i love the series of unfortunate events casting so much…. b/c it’s just so realisticaly diverse and shows that no matter who you are or what u look like, you too can be a woefully incompetent adult incapable of seeing obvious threats to the safety of yourself and minors

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Name: hazzel
Nickname: blacky and hazelu
Gender: female
Height: 1.64
Star sign: scorpio
Sexuality: bisexual
Hogwarts house: slytherin
Favorite color: black or burgundy red
Favorite animal: dogs, dogs and also dogs
Time right now: 19:11
Cat or dog person: dog
Favorite fictional character(s): erwin smith, victor nikiforov, aph denmark and the old barman in snk                                                                                               Number of blankets: one when is really cold but usually no blanket
Favorite singer/band: i don’t really have a fave
Dream trip: india and….groenland yep
Dream job: realisticaly teacher, but i dream of becoming rich some day
When blog was created: 2 or 3 years ago i can’t remember :P
Current number of followers: 398, i’m a baby dragon
Why did you make this Tumblr: to have a place where i could post things i really enjoy and share it with others
Why did you pick your url: cuz it’s a nickname my best friend gave me cuz i was always wearing black clothes :/

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[TOP TEN] dream occupations

  1. Screenwriter
  2. (Sherlock Holmes)
  3. Astronomer/physicist heh
  4. Some type of anthropologist buuuut I don’t know WHAT TYPE
  5. Something in political sciences like an ambassador but less terrifying
  6. A publicist/agent/campaign manager
  8. A director smh
  9. Novelist/freelance writer
  10. Something in journalism but for some reason every time I think about this option I feel like I’d hate my life

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haha thanks for the translation. i watched another one, i think it was don't go home, but i think i shall watch high high and knocked out again. its waayy better than economics homework. tee hee.

Jibe Gajima!? ahhhh! It’s so cute, not my favorite of the album (because it doesn’t star Mayor Tabi enough e_e) BUT OMG YEAH THAT’S AWESOME YAYYY

(^ this gif was part of High High! cause they invited actual fans to the filming and “backstage” they were worrying if anyone was going to show up and Jiyongie starts making fun of his hair lol)

i think the funniest and best part of cloud being a charcater in smash bros now is his existence has completely shattered the barriers of whats ‘reasonable’ to be in smash considering he hasnt had a single fucking game on a nintendo system. so realisticaly; goku, with his many nintendo games, has a very real chance of making it in now based onthe standard thats been set

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just watched gd and top's knock out. i have no idea what they said, but i liked the way they said it ;) thanks for the kpop.

*-* Stop getting me excited Tsarina! But seriously. That is an amazing vid.

Here’s the most basic translation: ppeokigayo means “knocked out” as in, “obsession” (it’s slang, and means both…). So you’re getting knocked out/ obsessed with GDTOP, which is about as accurate description of them as possible.

And they just keep talking about how amazing they are, so if you read the subs you get that classic rap boasting, only it’s ridiculously clever and funny (there’s all these inside/cultural jokes that slowly but surely I have learned)

When Tabi is tapping his temple, he’s saying My naturally long-lashed eyes knock that woman out

;~; so true.

And the Diplo part, it’s “GD & TOP go together like chocolate and almond, with Diplo [their producer… he also produced for Eminem], your unrealistic fantasy”

Anyway. I won’t recite the entire thing from memory now….

but you’ve already watched High High right? omg. That shit is crazy. I play that at top volume when I drive