reality properties

Alfred: You’re free to do what you want. 

Matthew: I thought freedom was your thing.

Alfred: You’re right. I guess I’m free to choose for you then. 

*They awkwardly laugh. Gilbert raises his eyebrows.*

Gilbert: So, how long did it take you two to script that?


Matthew:… longer than you’d think Gil, back off. 

Shout-out to all you science fiction and fantasy writers

If you’re looking for a resource for creating different and unique worlds, may i recommend this book?

It’s an absolutely fantastically written, easily comprehensible, and amazingly fun resource for, as you may have guessed, the properties of materials and why they have them. I’m talking, magnetic, electric, thermal, optic, and mechanical properties. Ever wondered how superconductors work, or what the difference is between an insulator and a conductor is and where it comes from? How LCDs work, or what polarization of light is?

This book has got you covered. You can find it on amazon or from other retailers for around 20$ used (it is a textbook so look around before buying one of the extremely high priced new books), and it is well worth checking out.

If you’re trying to make an alternate world or a vibrant and unique reality, use the properties of materials. Maybe your dwarves have harnessed ways to tap into and manipulate the mechanical or magnetic properties of metals in order to create their metal-work masterpieces, or maybe the specific heat capacity of water on an alien plant is different from that on earth.

Our world is so incredibly structured around the properties of materials. Bus shelter glass is tempered so it breaks into small pieces that won’t cut anyone, movies using 3D glasses employ techniques of polarization of light, and the windows on your house have to account for thermal expansion as to not let weather in around the seems. 

In any case, there are many wonderful and wild ways to make a world as spectacular as possible. So, why not start with the properties of its materials?

| The Coven - Jongdae X Reader AU Series - Chapter 1 |

Collaborative Series with @exosmutxoxo & @nunchiwrites

Vampire!Kim Jongdae X Reader

Genre: Action, thriller, angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: Violence, blood, mentions of abuse, sexual abuse and sexual situations (THERE WILL BE NO RAPE GUYS, TAKE YOUR NASTY FANTASIES ELSEWHERE) AKA this is not a lighthearted comedy, strap yourselves in kids this is a wild ride

Word Count: 7,837


Your story began in isolation, continued in isolation, and, as far as you were convinced, would end in isolation. You had heard stories about the towns within the valleys of the mountain, about Ebonmire, in particular. You had been told about the atrocities and utter absence of human morality that had infested the town like an incurable plague. No one knew quite when they arrived, be it a decade, a century, or an entire generation, but everyone was quick to realize that they had become helpless flies trapped within a web with no exit. They seemed to slip in in the midst of night, taking the entire valley by surprise, and for as long as you can remember, the sun had never shone again on this side of the mountain. You were within a region that was subjugated by evil; a region that was cut off from the rest of the world. This was the devil’s playground, his own personal circle of hell here on earth.

If you were a gambling man, you’d say it’s a safe bet to contend that life was never easy on you. If anything, you’d laugh at the irony of it all. An act of selflessness in exchange for an act of selfishness. An innocent life in exchange for a guilty one. Indeed, you would gamble that fate had it out to get you. But that’s how everyone lived in these godforsaken mountains.

You weren’t a betting man, and you certainly didn’t believe in fate. If fate were real, it would have been much, much kinder to someone like you.

Instead, you faced the cold, hard facts of reality.

You were now property. Property that was to be kept alive or exterminated on the whim of your new owner. Property that, amidst the illusion of absolute obedience, refused to relinquish the hope of escape.

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A major conceptual problem about states in right pseudo-libertarianism is that even their most revered theorists cannot figure out how to untangle the reality that 

property is the state writ small. 

They try. They have all sorts of excuses for monopolies, for monarchies, and for wage labor, all focused on excusing the problems property presents the notion that a capitalist free market can exist without a state. 

Property is the state writ small is a wonderfully concise subject and predicate. And it’s not that difficult to unpack, to understand, and to support. All we need to do is remember that 1) while somebody owns property, somebody else cannot (the ability for one to own insists the others cannot) and 2) all people cannot own the same property, not even the same kind or amount of properties (finite resources). Ownership is always immediately problematic because it forms an authoritarian structure in society that permits the governing of the many by the few because society must be organized primarily to cultivate and protect the rights of property owners.

‘Bajillion Dollar Propertie$’ Review: Reality TV is No Match for This Real Estate Parody, Which Gets Better as It Gets Weirder

It’s probably when Paul F. Tompkins (as Dean Rosedragon) sits in a dimly lit office room, backed by blaring thrash metal, that Season 3 of Seeso’s “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” officially transcends parody.

Like a frog that doesn’t realize it’s being boiled as the water gets warmer, “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” started as a simple skewering of Bravo and HGTV reality shows but gradually become its own beast, just by stepping up the absurdity. The result is a show that’s learned enough about its main characters to know when to throw everything out of the window.

Platinum Realty is home to some of the unluckiest and barely-qualified Realtors in the greater Los Angeles area and this season those employees wander even further out into the weird zone. While Season 1 focused on who would be made partner, and Season 2 was about their quest for a “Diamond Dealmaker Award” (culminating in a ceremony that weirdly predicted the ending of this year’s Oscars ceremony five months before it happened), the primary objective of Season 3 — ostensibly a group contest to write part of Dean’s memoirs — shuffles the deck even more than usual.

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Baxter and Andrew, attached-at-the-hip besties who ended last season at odds with each other, spend most of this season tackling their own real estate showings. (But not before one insane faux-brawl that lets Ryan Gaul and Drew Tarver really flex their physical comedy muscles.) Pure-intentioned and mostly oblivious Glenn opens the season in a condition slightly different than usual, something the season delights in returning to even as he’s back to normal.

Every time the show returns to the Platinum Realty offices, the show really finds its center. Breaking out from the conference room, the workplace antics that pepper this season — chaotic fire drills and upstart southern rock bands are just the beginning — show that “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” doesn’t need to riff on real estate deals to be funny.

When the show does venture out into a seemingly endless list of multimillion dollar L.A. mansions, it meets a murderer’s row of comedy guest stars in the foyer. (One particular highlight from this season is a nameless, tracksuit-clad group of potential buyers, led by Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland.) The idea that this string of clients show up to buy a house and are never seen or heard from again really lets “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” give these one-off guests free rein. It’s a consequence-free cycle that lets the show keep its framework while churning on toward the next in the line of filthy-rich eccentrics.

And it’s still having fun with toying with the TV reality show basics: the obvious, recorded-after-the-fact confessional recaps, the neverending cymbal-scrape sound effects and the EDM-adjacent theme song that still continues to be a chair-dancing earworm. But the commission numbers that used to be a main motivation is now essentially a button to each sale, letting these characters’ quirks take center stage.

After 18 episodes and a largely unchanged central cast, the comedians at the heart of the show have a firm grasp on what makes these bumbling real estate agents tick. Mandell Maughan has fully tapped into Victoria’s simmering ruthless ambition. Chelsea Leight-Leigh (the best name-based joke in a show that thrives on them) has become the office’s conscience, giving Tawny Newsome a chance to play her with an extra level of incredulousness. Eugene Cordero as Dean’s biological son DJ brings a nice offsetting wrinkle to the endless chaos around the Platinum offices.

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As the figurative (and occasionally literal) heart of this show, Paul F. Tompkins continues to mold Dean Rosedragon into the craziest boss on the internet, fleshing out his impossibly wild backstory with the confidence of someone who may or may not have been the inspiration for “Eyes Wide Shut.” And even though this season features the Platinum head honcho out in Beverly Hills more often than usual, Dean at the office, with his giant ego and enormous cash reserve, has been the show’s true north. (Tompkins and Cordero manage to turn the process of recording an outgoing voicemail message into an instant-classic improv moment that might be the best thing the show has ever done.)

“Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” has always succeeded in taking the unrestrained id of reality show ridiculousness and paring it down into a recognizable package. When the third season ends on a surprisingly poignant note, it’s another example of the show continuing to test what it can get away with. After this eight-episode batch, there’s still a clear path for “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” to continue outbidding itself. With Seeso downsizing its business model, let’s hope this show can find a new home.

Grade: B+

“Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” Season 3 is now available on Seeso.  

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Reality Check: Property Brothers

I want to see a Property Brother episode where they show them the perfect house: 

Drew: “The only downside to this house is the price”

Couple: *wait patiently*

Drew: “It is listed at $1.2 Million, that’s $500,000 over budget”

Couple: “We will take it.”

Johnathan:”What? No, no the show is all about me fixing it up.”

Couple: “sure, but we’ll take it.”

~In the same way that the lovers emerge gradually from the beauty, which is evident in delicate forms, to the beauty that is divine, in the same way the priests, when they perceived that there was a specific correlation and togetherness between two natural phenomena , but also and between objects that expressed arcane powers and they discovered that in this manner everything is surviving inside everything, then they (the priests) fabricated a sacred science out of this mutual harmony and similarity.~
Proclus, the Neoplatonist philosopher (c. 410-485 AD),  on the Doctrine of the Signatures, a hypothesis and theory declaring that certain appearances and similarities in natural things lead to  further co-operations, treatments and unveiling of secrets beneficial for the growth of the human knowledge and healing, through this doctrine people intuitively learnt how to use the herbs so to treat certain diseases following the belief that the outer form of the herb indicated a similarity with its purpose in healing. The doctrine is also valid when someone wants to evaluate the character and inner qualities of a person by estimating how much his/her outer presence matches an inner reality and properties, the doctrine is put in practice once we’re mentioning natural states of being and only, that’s its limitation and somehow blessing.

The Bacchante by Jean-Leon Gerome, 1853.

Some thoughts I had while playing Slime Rancher, and also after seeing @inkhyaena​‘s post along the same lines–their ideas for two different Bendys was too good too pass up. (Thanks to them for letting me bounce off their idea!) Look for loads of unnecessary slimepedia entries under the cut!

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Season 3 Episode 4: Hole in the Sky
  • Alright, jumping right in
    • Coran screaming “No!” when Voltron went into the hole is pretty heartbreaking.
      • He literally thought he lost his friends and ALLURA for all of like, however long they were gone.
      • He was arguing with the mice too.
    • Allura is going through a lot of emotions here, I wish the episode spent a little more time on it.
      • You can feel how desperate she is to see Altea but at the same time, it’s like, she shouldn’t. Because no matter how she cuts it, she has to accept this thing in her life is gone. I think that’s what the writer’s are hammering on for Allura. From Alfor to this.
      • Yet, there ARE Alteans out there. She saw them, they are existing, thriving, enslaving people, but thriving.
  • Let’s break this down
    • We have an alternate reality Sven and Badass!Slav who are apparently fighting against the Altean empire. The Altean Empire is what would’ve happened if Allura had been allowed to lead Voltron against Zarkon. We are seeing this reality because Voltron is made from some super special comet that has reality warping properties that Voltron is also made out of. Lotor is trying to get this comet and has set them into a trap. Meanwhile the Altean Empire is painting smiles on people’s souls and that’s just rude. So they steal the comet back, flip the mean Alteans a middle finger, and jump back through the portal, just so Lotor can steal it. 
      • Cool
      • Yo, I wanna know what Empress Allura looks like.
    • The real twist here is Badass!Slav
      • Why are you laughing?” “Because this is the reality where everything is fine!” 
      • Such a one liner, I’m mad I didn’t think of it.
    • Alright, Sven versus Keith and Lance, who wins? Pidge. Listen, Keith and Lance put on a good show with their little tag team but my girl stole the spotlight. One shot.
      • We also get Allura’s bayard and it’s like a whip? Sword? Sword whip? Keith has the black bayard, and it is still a sword. Lance is using the red bayard and no one is color coordinated anymore.
    • Me, softly: where is matt

If a definition exists in the head separately, in isolation from the sensually contemplated image, unconnected with it or with a system ‘of other definitions, it is ratiocinated abstractly.

There is certainly nothing commendable about this way of ratiocination. Thinking abstractly merely means thinking unconnectedly, thinking of an individual property of a thing without understanding its links with other properties, without realising the place and role of this property in reality.

‘Who thinks abstractly?’ asks Hegel; and his answer is, ‘An uneducated person, not an educated one.’

A market-woman thinks abstractly (that is, one-sidedly, in accidental and unconnected definitions) in regarding all men exclusively from her own narrow pragmatic viewpoint, seeing them only as objects of swindling; a martinet thinks abstractly in regarding a private only as someone to be beaten up; an idler in the street thinks abstractly in seeing a person being taken to execution only as a murderer and ignoring all of his other qualities, not interested in the history of his life, the causes of his crime, and so on.

Contrariwise, a ‘knower of men’ thinking concretely will not be satisfied with tagging phenomena with abstract indices- a murderer, a soldier, a buyer. Still less will the ‘knower of men’ view these general abstract tags as expressions of the essence of an object, phenomenon, man, event.

Dialectics of the Abstract & the Concrete
in Marx’s Capital
Joe Irvine receives judges' feedback – The X Factor (New Zealand), live show 1
  • Joe Irvine: thank you.
  • Audience: WOOWowOwooo
  • Stan Walker: barh. joe. YOU'RE FULL OF SURPRISES, EH BRO? YOU KNOW I, i think people have watched you and oyhur journey and thjoguht "augh thais feller" but now they're gonna go "OHHH this feller" yeah he's good bro you can sing bro, you awesome ,ile ik,e you eh, you tlzk too much but id do know, you know>
  • Joe: hahaah
  • Stan: killed that.
  • Natalia Kills: ladeis and ngentlemne, i'm just gonna state thr obivious: wer have a DOPPLELGNABGER in our midst
  • Audience: WOOOOOUGUGH?
  • Joe: but cleopatrf
  • Joe: thank you naltia you're beautful
  • Willy Moon: to me iit just feels a bit cheap and absurd
  • Willy: i mena, YOU'RE LIKE, ITS LIKE NORMAN BATES dressingu p in his mother's lcothing it';s acrewepy i eeel like you'r egonna stithch fosmeone's skin to oyur fascer and kill everyone in the haudieicne. but do you
  • Joe: i think i l ook relaly foos
  • Dominic Bowden: yhry're so selle-behaved. mel?
  • Melanie: you KNOW WHAT JOE,. TO, I DON'T THINK MANY PEOPLE HAVE BELEIVED i nyou i nyoutr life, but i tlel ypou right now, I BEleieve in you, you#ve got ehat it takes, you've got a BEUATIFUL tone, pleas,e URNGH, don't listen
  • Dominic: thank you to our joudges
Bleach characters, this whole final arc is just Aizen's bankai! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

We haven’t seen Aizen’s bankai yet…..or have we?? If Aizen’s bankai has reality-altering properties like some people suspect, or even if it just ramps up Aizen’s hypnosis into overdrive, then maybe the whole Quincy war is just Aizen messing with everybody using his bankai. If that’s the case, Bleach characters, then how would you react?

Shinji: Well that explains why everything has been so shitty for us visored.

Shinji: All of the losing…all of the battery…all of the zombification…

Shinji: It’s almost as if Aizen still doesn’t like us.

Kensei: So we’re still being tortured because you didn’t want to make out with Aizen?

Shinji: Yeah, I guess.

Kensei: Weirdly that makes me feel better.

Hitsugaya: N-no wonder I was turned into a zombie and used as a weapon against my fellow shinigami!

Hitsugaya: Aizen once tried to use me to kill Hinamori!

Hitsugaya: Using me as a weapon against my friends is basically his favorite hobby!

Kira: Also didn’t he want me dead too?

Kira: Nailed it this time.

Hinamori: I really can’t escape from him.

Hinamori: That’s depressing.

Isshin: Aizen always wants Ichigo to become more powerful.

Isshin: Which Ichigo did, after he found out from me about how Aizen manipulated events so that Masaki became hollowfied and then pregnant.

Isshin: Oh my god Aizen used me to give his monologue.

Isshin: I feel ill.

Renji: Wait a sec! Does this mean the Quincy aren’t real?


Renji: I should have known that no one could really love my eyebrows.

Rukia: No wonder so many of the Quincy seem to be rip-offs of the espada! Aizen’s espada. 

Yamamoto: No, the Quincy are real. I knew Yhwach. He was as I remember him.

Yamamoto: Although I suppose they might be fake versions of real Quincy created by Aizen.

Yamamoto: I have a headache.

Ukitake: Or is possible that we’ve been killing each other this whole time? Shinigami made to look like Quincy??

Soi Fon: Wait a second. Isn’t Kurosaki supposed to be immune to Aizen’s powers?

Soi Fon: he had better not be waiting for a dramatic moment to shout, “Hey guys, you’re all stabbing each other!”

Soi Fon: Like before.

Ichigo: Uh….I see the Quincy too, guys.

Ichigo: If Aizen’s using his bankai, I’m pretty sure he’s straight-up altering reality this time.

Ichigo: Which means that he got into the Royal Realm this time.

Ichigo: He killed the Soul King.

Ichigo: He won.

Ichigo: While pretending to be in jail!


Ichigo: That’s actually a really good plan.


Aizen: What do you mean “actually”?

anonymous asked:

If God was absolutely moral, because morality was absolute, and if the nature of “right” and “wrong” surpassed space, time, and existence, and if it was as much a fundamental property of reality as math, then why were some things a sin in the Old Testament but not a sin in the New Testament? Everyone had always explained this problem away using the principle that Jesus’ sacrifice meant we wouldn’t have to follow those ancient laws. 
But how?

What an incredibly articulated question. You have a way with words dear friend. The answer to your question lies in something that we call covenant. Covenant is an agreement between two parties. In this case, the old covenant is the agreement between God and the Hebrews. This old covenant had a very particular purpose and that was to identify the chosen people from those surrounding them and to create an exaggerated culture of Holiness through which the son of God could make a legal entrance into the world. The old covenant is independent of morality. Morality is purely dependent upon our relationship with God and not on our ability to perform actions. This is why the new Covenant was even necessary.

The blood of Jesus was shed for the Hebrew transition between two Covenants. In order for one covenant to be nullified and another to be established, the nullifying party must shed blood according to Hebrew custom. Jesus shed His blood to transition us from a covenant focused on actions to a Covenant focused on our relation to God. This is why morality is flows from a relationship with God and doesn’t cause a relationship with God. So I guess my short answer is that good is not an action, good is a person and the only way for us to consider ourselves good is for good to become us. And thats what happened on the cross. 

Hope this clears things up for you


“What would happen if Lucio (whose music has reality-warping properties that can repair damage in both organic and synthetic systems) played a song and Symmetra (who creates physical objects out of light by dancing) danced to it” is a question Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t have good enough writers to answer

Any view of the Universe which considers binary genders to be an intrinsic property of reality itself is ridiculous and dangerous and deserves to be mocked.