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I want a Sharkboy and Lavagirl remake where the CGI is insanely good and the acting is super emotional and intriguing, but nothing about the story changes. Sharkboy still has to sing the dream song and mister Electricidad still has to go “YOU ARE IN MY CLASS!!! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND”

official ranking of every dog emoji on emojipedia 🐕

A beautiful shibe. A good boy who wants to shake a paw. 10/10 would shake

A cute little pupper. Possibly wearing some sort of doggy earmuffs because it’s winter and his ears get cold. You do you lil pupper! Stay warm out there! 10/10 would cuddle to warm up

A handsome doggo going for a walk. Don’t know what happened to his other front leg, but he seems happy. 10/10 would give belly rubs.

Looks like a plastic dog toy, except the head was swapped with a different larger plastic dog toy and just popped on. 10/10 would still play with.

Looks like a fridge magnet. I like the tail floof though. 10/10 would put on my fridge

Cave painting doggo. 15000BCE/10

Somebody just told this dog that he’s a good boy. And they’d be right, he is. 10/10

Simple, not really realistic, but gets the point across. Looks like it was designed by a child. 10/10 would draw in elementary school.

A cute little fella doing his thing. 10/10

Adorable! 10/10 blep, would give many head pats and ear scratches

Ready for anything. 10/10 would go hiking/camping in the mountains with.


  1. Emoji One 3.0
  2. Facebook 2.0


Affectionately known in the Daria universe as JOMA this couple was one that stood out from the rest because of their dealings with a crazy town like Carter County that was predominately white.  At Lawndale High School of course they were not only popular for being the quintessential cute couple but for being two of the smartest in the school.  

It is art and storylines like this that make me want to make a comic strip based on  the day-to-day dealings of couples from a realistic point of view.  WELL TIME TO GO TO WORK ON THAT!

The dub of episode 12 was wonderful, but one line really stood out to me, as a summary of the unique format of the Yuri on Ice story and how it plays with the usual happy ending cliches. (It was in the sub as well, and it caught my eye there as well but something about hearing it made it a lot more interesting.)

“No tale is more compelling, than one that never ends.”

In context, it’s about JJ and Seung Gil Lee, two skaters who are in the prime of their career and whose subtle interactions with each other will continue long past the Grand Prix Final. After all, the Grand Prix is just the start of the skating season. There is so much left to do, and so many stories to be told on the sidelines of the greater Victor/Yuri arc. 

And the thing about skating is that it never stops. Individual skaters work through their careers, but then they coach or choreograph or inspire other younger skaters, who step into their places and continue refining the art. It’s a neverending story, one that only gets greater over time. There’s so much love for the immortality of the ice- the infinite and eternal possibility of greater things in the future- in the writing. No ends, no neatly tied up resolutions. Everything keeps going, and that perpetual motion is beautiful. 

Look at the story we get told with Yuri on Ice. It starts with two skaters in a standstill, trying to figure out how to move forward with their lives. Their victory is not winning a gold medal or getting married and having babies, it’s continuing with their careers, continuing to contribute to the eternal story. They don’t get to settle down, they get to be immortal.

Even if we get a season two, I don’t think we’ll ever get a cut and dried ending, where everyone waltzes into the sunset. That would be a betrayal of the story they’re trying to tell. It isn’t about finding happiness, it’s about progress, about inspiring each other to be better skaters and attaining happiness in the process. 

Maybe one of the main characters will retire, but certainly not permanently. There will always be the next generation in the wings to be tutored, a surprise comeback to be made. One more competition, one more year, one more medal or routine, all the way into forever. 

Not only is that sort of open ended storytelling uniquely poignant, it’s also perfect for a show that endeavors not just to tell a love story but to tell the story of an entire sport. Nothing ever stops, there is no final goal to reach, only an ever evolving conglomerate of beauty that every athlete contributes to. A happy ending for Yuri on Ice is an anti-ending, one forever that promises a more glorious future just around the corner. 

I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme in my friends explanations of their characters

5 & 6 era araki art is very good and stylized but once he gets to 7 & 8 shit gets semi-realistic to a point where some drawings make me uncomfy

if he does a part 9 its going to be photorealistic and terrifying

As good as I think evil!Lena has the potential to be, I really hope they don’t. I feel like although you could make a really good story out of it, that making her evil basically upends everything she’s ever done up to that point. They’ve been toying with this “Lena Luthor: Is She Evil?” storyline all season and that much is quite obvious. I think we all know that. But beyond Lena staring dramatically off into space, she hasn’t really done anything that indicates she’s evil or has any evil intentions. In fact, everything she’s done points to the exact opposite. 

The only instance that I can really think of, is the alien detection device, and that wasn’t necessarily evil. More MorallyGray!Lena, which I wholeheartedly support. I think it’s the most realistic version of Lena Luthor. 

But while I think the story could be good, in regards to evil!Lena, it would also completely ruin the character that they’ve created. It would almost be like establishing an entirely new character, erasing every good thing she’s ever done. And basically screwing up any character development or growth that we could have and would love to have seen from her. It’s a complete 180-degree turn from what they’ve written and frankly a disservice to her character. 

Not to mention the awful message that the storyline would promote. That it doesn’t matter how hard you try to be a good person, you can’t escape how you were raised. Not to mention, they’ve been playing the exact opposite card with Mon-El. That someone who had a questionable moral character at the start, with enough work (and other things that I won’t get into right now), you can become someone worth being. If Mon-El, who seems to have struggled far more with this than Lena has, can do it, why does she have to subject to the Luthor fate? 

I’m still pulling for MorallyGray!Lena, but with the CW, I try to keep my expectations low. 

fish emoji ranking

a solid fish, quite realistic. i like this fish, but do not trust it. 8/10

a little lumpy. i like the realistic approach. loses points for being long and kinda ugly. 6/10

what the fuck is this. 2/10

a more realistic approach. why does it have lips tho. what the hecke. 0/10

a round boy. fairly rendered. ill give bonus points for reminding me of a sunfish i saw one time, but it doesnt really deserve them. 5/10

i like the different color. this fish seems like a friend. but not a friend i would tell secrets to. 7/10

i like the unique position, but this fish almost looks like its attached to an invisible fishhook. a chilling image. 0/10

i like the uniform color and the rendering attempt. i do not like the feeling i get from this fish. 4/10

some say this fish looks butt ugly but i like it. its still ugly tho. 6/10

a cuter version of the last fish. it seems like a friend i would trust my pets to. though i do not trust them with it. 10/10

i like the bubbles but dang that it a large eye. what do your fish eyes see. loses points for existential despair. 7/10

i have eaten a fish that looks exactly like this. 1/10

How dare someone say DC isn’t inspiring hope?! It is inspiring hope in a world where finding hope is hard. Superheroes shouldn’t enter a universe when everything is okay and be the source of rising tension and problems, they should enter the world when people have nothing else to believe in when they need inspiration!

The DC universe starts with Clark Kent being a hero in a world where people would turn against him. Clark Kent can’t find his place in the world, he is struggling with creating his own identity, but he is still saving lives. Lois finds him because everywhere he goes he saves people. The world is invaded and Clark is pushed as he would realistically to his breaking point (the destruction is the level it would be if a world ending fight had happened) the world is scared it needs hope. It needs superheroes to inspire. Criticize MOS all you want, everyone knows that if a being with God like powers showed up you bet your ass everything Martha feared would come true, but Clark still has enough faith in humanity to risk everything for it- how is that not hopeful?

BVS is apparently so dark, but the entire movie is about people who have lost hope regaining it. Clark struggles with being hated and feared, he struggles to deal with his sacrifice, as anyone would. He pushed himself to the breaking point for people, and yet they don’t trust him. Clark instead of breaking works hard to prove himself, he tries to be a hero for the world, to fit in. It isn’t easy for Clark, but it is worth it to him, Clark see’s enough good in humanity that he finds a reason to be their hero despite the fact that he doesn’t owe the world a goddamn thing. 

Bruce has lost everything, he has lost his purpose, and he see’s the worst in Clark, as he see’s the worst in himself, and humanity. Bruce despite struggling with his PTSD  finds a reason to trust again because of Clark’s heroism. It’s Clark Kent’s embodiment of the most human principles (hope, trust, faith) that brings Bruce back from the edge. “Men are still good”

BVS shows heroes even when they lose hope can find it again. Diana is much the same, after a World War she doesn’t think that humanity deserves saving, but because she see’s a man with no power fight a losing battle, when she see’s a being much like herself risk everything despite being rejected she remembers why she fights! How is that not hopeful.

Suicide Squad begins with dealing with the fallout of Superman’s death, the world hasn’t simply gotten over it. However, horrible people, people who have no reason to trust each other, or fight for humanity, come together to save it because even the worst of us have the potential to do the right thing. The idea that no one is too far gone to save, that even with a bomb in your head you can choose to save someone you care about is shown. That is pure hope.

Hope is easy in a world where the hero can save everyone, hope is easy when people trust heroes from the start. But hope in a universe where your faith is constantly tested, now that is an achievement.

actively rejecting the inclusion of homophobia and transphobia in the content i make and consume extremely legit and good imo.

what about a shock genital reveals is inherently realistic to the point that it MUST be included? what is it about a character being shunned or shamed for not being cis and/or straight that’s so vital to the verisimilitude of gay fanfiction made about existing media franchises?

it’s transformative fiction, so why not transform it.

‘don’t you think it would be more realistic for this cis coffee shop barista to be shocked and disgusted that the hot flower shop proprietor doesn’t have a cis dick?’ nope!! not in this reality!! it’s great!!

love of your life

// a short and sentimental jumin han x mc fic that nobody really asked for! mc with avoidant personality disorder (avpd), anxiety, and depression (because boy do I love writing vaguely about my own experiences) \


it’s a saturday when you decide to turn your back on jumin han, the love of your life, forever.

“you shouldn’t try to understand what’s going on up here. i don’t want to put that burden on you anymore,”

you pointed up to your head and played with your hair, looking down. it wasn’t a very romantic or sweet approach to the situation, but it was your way of handling things. avoidance, trying to make people forget about you, pushing everyone away. you wanted to become deep tree roots in the ground, hidden from the earth but a strong base of something greater than yourself. you could just watch from afar, and he could be your branches.

“that’s nonsense.”

your heart skips a beat and you tense up, noticing his eyes glancing back to you, quick and intense emotion deep in his grey orbs. “i’m going to love you, mc, and you have no say in it from now on. i’m not going to lose someone as special as you, no matter what.”

wistful laughter rises up in your stomach and gets caught in your throat. it’s not a happy feeling, and instead you feel like you’re going to throw up. you just can’t believe him. oh, how desperately do you want to just have a picture-perfect happy ending with him, but your brain is holding you back. your past. your mental illness. your chemical imbalances… whatever name this collaboration of demons inside you went by, they had sank its teeth into you and they weren’t going to be easily swayed.

“that’s just the default response, isn’t it?” you laugh bitterly, tragically. the hoarse and soft sound is cut short by quieter sobs and tears filling up your lungs. you ball up your hands into fists, knuckles turning white, and stare at the ground.

you’re being difficult. you know you are. you don’t want to be this way, so confrontational in the most self-destructive ways. whenever you get your hands on something good, every part of you is telling you to ruin it and to run the hell away. impulsively.

your brain was a separate being than yourself. the personality disorder, depression, anxiety and who knows what else that clouded your heart so often were bigger than you now. they were cruel, hateful, and evil. you didn’t want to put someone else through your shit. you didn’t want to see such a beautiful man slowly fall out of love with you when he gets to know the demons you keep hidden behind fake smiles and pretty excuses.

“i’m really not special… i’m just nice to you. i understand you, because i know what it’s like to lock up all your feelings in a little box and never let them show. but does that- does this- really equate to love? am i just getting in over my head?”

he stood up, and your stomach dropped and lurched. he was going to leave. he’s going to walk out and you’re never going to see him again and you’re going to die because you said too much and you sounded like an idiot you wished you never opened your mouth and everything is falling apart and you think the walls are shaking and your breath is gone you don’t know where it went you can’t move and you can’t breathe and there are a million thoughts attacking you at once a million words in your brain and it’s too much and you still can’t breathe

he steps close to you. you press your chest to your knees and let out a strained sob. he touches your shoulder. your thoughts overload your brain. he notices that you are hyperventilating. you’re…

you’re dying.

it’s a sunday when you decide to leave this world in front of jumin han, the love of your life, forever.

except, wait, no, that’s not right. instead, your tired eyes open to greet white fluorescent lights and a tile ceiling.

“you’re up.” you’re startled by his voice before you begin to hear the heart monitor. your mouth is dry, but you manage to open it, and with a small, weary, and broken voice you ask him what happened.

“you had a very intense panic attack and fainted from excessive hyperventilating. i rushed you here as fast as i could,” he looks you directly in the eyes and you know that he is filled with compassion and empathy and love for you, but you can’t bear to meet those lovely eyes. not this early, at least.

you felt yourself sink deeper into the cold bedsheets. “i’m so sorry,” you whispered, and the faucet in your eyes began to drip yet again, oceans filling up your orbs and blurring your vision. shame, embarrassment, and insecurity filled your head this time. but you felt a hand brush the tears away from your cheek and lips pressed to your own.

he pulls away gently, and looks at you lovingly. “i don’t care if you think you’re a burden, or if you’re afraid, or if you want to push me away. i won’t let you. mc.. you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and i could never possibly see you as a burden. you helped me take the lid off of my heart and take on my own internal issues like an adult, and i’m going to do the same for you.”

your heart begins to race and you look at him, surprised. he doesn’t let you protest. “i’m with you now. i’m going to do everything in my power to make you feel loved, because you deserve it. don’t you ever try to convince me otherwise.”

finally, you let yourself smile, and the tears turn to ones of a new type of happiness unfamiliar to you. it’s not going to fix everything, but you know that this is a start to a lot of progress; you love him. and you want to be better for him.

it’s a sunday when you decide to start opening your heart to jumin han, the love of your life, forever.


i, for one, am extremely excited about all of the first-year interactions that have both happened in the latest chapter and are guaranteed to happen coming up,

Lock & Key
Welcome to Lovecraft

“No. You can’t understand. Because you’re reading the last chapter of something without having read the first chapter. You’re a little guy, Bode. Kids always think they’re coming into a story at the beginning, when they’re usually coming in at the end.”  

I opened this book in a airplane trip. One hour and twenty minutes later I had finished it and was already starving for more. Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King and like his father, he his a man of great talent. This story is very fresh and original. I really enjoyed the personal conflicts of each member of the family and the way each one was dealing with the death of a loving one. The villain is well constructed too, his background story is very realistic and at some point i didn’t know how to react to him… Should i hate him for what he did and what he is doing? Or should i feel pity for him because his life was so screwed?

Anyway, this family lives in a mansion and there are magical keys that open some very peculiar doors. I’m not going to spoil anything, i just wanted to say that there is some King value in this, and it’s awesome.
Totally worth my money.

Anonymous asked:

I’m developing a story that partially takes place in a setting I’ve never been in. Is it enough to do research via all media (news and film included?) or do I need to do field research, since the setting is theoretically accessible in real life? I want to portray life in such a setting realistically to the point where I feel either interviews or heavy research is needed.

Lots of writers have novels set in places they’ve never been to. In fact, four of my novels are set in real places I haven’t been to. If you can somehow wrangle a trip, by all means, do it! However, don’t shy away from a setting just because you can’t visit it. Just do the best you can research-wise. This is a lot easier now than it was even ten years ago, because now you can “walk around” so many places via Google Street View (and Google Earth, if you can get it), plus, there are 360 degree photos and quad-copter flyovers. Google Earth, YouTube, Vimeo, and travel web sites are some of my favorite sources. Have a look at my post Setting Your Story in an Unfamiliar Place for more help. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

I really wish people would stop immediately jumping from “I love Levi” to “I hate Levi”, like guys seriously this man has been through a hell of a lot and just to see everything and everyone around him disappear again breaks my heart. I honestly don’t understand what people are hating him for anyway? just because he wanted to give the syrum to Erwin instead because Erwin is his closest and dearest friend who he only has left now and not to mention Erwin plays an important role as the Commander of the Survey corps, he will lead them to victory, he plans  to make this happen. Yes I know that Mikasa and Eren are hurting right now because their friend Armin is hurt but guys honestly take it from Levi’s point of view, if your friend was on the verge of death and you had to choose whether to save them or save another you would immediately go to you friend right? because they are the only one who cares for you and that you owe your life to right? I think people should stop jumping to conclusions when a character makes a decision that might effect other people around them. Just seriously remember that Erwin was the one who helped Levi when Isabel and Farlan died, he took him into the survey corps under his supervision and took care of Levi.