People tend to stop me on the street because they recognize me from The Voice and ask me what I am currently doing. I tell them I signed with Atlantic and they assumed I got signed to a major label because I got help from the show. It is actually the complete opposite. It was very hard for me to get noticed because no one wants to sign someone from a reality TV show. A year later after the show, I started writing more with producers and other writers trying to collaborate since I was use to writing on my own at the time. I eventually found out who I was as an artist and what I wanted my music to sound like which led me to meet with Atlantic and show them my “Dollhouse” music video that was a single I put out on my own. Atlantic was very supportive of my vision and let me control what I want to do with my music which is really special. I am super grateful it led me to sign with them and I have the freedom to do my own thing.
—  Melanie Martinez talking about Atlantic Records

Hey guys, let’s all remember that Total Divas is a reality TV show, and that in addition to being sometimes scripted or staged, it’s also heavily, heavily edited so that WWE can portray everyone and everything exactly how they want to.

What you’re seeing isn’t fake, but it is predetermined.