So Wiz Khalifa posted #ASSDROP video of DEELISHIS in the studio Twerkin Sumthing…. That sparked the dating rumors & D to snap in pervious video… Also saying:…….“I just want to confirm that he & I are friends, and that he is DIVORCED full and complete. And I would’ve never taken an interest with a married man…..We’re just friends…at this time.” HINT "at this time” So now she TWerk …. #Deelishis #wizkhalifa #tagforlikes #twerkin #dating #celebritycouple #celebrity #rappers #Realitystar #diva #snappin #divas #snappers #divasnap (at divaSnap Ig)

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     I ran into none other than Abby Miller of Dance Mom’s at Ross Dress for Less on La Cienega and 18th street. I’m an Angelino, so I try not seem too affected by quasi celebrities–however I couldn’t hide the recognition in my eyes when I saw Miss Abby piling designer duds on a counter, but that was only on account of we were both at a bargain barnyard. Look, I’m a bitch on a budget, but I’m sure she can afford to Dress for More. Then again she IS from Pittsburgh so, you know…
     She noticed that I noticed her instantly while I stood in line. There was a look of horror and discomfort on her face, as if I caught her stealing something. She also noticed when I reached for my phone and pretended to check my hair on my camera phone while I took a picture. She looked right into my lens. BUSSSTED!!! 
Oh…and PS: I’m not saying I never bought a pair of underwear at Ross, but last night, I was there for a set of towels.