realistic sceptile


Trainer Matt and his ever expanding team!

Added the Bouffalant, Nickel to matts team. BBit of a tricky one because of all the fur, but it didn’t turn out too badly. I also retouched Sceptile, following on from RJ Palmers advice about dinosaurs always looking malnourished around the face because of those ‘pits’ people are keen to add. I was guilty f that, but he looks a bit more intimidating now i think.

to those waiting for commissions, I’m sorry for the wait, office work has to come first and the last few months have been chaotic as anything.

 I have one rush commission to do and then I will be back on track with the list. Which i believe is Sylveon and Gengar. Should be fun!

So I’ve been a bit busy recently. Works been chaos at the best of times and I’ve been trying to take a break now and again. and that’s…not gone well, haha! 

But yeah, to those who have commissions waiting, apologies for the delay, but I will get to them, don’t worry! I just have to free up some corporate work time and finish off the one I have on currently and then back to business!

In the meantime, have a collection of finished mons on a generic background.