realistic sceptile

So I’ve been a bit busy recently. Works been chaos at the best of times and I’ve been trying to take a break now and again. and that’s…not gone well, haha! 

But yeah, to those who have commissions waiting, apologies for the delay, but I will get to them, don’t worry! I just have to free up some corporate work time and finish off the one I have on currently and then back to business!

In the meantime, have a collection of finished mons on a generic background. 



Trainer Matt and his ever expanding team!

Added the Bouffalant, Nickel to matts team. BBit of a tricky one because of all the fur, but it didn’t turn out too badly. I also retouched Sceptile, following on from RJ Palmers advice about dinosaurs always looking malnourished around the face because of those ‘pits’ people are keen to add. I was guilty f that, but he looks a bit more intimidating now i think.

to those waiting for commissions, I’m sorry for the wait, office work has to come first and the last few months have been chaotic as anything.

 I have one rush commission to do and then I will be back on track with the list. Which i believe is Sylveon and Gengar. Should be fun!

Pokemon - Sceptile.

Chuffed with the lineart on this guy, so i thought id pop him up here before i get on with painting him tomorrow. the commissions going well. i should’ve got it done this weekend, but I had a jam-packed weekend. good lord.

As to Sceppy here. I love the idea of it being a slimmer, massively strong but nimble hunter like the pokedex suggests. To that end though, i wanted to go a different route with its tail. I like the idea that the ‘tree’ looking section is a massive bush of porcupine-like quills and feathery parts. When running as fast as it does, the quills flatten, meaning it can glide between tight space and not get caught on anything, but still retain the balance the tail offers.

When attacking or agitated, the quills flare up and look more like the traditional tail it has. I also like the idea that when it clubs enemies with this tail, it leaves spines in them, whether to track them by following the trail they leave, or to just flat out jab them to death.

When it Mega Evolves, i like the idea that when it clubs an enemy, it leaves the entire lower tail section in the enemy that then regrows incredibly quickly. 

Inspired by dilophosaurus, fir trees, porcupines, oviraptors, various plant bits and bobs, and various realistic sceptiles i saw whilst browsing. 


Trainer Matt

Nearly done. its been finding the time in between other work, hence the time taken. plus he just had to pick two with massive detailed skin. but still! Fergie is nearly done and then its onto the trainer. hope you like how they’ve turned out so far!

I’m also liking the separation of them, as the commissioner eventually wants more pokemon it means i can move these guys around later to accomodate more of them into the frame, though i will probably extend the canvas out, haha!