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That’s very, very, very important to understand here- we’re not debating facts anymore, we’re debating narratives. “Post-truth politics” should be understood in the most literal way possible. This is not about interpretation of data and events, even less so than it was before; this is about what story is now real. Once the debate is finished, the victor’s narrative becomes a reality. This changes the way we approach these people. To quote Arendt once more:

Foolproof against arguments based on a reality which the movements promised to change, against a counterpropaganda disqualified by the mere fact that it belongs to or defends a world which the shiftless masses cannot and will not accept, [propaganda] can be disproved only by another, a stronger or better, reality.

VA - mono no aware (PAN)

“Mono no aware,” ‘the pathos of things,’ also translates as “an empathy toward things,” or “a sensitivity to ephemera.” A term for the awareness of impermanence, or the transience of things. A meditation on mortality and life’s transience, ephemerality heightens the appreciation of beauty and sensitivity to their passing. In investigating the passing of time, the boundaries between memory and hallucination become blurred; between fiction and reality. The movement of time transforms into an eternal present.

01. Kareem Lotfy - Fr3sh
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10. Jeff Witscher - ok, American Medium
11. TCF - C6 81 56 28 09 34 31 D2 F9 9C D6 BD 92 ED FC 6F 6C A9 D4 88 95 8C 53 B4 55 DF 38 C4 AB E7 72 13
12. James K feat. Eve Essex - Stretch Deep
13. SKY H1 - Huit
14. M.E.S.H. - Exasthrus (Pane)
15. Oli XL - Heretic
16. HVAD & Pan Daijing - Zhao Hua


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This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called The BacheLorde.  All captions are quotes from American feminist Audre Lorde. All photos are of reality tv dating show The Bachelor.

i’m just sad that either a) the education system has failed us so badly, or b) that the trans movement has brainwashed enough people with bullshit pseudo-science rants written as mobile-crashingly-long tumblr posts written by someone who starts off by saying “i have a degree in biology” but if you scroll back five posts on their blog you find out they’re actually fifteen, that so many people honestly believe you can slap a uterus in a male body, pump it full of hormones, and a baby will pop out nine months later, like… that’s not… how that works… the person who’s saying all this is a fucking plastic surgeon… this is not gonna happen…

however it does reveal, for the millionth time, the unsurprising reality that the trans movement sees females as things that exist for the use of males.  there is already an illegal organ trade, poor and trafficked women are already used to carry babies for money, prostituted women’s skin is flayed off and sold for expensive cosmetic surgeries… so if this womb transplant thing was possible, is it truly not concerning at all that there is a distinct possibility that this could become the latest in a long line of medical torture conducted on poor and trafficked women for the benefit of mostly white, mostly upper-class males mostly living in rich countries?

And as it was also pointed out, as long as we’re attempting uterus transplants, why wouldn’t the first stop be women who already have the biology in place?  women who had to have hysterectomies for medical reasons but want to give birth to children?  even that isn’t currently viable, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than slapping a uterus in a male body and thinking it’ll work.  males are always the trans movement’s priority, females are always a second thought, a resource for males to exploit, a target for males to demonize.

when are people gonna wake the fuck up

My favorite personal headcanon of Cecil from Night Vale is that he has a side job as a yoga instructor.

“…And as we lower our legs (or similar extremities)back down to the mat, we return to the downward facing dog position and contemplate the existence…

Of ourselves.

Each breath, each movement or involuntary muscle spasm… Is not our own. It may seem like we have control over our bodies or non-corporeal forms, but in reality, or /supposed/ reality, each movement is decided and planned by higher beings of dark, horrendous power…

After that we bring our lower body down so we have flat backs and move to a high planking position.”

Intro to Feminism

What is feminism?

The knee jerk response for many is to say it is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” or “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.”, or some other dictionary definition along those lines.

This is not incorrect, but a fairly vague and useless way of describing what is a huge, diverse, long spanning group of political movements. 

In reality, feminism is a term that encompasses a wide range of movements and ideologies.

“Feminism” began in the late 19th century, is generally split into three distinct “waves”. Different branches of feminism with differing ideologies have formed throughout history. The 3 most major schools of feminism are:

Liberal feminism: Liberal feminists seek to create gender equality through legal and political reform. An individualist school of thought, it focuses on sexism through the lens of individual women, rather than as a system of class-based oppression. Liberal feminism places emphasis on women’s freedom to make their own choices and find empowerment in whatever choice they make. Liberal feminism values sex positivity, weaponized femininity, and female representation in politics, the media, and business.

E.g. Emma Watson, Beyoncé, Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus.

Radical feminism: Radical feminism views misogyny as a class based system of oppression, with women as an oppressed class due to a hierarchy of male supremacy. Radical feminists seek to get to the source of the problems and fight against deeply rooted social structures that harm women. Radical feminism places emphasis on critical thinking, addressing the root causes of misogyny, and rejection of sexist societal constructs. Radical feminism is anti-pornography and prostitution rejects femininity, and fights against male violence.

E.g. Mary Daly, Andrea Dworkin, Simone De Beauvoir, Audre Lorde.

Postmodern feminism: Also known as, “intersectional feminism”, postmodern feminism is a feminist school of thought that rejects the concept of the “gender binary” and embraces queer theory. Postmodern/intersectional feminists see gender as an innate part of a person’s identity and as existing on a spectrum. Instead of focusing the oppression or marginalisation of women in society, postmodern feminists focus on encouraging the exploration of individual identities and the recognition of different gender identities. Postmodern feminism supports queer theory, gender politics, individualism, and choice politics.

E.g. Laci Green, Laverne Cox, Everyday Feminism.

Other feminist ideologies include:

Cultural feminism: Believes in an innate female nature that involves nurturing, caring and cooperation, and that society undervalued female nature / femininity, and that society needed to embrace womanly virtues.

Womanism: Created by black women who felted disenfranchised from both the mainstream feminist movement and black liberation movement. Womanists focus on the specific experience black women face due to both misogyny and racism.

Lesbian feminism: Created by lesbian women who were marginalized in both the mainstream feminist movement and gay liberation movement. Lesbian feminists focus specifically on the issues pertaining to lesbian women, because of their experience with misogyny and homophobia. Lesbian feminists are often highly critical of heterosexual marriages/relationships and compulsory heterosexuality. Lesbian feminism also overlaps with lesbian separatism, a practice/ideology of limiting interactions and relationships with men and centering women in their personal and political lives.

Anaracha-feminism: An ideology that combines anarchist and feminist theory, viewing female oppression as a manifestation of hierarchical oppression, that can only be abolished with the destruction of involuntary coercive hierarchy, alongside all other forms of class oppression.

Marxist/socialist feminism: A school of thought that combines both Marxist/socialist and feminist theory, viewing female oppression as resulting from class exploitation, and analyses the ways in which women are exploited for their reproductive and domestic labor, as a necessity to uphold capitalism.

Postcolonial feminism: Also known as third world feminism, postcolonial feminism is a branch of feminism that focuses on non-Western women, and the ways in which colonization and imperialism harm women in third world countries, that are targeted by the West.

Feminist ideologies vary greatly, and while all branches aim for women’s liberation and/or gender equality, different branches have entirely different views on what this actually means and how this can be achieved. No oversimplified dictionary definition can adequately compensate for the diverse beliefs that come under the umbrella of “feminism.”

Pisces is the godhead, which goes by many names- the divine creative and destructive force. In Islam, Allah is transcendent and the unquestioned. Christianity’s god is more personal, but similar. In Hinduism the godhead has infinite manifestations. I particularly like Shiva, whose dance marks cycles of death and rebirth- every subtle movement tearing reality apart to sew it back into a fresher form(I have a tiny statue of her dancing away on my desk.)

Whats important is that each of these symbols represent the exact same thing- infinite potential. With Pisces, there *is* no exact form. They are the ocean, parts of which are so dense they never see the light of day; absolutely anything could be down there. Pisces see themselves clearest when they’re changing, when they pull something new from the depths and see it glowing in the pearly top layer of the ocean. Pisces get caught in the martyr-syndrome because no reality compares to the infinity that wells in them. They want to see divine creation in action, and nobody can seem to help. However, the moment they realize that they are the savior they desire, they can flow outward with bottomless complexity and love. They can accomplish anything, because they are everything.

Plot Idea:

In the near future, someone sets up a multiplayer/MMO video game which is an incredibly detailed 3-d virtual reality. Its controls are freeform, and it can map hand and head movements perfectly. It’s an open world setting, so players can do things in it like build stuff out of random materials, and there’s a farming/grinding aspect.

An unscrupulous third party hires players to perform some oddly specific in-game activity: perhaps an agricultural or crafting task. They pay in game currency.

It turns out this person has reverse-engineered the virtual reality software. The players’ movements guide the movements of robotic hands performing the task in the real world all day long. It’s a task that people would normally be paid a living wage to do.

Jobs continue to dwindle; discouraged job-seekers stay home and play video games, where at least they feel rewarded for their efforts; it’s a way to pass the time, right?

Many people are attracted to meditation and a so called spiritual life, provided it feeds the ego, and empowers another new identity, but this is not our way.
Our way of Pure Dhamma is to become less and less until we are like the wind in the trees or the ripples on the water. In reality only a beautiful movement of love, compassion and joy seeking nothing for itself but serving the world with kindness.
Letting go of the ever demanding ego (self identity) is the greatest gift we can bring to our own life and the life of all beings.
The less of ‘you’ there is, the happier you will be.
This is how to be no-one, going no-where.

​Michael Kewley - Being no-one.

May all beings be happy.

I’m sorry, but Bernie Sanders is setting the Democratic Party up for failure.

One person getting elected President is not enough.  It wasn’t enough for Obama.  He campaigned on change and hope. When that didn’t happen as fast as people wanted, people felt betrayed, disappointed and angry.  The result was the Tea Party coming to power in 2010.  The Republican party has only gotten more extreme since then.

Obama had a Democratic majority in Congress his first 2 years in office, yet he still struggled to bring about change and get legislation passed.  Social and political movements in this country do not happen quickly.  That’s reality.  It took about 15 year from the time gay marriage first became legal in Massachusetts until the Supreme Court finally overturned same-sex marriage bans last summer.  Following that court ruling, many commentators discussed how public opinion on the issue of gay marriage changed so quickly.  Fifteen years was considered quick.  The reality is that most movements for significant change take time.  That sucks, but that’s life.  

The political landscape is such that Bernie Sanders would not come close to having the number of Democrats he would need in Congress to get his proposals passed.  Chances are Republicans will hold on to the House and Senate this year, but even if Democrats were to take back the House or Senate, the votes are not going to be there for Bernie Sanders’ policies because Democrats would not have significant majorities.

Republicans have gerrymandered the fuck out of this country.  Congressional districts and state house/senate districts are currently a nightmare for Democrats.  But it is not just that Republicans have rigged districts, Republicans still have plenty of supporters.  National polls comparing potential Republican and Democratic candidates in the general election are not overwhelmingly lob-sided.  Democrats are not blowing away the Republicans in these polls by 20 or 30 points.  Obama did not win by 20 or 30 points.  Huge crowds are turning out for Republican candidates, as sad as that may be.

If Bernie Sanders were elected he is going to have even more trouble than Obama getting legislation passed and bringing about the kind of change he currently promotes because not only are his ideas more liberal, but there will be even fewer Democrats in office nation-wide than when Obama was first elected.  How are people going to react when they don’t see these changes, just as they didn’t see them 2 years into Obama’s first term?  Since Obama took office, Democrats have lost hundreds of congressional, senate, state house and senate seats, governor’s races, etc.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t continue push for a more progressive agenda.  I’m about as liberal as you can get.  I love many of Sanders’ policies and ideas.  They are just absolutely not realistic at this time, not to the extent that he is promoting.  Obama has brought about more change than we give him credit.  We can build on that.  What we cannot do is continue to be unrealistic about how long it takes to bring about significant social and political change, because otherwise we are going to end up with 2010 all over again.  Tea Party 2.0

Democrats must continue to pursue a more progressive agenda, but a Bernie Sanders’ presidency will only hurt Democrats in the long run.  It is no secret that I support Hillary Clinton.  She has fought for Democratic ideas and values her entire life.  Any nonsense suggesting she’s not liberal or progressive enough is just that, nonsense.  There’s a reason why the Republican party has spent the last 25 years trying to destroy Hillary.  It’s not because she’s one of them.  They are afraid of her.  They know how strong and tough she would be as president.  Republicans know that Hillary Clinton is a Democrat who knows how to fight against them because she’s been doing it on a national stage for 25 years.  She is probably the most qualified and most experienced person to ever run for President.  As Democrats, we need to take advantage of that. 

We cannot afford to let the Republican party get any stronger.  We need people like Bernie Sanders inspiring voters and promoting a progressive agenda, but the way he is going about it is reckless and unrealistic.  Elizabeth Warren is incredibly progressive, but also realistic.  She has not endorsed a candidate because she knows how important it is not to hurt the party’s brand.

Hillary Clinton has an agenda that will further Democratic ideas and values, while being realistic and responsible.  We can’t risk winning the battle only to lose the war.  That’s what will happen if Democrats choose Bernie Sanders.    

Now that Pokemon GO is going to be a thing: a petition for Nintendo to buy an old ghost town, play the Lavender Town theme on a loop, and fill the place with rare pokemon.

RANT on OITNB Season 4 Finale

I understand why so many people are furious about the ending of Season 4 of Orange is the New Black, but ya’ll are missing the fucking point of the show. Instead of having this mindset of the trope (which I know is a real trend) think about this past season. It’s about the realities of the #blacklivesmatter movement against the white supremacist population and police brutality put in the scene of a prison show. Poussey was built to have high hopes, a healthy relationship, and future outside prison as was immediately taken from her. Why? BECAUSE THAT’S THE REALITY OF SOCIETY. Innocent Black lives are taken regardless of who they are, what gender they conform or not conform to, their sexual orientation, whether they are trans, whether they want to dream big, get married, raise a family, or be with the one they love, etc.

The MCC intentionally wanted to find “thug” pictures of her because that’s what happens in real life. Mainstream media will do anything they can to demonize the Black victim. Bailey, who is a straight, white cis man is let free, because that happens in real life. White cops are the “innocent ones” who walk away from murder without being served justice. Poussey was a LGBT+ character with a healthy lesbian relationship who aspired to creat more for herself, and was murdered. Innocent Black lives who aspire to create a successful future despite living within a white dominant society, are being murdered whether they are people like Poussey.

The writers ARE NOT giving the spotlight to the racist white supremacists characters, they are there to show how these people exist and will say or do anything regardless of the situation. These are real people in society who exist. *Cough *cough the All Lives Matter movement, which was even mentioned in the show. The white guards were intentionally asshats, because in real life, minors or criminals are viewed as animals. Crazy Eyes and Kukkudio were treating to fight because Humphrey viewed them as animals. These guards treated everybody like shit because they wanted to give you a perspective of how these inmates are treated. 

I know this may seem like it adds to the lets kill the lesbian character with a happy relationship”, but it’s doesn’t. Taystee, Sophia, Cindy, or Watson could have been killed the same way but the portrayal would be the same. I know Poussey is a character whom so many LGBT+ viewers connected to (even I connected to), but I cannot stress enough how real her murder was in parallel to real life. 

I implore all of you to think about all of these Black Lives Matter posts you’ve seen in the past and what happened to these innocent lives. Think of the countless times the media has tried to dehumanize these people and how white privilege is fucking real. THINK OF THE FACT THAT PEOPLE LIKE POUSSEY ARE BEING KILLED IN REAL LIFE. Her aspirations, her dreams, her realtionships, her struggles. It’s all too real, which is why we relate to Poussey so much. Think of what Black bloggers have been trying to fucking preach this entire time. Their people are being killed off regardless of who they are, and that’s what the OITNB writers are trying to do the same on a global audience so please STAY WOKE

I think of all the social movements - feminism, racism, homophobia, etc - on Tumblr the race movement is the worst. Now, don’t get me wrong in theory and in reality I support these movements, but I just can’t on Tumblr. 
On Tumblr black people can do no wrong. On Tumblr all white people are evil. On Tumblr any another race is basically ignored (Eg: asians). On Tumblr it’s all about what’s happening in America, the issue being that the rest of the world is very very different from America and we don’t have those same issues.

My main reason for hating it though is because of a friend of mine. She’s Greek so she’s white (And you’ve clearly never seen a Greek person if you claim they’re not white). My friend and I were very close for a long time, but now I can hardly stand to be around her. She hates white people (Despite being one), worships black people (Note: black people only), and I’m pretty sure she hates the human race, but she can be very dramatic so I tend to take that one less seriously. She believes every problem in the world, both past and present, can be blamed on white people which is utterly ridiculous. You wouldn’t blame a Swedish person for the slavery of African Americans in the US, nor would you blame the Americans for the genocide of the Australian Aboriginals. You cannot blame white people as a whole for things that happen in other countries that are completely unrelated to their country.
This also excuses the racism of people who aren’t white. Japan, for instance, is an incredibly racist country. And not just to white people, to everyone who isn’t Japanese. Their immigration policies are basically fascist. When I explained this to my friend she justified it by the fact that it was ok to do that to white people. Zimbabwe is another example of racism towards people who aren’t from Zimbabwe (Note: That means more than just white people).
And I hate it because I see my friend, who I care a great deal about, try and justify it all because they’re doing it to white people. Even though they do it to more than just white people.

Now, I’m sure some people are going to say “Who cares about you and your reverse-racism bullshit, you stupid white person” and ignoring that that attitude is basically my point on why I hate Tumblr social justice, it’s not ‘reverse-racism’. Racism is racism no matter who it’s aimed at because 'reverse-racism’ refuses to take into account the situations and experiences of the rest of the world.

tldr: The racial movement is the worst social justice movement on Tumblr because it made my friend ashamed of her skin colour.