personal life update: I kissed the Irish boy again today after we went for lunch at a little pub and then walked from the west end to the east end of the city and it was lovely

ALSO i had a cute as dream last night

like i guess bts and i were traveling around and decided to crash at my house for some reason? and jungkook had a crush on me and tae and jimin kept teasing him abt it to make him blush and i decided to join in on the teasing to make him get more embarrassed lmao. and eventually later in the dream i pulled him aside into my room to talk to him alone and he thought smth was wrong like i was mad at him? so he started to talk and i cupped his cheeks and reached up to kiss him!!! and it was so cute n realistic :( and when i pulled back i kept my hands on his cheeks and was like “listen. jungkook. i like you. don’t worry” and he was like !!!!! what!!!!!!! n got all excited n more blushy and :( i love jungkook  :((((((

realistically, I’ve come to realize that by the time dgm comes to it’s eventual end I don’t want lenalee to be romantically involved with anyone

but holy fuck if that’s gonna stop me from shipping her with everyone I can get my grubby hands on