Reality Check Monday! I realized late yesterday that I had been slacking a bit on my discipline (mostly on food) . Not too terribly…. But enough for me to take notice, I guess. What I realized was this: Things don’t ever just “stay the same”. They either improve or they get worse. Chances are, if you’re doing nothing, things are most likely going to get worse. Maintaining your health / weight is an ACTIVE venture… And whatever you decide to do HAS to be something considered for the long run. Doing a 30-Day crash diet is all fine and dandy, but I guarantee you’ll gain it all back if you don’t maintain some form of a healthy lifestyle. And guess what? It doesn’t have to be hard. Find something you can stick to and do it. Get creative with it… And soon enough, you’ll find yourself not only feeling incredible physically, but also emotionally and mentally! #realitycheckmonday #rolls #stomach #weightlossjourney #weightlossstory #weightloss #fit4life #fitnessjourney #fatloss #motivation #inspiration #instafitness

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