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This is the only time I want to really approach the subject but guys… season 2 of shadowhunters so far has been real good, and a vast improvement from season 1. There is no way that, realistically, the non-main couple of the show can get all the things you want them to have. Just because something happens in the plot you don’t agree with doesn’t mean the writers are racist, homophobic or sexist. Not including malec sex scenes because malec aren’t the main couple and there are other characters too is NOT homophobic. If we want realistic representation of their relationship we need to want to be treated like the heterosexual ships on the show (yes I wish we had seen a morning after scene BUT..) that also means no demanding special treatment. If the show didn’t have time to show us how Jace is right now, or how Luke is and what he’s up to, or give proper build up to Climon then it’s unlikely they have time to show Malec. It’s not homophobic. That’s just what it’s like running a show with so many main, central characters who all have their own development and plot. If Magnus and Alec weren’t getting any scenes alone we would complain that they were being reduced to their relationship. If they don’t get a lot of together scenes, it’s apparently because the writers are being inherently homophobic.

Also, Izzy having the addiction story line is GOOD. It’s good to broach subjects that are tricky like this and deal with them in, so far, a pretty decent way. It’s not racist to make the Latina of the show the addict! There is not anything inherently racist about the writers choosing to take a strong, previously seemingly untouchable woman, and show us a vulnerable, REALISTIC side to her.

What I mean by all of this, is that everyone needs to stop digging so deep to find problems with the show and try and label the new writers or show runners as problematic. Please just appreciate what the show does give us with representation rather than constantly demanding more to the point where the plot suffers. If you don’t enjoy the plot because it sucks, fine. If you don’t enjoy the plot because everything that you want to happen can’t happen, then you have obviously never watched TV before. Sometimes shitty stuff happens in shows to further development or establish plot points… stop presuming the worst.

Also, as a side note, consider that the writers may not want to show Malec in a sexual light at Matt or Harry’s request or even in an effort to not fetishise the relationship and reduce it to something sexual. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but that may be their thinking. It’s likely it is all in an effort to prevent homophobia rather than instigate it.

Sometimes I think I should stopping being such a shipper while watching my favorite shows but then they become canon with an amazing storyline and realistic relationship development that in no way undermines them as individuals and I just

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“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))

Straight ship: *is EXPLICITLY abusive*

The hets: #relationshipgoals shes gonna fix him !! They’re just crazy in love!

wlw ship: *has flaws like a realistic relationship*

The hets: I’m not homophobic but,

He caught her and never let her go again

Reasons why Yuri on Ice is the best show

-the animation is gorgeous and actually uses like, 3 different styles
-the writers actually do their research and there is literally nothing out of place with the skating routines(except for the fact that all the characters are so insanely good at skating that all of them would have broken sooo many world records by now)
-there is so much diversity in the show!! It’s one of the very few shows that is really good at making diverse unique characters and don’t limit them to one or two different races, and the characters aren’t all in the same age group which is a really nice change
-lgbt+ representation!!
-their relationship is not sped up, the writers purposely show the passage of time throughout the show, and it’s one of the only times that I’ve ever seen a show portray a relationship developing at a normal rate
-it’s absolutely hilarious, but the jokes never seem forced, the characters are just amazing
-speaking of the characters, the character interaction in the show is amazing. We get to see all the different characters and how they react to different people and settings, something that many shows fail to do
-despite being funny and beautiful to watch, there are also meaningful messages throughout the show(learning how to gain confidence in yourself, examples of healthy relationships and bad ones, etc)
-it promotes feminine qualities as strong and not things to be ashamed of(“prima Ballerina” yurio for example)
-there are so many adorable moments involving flowers, pets, stuffed animals, etc

There’s so many more reasons too but this post is already way too long!

tldr: YOI is a show that is actually realistic and it’s also really heartwarming and hilarious, just go watch it already


I am a ROLEPLAY WHORE in general. 

- SHIP WHORE: May it be platonic, romantic or hate ship, I’m definitely up for it. I want realistic relationships for my muses–people who challenge their beliefs and character–and it doesn’t just limit to romance. Specifically, I like ships that contribute to my muse’s character development and my partner’s muse’s development, too.

- PLOT WHORE: I have a lot of plots I want to write (you can see all them in my RP goals tag.) I’m very flexible with them, however, I do have some limits. If an idea makes me feel comfortable, I’d let you know, though. From canon plots down to anime-based plots and the likes. I’d be down with Werewolf / Vampire, Biblical, Apocalypse, Supernatural, you name it, and etc. 

- ANGST WHORE: I love angst. I’m a sucker for it. I live for it. It could be cute angst, dark angst, adventurous angst, or anything mixed with angst. I love to make my muses suffer and throw them into compromising situations. It’s a key to development.

- DEVELOPMENT WHORE: I’m very okay with pre-established relationships and fast-paced relationships, however, I want development to come with it. I want something to change for my muses; I want them to grow. They’re my babies, and as the mun, I want them to mature and change for the better .  .  . or worse.  

- THREAD WHORE: One thread is never enough for me. If I have one thread with you, chances are, I’ll want more. (May it be with the same pair of muses, or another set of muses.) I believe that it just doesn’t take one event/encounter  to make our muse’s relationships and characters flourish. IC asks are also included in the thread. I tend to send asks related to the event/encounter of our characters 

- ASK / MEMES WHORE: Once I get comfortable with you OOC, I tend to send a lot of them. Although sometimes, I’m very hesitant to send them, lest I’d annoy you. If it irritates you, though, please let me know. 


@ all the Straight™ Victuuri shippers: 

Don’t you dare ruin this for us queer people. Don’t you dare fetishize a healthy mlm relationship with your unhealthy and homophobic “seme” and “uke” bullshit. YOI is NOT a yaoi anime, it depicts a realistic and healthy mlm relationship, unlike most yaoi. Don’t you dare ruin this for us with your “fangirling” because this isn’t fucking fanservice, this is a real and good thing. Let us queer people have this One Thing without it being ruined by fujoshi. It’s great that you support this ship, but this is so much more than them fucking each other. Do NOT ruin this for us. Us queer people are being accurately represented in the media. It’s a big deal. 

I really love how YOI is one of the first anime to show people that there dosen’t have to be a “feminine” in the relationship or an “uke”

both can be the sexy, the masquline, the feminine, the fanboy.

but most important of all is that there is space for them to be themselves without the pressure of uke/seme or genderroles

that’s important af

okay but as a gay kid that’s struggled a lot with having “silly little crushes” due to how society teaches us that being gay is always in extremes (i.e. the trope of only being “madly” in love with your straight best friend, being obsessively head-over-heels for the popular kid at school you don’t actually know), shout out to night vale for making cecil’s crush on carlos just a “silly little thing” that eventually escalated to sometime more serious in a reasonable and healthy amount of time because honestly you have no idea how refreshing it is to see gay characters actually have normal and realistic relationship development, especially when the alternative has actually negatively affected you in real life

Watching Big Hero 6 and realizing it actually portrays a healthy and realistic sibling relationship. 

Watching Big Hero 6 and seeing how racially diverse all the characters are.

Watching big hero 6 and not getting hit with any random and unnecessary romantic subplots.

Watching big hero 6

I don’t believe in love, but sometimes if I think there’s a tiny ounce of it that exists - then I don’t believe in forever. I believe that everyone leaves, that nobody stays forever. ‘Love’s created to show you everything you want and has the ability to make you happy, just for it all to disappear at one point.

This should help you understand why I act crazy at times, why I get so frustrated when you make me jealous, maybe why I talk about us like we’re not going to last. I guess this doesn’t really explain why I’m so shit at trying to love you. I guess it’s not much of an excuse as to why I don’t treat you how you deserve to be treated, and give you the love that you want. Although I hope you know how much it took for me to trust you and even let you in in the first place. I hope you know I’m scared. You’re either going to show me that I was right to believe in things that I believe in and my thoughts on love or you’ll prove me wrong, and I don’t know which one scares me more.

—  s.a.m.i

So, last night I rewatched The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho), and of the million and one reasons why everyone should watch this movie, here are a few:

This is Gabriel (left) and Leo (right)

  • It’s on netflix, which most of you probably have, so it’s accessible
  • How many queer stories are there that feature a protagonist with a disability? Not many, but this one does! Leo is blind, he’s the main character, and I feel they handled his disability well (this is coming from a non-disabled person, though, so feel free to disagree)
  • It’s a pretty stereotypical indie teen romance movie, but the queer aspect already makes it 100x more interesting
  • a realistic parent-child relationship, with bonus awesome grandma
  • there’s no “omg, am I gay???” freak out. In fact, both characters are pretty much 100% ok with being into each other, and they’re main worry is “i don’t know if they like me back, but i know i want to stay friends with them at least, what do i do??” with a tiny sprinkling of jealousy, cause, well, stereotypical teen romance
  • a very beautiful and loving girl-boy friendship with lots of casual, platonic intimacy
  • there’s nothing super angsty?? like, no death or super homophobic parents/classmates or having to hide that they’re queer. it’s honestly such a feel-good movie???
  • what homophobia there is, it comes as teasing and there are never any hints of anything turning violent, and in fact, at one point, when the bully character is teasing Gabriel and Leo for being boyfriends, Leo shows him that they are, in fact, real-life boyfriends, and the bully’s friends start teasing him for trying to make fun of them when they’re actually boyfriends
  • the girl best friend isn’t narratively pushed to the side when the new boy (love interest) comes in. In fact, her (Giovana) and Leo’s friendship is shown to be just as important as Leo and Gabriel’s relationship
  • everything works out and you’re left with a lovely, sweet, happy ending that’s honestly just so nice to see in a young queer romance??? 
  • I really love this movie, and there’s also a short-film!! on youtube that I recommend, too!
For anyone in need of solid Johnlock after this mess...

For anyone in need of solid Johnlock after this mess, for anyone wanting to forget s4 and bury yourself in a different canon, I recommend you check out @johnlockish

Johnlockish is an RP blog. It was started before series 3 came out, so there’s nothing from series 3 or 4 in there despite its long run (over 3 years - they’re now on hiatus). And they wrote it how it should have been written.

They begin with the aftermath of Sherlock’s return (post-s2) and go through John and Sherlock realizing their feelings and navigating a relationship, realistically working out their issues, (eventually) married life, and more, I could go on, it’s all there. Johnlock, hurt/comfort, tooth-rotting fluff, angst, slow burn, everything.

Their writing is GORGEOUS and wonderfully in-character. Everything is on one cohesive blog so it’s easy to follow, just like a fic (Sherlock is in italics, John in plain text). They took questions as an RP blog, but also wrote texts to one another/wrote quality fic to fill in gaps readers aren’t privy to or to emphasise things in the blog.

And as I said, they wrote (in real-time) for 3 years. They’re on hiatus right now and left the option open of coming back, but they left it at a good stopping place with a fic and a sign off from John that seems fitting. Not to mention, there’s so much content there - years worth of it - to read and bury yourself in.

They are the epitome of good pure balanced Johnlock for me. And I don’t say that lightly. I highly recommend checking them out.

Here is a link to the very beginning (the first post is at the bottom of that page). Don’t click on the ‘plot’ button because that will take you chronologically through the blog, but only the very important bits tagged ‘plot’. It doesn’t include most of the other character/fun bits in between (it was used so people could catch up quickly).

Tagging some people under the cut:

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Don’t be against monogamy. Don’t be against polyamory. Do not try to make some judgment call on which relationship style is more realistic. Be against unhappy relationships. Be against settling. Choose what is right for you personally, and accept that what works for you may not work for someone else. We are all different and one size does not fit all.

Some thoughts after episode 7

-a legitimate, realistic, healthy gay romantic relationship is on screen in a show that is not yaoi/BL/shounen ai

-while the incoming US government threatens to institute explicitly anti-LGBT legislation I feel like this ray of hope will get me through however long the fuckwad is in office

-for once queer people didn’t get fucked over and I am so fucking ecstatic

-this show is so personal to me in a way that really doesn’t compare to other shows, and I’m so glad that the creators chose to portray a queer romance positively yet nuanced and believable

-I recommended this show to my mom gushing about how much this show means to me and she’s going to watch and I’m so thankful that my mother is so accepting supportive of me and my gay ass

-honestly what a wonderful time to be alive