realistic starters


Starting a series of semi-realistic storybook like illustrations of various Pokemon! The first three will be the first stage Johto starters and we’ll see what happens from there! 

There will also be some exclusive content for my Patreon supporters regarding this piece and the two still to come, so please check it out if you’re interested!

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SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY 24 - Favourite Starter: Rowlet line

The Alola starters were a nice bunch all in all, but my heart was sold to the owls long before I even saw the evolutions. I really like the typing and the concept. Dartrix is definitely my favourite of the line, Decidueye was a bit underwhelming in terms of design and battle qualities (Primarina wins the place for the best last stage) but overall this family is just great.

Nothing very surprising in terms of interpretation! Just some barn owl and pueo owl here. The way I figured the “leaf” parts is the most surprising one, if you can say that. Instead of being leaves that just grow on the Pokemon’s bodies they’d be just feathers but with a different cellular structure so they can do photosynthesis. There’s this one bird that has iron in its wings, giving them either a bright red or alternatively a greenish colour, which is really cool. I think the Rowlet family could have either smaller plant growths or chlorophyll on the feathers, instead of them being separate plants. Whichever works better!

Torracat WIP! I find the Litten line interesting in the uh, morphology, as it goes along. Litten is meant to be extremely house-kitten like before its supposed to end up as a bipedal tiger. Except Incineroar looks more like an angry bipedal house-cat with its lack of an elongated muzzle or rounded ears. Torracat is this weird grumpy thing in between with large forearms and wants to fit in a line between house cat and tiger cub.

So I used a Bobcat/Lynx as a reference. Stockier than your house cats, but not quite a tiger. And instead of having rather elongated hind limbs (like a Lynx does), I made the forelimbs stocky and long to help ease into the transition for Incineroar. The “bell” is essentially just a gland that starts to swell with superheated fluid.

Looking forward to colouring all these Pokés when I’m done :)

Realistic High School Starters
  • "They treat us like kids, but expect us to act like adults."
  • "I swear, everyone here is a slut."
  • "Really? Prom is just an excuse for kids to grind on each other in front of their friends."
  • "I never leave the [fine arts building, gym, ceramics room, bathroom, cafeteria, etc.]"
  • "Do you have any tampons?"
  • "Are you staying after school?"
  • "Can we not go to the pep rally?"
  • "I left my flashdrive at home!"
  • "May I be excused?"
  • "Do you think if I passed out I could go home?"
  • "How do you make yourself pass out?"
  • "They're so weird..."
  • "I have to wonder—have I ever done my homework at home?"
  • "Jesus Christ, what do you have to teach still in the minute left of class?!"
  • "Shit, it got super quiet..."
  • "How do I tell me parents?"
  • "You're so screwed."
  • "Let's start a fight!"
  • "If people could just stop having sex in the hallways...I swear, if you can cum, get to your locker, and then get to class in six minutes, you're not having good sex."
  • "I'm actually gonna have a meltdown."
  • "College isn't the only option, you know!"
  • "[insert name here] is the only teacher who knows what he/she/they are doing."
  • "What idiot have them a teaching certificate?"
  • "When will I ever use this?"
  • "Fuck me. I mean yes, do fuck me, but also just fuck me."
  • "Ugh, do I have to?"
  • "Yeah I'll help you out, but it'll cost you."
  • "Do you understand this?"
  • "Are you high?"
  • "If I'm not at school, I'm at home. I'm sandwiched between stress hell and annoying hell."
  • "This is my presentation. It is titled 'Drinking Bleach'."
  • "Don't listen to them."
  • "Isn't 'that's so gay' a little outdated?"
  • "You aren't really going to join that club, are you?"
  • "It's social suicide!"
  • "Fire drills are the best."
  • "I used to like lockdowns, and then kids actually started dying during them."
  • "I bet she/he's gonna shoot up the school."
  • "Aren't you a little old for nap time?"
  • "Can we have nap time?"
  • "Give me some goddamn fruit snacks."
  • "Pop quiz!"
  • "Can I use your microwave?"
  • "What the fuck are you eating?"
  • "I'm not voting for you."
  • "Fuck you and fuck Christmas."
  • "Can your mom pick us up?"
  • "What did I tell you? No one's supposed to know we're related, asswipe."
  • "I did absolutely nothing last period. It was glorious."
  • "600 points? Isn't that a little excessive?"

Never Too Old for a Pokemon Journey!

…is there a thing as never too late for a meme, too? I was too busy to do this meme back when it surfaced, so when I got the Pokemon Journey thing back on my dash I wanted to do it. 

I was prepared to get something really mediocre from the RNG but what I got was better than I would’ve expected. Dunsparce is one of my all time favourite Pokemon, it’s just so precious, so to celebrate that I wanted to put some extra effort into this. I’d be so down to starting my Pokemon journey with a Dunsparce!