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Lyrics of Infinite’s theme and some interpretations

I am the tallest of mountains and the roughest of waves
I am the toughest of terrors and I am the darkest of days
I’m the last one that’s standing, don’t try to stand in my way
Cause I’ve been up against better, just take a look at my face

Cause if you’re messing with me, I am a dangerous weapon
I am the sharpest of blades, I’ll cut you down in a second
Cause I was born in this pain and it only hurts if you let it
So if you think you can take me, then you should go and forget it

After all this time, you’re back for more
(I wont stop until they know my name!)
So take what’s mine, and start this war
(I’m coming at you like a tidalwave!)

When everything you know has come and gone
(Don’t you notice, I am right behind you)
And the stories made are thrown away
(Nothing in the ashes, noise in the silence)
When there’s no one left to carry on
(This is an illusion, open up your eyes and)

[Fate persists?], I can’t resist,
Cause that’s what it takes to be INFINITE

So look around you and tell me what you really see
I never [ended?] and that’s the difference in you and me
Cause when your time is up and everything is falling down
It’s only me and you! Who is gonna save you now?

So look around you and tell me what you really see
You live a lie and that’s the difference in you and me
I am the power, let me show you what it’s all about
It’s only me and you! Who is gonna save you now?

I am a dangerous weapon
I am the sharpest of blades

This part caught my eye immediately. Does Infinite actually think of himself as a weapon, a tool? Is this why he accepted to work for Eggman, or was the doctor the one who somehow convinced Infinite that he’s only good for that? It would certainly be original, considering his arrogant demeanor - and would prevent any nasty betrayal shenanigans.

After all this time, you’re back for more
(I wont stop until they know my name!)

The first verse reminds me a bit of the situation with Lyric at the beginning of Sonic Boom - the antagonist acts as if he’s an old enemy to Sonic, while he doesn’t even know his name. And Infinite wants to be known, and possibly feared.

… unless he’s talking to someone else. Like the Avatar. Somebody already theorized that Infinite is supposed to be a foil for the Custom Character - face covered, mish-mash of features, powers related to alternative realities, and the God Mode Stu to the everyman of the Avatar. So maybe they have some kind of relationship, whether from the start of the game or by the end.

When everything you know has come and gone
And the stories made are thrown away

This reminds me of Erazor Djinn and his plan to carve out the Arabian Nights stories, and ties well with the concept of Infinite messing with alternative dimensions. It probably means “I’ll destroy everything you love”, but eh, this is more interesting.

Cause when your time is up and everything is falling down
It’s only me and you! Who is gonna save you now?

I still don’t know if he’s talking to Sonic or the Avatar, both would make sense. If he’s talking to Sonic, it would put some focus on the Avatar, as they’re the one who’s gonna save the day and help Sonic in true fanfiction tradition.

So look around you and tell me what you really see
You live a lie and that’s the difference in you and me

I wonder what he means by “living a lie”. Is he accusing the heroes of being too idealistic, of having too much hope? And… he doesn’t?

Cause I’ve been up against better, just take a look at my face
Cause I was born in this pain and it only hurts if you let it 

This almost sounds like Infinite has a dark and troubled past, as if something has happened to him (a fight? He’s “been up against better”) that lead him to hide his face and he’s hurt but he’s suppressing his suffering.

… I doubt it’s true but it would make him even more of a parody of an edgy OC. But if it’s true, it would put this stanza in a different light:

When everything you know has come and gone
(Don’t you notice, I am right behind you)
And the stories made are thrown away
(Nothing in the ashes, noise in the silence)
When there’s no one left to carry on
(This is an illusion, open up your eyes and)

Maybe Infinite’s not just talking to the protagonist of what he’s gonna do. Maybe he’s lamenting of what happened to him. And a dark, traumatic past fits with him being a pessimistic person that wouldn’t “live a lie” and referring to himself as a “weapon”.

And since I’m a sucker for tragic villains, I’ll keep this headcanon until further proof.

More thoughts on creating a religion

If you’re creating a religion for a story, your religion should be deliberately consonant or dissonant with your characters’ lives; more importantly, your characters should think of their religion as consonant or dissonant with their lives and the two need not be the same.

In Imperial Radch, Breq doesn’t think Radchaai religion makes sense or is realistic. She decries the notion that all coincidences are a message from God. But in reality, her language and modes of thought are constantly colored by their religion: she thinks in terms of omens and of the universe occurring as it ought to; she very much believes in justice, propriety, and benefit. Further, her life is scattered with coincidences and foreshadowing; Leckie uses a tremendous amount of foreshadowing considering that her protagonist essentially doesn’t believe in foreshadowing.

In Small Gods, Brutha is devout and believes wholeheartedly in Om. But Omnianism is a religion of hellfire, violence, and cruelty. Brutha is none of these things, yet he believes both in the absolute goodness of Om and that the hellfire, violence, and cruelty must therefore be good. The dissonance leads him to a crisis of faith and to Om recreating himself in a different manner.

Bluepulse Fanfiction Masterpost

perfect arrangementsIt had seemed logical, practical even, for them to become roommates. They were already familiar with the others’ annoying habits, they liked the same snack food, and they were comfortable around each other. It was the perfect arrangement, aside from one minor caveat. Bart fell in love.

False Dawn: It was his smile, his touch, his warmth… but it wasn’t him.Hollow, mind-numbing panic begins to percolate through Bart’s skin. His heart throbs, shuddering in attempts to break free of the prison his chest has suddenly become. The back of his throat tastes caustic from the hot surge of bile. He swallows it back down, clearing his throat. “How long?” Some part of his mind, the logical part, already knows, but he can’t accept it. Isn’t willing to. He wants to foolishly believe it hasn’t been that long, because that makes the taste of guilt milder, but he knows, he knows. Rated: M

Touch: Contrary to popular belief, Bart doesn’t especially like touching people. In the future, the more you kept to yourself, the less chance you had of angering the wrong person and finding yourself at the receiving end of a knife or a gun, or worse yet, a plasma cannon.It’s not that he likes touching people. He just likes touching Jaime. Whether it’s curling his fingers around Jaime’s wrist to get his attention, or slinging an arm over his shoulder, the feeling is the same. The brilliant, warm sensation of holding a sparkler from the wrong end, that’s what makes Bart want to keep touching Jaime. Rated: K

Fear of Falling: “Jaime?” Bart’s voice sounds absolutely wrecked; raw and hoarse, as if his lungs have been irreparably damaged from screaming. Smears of soot and grime discolor his pale skin, covering the parts of his face not protected by the mask. There’s a hollowness in his gaze. His eyes are a brilliant green with gold striations, but it looks as if someone sucked out all the life from them. They’re dull, matte, the kind of eyes one would find belonging to a corpse.“It’s okay,” Jaime breathes, expression hitched somewhere between pained and worried. “It’s okay.” (I’m okay.)“T-they said one of the squads got captured,” Bart whimpers. Jaime’s not sure why Bart’s relaying all of this to him. After all, he received the very same speech from Aqualad. Hearing it again is tedious and unnecessary. Still, he keeps silent. “I thought it was yours."  Rated: M

Do You Remember, Did You Forget: He knows he isn’t real. He knows he doesn’t exist. But still, he dreams. Reincarnation AU. Rated: K

12 Days of Bluepulse: Christmas prompts for twelve days of ficmas. 

Timeworn Vestiges: (Harry Potter AU) Jaime’s gaze flitted from Bart’s wide-set green eyes to the object in his hand. Suspended from a tarnished chain was a minuscule pendant with an hourglass affixed to its center. Bart’s knuckles were paling from gripping it so tightly, clutching it as if it were his lifeline, or the most precious thing in the world. "Is that—?” “A time-turner." Rated: T

Rumor of Us: Bart comes out to Wally whilst seeking relationship advice.

I Have a Tromboner For You: Highschool AU where Jaime’s in the marching band and Bart’s on the Track Team. Basically, awkward dorks being awkward dorks.

Coffeeshop AU: A little drabble of what would be a super cute AU.

Bank-Vault Revelations: Trapped in a high-tech vault that Bart can’t phase through, and Jaime’s armor isn’t compatible with, they spend the time sorting through their feelings… in various ways. /suggestive eyebrows/ Rated: T

The ‘Previous Engagement’ Ring: Bart doesn’t quite grasp the concept of wedding traditions, and it doesn’t help that both he and Jaime are late to their own wedding. Rated: K+

Heavy Heart, Heavy Lungs: Bart’s heart feels too heavy in his chest, and he hates that he gave himself something to lose. Moded!Jaime. Rated: T

Hum of a Heartbeat: (Uncompleted) A broken shadow. A buried past. A lesson written in bloodshed. Suddenly everything Bart Allen escaped from comes rushing back, but this time things will be different. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Rated: T

Black Boot: His heart plummeted. It took all the willpower he could muster to focus his eyes on a broad, black boot without sprinting in the opposite direction. Time travel is catching on, apparently. Rated: K+

Arachnophobia: "So you have a fear of all bugs?” Jaime inquired, mildly surprised. Blushing, Bart leaned close to his ear and murmured, “Well, I don’t so much mind beetles anymore.” Rated: K

Fear Toxin: The Team is exposed to Scarecrow’s fear toxin, though some are affected more than others. Rated: T

Morality and Mortality: “Blue.” Bart can’t help the hopeful edge that seeps into his voice. He knows that Jaime is gone, Jaime is dead, but sometimes facing the monster that is reality is too hard. Moded! Jaime Rated: T

Champurrado:  Comfort fic, ethnic drinks, kisses, this is a terrible summary. Rated: K+

A Penny For Your Thoughts: Warning: May not contain plot. Spoiler: Does not contain plot. Rated: K

Hunger Games AU: unoriginal fic is unoriginal  Rated: T

Was this a date?: Yes, this most definitely was. Rated: K+  

First Kiss: When the need for oxygen finally kicks in, their lips pull away, but their bodies don’t. Rated: T

Scars: Bart inhales sharply, but Jaime doesn’t take notice. He’s too enraptured by the crosshatching of scars on the speedster’s otherwise smooth body. Rated: T? K+? Like I have any idea how ratings work. 

13 Things: It’s after Bart’s sped through his vows, and hundreds of eyes fixate on him, that Jaime freezes. ~Bluepulse wedding~ Rated: K.

Caught the Bug:  Just a little drabble where Milagro and Khaji pick on Jaime. Rated: K

Broken Toy: Onmode!Jaime notes that it’s no fun playing if they’re already broken. Rated: T

Second Chances: A fatal injury, and the knowledge that the future is now out of second chances. Rated: T

First Valentine’s: 'Soft.’ Despite the number of times Bart had watched Jaime bite his lips raw out of stress or nerves, his lips were unbelievably soft. So much for boycotting Valentine’s Day. Rated: K 

Running:  For someone who finds running easier than breathing, the only question weighing Bart down is 'how long can he keep running?’ Rated: T

Capture: Bart is captured by the Light and Jaime feels at fault. Rated: K+ 

This is a masterpost for my Bluepulse fanfictions, in case anyone is interested. I’ll continue to update this as I write more. You can also find me on FFN and AO3. Thanks for reading, and for all the prompt requests ^.^

“…that seemingly profane settings are sites of religious activity, since these are the places in which personal meaning is constructed through embodied experience, and that it is, therefore, difficult to separate the religious from the mundane or the sacred from the profane, as personal encounters with the divine can manifest in as many different ways as there are people living in the world. This vaguely-defined conception of religion which emphasizes intentionality and subjective experience could allow for almost any act to become “religious” if an individual were to name it as such, despite their lack of adherence to any coherent religious belief system. This shifted perspective of religion could possibly complicate and challenge the supposed “recreational” value associated with the seemingly casual use of substances, namely psilocybin, DMT, and mescaline, which have been consumed in a ritual manner within Native American religious traditions but can still create a feeling of divine communion and religious interiority for users who are entirely uninvolved with any form of what would be traditionally regarded as religious. This similarly complicates the prevailing view of LSD consumption as solely recreational in comparison to the aforementioned naturally-occurring psychedelic compounds that have been used in religious traditions for centuries, since LSD was only first synthesized in the 1930s and has, therefore, not been historically associated with any religious tradition. Much like the early uses of marijuana in the United States, it was popular among members of American counterculture as a way to construct a sense of community by opening them up to a more childlike perception of surroundings, heightening the awareness of tactile sensation, and fostering movement towards what could often be perceived as a sacred mode of reality.”

Visitation pt III

Thanks to everyone that has been reading/replying/reblogging/etc both here and on Ao3! It really means a lot to me. And a super extra special thanks to @kijilinn for beta-ing and helping me out so much. In case you need a refresher: Part I and Part II. And here’s the last chapter: Part IV.

Title: Visitation

Pairing: Negan x OFC

Rating: SFW (Major Negan language in this chapter. Cursing, discussions of sex and violence.) 

*Spoilers for TWD comics post All Out War*

A few days later Tallulah was finally headed to her first visit with Negan. She was escorted to his basement cell by Rick and Michonne, both of whom were carrying guns, and was surprised to see two more armed guards already down there. Apparently, they weren’t taking any chances.

“To what do I owe the fucking pleasure, Rick?” Negan asked with a grin. Tallulah was still hidden in the shadows behind Rick, so she got to see Negan before he saw her.

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Wait a minute if their save file name is Frisk…

You can get past it. Just… won’t be hard mode anymore. Just normal mode. You do this by entering into the files of the game and making yourself teleport to outside of the ruins. But we all know Frisk didn’t do that. Maybe they could have but let us be honest, it didn’t happen and this is just a reality without hard mode.


*This isn’t a game, after all.


I had a weird emotional roller coaster of a day. I got all (!) about stand up comedy and wanting to make a career of it and I was in instant dreamland mode. Then reality hit as I talked with my wife about everything that life would really mean and I got way less happy. Then I talked to a friend, and Dane Cook references were made, and I started thinking about all the ways I can work at making people laugh without the drive time and expense that comes with going to Madison to the comedy club.

The point is, I’m not giving up on anything. I’m going to keep slugging away towards my dream of getting paid to make people laugh. I might write, or start a YouTube channel or something I haven’t even thought of yet. Back to the drawing board it is.

(epilepsy warning because i decided to screw around with the menu)

The main menu’s functionality is complete! Here’s all the features of the main pause menu:

  • pops up instantly by pressing the X key and dismisses via X
  • retains the bgm of whichever area Vis is in
  • retains the location vis is standing (no matter where you’e standing in a room, you’ll be returned to that spot upon exiting the menu)
  • changes background and color scheme to match the text box/system color scheme (which can be changed by talking to the helper monster in Visybil’s room)
  • has a dream/reality mode (in reality, players can access Vis’s inventory and a map of Ashvale, while in dreams, players can only access Vis’s mutation collection)
  • status screen indicates which night Vis is currently on
  • status screen name changes based on whether you’re vis, vice, or visi (and their names stay the characters’ signature color because reasons)
  • status screen changes Vis’s large avatar to match their sprite version (so there’s a large avatar for all effects and some effects’ alternate modes, all stages of body parts worn by Vis, and Vis’s default fleshy body w/out parts)
  • exiting the menu retains the current mode Vis’s sprite is in (whether it’s puddle form, walking, running, or alternate effect modes) so pausing as a puddle means you return in the same puddle form with the same speed limitation, etc

The one thing I failed to retain/forgot to add was a “Load Game” option. Please let me know if I should add in that functionality! (saving in the menu still won’t be allowed mostly because it could disrupt some game events, but then again that’s why I added a sprint option in v0.02 so people could get to save points quickly lol)

flight ko na bukas. i need to face the reality cause adulting mode na ako simula sa monday. huhuhu pero putek dami ko dadalhin bukas, dalawang luggage and isang box. wtf anona? pinagsisihan ko na mag shopping sa mall at greenhills, dami kong damit tas pag nag excess baggage ako nito bukas magbabayad ako ng 250/kilo. jusq naia kurakot buwisit 😩😑

anonymous asked:

It's sad that none of the character's who do not come from a ninja clan or are related to a ninja legend were able to achieve legend status. Guy was the only one to do any serious damage to Madara's jinchuuriki form and without him and Sakura Naruto may never have lived long enough to talk with the sage or be revived. These two along with Lee, Neji, and Tenten could have been used to inspire ninja from civilian or less fortunate backgrounds and teach them that hard work does pay off in the end.

This is gonna be a rant about this supposedly positive message about “hard work”

I hate how Kishimoto pit hard work against natural talent. First, because you need both to become accomplished. I see no reason why he had to demonize characters with natural talent to make Naruto look better. It’s not someone’s fault to be naturally talented. Second, Naruto never lacked natural talent in reality, he mastered sage mode in a few months, something Jiraiya couldn’t manage his whole life. Naruto is a uzumaki, he has bloodline advantage just like Neji and Sasuke. Neji and Sasuke were also hard working and goal oriented. Essentially, there’s no difference between Naruto, Sasuke and Neji. That’s why people said Naruto was a fake underdog. Only Rock Lee is actually handicapped in inborn potential. And Kishi never developed his character.

And there’s Shikamaru, Kishimoto’s favourite genius. If Kishi had really wanted to emphasize the importance of hard work, he’d have let some hard worker embarrass this lazy genius and teach him a lesson. Instead, he played favoritism with him, he even said he wanted Shikamaru to win the chuuni exam.

It’s evident Kishi rather likes nepotism. The hokage title has always been passed down between family members or from masters to students, same thing for clan leaders. People would argue that’s how ancient clans worked, but when you create a character like Neji who tried to change this archaic and unfair system, and then humiliate him with a death of a servant, I can’t help but suspect Kishi is promoting nepotism and rigid class system as opposed to hard work and meritocracy. 

On a separate note, since it’s peace time, civilians and medic nins have more marketable skills than the ninja who’re only good for murder and spying. I doubt there’re many civilians who would aspire to become ninja….