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i hc that EDI records every time when my shep flips out, like with the dalatross or with Han'Gerrel after the dreadnought. Edi broadcasts it live to the crew or records it for later and they watch it like a reality tv show. And they're like "oh he fucked up" "i could have told them not to do that" "oh SHIT" "thats our commander alright" popcorn is provided.

hell YES


shaq gonna be on some korean reality tv show where he’s a high school student for a week


Turns out ol’ dude (townie who’s name I can’t remember so that is his title for now) came to the conclusion that him and Regina were in a “committed” relationship, so her asking the hot new townie who’s name I do remember, Christopher Daniels out on a date is cheating and he ran soo fast…smh

The New Guy: Hey Guys what’s going on :)

Hostess Who Will Be At Every Restaurant: Yes! This is perfect for the reality tv show I wrote a pilot for…such drama!

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Even if all they are or will ever be is friends its still lovely to see such support and admiration in two people that met on a reality tv show 🙏

True true ☝☝☝

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Even though I'm not a huge fan of Prince William, to bring Paul Burell into a live and unedited reality tv show where he can talk about Diana constantly is disgusting thing to do. William and Harry deserve closure, they don't need some money grabber opening painful memories for them.


The only person worse than him is Hewitt.

No offense but Total Drama Island was one of the best reality tv shows ever made and it was fake and animated and is 10x better than most real reality tv shows still on today. fight me