• plot twist: Realityland
  • plot twist: Prince Philip's Castle
  • plot twist: Main Street, U.K.
  • plot twist: Minnie's Quietsational Parade
  • plot twist: The Dishevelled Dans
  • plot twist: Pepsi Corner
  • plot twist: It's A Huge World
  • plot twist: Dry Mountain
  • plot twist: Unimaginatasmic!
  • plot twist: Pirates of the Mediterranean
  • plot twist: Old Orleans Rectangle
  • plot twist: Dauntless Mansion
  • plot twist: Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Permitted Ear
  • plot twist: Casey Sr. Circus Train
  • plot twist: Mr. Toad's Controlled Ride
  • plot twist: Sensible Coffee Party
  • plot twist: Antimatterhorn Bobsleds
  • plot twist: Todayland
  • plot twist: The Polyrail
  • plot twist: Small Lightning Mountain
  • plot twist: Losing Marlin's Submarine Voyage
  • plot twist: The Carousel of Worsening
  • plot twist: Biketopia
  • plot twist: Star Peace Lauch Bay
  • plot twist: Time Mountain
  • plot twist: Nightmares Come True

I can’t believe how time flies by so fast! I made this blog as a 16 year old in 2014, and now it’s nearly 2016 and I’m about to be 18 in a week. I want to end this year on a good note by listing all of the awesome people I follow on here, who you need to go follow if you aren’t already.

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I am about to reach a milestone that I never dreamed I’d ever reach when I created this blog: 900 followers. And, as often happens when I make posts about my lovely followers, that means I’ll gain more amazing people and I’ll wake up to find that I have over 1000 of you wanting to see me on your dashboards. So I decided that now would be a perfect time to make a follower forever post. ^_^

When I first started this blog, it’s original intent was to be an archive of sorts for any fanfics that I wrote. But then I realized that it wouldn’t do me any good to post fics if I didn’t get more involved with the fandom. And here we are, well over a year later.

Allow me this moment to thank you, every last person who has made my experience such a wonderful one. There are times where I feel like such an outsider, because I don’t fangirl about everything everyone else does, but you help change that. Every time you like or reblog or add silly comments to my posts, it makes my day. Thank you so much for reading my stories, for liking my graphics, for making requests, for being so incredibly amazing that I’m left in tears trying to adequate write how much it means to have you all a part of my life.

Thank you.


These are the people that I’m always glad to see cross my dash. I may not follow all of them (despite the name of this post), but I’m glad to know they’re here. (all-stars are bolded)

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Hey peaches!

I just wanted to say, first off, thank you all so much. In under three months I was able to gather 700 peaches and celebrate my highs and lows in these hectic months of mine. You all have been there for me through my many hardships (my grandfather passing, anon hate, school troubles, heartbreaks) and for that I am truly grateful. You all seem like family, no matter how far or close you all are.

I know I did not mention everyone above or tagged, but there are so many of you who brighten my day with our similar tastes. Many of you listed I silently fangirl, and wish I was you. I’ve been following so many of you before I had a tumblr of my own, and slowly building my blog to what it is now has mad me feel accomplished, happy and joyous that I can talk to people who understand me and accept me and what I like. I don’t nearly know all the amazing people in this fandom, sadly, and I cherish the ones I do happen to know. You all are truly beautiful. 

And so, without you all, I firstly would not be making this post but more importantly would not have grown into the more open and accepting person I am today. I thank every one of you, for the people I just met to the ones I don’t even talk to (and those random 4 sisters I’ve gathered) you all mean the world to me and I am here for you just like you all are for me.


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anonymous asked:

Who are some of your favorite blogs?

I HAVE SOOO MANY BLOGS THAT I LIKE!! ❤︎, I’M TAGGING ALL OF THEM RIGHT NOW 😂  The ones in bold are my favorites! 

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