including a Nokia
  7. Once a NASA scientist saw Hobi in person and was confused and horrified of how the sun could be so close to us without killing us all (the answer is he simply chooses not to)
  8. Everytime Jungkook looks Jungshook he’s remembering the dark memory of the first time he was called “Oppa~”
  9. V can divide by zero
  10. Jimin was born in Busan first

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Just a couple of Corinthe school boys taken from chapter 6, A Change of Heart (personally my favorite chapter.) Enjolras and Grantaire with their fair food. Accidentally non-canon because I realized my writing said that Grantaire buttoned his shirt up and here we see it non-buttoned, gasp. Also I always imagined Enjolras as shorter in the fic, he’s supposed to be the more boyish of the two.

From my fic.

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Can I request an imagine with RFA + Saeran with a very short MC? Probably like 4'10-5'0 ft. This could be NSFW but doesn't have to be! :) thanks!

Anonymous said:

Hello there ^^ I would like to please request the RFA reacting to meeting the MC for the first time, but she’s a lot shorter than they expected. I wonder what that would be like since I’m 4'11 (about 150cm) and almost 20, so I feel like I look younger than I actually am T^T Thank you!

ok bUT CAN YOU BELIEVE WE’VE DONE HUNDREDS OF REQUESTS BUT NOT SHORT MC?? I swear most blogs have it, especially one that’s been around for a while like us;; I can’t believe it myself. Anyway, this will be SFW.

I made it more like mini-fics than a reaction because I can’t imagine anything other than, well, surprise and coming to terms with it. I’m sure you guys have read tons of short MC headcanons elsewhere already ahaha ^^

(Note: let’s assume MC has passed the age of puberty, otherwise being short before the end of puberty isn’t too surprising, you know?)


Request Killing: 7/30

Reactions to a Short MC


  • Out of everyone else in the RFA, he’d be the most mature and least judgmental about this, surprisingly
  • Honestly, he’d just be so excited to even meet you, he wouldn’t care how tall or short you were, or how you looked at all
  • Doesn’t even realize that you’re short until Seven starts making jokes about it
  • Yoosung would defend you first before looking at you more carefully and realizing that you were shorter than the average person your age, but he still wouldn’t care
  • “Don’t worry too much about it,” he comforts you, flashing a cheerful smile. “Being short isn’t a bad thing!”
  • Gets angry for you every time someone makes a comment about your height
  • Never teases you
  • Sure, sometimes it was difficult to find you in a crowd, but that gave him an excuse to hold your hand
  • He also loved getting things for you whenever you couldn’t reach
  • He just enjoys your company and treats you with respect regardless—just because you’re short, it would never mean he should respect you any less. At least, that’s what Yoosung believes


  • With him being as tall as he is, he thought he would be able to spot you in the crowds immediately at the party
  • Apparently he was wrong. He swore he’d be able to recognize you even though he’d never seen you before, and yet it’s been an hour since the party officially began and he hadn’t seen anyone that reminded him of you
  • And then he’d feel a poke on his back and turn around to find… no one
  • Huh?
  • You tugged at his sleeve, making him look down. Oh.
  • Though he hadn’t been the one to find you, he did recognize you immediately, and a big smile stretched across his face. “MC!” he exclaimed in glee, reaching his arms out to hug you—only to realize he wouldn’t be able to reach you unless he lowered them
  • Well… He was nearly an entire foot taller than you, after all.
  • Doesn’t understand why he feels a wave of pride rushing through him when he realizes how adorably short you are
  • But he loves it.
  • Uses you as a head rest, his arms hanging loosely around your shoulders
  • Asks to compare your hand and feet sizes, even though he knows he’s bigger than you in every way
  • Jokingly flirts as your hands are pressed together for comparison, “If you were a little taller, this could’ve been that much more romantic… I would’ve been able to put my forehead against yours, you know~?”
  • Loves teasing you about your height because you flash him an adorable attempt of a scary look every time
  • But he hates when someone else makes jokes about your short stature, and defends you every time


  • At first, she didn’t think that short person awkwardly trying to catch her attention in a subtle way was “MC” but realized that it really was you when you introduced yourself
  • Extremely surprised that you’re shorter than her
  • She thought she was short already (especially since she was surrounded by the tall RFA men, but Jaehee is actually average height)
  • She feels like she’s your older sister
  • Tempted to tease you, and beams innocently as she gives into the temptation
  • “MC~ Can you help me get this, please~? I can’t seem to reach it,” she said, pointing to something on a shelf that she could clearly reach if she stretched her hand
  • Would be taken aback when you basically climbed the shelf and returned with the item in hand, acting nonchalant about it
  • After the initial high of teasing you was over, she’d just talk to you like normal
  • But every now and then she’d find herself smiling because you look adorable and she can’t help but fawn over tiny things
  • Uh, not that she would say you’re tiny, of course…


  • He doesn’t hold himself back from squeezing you into a hug the first moment he sees you
  • Seven had already seen how you looked in the photos he’d found when he researched about you, but seeing you with his own two eyes made him realize just how short you really were
  • A goofy grin was on his face as he spun you around in his arms
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you were so cute and cuddly~?” he asked, pouting as he continued to hold onto you. Seriously, he had no qualms about being so touchy despite having only just met you
  • You’d stick your tongue out at him for calling you cute—gosh, you weren’t a little kid!
  • But he’d continue to treat you like one, even after the party. You would’ve thought the hype about your short height would’ve worn off soon, but it didn’t.
  • He’d use you as an arm rest
  • Lifts you up and spins you randomly
  • Tells you to look both ways when crossing the street, every time, saying that other people wouldn’t be able to see you because you were so short
  • Uses you as a teddy bear, cuddling you every chance he got. (But always ‘just friends’ though, according to him)
  • Pretends to forget your age all the time and asks when your 7th birthday will be
  • Teases you so much, you almost regret ever going to that party…
  • The next time you meet up with him, you were definitely wearing heels. It wouldn’t increase your height all too much, but it sure would let you stomp on his toes. Maybe then he’d fall down in pain. Who’s short now, huh?


  • He couldn’t help but worry about you the entire time at the party, nervously following you everywhere
  • Eventually, you’d be fed up that he just kept following you and not saying anything
  • He didn’t answer when you demanded why, averting your eyes as he thought to himself that you were short like a kid, and he wasn’t sure if he could trust you by yourself… There were so many people at the party, who knows when someone could bump into you?
  • And as you stood there, arms crossed, waiting for his response, that was exactly what happened.
  • A lady knocked into you by accident, causing you to trip and fall into V’s arms
  • It was then that he noticed just how short you were, because he couldn’t help but compare your height to his own
  • Before he knew it, the words had left his lips, “So much shorter than I thought…”
  • He hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but when you whacked at his arm, he realized his mistake
  • Feels guilty for insulting you and stays far away for the rest of the party
  • Over time he’d get used to it
  • Would pet your hair a lot
  • Looks out for you as if you were his younger sibling
  • Hugs you as a greeting, but always ends up lifting you off the ground by accident
  • Apologizes profusely every time
  • But he never learns from his mistake honestly
  • At least he treats you to a drink after, which you liked because you could spend time getting to know this mysterious man better :)


  • “Are you lost, miss?”
  • That was what Jumin had asked when he first saw you at the party, only to realize that you’re the MC he always talked to in the chatroom
  • His eyes widen slightly as he realizes that you’re much shorter than he imagined
  • He did expect a height difference since women were normally shorter than men, but he had expected you to be around Jaehee’s height
  • Still, he didn’t comment about it, instead greeting you with a professional smile as he asked how the party was
  • You roll your eyes at his formality, telling him to drop the act since you were friends, after all
  • Jumin would have trouble stopping himself from glancing at you constantly, still focused on your height
  • Also worried that he’d lose sight of you
  • Questions your age over and over, even though the answer doesn’t change
  • Until he asked for the 60th time and you dryly reply that you were a few centuries old and shrinking. “Happy now?” you sigh
  • It was then that Jumin realizes his rudeness, and smiles sheepishly
  • He puts an arm around you so that he doesn’t have to keep looking at you to make sure you weren’t lost, holding on tightly
  • But then he feels a strong tug on the tail of his tuxedo, and he turns to face you, only to realize that his arm was around your neck
  • “…Oh. My bad. I thought that was your waist.”


  • He had been hiding out near the bathrooms (where hardly anyone passed through), waiting for you to pass by so he could take you away
  • Well, he was lucky that you’d been dared to drink as much as you could tonight (Seven had been teasing your alcohol tolerance because of your height, saying you couldn’t possibly hold your alcohol with such a stature…)
  • You were running to the bathroom, trying to make it to the toilet to throw up, because… well… you’d had waaaay more drinks than your body could handle
  • Unfortunately, Saeran hadn’t been aware of this.
  • I say “unfortunately” because he wouldn’t have grabbed you so quickly, had he known. And then you wouldn’t have vomited all over him.
  • SHIT!” he swore, wrinkling his nose at the stench. But a job was a job, and he had to escape quickly before anyone noticed you were missing. So, out the window he went, leaving behind a trail of bile. This was probably the most disgusting (and obvious, honestly… someone’s going to notice the vomit and lack of its culprit) kidnappings Saeran has done in a while.  
  • He was still surprised that you were so short, though, as he carried you. He laid you gently in the back of the car, and you fit just perfectly thanks to your height. He bit back a smile, finding it amusing. Then he proceeded to drive all the way back to headquarters.
  • Although he had been ordered to take you to the Saviour immediately upon returning with MC captured, he couldn’t help but feel intrigued by you… so he decided to lie down beside you, even though he wasn’t supposed to.
  • He held you in his arms, relishing the feeling of your body against his own, secretly comparing how much shorter you were in comparison to him.
  • He gently lifted your hand, smiling at how much smaller yours looked when he held it. You were so much shorter and smaller up close, appearing so innocent… 
  • And Saeran couldn’t help but relax while holding you like this, gradually drifting off to sleep.
  • Well, he would only have this night with you, after all. He felt a bit regretful, but he knew he couldn’t go against the Saviour’s desires… whatever her intentions would turn out to be.
Urban Legends

We ended up getting hundreds of submissions after we asked you guys to submit stories from your countries/cities/towns etc. We decided that it would be a lot easier to make a post with multiple urban legends that have been submitted. Here are 5 that we found to be interesting. We will continue posting more as they come in.

We have tagged those who have submitted these stories to us (unless they asked to be kept anonymous) 

Here we go:

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Trimberly Week (D4)


tw: brief mentions of death, bullying, and character death

  • When Kimberly Hart died in a car accident she didn’t expect to wake up at the gates of Heaven, nor did she expect to train to become a Guardian Angel
    • Guardian Angels are heavenly warriors tasked with protecting humans from the demons who escape Hell 
    • whereas Reapers are members of the undead who have to drag those demons back to Hell
    • they rarely ever get along
  • In order for Kim to earn her wings she’s assigned to protect a boy named Billy Cranston who seems to attract demons better than a fire attracts moths to a flame
  • It’s during the first attack on Billy that she meets Trini, a dual-dagger wielding Reaper with an attitude problem and a bite worse than her bark
  • They hate each other almost immediately
    • When Trini returns to Hell she tells her ‘friend’ Zack, a mischievous imp that passes between Heaven, Hell, and Earth, about the bitchiest guardian angel she’s ever met
      • Zack says she’s in love and Trini throws him in a fire pit
    • Kim laments to Jason, a messenger Angel, about the Reaper she had to deal with but Jason just laughs and says dealing with the ‘other-halfs’ just come with the territory
  • But because they’re both sort of assigned to saving Billy they form a working relationship, although they’re constantly butting heads and arguing
    • One day after they send a poltergeist back to Hell they’re bickering in Billy’s room when the boy stops what he’s working on and tells them to shut up
    • Kim and Trini freeze
      • Kim: “Wait! You can see us?!”
      • Billy: “Yes. And hear you, which is getting very annoying.”
    • Humans can’t see angels or reapers, occasionally they see the demons and the ghosts that cross into their world, but they hardly ever see the beings that save them
    • A rare few can and it turns out Billy is one of them
    • which is probably why all the demons and ghosts are after him
    • Billy also tells them they fight like an old married couple which makes them blush and sputter before Trini disappears in a puff of smoke
  • A few days later Jason delivers a message to Kim from their mentor Zordon, a superior Guardian Angel, saying that she needs to move Billy to a secure location; Angel Grove
    • A powerful demon named Rita Repulsa has broken free from her hell-prison and is gathering an army to destroy both Heaven and Earth
    • she’s kidnapping people with the Sight and murdering their guardian Angels
    • Angel Grove is a town on consecrated ground and the only way for humans to pass into Heaven; if Rita breaks the barrier she’ll be able to enter Heaven and then there would be no stopping her
  • Kim and Jason find Billy just as Trini and Zack show up and they all set out on a cross country journey to bring Billy to Angel Grove, all the while being chased by demons
  • Trini and Kim get separated from the boys during an ambush where Trini gets hurt and Kim has to take care of her
  • they end up getting to know one another
    • Trini was killed by a bunch of kids in her high school who got drunk one night and decided to jump her when she was getting out of work
    • they dragged her into the woods and beat her until she stopped breathing, all because one of the boys thought she was trying to sleep with his girlfriend
    • Kim was a cheerleader and the queen bee of her school and she can’t fathom why the Angels wanted her because she was a horrible person when she was alive
      • Trini, looking up at the stars: “Not all monsters do monstrous things. Not all humans do humane things. Who we are does not define what we do, but what we do does define who we are and who we become. I think the Angels chose you, not for who you were, but for what they knew you would do. Who you would become. You are an Angel, Kim, and you deserve it.”
    • Kim’s so shocked that she doesn’t even realize she’s kissing Trini until her tongues halfway down the shorter girls throat
    • But before anything else happens the boys interrupt them
  • They make it to Angel Grove just as a hoard of demons descends on the gang and they race to the boarder where an army of Guardian Angels are already fending off demons trying to break the seal
  • It’s only when they reach the barrier do they realize their dilemma
    • Trini can’t pass
  • Kim stands on the edge of the barrier and tells Trini she’s not going to leave her and Trini smiles a little sadly before she quickly kisses Kim and pushes her over the boarder
  • and Kim watches in horror as the demons swarm Trini and she disappears
  • Jason races Billy to safety as Zack shapeshifts into a Hellhound and begins to tear into the hoard
  • And Kim fights with him, quietly sobbing and shaking with rage, as she shoots her arrows at demon after demon
  • More Angels join them and just as things look the bleakest, a battalion of Reapers appear in a cloud of smoke
    • Guardian Angels and Reapers, working together, fighting side by side
  • Eventually Rita is defeated and Kim doesn’t even realize she’s earned her wings until her mentors Zordon and Alpha-Five are congratulating her
  • Jason walks up to her with Billy safe and sound and its then they spot Zack, walking through the mounds of dead demons and carrying Trini’s body
  • He sets her down right on the barrier line just as Kim reaches them and falls to her knees, crying and wailing and everyone is dead silent as they watch her delicately pick Trini up and hold her, her new wings curling around the both of them
      • Kim whispering: “You were never a monster.”
  • Suddenly theres a flash of bright yellow light and then Trini’s gasping, opening her eyes and sitting up with Kim’s help
  • And they’re both confused until they see Trini’s wings and Zordon steps forward
      • Zordon: “In order for an Angel to get their wings they must earn them. And it would appear you have finally earned yours.”
  • Kim’s still crying but its happy tears, and she pulls Trini in for a tight hug only for Trini to pull back just far enough to kiss her


  • After a year of dating Trini and Kim perform a ceremony that bonds them for eternity and it’s really beautiful and even Billy’s granted temporary access to Heaven for it
  • And the gang remain friends through the years, watching over Billy as he grows up and grows old
  • And when Billy’s dying in his hospital bed, with his Angels at his side, and Jason holding his hand, he’s not scared and they promise to greet him the moment he arrives at Heaven’s gates
  • And they do

anonymous asked:

omg i would *love* if you were to expand on school stuff for trans!peter like ,,, michelle being supportive ,, the whole "penis parker" thing ,,

-Peter came out pretty young but he was in middle school

-he didn’t want to go through the hassle of changing everything and making everyone adjust

-so he waited until high school to do all the legal name changing

-midtown isn’t actually his zoned school

-it’s specialized for science and technology so it takes applications and he got in

-meaning most people from his middle school aren’t actually going to high school with him

-making his transition a lot smoother

-the only people going to midtown with him was Ned and a few others

-one of them being Flash Thompson

-Peter was always really smart but his middle school didn’t have a decathlon or anything like that

-so he was never on flash’s radar except for in Robotics Club

-which wasn’t really competitive except for against other schools so flash never had a reason to bully him

-maybe a snide remark here or there about girls in STEM but nothing really personal

-then in 9th grade when Peter shows up to academic decathlon try outs his hair is a bit shorter but may and Ben haven’t put him in T yet because it’s expensive

-flash thinks he looks familiar but doesn’t realize until the teacher says “parker”

-and flash is like ??? Parker? Parker’s a girl

-so after practice flash goes up to Peter and he’s like “so parker thinks she’s a boy now? Is it because you know girls can’t do math and science?”

-“well, first of all, I am a dude. Second of all,
who here is the alternate?”

-Peter is super sassy because he had a good day and flash doesn’t scare him

-and flash is like really angry now Bc his ego is bruised

-and he’s like “well, KAREN, ” and spouts some random rich kid shit

-and peters actually hella hurt but he does home

-may comforts him but it’s hard

-she says they should be able to save up for t shots in 9-12 months

-so his mood is a lot better

-the next day flash corners him and uses his deadname again

-this time Ned is with him and loudly calls him Eugene before he can even finish saying it

-Ned straight up yells it the third time flash tries

-Peter gets really overwhelmed so he’s glad Ned’s there with him

-because flash could easily pin peter in like 10 seconds

-the next day flash shouts across the cafeteria “hey penis parker!” And other offensive things related to him being trans

-Peter actually almost calls May to let him come home early

-he’s humiliated because all of flash’s little friends laughed and made it a big deal

-so not only do flash and his friends know but now so does roughly ¼ of the student body and more
because word will get around

-Ned comforts him through a panic attack

-nobody except flash and his friends give him shit for it though

-most people just call him Parker anyway and none of his teachers fuck up

-ned tells him to report flash but Peter knows that’ll just cause problems

-Flash harasses Peter at decathlon meetings but it’s usually before or after

-mostly because his team mates will usually defend him

-thankfully he doesn’t really have any classes or interactions with flash all of 9th grade other than lunch but flash makes use of his time

-the last few months of 9th grade Peter starts taking T

-then he gets bit by the spider which amplifies effects of T and gives him crazy muscles

-then the whole tony stark thing at the beginning of 10th grade

-tony started paying for Peter’s testosterone (creating a new kind to work with his DNA), binders, and eventually surgery if he ever wants it

-that whole year flash calls him “penis parker” and he has gym with Peter now

-meaning Peter uses the locker room with him

-or well he used to

-now he just changes in the bathroom because one time his clothes straight up got stolen and he doesn’t need that now

-Although it’s ok because MJ refuses to call flash anything but “Eugene” and “Asshat”

-And Ned is lowkey ready to roast flash anytime anywhere

-his status as “alternate” is really helpful

-he has two awesome friends though and tony once made an appearance picking Peter up from school so nobody gives him shit about the internship anymore so all in all he’s having a pretty good time compared to 9th grade

AC Preference: How The Assassins Would Handle Their Jealousy

Anon Requested: 

ooh! I just saw your bio! and I LOVED your jacob oneshot! <3 i was wondering if you could do Assassin preferences for how they’d handle their jealousy over their S/O? Preferably Altair, Desmond, Edward, Connor and Jacob :) throw in a few extras if you wish :3 Thanks hun!

^ Your wish is my command, darling! Sorry I’m late TT__TT 


A/N: I am slightly stoned, so I may fuck it up. I’m going to base these whether the S/O would be on missions, or interacting with other men. Either way. Wait that sounded dumb. Hahahahahhaa. Reading back I realize Altaïr’s is shorter but…. I’m more of a Kenway or Frye kinda person but I tried my best DON’T JUDGE ME!!! )”: 
But enjoy, amore mio! 


Altaïr: A happy chap, he was not. 
He would reluctantly let his S/O go on missions with another male, but there was a curfew. If his S/O wasn’t back within the required time, suspicions would rise as if she wasn’t safe with the other male she was with. Whether she was finished with the mission or not, she was coming back home with him. The partner would have to finish the mission himself. 

Desmond: He’d stay in the hiding spots while his S/O would be operating on outside satellites with Rebecca, with the obvious situation of Shaun making things worse. (Y/N) had been talking about her guy friends lately, being there for her at times when Desmond wasn’t, being an Assassin; especially with the ancestral DNA inside him.
“Maybe you should spend more time with her. You know, before one of her blokes do it for you” Shaun insulted Desmond sarcastically. “Shaun… Fuck you” Desmond responded knowing Shaun was right, and left the hiding place to join his S/O and Rebecca. (Y/N) was shocked to see him out of their spot, but before anyone could say anything, he reeled her in and kissed her proudly and intensely, “I need to start doing my job as a boyfriend, a bit better”, (Y/N) chuckled, “Well, this is a start” she grinned until Rebecca cleared her throat, “Do yous mind?! Psycho’s are on our asses right now!” 

Edward: For someone who doesn’t think, this guy would overthink things like this. Sometimes, only sometimes, he’d even get weary of ol’ Adé. Fair enough. Adé’s a nice guy! Men around the West Indies already knew full well who Edward’s S/O was. (F/N L/N), the fearless lass of Edwards, and they both made that clear. Especially Edward. That was the downside of having (Y/N). She was NOT UGLY! One of the finest beauties in the Caribbean she was.
James in particular would get annoyed, never hearing the end of Edwards imaginable theories he’d make up ‘What if she fancies those fellows that keep talking to her at the Tavern?’, ‘She gets along with Adéwalé well… a little too well’ and so on. “Sod it, Edward! Just shut your trap the woman loves ya” James would say and roll his eyes. Sometimes the occasional slap upside the head for babbling on too much, “If it bothers you that much ya twat, OPEN YA MOUTH AND TALK TO ‘ER! If not then just shut yer fucking gob why don’t you” Kidd told him boldly, letting Edward tweak at his mind. 
“She’s the last thing I wanna lose” he finished off the conversation, before walking off to…. I don’t know think some more. 
Or commit a crime. 
He’d decide on the way. 

Connor: Okay, well. Speaking from experience- HAHAHA KIDDING!
Well, Connor is a silent deadly.. kind.. of uh, jealous. See? Even I’m hesitating as I write this TT__TT 
Connor would be watchful over his S/O. Whether it’d be at the Homestead, inside the Manor when they had company, or just plain old cities like Boston and New York. Even in the Frontier he’d be pushing her gently into bushes whenever he heard the sound of nearby soldiers strolling along, knowing full well she was a Master Assassin as he was, he still wouldn’t let her fight them because there were ‘too many’... or maybe it was lowkey him not wanting anyone touching his One and Only. (Y/N) Appreciated being looked after, it was adorable. But sometimes Connor needed to calm down. His handsome face made up for it but still. A man would turn to her to ask her for directions and he’d jump in front of her to speak on her behalf. His pride would get in the way, but when other males were around or looking at his S/O, his body language and eye movements conquered what his mouth said by miles. “I am fine” he would tell (Y/N), but as soon as a man would wink at or grip her waist at a Tavern trying to have his way, the night would usually end with a whole bunch of dead guards on the floor including the Perv who tried hitting on his dearest (Y/N) and a chase through the Frontier; eventually losing them on their tracks to the Homestead…. sometimes if he was deprived of her love (so he says) the night would also end in a rough round in the bedroom.
….I ain’t complaining. 

Jacob: Ugh, this handsome headache. 
Unlike the others, Jacob’s too much of a little shit to be subtle about his jealousy over his S/O. Of course (Y/N) would have next to no idea that the eyes of most of the blokes in London had their eyes locked on her luscious beauty. She didn’t care. She had Jacob, and in her eyes he was one of the most precious (and annoying) things on Earth. Everyone learnt eventually not even to stare at her for more than 3 seconds. Even members of The Rooks would fear escorting her to places, knowing they’d be questioned by their Leader at the end of it. Luckily for (Y/N) Jacob’s possessiveness was something she could handle. Seeing him mad over other men always amused her, making her pin Jacob down and kissing him passionately afterwards, “Shut up darling. You’re stuck with me” she grinned, knowing from his actions she’s the only woman romantically involved in his life.


“Amanda finger guns her way out of the conversation like a champ.”

Quick test on my cosplay for Amanda from Dream Daddy! It’s almost done; I just have to get a smaller jacket and put the patches on it, once they’re sent in to me. I can’t wait until I finally get to wear this at a convention!

Soul Mates Part One

Everyone has a soulmate mark.

Somewhere on their body is scrawled the first words that your soulmate will utter to you.

Sometimes your born with it and sometimes you aren’t.

People who aren’t born with theirs usually come in within five years.

Eric Bittle is fortunate enough that he is born with his scrawled along the right side of his rib cage.

Unfortunately, it has a certain… connotation to it.

Bittle. You need to eat more protein.

Of course as a kid it didn’t occur to him what that implied so he showed it off to everyone he ever met.

People are cruel.

He knows for a fact that his Aunt mocks his mother relentlessly for it until she gives birth and her daughter is born with the words Take that fucking back! and Holy fucking shit! on both or her inner thighs.

Still it’s nice to have Abby in his corner growing up.

Because even his is super sexual sounding at least he isn’t one in a hundred with two marks.

When they move to Atlanta and people really start being cruel about his mark his mother tries to help by pointing out that it could mean that the girl in his future just worries about his health.

Eric already knows this is wrong because he is thirteen and Brian Finneran does things for him.

And then the closet incident happens and Coach moves them back to Madison.

Eric has to give up figure skating and has to put up with his crazy Aunt Connie and her fire and brimstone pastor husband but he gains Abby back in his everyday life and joins their school’s coed hockey team and even get to be captain.

It’s nice but there is something deep inside of him that feels the need to get away from Georgia and the hate and the fear.

And the scholarship to Samwell comes and it couldn’t be more perfect.

Samwell is only 30 minutes from Providence, where Abby is going to school.

Plus, it is one of the most LBGTQ+ schools in the country.

Eric meets Shitty at his first team meeting.

Eric is… an interesting person to say the least.

He’s wearing a crop top and short shorts and no seems to care.

(After a while Eric realizes that it’s merely that they’ve gotten used to the man’s antics.)

Shitty is shorter than most of the team but still not as short as Eric and has some of the most gorgeous hair he’d ever seen.

The words Whoa brah! You’re stache is ‘swawesome! is written on his hip and he takes one look at Eric’s name tag and declares that Eric will henceforth be known Bitty.

Bitty likes it.

Shitty introduces Bitty to Ransom and Holster that day as well.

Ransom is a handsome black Canadian D-Man and Holster is his equally handsome white Upstate New Yorkian counterpart.

Shitty introduces them as soulmates and Bitty can see it in the way they move together.

(Bitty is told Holster has Yo! Are you Birkholtz? on one thigh and Ransom has Yeah, I’m Birkholtz. Boys back in Juniors called me Birker. on his.)

It isn’t long after that he runs into a man after getting separated from Shitty, Ransom and Holster.

He’s tall and intense and oh so good looking.

Bitty feels his breathe catch.

He doesn’t think he’s ever seen someone so good looking in his life.

The man stares, or glares, at Bitty.

“Oh! Um, Hello!” Bitty says awkwardly.

The man’s stare darkens and he pushes past Bitty, who lets out a huff.


He told Shitty as much when he finally found him again.

Shitty merely laughed.

“Brah that was Jack. He’s our captain. He’s like super fucking intense about hockey but he’s my best fucking friend.”

Abby laughs at him over Skype when he complains to her.

She’s still in Georgia for a few weeks.

“Sounds like somebody is in love!” She teased.

Bitty glared at her.

He’d never straight up told that he was gay but she would tease him and point out hot guys and he’d just roll with it.

“Shut up. He’s handsome but a jerk.” Bitty said.

“At least he didn’t proposition you to give him a blow job.” Abby pointed out.

She tilted her head and frowned.

“On second thought never mind. I’m sorry he didn’t.”

Bitty flips her off and she giggles.

A few days later Bitty makes his way to team breakfast.

Shitty, Ransom and Holster are just as friendly as before and Bitty feels more at home than he thought he ever would.

And then it happens.


Bitty looks up to see Jack staring down at him with a deep frown.

“You need to eat more protein.” Jack says before he walks away.

Bitty’s breath hitches and he stares at Jack as he walks away.



Welcome to The Family (Part One)

Pairing: Alpha!Dean Winchester X Omega! Reader

Warnings: a/b/o au

Word Count: 693

Tag List: @parkersenses @tom-cinnamonroll-holland @thelifeofanengineeringstudent @grant-valdes-holland @parkerroos @toms-spidey @sunrisehunny @moonageharry @peterletmebeanavengerparker @spideyboys @spideyydarling @lil-spidey @captainswriting @quacksoff @spideyr00s @spideyyss @tomhollandisthicc @underoosie @marvelsdaughter @babyparker @hufflepuffholland @rooyeun @focused-on-holland @peterfightmeparker @tomhollendfics

This is my first non-MCU fic on this account so i just used my  regular tag list


 Moving into a new town was always weird. Even more so when you were an unmated Omega. Walking into a room meant any unmated alphas smelling the room, scenting you to see if you were their Omega. Unwanted advances from alphas who didn’t care if you were their true mate or not were also to be expected. So here I stood, in front of a large house, an apple pie in my hands, trying to work up the courage to ring the doorbell. The town leader, and Alpha named John Winchester, had invited everyone to a barbecue so that everyone could meet the newest member of the town… me.                 The door opened before I ballsed up enough to ring the bell. A blonde woman, who I recognized as John’s Omega, Mary laughed as she took in my nervous form. “(Y/N), honey, there’s no need to be nervous. Come on in! Everyone is out back.” She said, grabbing my hand and pulling me inside. I smiled, appreciating the metaphorical kick in the butt to get me in the door. She leads me through the large welcoming living room.and outstanding kitchen to a large set of French doors. “Who knows, maybe you’ll find your Alpha!” She points out, opening one of the doors. The smell of cooking meat and the sound of people talking and laughing greeted me as I walked into the massive backyard.            “Look who decided to show up!” crowed John from his place over by the grill. I laughed and walked over to him, Mary leaving my side to go converse. “How you settling in?” John asks, flipping a burger before looking at me. “Pretty good. Still looking for a job but hopefully within the next week or so I’ll have an interview.” I say. “How goes it on the Alpha front? Any luck yet?” He asks, his voice a bit worried. As the town leader, he knew that my heats had been worse since I moved into town, which usually meant that a true mate was near. But I had been in town for a week and had met almost everyone in town, and still no luck. “Not yet.” I respond, shaking my head a little.  John opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted by the large group loudly greeting a group entering the backyard.              I smelled three new scents,  one was slightly less noticeable than the other two (most likely an Omega) smelled of rosewater, baby powder, and the slight twinge of a claim. The second was the scent of an alpha, smelling of old books, coffee, and a hint of what was presumably the omegas scent, making her his mate. The strongest scent smelled like Vanilla, leather, and whiskey. It drew me in, screaming at me to find the person it belonged to.                      “Boys! Jess! Glad you guys are finally here! Come meet the new neighbor!” John shouted across the yard. That’s when I saw the trio. A tall man with a long mop of brown hair leading a small petite blonde by the arm and a shorter, more muscular man with light brown hair. As they approached I realized that the new scents belonged to them. “(Y/N), meet my youngest son Sam and his omega Jess.” John said, slapping Sam on the shoulder. “It’s so great to meet you (Y/N)!” Jess gushes, coming up and hugging me. “It’s good to meet you too.” I said, a smile making its way onto my face. “And this is my eldest, Dean.” John says, pulling my attention to the third of the trio. His face was entrancing, carved to perfection. His eyes were a stunning green and his lips were full and plush. His was the intoxicating scent from earlier, the one that screamed to me. I reached out to shake his hand and when our skin met electricity prickled over my skin and warmth pooled in my stomach. “Omega.” Dean growls. “Alpha.” I groan, too lost in the feeling of his skin on mine to care about how I sounded. “Well I guess the search is over (Y/N).” John chuckled “Welcome to the family.”

Cute Things with Shorter Girls

Is it weird how much I love shorter girls? Or I love being taller than them?

These are just some moments, being a tall girl, that I wished I had realized earlier (since I’ve only realized how gay I was recently), could be wonderful with a shorter girl (or PERSON).

- You get to hug them wholly, and they go up onto their tiptoes to try and hug you with all their might. 

- You can pick them up and kiss them.

- You can intimidate them a little, not in a scary way, but it can be fun when flirting to mess with them a little. (no harm meant, you are beautiful)

- You can be the big spoon and wrap your arms around them completely, and feel safe with them there, you can protect the one you love.

- You can be the little spoon, and they try and wrap themselves around you, but can’t, and it’s adorable.

- You can lean down and give them a kiss on the head.

- You can pick them up and put them on your shoulders. (especially at concerts so they can see better)

- You can sweep them off their feet. Literally.

- You can help them reach the top shelf whenever they can’t. And you secretly love it.

- You can shield them from the rain.

- When they borrow your sweatshirt and it’s huge on them and god it looks so cute.

- They can rest on your chest and you can feel their heartbeat.

- When they turn things around on you, and corner you against a wall and it’s both hot and adorable because they are still so short.

- When they sit on your lap and it’s just so sweet.

- You slow dance together and she dances on your feet, and you hold her up (so your feet don’t get crushed lol).

- When she hugs you from behind and nuzzles into your back.

- When she wears heals and is so proud to be taller and be able to reach your lips, and you love it.

- Her confidence in her height, and how no one (except you) is allowed to mess with her, and she can stand up for herself, but you can always have her back.

- Her huge personality despite her height.

- Resting your head on hers.

- You can tilt her chin up to kiss her.

- When she looks up at you with stars in her eyes and takes your breath away.

- When you try on her clothes and they are so tiny and it’s hilarious.

- When she gives you her aisle seat because she understands.

- She can reach small spaces (which you haven’t been able to do since you were 5) and you are eternally grateful.

- She barely takes up any room in bed (LEG ROOOOM HALLELUJAH).

- SO so so much more.

I love being tall.

Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include...

Originally posted by riverdale-slut

Request: “Could you please do a ‘Dating Would Include’ for Reggie Mantle? Thanks a lot!”

Requested by: Anonymous

Requests are: Open

(I do NOT own the gif)

Note From Author: Thank you so much for giving me my first request, Anon! Also, thank you for requesting Reggie Mantle. Ross Butler, and this character, gives me life, so I was super excited to see you send me this! I hope you enjoy and please feel free to request any time you want! :)


  • Stealing his letterman jacket.
  • Supporting him at all of his football games.
  • Going to Pop’s every day after practice and sharing a milkshake. 
  • Makeout sessions.
  • Everywhere.
  • Getting into a fight whenever he picks on Jughead.
  • Back hugs.
  • Your best friend Archie not liking that you and Reggie are dating.
  • But he eventually gets over it after seeing that the two of you actually have feelings for one another. 
  • Almost breaking up after you see his name in the playbook.
  • But he swears that he’s changed, so you give him another chance. 
  • Him being over protective, especially when his friends jokingly hit on you.
  • Him getting in trouble at practice because he gets distracted by you.
  • A lot. 
  • Everyone really liking the two of you together.
  • “What’s your ship name? Can I make you guys a ship name?”
  • “Kevin, you are literally the last person I would ever let make us a ship name.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Bughead? Seriously?”
  • Being way shorter than him and relishing in the height difference.
  • Especially whenever he wraps his arms around you and pulls you into a hug.
  • You can hear his heart beat, loud and strong, and it’s like to music to your ear.
  • Instantly being put in a good mood the moment he looks at you with his adorable gummy smile.
  • Feeling really happy and proud when you realize that Reggie has changed and that he’s truly becoming the amazing person that you always knew he was.

TAG LIST (Please let me know if you would like the be a part of the tag list for whenever I post new imagines, whether it be all of them or for a specific character): @crazyrabbitslaughing

anonymous asked:

is it just me or was chat noirs voice a lil higher than normal in the recent episode? also it seemed shorter to me. and how do u feel about our sunshine boy not being in the episode?;(

I personally enjoy the french version MUCH more than the English because I like watching stuff in the language it was made for. So tbh I was more focused on his pupils contracting that entire episode. It was extremely accentuated, more than normal. 

Originally posted by marinette-buginette

While I do like my precious boy, he was there a lot in episode 2… and I really like Chat Noir. Plus the ladynoir content was unreal. I can’t wait for these smol lovebirds to realize who they truly are! 

Lena Luthor x reader (Preventative measures, and one welcome threat)

a/n: no one asked for this one either but… I’m gonna do the thing anyway just because, and I thought about how absolutely dumb it would be if you were this cool, unflappable bodyguard but you’d become profoundly useless the moment you saw Lena put her hair down or like, do something vaguely hot and you’d just… become totally non-functioning LOL

Anyway I’m a trash person and I have trash ideas so here’s the trash thing! It’s not all that serious, I wanted it to be all fun and giggles lmao. This is really indulgent and like, six different levels of unprofessional but then I realized THIS IS FIC WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT Y’ALL!!! YAY!! it’s a little shorter and I think I can get away with making another part for it. Moreover though, I think Lena has had too many bouts with death and TBH I think she should just get a break dammit! Don’t we deserve better than that? Maybe we do… ;)

- - - - -

You would never really consider yourself a storyteller, but you’re beginning to understand that’s just what you’ve become. For all the questions people ask about your job, you have just as many anecdotes that for some reason, people find just absolutely fascinating.

Yours is a humble beginning - no, you didn’t always want to be a personal bodyguard. No, you didn’t go to school for it. Yes, like most things that have occurred in your life, opportunities presented themselves and you took the chance.

In fact, when you were five years old you were convinced you were going to be an astronaut when you grew up… or a dog-walker. You certainly did not think you’d be someone who was hired for the sole purpose of protecting vaguely important people you really had no idea about, nor could care to know about.

The job, you’ve realized in your own personal experiences, is a whole lot of rich people travelling around to gamble or to partake in other high-risk trade-offs, and still, you always think no one should have any right to carry around that much money, let alone own that much at all to warrant needing personal security in the form of another human being.

Still, it pays itself, and you couldn’t find yourself complaining heartily about the injustices of the wealthy elite and their various extravagances when you’ve made a comfortable life for yourself out of their paranoia.

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For a request please can you write a Trimberly fic where Trini is being her usual sarcastic self and makes a slightly sexual joke to which Kim reacts with surprising enthusiasm - Anonymous

“Well that’s always a great way to end a workout” Trini said as she and Kimberly landed at the top of the cliff after they jumped up the chasm and through the water, soaking wet as always. 

“Tell me about it. Even though I hate getting soaked every time we leave the ship, I can’t help but appreciate how refreshing it feels.” Kimberly replied. The two of them stayed to train a while after the boys had left, since they enjoyed sparring alone occasionally. 

The sun was still setting so they decided to sit on one of the cliffs and let the sunlight dry them off a bit before they headed home. They hiked up the path to their usual spot, still feeling exhausted after their recent training session. Trini pulled her water bottle out of her backpack and let Kimberly have a sip of her water before she drank some herself. 

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anonymous asked:

In your opinion, since you write prompto in your fanfiction, how do you think he would react to hearing the festival goers at the assassins festival commenting about how hot he is?

Sometimes, Prompto’s still painfully aware of the fact that he’s still got his flaws. As much as he’s put forth the effort to lose the weight, to look the part, to be worthy of the prince and his entourage, there are little moments when the façade slips, when Prompto can’t quite cling to the self-confidence he’s learned to embrace. He’s gotten better at seeing his own worth over the years, but sometimes…

“Noct,” Prompto says, in one of those rare moments, “it’s getting late, maybe we should go back to the Leville, huh?”  

The costumes are cool. Noct’s been nerding out about it the entire night now, grabbing Prompto’s hand and dragging him around from booth to booth, to play games and take silly pictures, never mind the Imperial soldiers standing guard. Ignis had been less than impressed about them. Gladio is always happy to show off. And Prompto… he thinks he wears the look well, even if there’s a tiny bit of nagging in the back of his mind about the faded silvery lines that are just hidden by the high-waisted sash. It’s easily pushed aside though, because it’s exciting, totally something he and Noctis daydreamed about doing when they were kids, always wishing they could go to conventions and cosplay, and well, livin’ the dream!

There’s been people staring though. Prompto’s first concern, of course, had been Noct, that it’s painfully obvious just who he is, even when he pulls the ridiculous hood up to cover part of his face. Of course, then he’d realized it’s not Noct they’re staring at, it’s him.

Lestallum is hot, and there’s sweat on Prompto’s face. His hair isn’t quite right. He’s never been the tallest person, about an inch shorter than Noct. Even if he’s lost the weight, even if he’s capable of running long distances and acrobatic stunts, sometimes he still falls flat on his face. He’s usually the first one targeted in battle, and the first one to get knocked out. Honestly, Prompto’s still obsessed that he’s scrawny, and sometimes he can’t help but wonder if he’s just not good enough.

“Prom,” Noctis says, and his voice is still full of that barely-contained excitement, “c’mon, let’s have dinner at the café. It’s still early, we haven’t seen everything…”

Prompto’s biggest weakness, of course, is Noctis, and his best friend is just too goddamn endearing, with that tone, with that gleam in his eyes, so he shrugs weakly, nods, and runs a hand through his hair self-consciously. Whatever. People can stare, right?

Noctis happens to pull them right by a couple that Prompto’s noticed giving him eyes. The two guys are talking quietly, and Prompto just so happens to overhear—

“Check out the stylish blonde,” one of them is saying, “you see him?”

“Yeah,” the other one replies, “he’s really cute, huh?”

Prompto almost trips over his own two feet, and, thank god, Noct’s pulling him out of sight, ducking behind a booth and away from the chatty strangers. There’s a spread of warmth, one that he’s gonna try to pass off as just a rush of heat from that hot Lestallum air, one that’s absolutely not going to fool anyone.

Noctis grins though, giving Prompto a look. It’s dark, but the festival area is so brightly lit, even behind the hood, Prompto can see the mischief glinting there.

“Think you’ve got yourself a fanclub, Prom,” Noctis teases, with a laugh.

For a split second, Prompto doesn’t know what to say. It’s always been deep in his nature, after all, to worry, to obsess about who he is, what he is, is he good enough? He’s known for a while though, hasn’t he? Noctis picked him. He’s got friends. He’s got a place. And he’s at Noct’s side. More than that… Prompto looks good, and even if he doesn’t believe it a lot of the time, it’s the damn truth. His hair’s a little mussed, but it’s still holding its style. His freckles stand out against his skin, but for some reason, Noct likes to run his fingertips over them, and the warmth that spreads from that is a good one. He’s all lean muscles, bright blue eyes, sunshine.

He can hold his own. And yeah. Damn right he looks good, in his ridiculous costume, sun-kissed skin and faded marks that are symbolic of just how damn far he’s come.

“You wanna join the fanclub, Noct?” Prompto says back, barely missing a beat. It all happens in an instant.

Noctis laughs, and gives Prompto an appraising look, before he shrugs an arm over his best friend’s shoulder. “Join? Idiot. I’m the founding member.”

Prompto laughs, and their shoulders knock, their hips bumping as they walk to the café area. “You’re such a nerd, Noct.”

“Says the one dressing up and going on a date with me,” Noctis grins.

Prompto feels good. And when Noct tips his head to the side and looks, Prompto sees that same admiration in his best friend’s eyes too.

and they keep not letting go
The Adventure Zone
and they keep not letting go

Our capacity for love increases with each person we cross paths with throughout our lives and with each moment we spend with those people. But too often we neglect that part of ourselves in favor of others, and by the time we realize just how important it is, we find ourselves with fewer folks around to practice with.

AKA, the love story of Lup and Barry, and maybe of everybody else too.