Zhang Yixing (self declared I’m not cute/childish) Being Super Cute and Childish

Yixing had his Tide fan meet in Beijing today. At the fan meet, there was a special guest Wang Yuheng, (an artist turned reality TV star thx to his super intelligence) from the show The Brain. They exchanged gifts. Wang gave Yixing a porcelain dinosaur figurine he made (because we all know how much Yixing loves T-Rex lol) and Yixing gave him a toy for the artist’s famous pet parrot. 

Then Yixing’s studio made this weibo update after the fan meet: “my boss got a little dinasour present from Shui ge (Wang’s nick name) at today’s Tide fan meet. He loves it so much he doesn’t want to let it leave his hands. So I’m posting these pics for him to show off. It seems that he got some new magic power.” 

Yixing then left this comment below on his studio’s weibo: “@ Shui ge secretly told me I’m the first person to receive the little dinosaur as a gift. @ Nanpansanshu (the author of the Mystic Nine) San shu (the author’s nick name), it’s nothing. I just wanted to @ you 😎 ”  

Why did Yixing say this? Because Shui ge and San shu are friends yet Yixing was the first person to receive the dinosaur. 

Nanpansanshu’s weibo from back in July showing a pic of him and Wang and the dinosaurs Wang made.

Wang’s weibo from back in July showing the same trip. 


According to a Huffington Post article Kate is “shocked” that no networks want to have her. She recently stated on the Today Show that “It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job and I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent.” Hey kate 99% of American parents work normal 9-5 jobs, why would America want to watch you after you just insulted them all?

“She has approached many different networks, including pitching a travel show idea to her old network, TLC, but so far no one has said yes,” an insider tells me. “She assumed that given her fame, producers and networks would be knocking her over with job offers and is, to say the least, very surprised that she hasn’t received a single one.”

TLC officially confirmed that “Kate Plus 8″ had been cancelled after its ratings continued to drop and the show became more and more expensive to produce when they added traveling the globe to the series. At the time, Gosselin told me she had never earned the amount of money people assumed she was receiving and made it very clear that she wasn’t set for life.

“Like many reality stars Kate is in a very difficult position,” a reality show casting director tells me. “Who wants to go back to a real day job after being paid to work three or four months a year. Everyone I have ever met on a reality show thinks it will never end. They quit their day jobs and assume they will become rich and famous. They do become infamous [but] — with the exception of Bethenny Frankel — they never become rich. Plus, who is going to hire them for a real job after they have made a fool out of themselves on TV?”

-Huffington Post

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: Your a crazy bitch, who on earth would want to have you on TV, let alone as a nurse which is your “fall back” job, I mean you seem like the coldest most uncaring person eva!


So in the recent episode of Rachel Zoe, during a convo with her husband Rodger she stated the following:

‘I always had this plan in my mind that I was gonna have this little baby girl,’ Rachel said during an interview on the show. ‘I found out I was having a boy, and I did cry for a week. Or two. Maybe even three.’

However she appeared to have a change of heart after exploring all of the outfit possibilities for a baby boy - even suggesting that she could dress her son, just like her husband, Rodger.

‘He’s not a doll,’ Rodger told her, attempting to protect their son.

‘He’s totally a doll,’ Rachel retorted.

Rodger then got his own opinion about the situation across saying: ‘The only living thing we’ve ever had was a dog, and Rachel’s parents had to take the dog away because we were unfit parents.’

Well she is catching a huge backlash for this, but frankly I get it. I do NOT want girls, and if I find out that I’m having a girl, although in the long run I would love her just the same, at that time I will be very unimpressed and probably be in a funk for a longer then “normal” period of time, so I don’t really understand what the problem is, it seems y'all have never planners, but for those of us who are this puts a little hitch in our giddy-up.

She was also recently on Regis and Kelly and brought both her Husband Rodger and her son Skylar:

“There’s my big guy and my little guy,” she said on the programme, before revealing how she felt was not ready to have a baby until the very last moment.

Her husband held the couple’s son while the slim blonde - who lost her baby weight just weeks after the birth - opened up about her new role as a working mother.

‘I think as a lot of working mums say it’s very hard to wake up one morning and say “Ok I’m ready.” But all of a sudden you wake up and say “I need to be ready” and I wasn’t even ready until he was born and then the second he was born I was so blind, I was like how did I survive, what is life without this child?’

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:See everyone she loves her son, so shut the F up, seriously ppl are so self righteous, llama’s aren’t like that, we respect honesty.


How cute is little Mason Dash Disick? He’s so big!! Here are some pics of her and Kendall out for some coffee/tea with the little guy. Kendall is the older of the 2 Jenner girls. She is the one really trying to be a serious model, or so “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” would like us to think.

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: Kendalls face doesn’t match the rest of her body. While Mason is pretty cute he has serious unibrow potential and it’s something to keep an eye on, b/c those aren’t cute… ever.

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Rodger: At this point, if it doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what the next 10 years will look like.
Rachel: Uhhh, I’ll probably still be styling…
Rodger: Ya but your gunna be a couple of kids in your 50’s still styling… it’s just not…
Rachel: COUPLE OF KIDS IN YOUR 50’s? I haven’t even hit 40! A couple kids in your 50’s, what the F*ck are you doing, lazy ass?!?
—  The Rachel Zoe Project