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Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Forty Four - 02

“We’re discussing that right now,” Takeru said as he leaned back and glanced around the room. “Though it’s… not going well, as you might expect.”

“It’s hard to know what to do, when you see something so terrifying,” Sora said as she reached up to place her hand over her chest. “It’s just like… Imperialdramon.”

Koshiro tilted his laptop in the direction of the sofa so Hikari could catch a glimpse of the video recording of the massive monster smashing through the wall Digimon Kaiser’s floating palace. “Whatever Ken was using to hide his fortress got messed up when that Chimeramon clone broke out.” He grimaced as he looked back at the screen. “We found it just before Wormmon evolved into… that.”

“Ken was afraid this would happen,” Tailmon said, her ears drooping as she looked down at Hikari’s hand as she held it in her own. “Ken was afraid to evolve Wormmon, kept worrying about what would happen… and it looks like his fears were completely justified.”

“It was because of the Dark Ocean,” Hikari said as she remembered the dread she felt from the creature in the tube and how hungry it seemed.

“It got exactly what it wanted,” Tailmon said, her voice low and razor sharp.

Yamato frowned as he looked down at Tailmon, then turned to Taichi. “So what exactly are our options at this point? We can’t just leave him alone, as he’s destroying everything in his path.”

Koshiro spun the laptop back towards him and switched back to the Digital Gate’s live feed and his map of the Digital World. After a bit of work tracking his path and the various landmarks, a terrible suspicion dropped in his stomach like a lead weight. “He’s heading straight for Baihumon’s fortress.”

“Baihumon is going to need our help,” Miyako said as she reached up to adjust her glasses, and glanced at Iori out of the corner of her eyes. “Whether he wants it or not.”

Iori didn’t turn to meet Miyako’s gaze, keeping his attention on Kyokyomon in his lap. “You can fight the same opponent without actually assisting each other. So long as it’s phrased like that, he should have no complaints.”

“So we’re… going to fight him?” Mimi asked, her voice hitching. She looked as though she had been crying, if the puffy purple under her eyes was anything to go by. “Fight… Wormmon?”

Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Forty Four - 07

Patamon nodded as he braced himself for combat. “I’m ready, Takeru.”

“You can’t just go while you’re still not recovered from whatever it was he did to you!” Taichi protested.

He didn’t do anything to her!” Tailmon snapped, her ears straight back.

Miyako kicked the floor to push herself away from the table and computer with an overly dramatic groan that caught the attention of the others. “Can we argue about this after we stop the personification of armageddon that’s trying to eat the Digital World? If Hikari and Tailmon get kidnapped and brainwashed or whatever, we’ll just save them later like we did with everyone else. We don’t have time for all this drama now!”

“So quit wasting what time we do have!” Pafumon said, with a huff.

“I agree,” Koshiro said as he watched the computer screen with barely restrained fear. “We don’t have time to waste arguing about this anymore.”

Yamato paused and looked at Miyako before he nodded. “Let’s do this. Iori and Miyako, you should stay here and monitor everything from the laptop.”

Iori looked about to protest before he hesitated, then looked down at Kyokyomon. As much as he hated to admit it, his bokken wouldn’t be of any use - and his partner could nowhere reach the power Armagemon was displaying. “…I understand.”

Miyako brought up the Digital Gate and gave the others a thumbs up as she slid back to make room for them. “Go kick ass, everybody.”

Hikari didn’t hesitate any longer and opened up the Digital Gate before anyone else could try to talk her or Tailmon out of going. Taichi’s heart twisted seeing her go, more afraid for his sister than facing the giant monster before them, but he had to face the fact that this time he had to let her go.

Taichi pulled out his Digivice with a sickly feeling in his stomach that he squashed mercilessly with iron-clad determination. “Let’s do this.”

Baihumon stood at the forefront of the battlelines as his army of Digimon stood far behind him, struggling to maintain their courage in face of such a hulking monster heading their way. Only Andiramon stood beside the Holy Beast, her expression grim as she glared at death itself as it slowly made its way across the rocky plains towards them.


familiar feeling. ( listen )
a misato/kaji playlist emphasizing the gradual descent into separation and lonely allegiances.

  2. RITUAL UNION (TENSNAKE REMIX) | little dragon
  3. IN REALITY (DIVERSE! REMIX) | de$ignated
  4. FAMILIAR FEELING | moloko
  5. LEADING TO DEATH | poliça
  6. PAPI PACIFY (CJYN REMIX) | fka twigs
  7. WOLF LIKE ME | tv on the radio
  9. THE MAN YOU LOST | sakima
  10. YOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE | the mills brothers
  11. KISS ME (EPILOGUE) | luxury elite
Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Forty Four - 03

Takeru hesitated at that before he looked down at his hands, as he laced his fingers together. “At the very least, we need to delay him and keep him from killing anyone until Ken has a chance to reach him… just like Daisuke reached V-mon.”

The comparison between himself and the Digimon Kaiser made Daisuke feel even more sour. “Like that’s gonna happen.”

Tailmon felt her hackles raise on the back of her neck, but she still didn’t turn to look at Daisuke. “Hopefully Ken’s awake now, like Hikari… and he’ll meet us there.”

Koshiro looked at his laptop screen at the monster that was once Wormmon. “I wonder if it’ll be that easy for Ken to talk him down in this state. It looks as if they’re both tainted by the Dark Ocean now, and it was their Digivice being corrupted further that caused this. Ken might be in even worse condition than ever before, so we should probably come up with a secondary plan just in case.”

“Not to mention that thing ate Ken’s Digivice,” Yamato said, with a grunt. “I don’t know what that means, but it definitely can’t be good.”

Jou looked at the others before he focused on Taichi, anxiety clear on his face. “Can… can even Omegamon handle him like this?”

Taichi looked down at Agumon at his side, who gazed up at him with the utmost trust in his decision. He was reminded of the battle with Diablomon and what caused the birth of Omegamon in the first place. He grimaced, hand clenching at his side, before he smoothed his expression out into one of grim determination and raised his fist. “We’ve done the impossible before, and we’ll do it again!”

“That’s right,” Agumon agreed, with a nod of his head. “We can do this, Taichi!”

“We’ll do our best, Yamato,” Gabumon said as he turned to his own partner. “No matter what, we’ll save the Digital World.”

Yamato looked down at his partner before he chuckled and reached down to ruffle the top of his partner’s head. “That’s right. If we give up before we even start, we’ll never get anywhere.”

Hikari tried once more to sit up, bracing herself against the sofa backing. “We need the Digimental of Darkness… It’s the only thing that can remove the Dark Ocean’s taint from Ken and Wormmon.”

Tailmon closed her eyes before she nodded, then stood up. “It still has all of the energy it absorbed from the Battlefield Memorial. That should be enough.”

Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Forty Four - 01

Hikari grimaced. Her head hurt, and her consciousness felt as if they were wading through sticky molasses as it made its way to the surface. As tempting as it was to give up and remain in the darkness, something urgent was pushing her onward. She didn’t know what, but it was important, and that knowledge alone gave her the strength to keep moving forward.

With a wince, Hikari’s eyes opened, and she was greeted at first by the sight of blinding light. Her eyes quickly adjusted, and within moments she could make out the shape of a face before the features finally became clear - Tailmon.

Tailmon sighed, relief evident on her face as she looked down at Hikari. “Thank goodness… you’re okay.”

Hikari furrowed her brow as her awareness returned, and she discovered that she was lying on her back on Koshiro’s sofa, staring upwards at the ceiling. Tailmon stood by her head, hovering over her, as Jou changed the wet washcloth that had been resting on her forehead.

“What happened?” she asked weakly even as the memories began flooding back, much to her growing horror.

“Wormmon evolved,” Tailmon said, her voice going soft as her ears drooped. “It’s called… Armagemon. It’s an Ultimate, and it’s wreaking havoc across the Digital World.”

“It… Armagemon ate the creature in the tube,” Takeru said as he leaned over the back of the sofa to look at Hikari. When she looked up sharply to stare at him in horror, the Chosen of Hope grimaced. “It made him grow. He’s… well, he’s enormous now.”

Hikari sat up like a shot. “Where’s Ken? Is he o…” A wave of dizziness overtook her, as her aching head was quick to remind her of its presence. She didn’t resist when Tailmon eased her back down again.

Daisuke sat in the corner of the room, his insides twisting and leaving him sour. The relief he felt at seeing Hikari awaken was tainted by the fact that her first concern was still for the boy who betrayed them all. “Tiny Tower is fine; it’s his Digimon wreaking the Digital World, after all. It’s what they’ve been doing all along.”

Tailmon’s cheek twitched, though she didn’t turn to look at Daisuke. “…We don’t know. Ken hadn’t regained consciousness by the time FlaWizarmon and Witchmon took him away and neither of them are answering emails. Whatever that thing did, it messed him up very badly.”

“We have to help Ken and Wormmon!” Hikari said urgently, resenting the weakness of her body.

Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Forty Three - 34

The insect Digimon rumbled deep in its throat as it flared its nostrils, eyes scanning the room to verify that its prey had escaped. After a moment, it slowly turned about to focus on the only other occupant of the room - the creature within the tube made in Chimeramon’s likeness.

The two abominations locked eyes, with Ken’s glowing Digivice still hovering between them against the container. Something unspoken seemed to pass between the two, as the insect Digimon that was once Wormmon suddenly lunged forward with a snarl, opening its jaws to bite into the glass tube - catching both glass and the Digivice in its gaping maw.

The glass shattered around the Digimon’s jaws, and green liquid flooded out like a burst dam. The Dark Ocean creature focused its eyes on the Digimon in front of it before it suddenly lurched forward, shoving its head directly into the insect Digimon’s mouth.

The Digimon bit down on the creature, which burst in to tendrils that writhed and squirmed about like arms on a jellyfish. The tendrils reached up to wrap around the insect Digimon’s face, before dissolving into his very flesh.

As the creature disappeared into the Digimon, the insect’s glowing gold eyes intensified before it lurched forward. Veins appeared across its armored hide as it began to increase in size, growing larger and larger still until it filled the entire room. Walls crumbled about it, unable to contain the monster as it continued to expand.

Within a matter of moments, the entire flying fortress had collapsed in on itself, crumbling as the insect Digimon emerged from within it as if it were hatching from an egg. Wobbling, the ruins of the structure plummeted downward, unable to support the ever-growing horror that had emerged from it. It slammed into the ground with a thunderous boom, a massive crater forming around the impact sight.

But even that wasn’t enough to harm the beast. Emerging from the crater, the insect Digimon pulled itself up from the rubble before it threw its head back to let out a murderous scream - announcing its arrival and its intentions.

Hell had been unleashed on the Digital World.

Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Forty Four - 10

Hikari found herself on the rocky plain near Baihumon’s fortress, though in an area to the east of the fighting on a small hill. It gave her enough of a view to see what was happening. For a long moment, all she could do was stare at the monstrous Digimon as it bellowed its rage, greeting the attackers that dared to defy it. She couldn’t help but grimace, knowing that within the primal fury was Wormmon - a sweet and kind Digimon.

“We’ve got to hurry,” Tailmon said as she watched Armagemon, flicking her ears.

Hikari nodded before she glanced about, seeking the entire reason she had arrived in the first place. “Where’s Ken?”

The answer to her question came in the form of Ken’s voice as he called out from high above.“H-Hikari!”

Hikari looked up to see Witchmon on her broom, flying downwards with Ken straddling her broom as he held it with a deathgrip. As soon as the ground was close enough to allow it, Ken jumped down. His legs nearly caved beneath him on the rocky soil, but he managed to catch himself and wobbily stood up.

After composing himself, the Chosen of Kindness hurried over towards Hikari. His movements were stiff and awkward, as if his entire body were sore and each step was excruciatingly painful, but he didn’t let it stop him.

“Y-you came…!” Ken said, desperate relief clear in his voice.

Hikari was about to respond when she stopped and stared, her eyes widening. Instead of gray, she was greeted instead by Ken’s completely black eyes, with golden glowing irises. “Ken…”

Ken paused as he came to a stop in front of her. He grimaced, as he immediately knew what she was staring at. He looked away, as if he could hide what the Chosen of Light had already seen. “It’s… fine. It… I’m fine… it’s nothing.”

Hikari swept Ken up into a tight hug, her body fairly quaking from the sight of how badly corrupted he and Wormmon had become. “It’s not fine. That’s why we’re here to help.”

Ken hesitated before he closed his eyes, shakily returning the hug. His eyes began to water as his trembling intensified. “…I… I’m sorry… I don’t deserve your help, I know… I just…” He faltered for words, as nothing could truly make up for all the horrible things he had done, and he knew it.

Ken was so caught up in his self-loathing and heartache that he didn’t notice Hikari raise her Digivice behind him until it touched the back of his neck.

And in that instant, pain was all he knew.