Squad Goals Episode 1: Pilot

“ Wow King! My lips are matte af! I’m impressed babe!” I yell to my best friend Kylie Jenner as she shimmies into a tight red dress. She smiles and her whole face lights up,

“ You like?” I nod and apply some more of her new formula onto my lips reveling in the velvet look.

“ Rhiannon can’t wait to suck Bizzle’s dick with that stuff on because after she’ll still be camera ready” Kylie’s older sister Kendall said snatching the tube from me before applying some to her own lips. A camera man coughs and our reality show’s producer frowns at Kendall from a distance. I just knew she was going to have the most bleeps out of anyone and we were only on episode 1.

“You know me so well Kenny” I tell her with a faux smile before slapping her on the ass making her skilled hand drag the lipstick across her face. With a sneer she wipes it away with a moist towelette.

“ Ms. St. John?” I turn my head to see one of the production assistants waving a mic at me I grin and walk towards her and let her clip it to the back of my white bandage style dress.

“We’re ready to start filming everyone!” Our producer calls without looking up from his phone. People flood out of Kylie’s bedroom and the camera men start to adjust the equipment as I adjust my breasts in this dress. Kylie and Kendall are naturals in front of the camera so of course I feel a little bit of trepidation but the best advice that the pair gave me was to act natural, be myself, and have fun. I could do that. Really I could.

“Tell me why your boyfriend is outside my house Rhiannon” Kylie says conversationally as if the cameras weren’t trekking her every move. I hold onto the railing of the winding staircase and ease down the granite steps in the modest heels my stylist had suggested, eager to get to my man.

“We’re all going out to dinner… Or did you forget?” I ask Kylie pushing past her and Kendall to open the large double doors of our home. I’m greeted by two burly security guards who smile politely before stepping inside behind them stands the love of my life, Mr. Justin Bieber.

“Hi baby!” He says planting a huge kiss on my lips and pulling me so close to him that my feet lift off the ground. He smells good as fuck.

“Missed you Jay,” I say quietly but I know that my microphone will pick up the sound he hugs me tighter and starts to pepper small, open mouthed kisses down my neck. A blush starts to creep up my neck and from behind us Kendall clears her throat,

“You saw him this morning. He brought you donuts, remember? Not us. Just you”  She says matter o’ factly and a tad bitterly. Justin let’s go of me and bum rushes the two sisters, tackling  them into a double hug.

“Hi Jenner and Jenner,” Kylie pushes him away playfully and fixes her hair  but Kendall uses her height to put him into a headlock and mess up his platinum hair.

“Yo! Stop! I just had it styled” he complains and I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist he leans into me but not before trying to tame the strands of blonde.

“Is style code for just rolled a doobie then rolled out of bed?” Kylie asks sweetly Justin flips her the finger and I pinch him on the arm to tell him to control himself. Justin eyes Kylie and Kendall skeptically before pulling me aside to whisper in a comically loud voice,

“I don’t think you should live with people who bully your boyfriend baby, I can have you out of here in a week. Don’t you like my bed better anyways?” I blush and tap his cheek three times with my hand.

“They’re right though Jay, you look like you just woke up and what the fuck are you wearing?” Oops. A bleep. I imagine the wince our producer is giving behind the scenes. Justin turns pink and then puts on an affronted look before popping the color of his ugly ass denim jacket and stuffing his hands into the pocket of these horrible tattered jeans.

“What do you mean?” Kylie and Kendall snicker and Justin rolls his eyes

“childish,” he comments and they smile sweetly. I examine his outfit and thank the gods for how hot he is because anyone else would look like absolute garbage. He’s pouting now and before I can explain the faux pas of his outfit the doorbell rings.

“Yay! Someone I’m actually excited to see!” She says looking at Justin who rolls his eyes and gives her the finger. Kylie responds with her own finger and blows a raspberry.

“Children, please,” I say and Kylie prances to the door as I lead Justin to the living room, where he plops onto one of our huge white couches and pats his lap. I sit on it and cross my legs accordingly in case the camera got any freaky angles.

“ Are you gonna sleep here or at my place tonight baby girl?” Justin asks pulling my hair from one side of my neck to the other, I shiver as his cool breath coats my ear and his hands get a little well, handsy and play with the hem of my dress.

“I’m going to stay here, I’ve been at your place almost this whole week” I remind him but my mind seems to fog up a bit when his hand finally touches my upper thigh. He rubs it in tantalizing circles and my neck lolls back just enough so he can give it a sneaky lick that would look like a kiss to the cameras.

“You sure Nonnie?” He questions and I giggle at his little nickname for me but it turns into a moan as his other hand cups my ass gently and gives a barely noticeable squeeze. I’m addicted to ass grabs so I melt in his arms.

“Fine but you have to sleep over here sometimes too it’s not so terrible!” I tell him but I know he hates it because of how Kendall and Kylie barge into my room at the most inopportune moments… I grind my ass a bit into his lap and he groans,  and cups it harder my eyes close and I smile I’m about to turn around and kiss him when the one and only GiGi Hadid throws herself onto the couch, laying her head in my lap. Justin groans but gives GiGi a smirk.

“Hey Jelena” he teases and GiGi makes an angry face, crossing her arms over her torso.

“Don’t you use my government name Bieber,” she threatens before grasping my hand in hers.

“ I listened to your album babycakes!” She tells me excitedly and I grin a face breaking smile.

“And…?” I push her, eyeing Kendall, Kylie, Za, Khalil, and… Zayn Malik? Walking into the living room.

“And it’s all that she would play during her photoshoot, isn’t that right love?” Zayn says with a smile before he offers his hand to me.

“Zayn Malik,” he says in an admittedly panty dropping accent,

“ Rhiannon St. John, “ I say and he kisses my hand lightly. Justin snorts behind me.

“ Oh, I’m aware, Gigs played your music on the way over and raved about you, think she’s got a girl crush on you” GiGi reached out to slap Zayn but he moved out the way.

“I’m just proud of my babe,” GiGi explains still clutching my hand Justin nibbles at my neck and squeezes me tighter.

“I’m proud of my babe too” he says nipping and growling in my ear.

“Get a room Biz, ya’ll nasty as hell!” Za calls from the couch across the room and Justin lets out a loud laugh,

“Alright! Give us fifteen minutes!” He stands up suddenly and Gigi is thrown from my lap and before I can help her off the ground I’m thrown over Justin’s shoulder

“JB!” I squeal trying not to get my face smashed into his ass

“What Nonnie? Za told us to get a room so let’s go girl, shit” Kendall comes to my rescue and pries me off of his shoulder and the pout he gives makes me throw my head back in laughter.

“Keep it in your pants Bizzle” she scolds steadying me once I’m off of his shoulder Justin mumbles under his breath.

“Come on guys we should head out” Kylie calls and I nod in agreement we file out of the house in a hoard of clacking heels, boyfriend oriented booty grabs, and laughter.

“Biz can we roll with you?” Za asks gesturing between himself and Khalil

“Za, your car is right there the fuck you mean?” Za gives a nervous smile and Kahlil rolls his eyes

“young nigga forgot to fill up with gas before we came up” Justin groans and we walk towards his all black Range

“Shotgun!” Za yells and hops into the jumpseat Justin groans and gives me a look I kiss him on the cheek

“I’m fine in the back babe” I tell him he just rolls his eyes and opens the door for me. I spot one of the show’s travel cameras set up on his dash.

As soon as our cars roll out of the driveway we’re bombarded by paparazzi who try in vain to penetrate the tint on our windows.

“They always have to touch the fucking glass,” Justin fumes I lean forward and rub his shoulder gently

“keep calm baby” he sighs and gives a short nod.

The entrance to the restaurant is packed with papz just lurking and waiting for a picture. We all valet our cars and wait for our security details to control the situation, once they’re ready we’re ushered into the restaurant.

“Rhiannon! How’s it feel to be number one?” I smile politely and walk straight ahead as if I’ve heard nothing

“Rhiannon! Are you pregnant” I squeeze Justin’s hand. Did I fucking look pregnant?

“Justin! When are you going to pop the question? We aren’t getting any younger!” Justin grimaces and shakes his head. The vultures yell out similar questions to our friends but none of them answer either. The restaurant’s interior  is calmer than its exterior and we are taken to a huge table right in the middle. Our camera crew sets up accordingly and we all take our seats.

“ There’s apparently a party tonight at Twenty One and Up should we go you guys?” Gigi wonders scrolling through her phone slowly trying to absorb all of the details Zayn peers over her shoulder and scrunches up his nose

“what’s good Malik?” Justin asks noticing his expression Zayn shakes his head with a laugh and responds

“Joe Jonas is throwing it man” a few laughs erupt across the table and Gigi rolls her eyes but her body creates a rosy blush.

“Nothing wrong with going to a party hosted by your ex right Justin?” Khalil asks and Justin sinks a bit in his seat,

“ you’re walking home bruh” he tells Khalil who only waves him off.

“When did you party with Selena?” I ask casually trying to quell the feelings of jealousy that had begun to stir in my gut

“last weekend!” Za supplies and Justin groans before rubbing a hand across his face.

“You’re walking home too bitch” he says and I don’t doubt the honesty behind his words. The table zeroes in on our conversation but I am too irked to notice or halt the topic.

“You know that I am totally fine with you and her chilling but I want… no I need you to tell me. None of this shady shit Justin” he nods and leans in for a kiss but i turn at the last minute and his lips land on my cheek.

“Ooooh” Kylie says along with Za and that brings a tiny smile to my face

“I love you Nonnie” Justin says against my cheek I rolly my eyes and cross my arms over my chest.

“Mhmm” I respond and he keeps pecking at my cheek like a fucking bird

“you’re messing up my contour Jay!” I say and I would be dammed if that happened. I was in hair and makeup for hours.

“Then kiss me back sweetie” he coos and once I look into his stupid beautiful brown eyes I lean in for a kiss with some surprise tongue action.

“Ya’ll got no manners. When’s the turn up Gigs? we about to wyl out!”

(If you’re watching The Amazing Race this year please use the #TAR28 tag to prevent seeing spam and BS articles so we can blog about this show in piece~ Also.. less than one week till the premiere on 2/12 at 8 PM EST! :D)

Meet the Cast of The Amazing Race 28:

Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins: Dating Gamers
Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl: Best Friends
Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis: Best Friends
Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina: Engaged Choreographers
Zach and Rachel King: Newlyweds
Scott & Blair Fowler: Father/Daughter
Cameron and Darius Benson: Brothers
Jessica Versteeg and Brittany Oldehoff: Best Friends/Instagram Models       Sheri and Cole LaBrant: Mother and Son                                                      Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman: Mother and Daughter                                 Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith: Pro Frisbee Players

Diahann Carroll: Return of the dynasty diva
DIAHANN CARROLL is scared. “I’ve never been so terrified,” says the Hollywood diva. “And yet I’ve never felt so alive.”
By Peter Sheridan

“There hasn’t been great progress in racism on television,” says Carroll.

“I tried very hard not to make every job about racism because it’s there, it’s the elephant in the room and I can’t walk away from it ever. But I still experience racism on many levels. I might have had a very different career if I had been white.”

anonymous asked:

hey i love your account sm bc its helped my find all these amazing fics and i was wondering if you have any recs of steve going on tv like talk shows etc?


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