realistic point

I want a Sharkboy and Lavagirl remake where the CGI is insanely good and the acting is super emotional and intriguing, but nothing about the story changes. Sharkboy still has to sing the dream song and mister Electricidad still has to go “YOU ARE IN MY CLASS!!! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND”

8 minutes of a lifetime

You know I rewatched the whole episode again

And even if the last scene with Marco not remembering his password of his laptop seems unsettling I think it was there to remind us that what happened to Marco in that dimension DID happened, but he is in the process to going back to his 14 yearls old self. His mental state is not going to return to his normal age as fast as his body, because if that happened, it would have been disturbing for him.

The next scene is what, at least for me, proves my point

“Still warm”

That means he did remembers the burger, that he bought that and that’s why he says “Still warm”. This is showing us that he is starting to going back to his old mental self.

And lastly

“Alright, let’s go for a walk”

He still remembers this and it’s not doubtfoul of what the puppies want and he is doing it with a smile. He is sure of what he needs to do, something that didnt happened with the laptop. I think by this moment confirms that he is back to being 14-years-old Marco.

So this scene is actually shwoing us a slower process of him regaining his 14-old mind. Mind and body are different things and I think this is very realistic in the point of handling differently a body change with a mental change. You cant just show two different realities to someone an expect them to addapt quickly to them. It took a little more time that his body, but he is back to his teenage mental state.

His memories of what happened in those 16 years will go away? Probably not. But he isn’t going to remember it as “what-i-am-now” but a “what-i-can probably-be” more likely scenario. That he can have a future if he proposes things.

With the experience he gained, he is going to enjoy his teenage life with his friends and family. 

He knows he have a future.

But for now, he is going to live his present.

official ranking of every dog emoji on emojipedia 🐕

A beautiful shibe. A good boy who wants to shake a paw. 10/10 would shake

A cute little pupper. Possibly wearing some sort of doggy earmuffs because it’s winter and his ears get cold. You do you lil pupper! Stay warm out there! 10/10 would cuddle to warm up

A handsome doggo going for a walk. Don’t know what happened to his other front leg, but he seems happy. 10/10 would give belly rubs.

Looks like a plastic dog toy, except the head was swapped with a different larger plastic dog toy and just popped on. 10/10 would still play with.

Looks like a fridge magnet. I like the tail floof though. 10/10 would put on my fridge

Cave painting doggo. 15000BCE/10

Somebody just told this dog that he’s a good boy. And they’d be right, he is. 10/10

Simple, not really realistic, but gets the point across. Looks like it was designed by a child. 10/10 would draw in elementary school.

A cute little fella doing his thing. 10/10

Adorable! 10/10 blep, would give many head pats and ear scratches

Ready for anything. 10/10 would go hiking/camping in the mountains with.


  1. Emoji One 3.0
  2. Facebook 2.0
About the April SQ CROWN

I see people have noticed the SQ CROWN preview posted by Yonkou Productions the other day doesn’t include any mention of DGM.

I wasn’t gonna say anything about it yet, since we’re still two weeks out from the magazine’s release, but since people are talking now…

As I’ve said before, I honestly don’t think we should believe anything Shueisha / Jump says about DGM until it actually comes to pass. Because, since roughly last August, everything they promised about DGM has been a lie. Literally, everything. The Gray Log is still indefinitely postponed (and we don’t know anything about the new art book Hoshino was working on). The DGM Hallow blu-rays are canceled. And so on, and so forth…

So, really, we shouldn’t expect a new chapter in two weeks, even though the last CROWN issue made an apparent promise that there’d be some big DGM chapter in April, and we’d finally get all the answers to our burning questions.

Personally, I think it’s best to err on the side of caution and expect nothing. Then, if there miraculously is a chapter, we can all be pleasantly surprised.

At this point, I’m kinda bummed watching everyone expect something great every time there’s a CROWN release, only to get nothing (or, you know, 7 pages, which is too close to 0 for comfort).

I’d recommend we all be cautious about getting too hyped up over a potential chapter, given the recent string of disappointments. 

In a week or so, the Jump website will likely post the cover and TOC for the April CROWN, and then we’ll know for sure whether or not they’ve let us down again. But, like I said, it’s not looking good, and it hasn’t for a long time, so don’t get too excited yet. I hate watching you all get upset. :(

If it turns out that there is a new DGM chapter on the 14th, then awesome. We’ll have a huge party and ten thousand cool edits and tons of new art, and it’ll be great!

If not…well…what else is new? :/

Sherlock S4 fuckiness and the post-its I keep to remind me of it

In no particular order, I present the list of things that are particulary infuriating to me about S4 that I’ve been keeping on post-its by my bedside table the last month in case I lose hope. They are, for me, enough proof for The Lost Special. Today being 8th of March it seems fitting to keep them in mind.

(Disclaimer: this is a compound of theories developed by hundreds of people over a long time and I cannot possibly credit everyone or explain them at this point, so I’ll just list them.)

  • The Importance Of Being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde being quoted in TFP
  • Mycroft-> Lady Bracknell, the baby in the handbag = gun in the handbag (Euros and Vivian Norbury). The baby gets thrown in the Thames?
  • Queen’s I Want To Break Free in TFP stoping at “I’ve fallen in…” (love)
  • Elephant Glass Shock Proof in Euros’s cell
  • The elephant in the Thai menu in Mycroft’s frige
  • Rosie’s elephant toy
  • The elephant in John’s living room
  • The endless horror film references in TFP (many of them being hyper meta, especially Shutter Island)
  • John/Culverton mirror
  • Una Stubbs’ voice in TFP “Softer, Sherlock” instead of Euros’
  • Russian and Turkish leaks with no reaction
  • Over reaction with the promo chess pictures being leaked
  • Promo pictures being very similar to Clue’s movie poster -> Clue’s different endings and the similar final paused shot in TFP
  • The bulding up to Moriarty not making any sense (especially if we take into account M Theory, because he IS alive)
  • TLD having the gun shown multiple times, a smoking gun that is definitely not a tranquiliser gun. The last shot fading with red, like in Bond movies
  • The enormous red carpet under John in the therapist that resembles the blood pool in the market
  • HLV/TLD paralels
  • Martin breaking the 4th wall in T6T noding to the camera while holding the glass of wine
  • SHERLOCK: Romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people … JOHN (interrupting): … would complete you as a human being. NO PAY OFF FOR THIS. This mirrors the greenhouse conversation in TAB
  • Why was Molly upset when Euros called in TFP?
  • John/Molly mirror (Molly wearing the same jumper she wore in TEH while taking John’s place, the framing of that hellish shot with John and the coffin cover “I love you”)
  • “John is clearly standing behind him in the trailer, so unless he’s talking to a mirror for some very bizarre reason, I should think not.” -Mark
  • Sumatra/Samarra pointing out to TEH which lead us to The Lost Special and MINDING THE FREAKING GAP->Moriarty
  • “It’s never twins”
  • The camera shown in the hotel in T6T
  • Season 4 DVD not having “complete” like the other DVD’s had
  • Mark’s picture with the 4 fingers raised in Twitter
  • “Has it just occurred to you you’ve been played for an ad campaign” hello Apple Tree Yard  
  • Moriarty at the end of S4 DVD “You didn’t think I would just disappear, did you?”
  • The whole promotion about S4 and the season itself being about hacking
  • Skull Hell
  • Sherlock saving the tea cup and the boy in the hotel in T6T dropping the tea
  • Tea code being confirmed
  • “Is this a new person? I’m against new people.”
  • “You’d be better off with clown outfits. At least they’d be satirically relevant.”
  • Cake=violent death John and Sherlock going to get cake
  • Lady Smallwood’s name
  • Vatican cameos ignored
  • “And boop, they are fine”
  • Sherlock breaks the 4th wall (like in Queen’s I Want To Break Free videoclip)
  • The Garridebs literally cliff-hanging
  • Chekhov’s gun on the promo picture and literally hanging on the wall in the Garridebs scene
  • “People always give up after three” 
  • Blue Power Ranger gay subtext
  • T6T being an old case about a gay couple -> Margaret Thatcher getting smashed, Sherlock not knowing who she is despite the fact that he knew in THoB
  • “Fresh paint to disguise another smell”
  • Mycroft watching his own romantic movie turning into an horror film
  • T6T starting with doctored footage
  • “That’s not what happened at all”
  • “Why does anyone do anything” Norbury/Moriarty
  • “Sherlock, the dragon slayer” (Mycroft, Moriarty and kinda Magnussen have all alluded to this and now Mary does)
  • Shark hell
  • Sherlock’s recurrent dream (?)
  • “Oh, good, I love an acronym. All the best secret societies have them.”
  • “It is what it is” either being followed by “says love” or being a quote by John Locke
  • "I don’t like loose ends. Not on my watch” says Mycroft/Mark, as he holds a pen and looks at the camera
  • #Ohwhatabeautifulmorning tying in with Oklahoma! and consequently with  Green Grow the Lilacs, a play with gay subtext all over that got misunderstood and very famous
  • Steven starting TLS rumors
  • TD-12 being memory corrupting
  • The freaking guy from the official Sherlock Youtube channel teasing TLS and saying “The greatest love story never told”
  • The girl on the plane being the same one from ASiB
  • The TAB-like transition when John faints in TFP
  • The S1 scripts being released for no reason
  • “Childhood trauma masked by an invented memory. Boring!” THoB (person=dog)  
  • Mary’s death not being realistic as pointed in HLV (thank you for reminding me, @antisocial-otaku)
  • The explosion in 221B not having the consequences in the building that   Mycroft foreshadowed and them being perfectly ok afterwards.
  • Where is Ben’s 26 pages scene?
  • What was Ben’s kissy gesture while saying “Very well. It’s going very well” in SDCC all about?
  • TFP as a whole. Too much to analyze there


  • “Love conquers all” 
  • “Groundbreaking”
  • “History making”
  • “Rug pull”
  • Derren Brown

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Why we enjoy Sarah J Maas’s books:

Alright! So I finally got through all of the survey responses. I got over 300! However, I did have to throw out over 50 as many people decided to check more than 5 for likes or dislikes. And I don’t think google forms lets you limit the number they can check? Anyways, it’s fine because I still have 254 usable responses and tons of lovely quotes/thoughts/rants from all of you!!

I’ll put the data charts up top and then the long answer responses below, divided into sections.

So clearly, we are overwhelmingly here for the female characters, the character growth, and the romance. But we also like the morally grey characters, the world building, and the representation of PTSD, abuse, and mental health issues. 

I’m sorry that is so tiny, but basically, we overwhelmingly dislike the lack of diversity in terms of PoC and LGBTQ character and we also have some issues with world building, magic, and seeing our favs do problematic things. 

Also 18 of your hate Celaena lol (I love her and I know that putting that answer in there as a selection was petty af but I cannot help myself. It was all for a good laugh)

Alright, so most of us feel negatively and positively about the fandom. But a solid chunk, 34%, feels positively most-all of the time. Which is great. We are doin okay friends. Only 5.5%, 14 people, felt like the fandom affected them only negatively. 

So we clearly are here for enjoyment and escapism. And pain. 

Also, I apologize for the wet dreams one but THIS FANDOM LOVES SMUT I HAD TO PUT IT ON THERE OKAY

So 70% of the ppl reading to enjoy things and find it easy to ignore the things we dislike. 

And the long answers:


Some of us really enjoy the way she writes characters—she really makes us really care with backstory and character development:

“When I finally decide to shut the book, it takes me a minute to forget that the characters aren’t real. I’ve fallen in love with almost every single one of her characters because they’re so authentic; they go through hardships, they love, they fall out of love, they get angry, they grieve deeply, but most importantly, they GROW. I’m so impressed with who Feyre and Aelin have come to be as women over the years. The familial love that bonds the characters together is also something that I really connect to. They really would do ANYTHING to protect each other.” anonymous

“She delivers types of characters and points of view that other YA writers haven’t done. She pulls of tropes without making them boring. She isn’t afraid of calling characters out for doing the wrong thing.”- @the-heir-of-terrasen

“I think SJM’s character development is her biggest strength. I haven’t connected to so many characters in a series since Harry Potter. She is good at showing rather than telling when it comes to several moments of key character building, especially for . That I am so emotionally invested in such a wide variety of characters across two series is a testament to her gift.” -anonymous

“Her use of description and narrative really is eye-opening to the world of the characters in the most subtle of ways. She knows how to wield a character’s experiences and history to cleave new paths in their personalities, and thus makes ever-changing, ever-growing characters that are so much more relatable than most other fantasy books. Not to mention that her villains are just as mysterious and wicked as her protagonists, making even the antagonists realistic to the point of you *screaming* at the book for whatever the character has done this time.“ - @cynical-minds-for-cynical-times

“The Connection to the characters. I don’t relate so much as I do just care very, very deeply about them. I LIKE them, even if they aren’t likable people?” @squaddreamcourt

We also really enjoy how morally complex the characters are:

“What I love about SJM is that she doesn’t make things prettier than they are. She has not created a perfect world, with those perfect good characters finding a perfect happy ending. Instead she created a world that has loads of problems we’re also facing in our world and she shows us how layered and well thought out characters are dealing with them. Her characters grow and the emotional impact of their deeds is not shrugged off. I love it how everything they do has consequences and how the heroes make mistakes and bad decisions and how the villains do good things sometimes. What I love is that it’s a fascinating world with fascinating characters that gives me an unique view on our world.” @acourtofhopeanddreams

“The characters are very well-rounded and dynamic. Almost every character has a motivation for what and why they’re doing what they’re doing, which is something some villains lack in other stories. You find yourself hating the characters, but still enjoying the parts that they’re in because they are so realistic in their mannerisms and motivations.” anonymous

Her books help us deal with personal issues, and we also seem to enjoy how relatable or realistic the personal relationships between the characters are:

“I feel like her books help me a lot, for one thing because they make me feel excited and enthusiastic about something which I think everyone needs more of in their life. I also love the platonic and romantic relationships between the characters because they educate me about abusive relationships, healthy relationships, and the complications of friendships etc. I love this because I feel like it helps me understand myself and the people around me better emotionally, and puts my own personal experiences with other people in perspective. I also find a lot of the things that go down between the characters help me feel more secure about my personal life, and they help me accept myself for feeling the way I do about certain things. Also, I love just love reading them because I find them really fun and enjoyable.“ - @ashryverblue

“I enjoyed the way she wove my favorite fairy tales together and wrote compelling romance. I also connected to the characters and appreciated how she prioritized female pleasure in sex.“ - @sarahviehmann

“The representation of mentally ill and abused characters and their arcs that deals with their past and their issues that isnt “love fixes everything” -anonymous

“also like how they don’t have the common ‘no body likes me because I’m ugly I’m so sad boo ho’ because I never really related to those characters. I want to read about someone who is confident in their body and with their skills, and not someone who is whiny and needs someone to hold their hand through everything.” @a-book-love

“Feyre’s struggle with abuse and PTSD in ACOMAF was relatable and her growth is inspiring. I love her relationship with Rhys and the understanding and respect they have for one another. I love Rhys and his Inner Circle - they’re funny, kind, intelligent, strong, witty etc. I like that Rhys, Mor, Az, and Cassian are abuse survivors - it gives me hope. I love how supportive they are of one another. Of course, I love the magic and world-building in the series but the characters and their relationships are what stand out to me the most in this series.” @pencilsfulloflead

And some of us are here for the drama (myself included):

“Honestly these are the most dramatic books I’ve read, which I love. My favorite thing about fanfiction is how character focused they are, all the big sweeping emotional gestures, all the angst and drama. Give me all that shit. SJM’s books give me that but with original characters/a new world/etc. which allows me new content with those same tropey, dramatic things that I love, with good writing. “ anonymous

“GOD I WISH I KNEW, I HAVE ALWAYS CONSIDERED MYSELF BEING HELD IN THIS FANDOM AGAINST MY WILL AND BETTER JUDGEMENT. I guess I’d say the characters– while I wouldn’t call them “relatable” necessarily– are engaging, and the light fantasy trappings, digestible (though not refined) prose, fast pace, exciting-if-not-necessarily-logically-sound plot twists, and heightened drama create an exciting tableau/ fertile ground for indulgent romance narratives/ heavy interpersonal dramas, which SJM does well. There’s also lots of side characters/ unexplored plot or world-related threads prime for creative exploration that make the world fun to explore as a fic writer.“ @valamerys

“The books have an element of wonder to them; my jaw was wide open during the scene in HOF when all the witches drummed for Abraxos and during the Weaver scene in ACOMAF. Aelin never fails to make me laugh, and on the flip side, her story in HOF is my absolute favorite.” @screaming-at-billiards

And finally, this little snippet that I thought explained why most of us read for the female characters:

“that the women don’t need men to be powerful”


So we clearly have some issues with the diversity…

“Two black girls died for white pain (Dorian/Sorscha and Aelin/Nehemia) in back to back books.”

“I would like to see more POC and LGBT characters because I feel like with the powerful messages and arcs these characters go through it would be beneficial not only to the storyline (with experiences like racism and LGBT discrimination to add to their issues and how they deal with them) but to how people read the book.”

“She messed up big time with ACOWAR and how poorly she treated Mor’s trauma.”- anonymous

“I can’t think of a general thing I dislike about Sarah’s books. I know lack of/poorly handled diversity is an issue but as a straight white female I tend to let others speak on this as I don’t feel like it’s my place to say whether or not POC/LGBTQ+ characters are represented well/enough. Other than that there are plot points, conversations, small things, etc. that I wish had gone differently but that’s my nitpicking and personal preference.” anonymous
“Primarily it’s the lack of representation and understanding of diversity, but recently with acowar I felt she became too busy and it was a bit rushed and unfinished.” @fcyrearcherxn

“Eh I wish it [descriptions of skin color] was clearer so ppl would stop drawing illiryans white” @acourtoffeyreandaelin

And some of us have issues with world building…

“Sjm seems to think about a lot of things while writing, but she doesn’t think them all the way through. For example, the magic system, the references to mythological characters/creatures from multiple cultures and smashed together, etc. I get the sense that even if she has to outline for her publisher, there is still so much that just isn’t thought about with enough attention to detail.“ @abookandacoffee

How dislike affects our reading:

Some of us are not affected by the things we dislike:

“Not at all really, if anything it just fuels fanfiction.” anonymous

“Literally not at all. Even if there are things I dislike, I still love the characters and their stories.” anonymous

“they mildly irritate me until i get over it about 4 minutes later” anonymous

“not much tbh, I just skipped that shit lol” @squaddreamcourt

Some of us were disappointed by acowar and the world building issues it raised affected our enjoyment:

“It makes me cringe when I read it, and honestly all the issues in ACOWAR made it harder for me to get into. Some illogical (even with magic in place) things in the end battle made it impossible for me to focus on the end of the book, cause I still couldn’t get over how little sense what had just happened made. Which was the opposite of ACOMAF, I couldn’t get enough of that book.” - @nightinsurgent

Some of us are negatively affected by the way SJM has handled certain issues:

It [ Mor’s trauma in acowar] honestly ruined the entire book for me and I try to pretend like the third book isn’t even canon.” -anonymous

“Sometimes it can put a downer as I’m a POC I can sometime realise I can’t fully relate to all characters but usually i brush it off as I realise that all books have faults.”-anonymous

And some of us feel guilty for enjoying these books despite the issues:

“I have at times (particularly after major online discussions) felt guilty for taking pleasure from something that hurt another person’s feelings.“- anonymous 

How the fandom affects our enjoyment:

Some of us love the fandom and how it leads to deeper understandings of the story:

“I LOVE fandom. It makes me feel like I’m part of something and that I have people who are there for me. It also gives me new ways of obsessing about the series, and I love seeing other people’s interpretations and feelings about the books, especially when they point out things that I haven’t noticed before. It just gives me a deeper, richer reading experience and it’s like I’m always partly in the world of the books, because I’m always thinking about them and in that sense they never really leave me and are always a part of me.“ @ashryverblue


For some of us, fandom really affects how we enjoy the books and how we think about certain aspects and characters:

“I’ve always been a critical reader but I wonder if I didn’t have a medium to see, read, and interact with my criticisms that I would let them go easier.”- anonymous

“I can mostly ignore it but sometimes it makes me feel shame for liking the books as much as I do. I also can get past it because I think some people are way to harsh and expect perfect characters which is not what I’m here for. Also, even if improvement in terms of representation is slow at least sjm has made some changes which is something most authors would never do.”-anonymous

“I get to see both sides of all the arguments and my own opinions are sometimes changed based on an argument someone might present considering any topic, which expands my horizons and makes it more enjoyable for me.” @angrydinosauryouth

“I don’t think I would care about Suriel’s death so much if it wasn’t for this fandom who made him a drama loving queen. Things like that” @jmaas-books-lover

We are disappointed with the fandom recently:

“At first I loved how we were all interacting, but the fandom has grown so negative and condemning of any differing opinions. I don’t mean people being called out others for saying abusive characters are not abusive, but people seem to go to war over inconsequential opinions that don’t harm anyone.” @nightinsurgent

“The ACOTAR fandom in particular used to be really lovely and amazing, and there are still groups with whom that is still true. Everyone let people think about and enjoy what they wanted as long as we weren’t perpetuating or justifying abuse, and it was a very supportive environment. It’s less so, now, and people are defending the text just to defend it, which is frustrating to me both as a fic writer AND a reader.” @sarahviehmann

“What gets at me is the clouds of negativity… And it seems really  hard to avoid sometimes, especially in such a small fandom. And when a few vocal members, who otherwise make good stuff, get very negative it gets worse…”

Some of us love the books despite what the fandom has to say:

“The fandom itself doesn’t affect my love of the books, I make my own opinions about them. But the fandom is severely affecting my enjoyment of being a part of the fandom.” @miladyaelin

Some of us enjoy parts of the fandom, but have serious issues with how the fandom reacts negatively to certain aspects of the books:

“Parts of the fandom really make me happy and allow me to discuss my thoughts and feelings about the books. There’s an amazing community of people. But there is a huge part of the fandom which really, really negatively affects my experience through heavy, harsh, and often unnecessary criticism. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be critical and shouldn’t discuss the issues in her books, but there’s almost a frenzy about it now to the point where those of us who enjoy her books are made to feel bad about it. Yes, she has problems. But there has been significant improvements that no one seems to want to acknowledge. The second something new is released it’s torn into shreds and if you have a different opinion then you’re wrong. (For example, how Morrigan’s coming out was handled. Everyone has been saying how bad it was and how Sarah really messed it up, but I’m bisexual and I now really relate to Mor and the way she came out and her reasoning for not doing so before was incredibly real and believable to me. It seems that a lot of the people (though obviously not all) who criticise the lack of diversity in SJM’s books aren’t actually diverse themselves and are just on some sort of crusade to make themselves look like better people.) Why can’t some of us just enjoy a book for what it’s worth?” anonymous

5 & 6 era araki art is very good and stylized but once he gets to 7 & 8 shit gets semi-realistic to a point where some drawings make me uncomfy

if he does a part 9 its going to be photorealistic and terrifying

I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme in my friends explanations of their characters

if someone could plz explain to me what the fuck just happened in black butler 

Fanfiction Appreciation Post: Haikyuu!! (KageHina)

I am super grateful for all the wonderful people who put all their hard work into writing fanfiction beautifully. So, since Fandom Fic Rec Days are coming soon, I’m going to make a couple of posts dedicated to my favorite fanfics! I have too many in Haikyuu!!, so there are subsets based on the main relationship in the fic. Enjoy!


sometimes your heart will ache but that doesn’t mean you’re weak by takokun (G; 6.6k; English; Complete)

When Kageyama wakes up he finds tears on his pillow.

Disclaimer: This is endgame HinaYachi, but honestly the KageHina portrayal requires this fic to be in this post too. 

Comments: I NEVER thought I would have one favorite fanfic in all the fanfiction I have read, but this is IT. Every now and then I go back and read it again, and it still makes me feel the way I felt the first time I read it. I cry throughout the whole story now, but honestly, I’m so glad this exists. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Painting With Words by iwillstillopenthewindow (@iwillstillopenthewindow(G; 5.1k; English; Complete)

Hinata just can’t seem to write anything these days, until he gets an invitation to an art exhibit.

Comments: I have no words for this one. It’s just such a wonderful piece of art. In fact, the whole series is awesome, if you choose to read it.

and i would say i love you but saying it out loud is hard by calliopinaround (@calliopin-around(T; 1.6k; English; Complete)

No matter how hard he tries, Kageyama thinks, he always ends up like this.

Comments: Just… the simplicity in getting together. I love it when ordinary antics and moments lead to extraordinary developments. 

you’re the wings on my back, and together we conquer the sky by earlgrey_milktea (@puddingcatbae(G; 5.1k; English; Complete)

“Oi. Your turn to make dinner.”
“No, it’s your turn.”
“No way, I made it last night. Remember? We had ramen.”
“Instant ramen. Which doesn’t even count as cooking.”
“I did it in a pot on the stove, so it does count.“
or, kagehina in their twenties;
adulting is an everyday adventure when you’ve got your best friend right there next to you.

Comments: I read this right after I got into a QPR myself (and I got my lovely QPP to read it too), and it just blew my mind. The realistic portrayal, on-point characterization and relationship development, amazing. 

Count by someonestolemyshoes (@someone-stole-my-shoes(G; 5k; English; Complete)

Kageyama’s first kiss was with a volleyball.

He was six, and the smooth, cool leather stung where it smacked to his mouth. It tasted like dirt, like dust and gym shoes and a little bit like sweat, too, and it stole the breath from his lungs and took his two front teeth away with it.

It…probably doesn’t count as a kiss, honestly, because balls don’t even have lips to kiss with, but it made him fall in love with volleyball the way real kisses make boys fall in love with girls on the playground, so Kageyama thinks it’s probably good enough.

It didn’t matter that it hurt - that it bled, bust his nose and ripped his gums and stained his mouth in red and blue and purple - what mattered was that it was his first kiss, his best kiss, and nothing was ever, ever going to change that.

His second kiss is with Hinata.

Comments: I don’t even know why or how I came to like this one, but I do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I counted the kisses I received just like Kageyama does here.


love and victory by bigspoonnoya (2 works; 36k; English; Complete)

Comments: This entire series just… gave me the feels so bad. Gosh, if you ever need lots of angst but also happy tears and you like the college AU and have enough time on your hands to read a ton, this series is for you. Actually, even if you don’t have time, this series is worth all the procrastination in the world. (Be sure to check the warnings on each work first; I haven’t put them up here.)

This list is in no way complete. These are just a handful of the several fics that have given me the feels, warmed my heart, made me melt, brightened my day, and/or inspired me. Even if those fics aren’t up here, I really appreciate the hard work of all those writers.

Stay tuned for appreciation posts of fics with other Haikyuu!! pairings, and for appreciation posts of fics for other fandoms!

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I really wish people would stop immediately jumping from “I love Levi” to “I hate Levi”, like guys seriously this man has been through a hell of a lot and just to see everything and everyone around him disappear again breaks my heart. I honestly don’t understand what people are hating him for anyway? just because he wanted to give the syrum to Erwin instead because Erwin is his closest and dearest friend who he only has left now and not to mention Erwin plays an important role as the Commander of the Survey corps, he will lead them to victory, he plans  to make this happen. Yes I know that Mikasa and Eren are hurting right now because their friend Armin is hurt but guys honestly take it from Levi’s point of view, if your friend was on the verge of death and you had to choose whether to save them or save another you would immediately go to you friend right? because they are the only one who cares for you and that you owe your life to right? I think people should stop jumping to conclusions when a character makes a decision that might effect other people around them. Just seriously remember that Erwin was the one who helped Levi when Isabel and Farlan died, he took him into the survey corps under his supervision and took care of Levi. 

How dare someone say DC isn’t inspiring hope?! It is inspiring hope in a world where finding hope is hard. Superheroes shouldn’t enter a universe when everything is okay and be the source of rising tension and problems, they should enter the world when people have nothing else to believe in when they need inspiration!

The DC universe starts with Clark Kent being a hero in a world where people would turn against him. Clark Kent can’t find his place in the world, he is struggling with creating his own identity, but he is still saving lives. Lois finds him because everywhere he goes he saves people. The world is invaded and Clark is pushed as he would realistically to his breaking point (the destruction is the level it would be if a world ending fight had happened) the world is scared it needs hope. It needs superheroes to inspire. Criticize MOS all you want, everyone knows that if a being with God like powers showed up you bet your ass everything Martha feared would come true, but Clark still has enough faith in humanity to risk everything for it- how is that not hopeful?

BVS is apparently so dark, but the entire movie is about people who have lost hope regaining it. Clark struggles with being hated and feared, he struggles to deal with his sacrifice, as anyone would. He pushed himself to the breaking point for people, and yet they don’t trust him. Clark instead of breaking works hard to prove himself, he tries to be a hero for the world, to fit in. It isn’t easy for Clark, but it is worth it to him, Clark see’s enough good in humanity that he finds a reason to be their hero despite the fact that he doesn’t owe the world a goddamn thing. 

Bruce has lost everything, he has lost his purpose, and he see’s the worst in Clark, as he see’s the worst in himself, and humanity. Bruce despite struggling with his PTSD  finds a reason to trust again because of Clark’s heroism. It’s Clark Kent’s embodiment of the most human principles (hope, trust, faith) that brings Bruce back from the edge. “Men are still good”

BVS shows heroes even when they lose hope can find it again. Diana is much the same, after a World War she doesn’t think that humanity deserves saving, but because she see’s a man with no power fight a losing battle, when she see’s a being much like herself risk everything despite being rejected she remembers why she fights! How is that not hopeful.

Suicide Squad begins with dealing with the fallout of Superman’s death, the world hasn’t simply gotten over it. However, horrible people, people who have no reason to trust each other, or fight for humanity, come together to save it because even the worst of us have the potential to do the right thing. The idea that no one is too far gone to save, that even with a bomb in your head you can choose to save someone you care about is shown. That is pure hope.

Hope is easy in a world where the hero can save everyone, hope is easy when people trust heroes from the start. But hope in a universe where your faith is constantly tested, now that is an achievement.

How Could You Love Me

The next chapter of the Everyone Needs Some Love series that I hijacked from @justwritingscibbles

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You looked around the room, trying to understand what was happening. Four men and one floating head with a pink moustache were in the room with you, all with the same face, and you were wearing nothing but a towel under your blanket.
Honestly, the situation looked like the beginning of one those movies children weren’t allowed to watch.

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For the Love of Harry, Part Six

“It was lunch at a local cafe, Harry,” you say, shaking your head and ignoring his irrationality. “Kari and I decided to go have some lunch together today to get out of the office for a while. It was nothing.”

“How is it nothing when photos are circulating of you again?” he asks, irritated.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” you say, sarcastically. “I guess I didn’t get the memo that I was no longer allowed to walk three blocks away from my work to have lunch with my best friend.”

“How will I ever make you understand?!” he growls, tugging at his hair in frustration.

“Why is it my fault that some person took my photo while I was at a local cafe?” you ask, looking at him confused. “I did nothing wrong, and I don’t recall doing anything that would have embarrassed you, so why are you so upset?”

“I don’t like photos of you being plastered all over social media!” he roars.

You look at him frustratingly. “So you are saying you want me to stay at home unless I’m at work, and while I’m at work I’m not allowed to leave, and I have to go straight to and from each.”

“No,” he groans. “That’s not what I’m saying, love.”

“Harry,” you say as you look directly at him and sigh. “You worry too much. I can’t be kept inside like a caged animal. You wouldn’t like that either. I know sometimes you’ve had to do that because of who you are. But, I’m nobody. I know people still associate me with you, even though we’ve kept our life together secret, for the most part. What circulates in social media and such, it’s all speculative. Your fans and the media, they have their theories, but that’s all they have right now.”

“I don’t like God-knows-who having access to you,” he insists. “It makes me nervous.”

You look at him questioningly, knowing there has to be more to this than he is saying.

“Why?” you look at him. “What do you know that I don’t?”

He stutters slightly. “Nothing. Sweetheart, please understand how unsettling it is for me to go onto my social media and find I’ve been tagged in thousands of copies of photos of you out somewhere, with no protection, no security to keep you safe.”

“Harry, nobody wants me except you,” you grin at him slightly. “They want you, not me. Is that what this is about?” He looks at you with furrowed brow. “You know how the paps and fans are with you, and you don’t want them to be that way with me?”

“Well,” he frowns, “Yes, I suppose, partly.”

“They aren’t that way with me,” you insist. “I swear. We walked the three blocks to the cafe, had lunch and a nice visit, and walked back, without one person stopping us, talking to us, asking us questions, and the only person who apparently took photos, we were oblivious to. They didn’t approach us. It was completely safe.”

“Until it’s not,” he says, whining. “You don’t use social media anymore so you don’t see the horrible comments people make about you. Babe, some of them are really terrible, and it makes me worry more for you.”

You inhale and exhale audibly. “Harry,” you walk to him and hold his hands. “I love that you worry about me. And I hate that you worry about me. I worry about you, too, like, all the time. You are in a much bigger spotlight than I am. And until we are made public, that spotlight on me shouldn’t grow. The only time I’ve ever had problems, I’ve told you about, and it’s usually when there has been some new kind of false rumor circulate, and the second the rumor is squashed, the cockroaches scatter again and nobody bothers me. And as far as the comments, I would have to care about their opinion for it to bother me. I’m sorry they bother you so much.”

He pulls you against him and kisses your lips softly. “I just worry about you. I never want anything to happen to you. In my perfect, ideal world, I would have you with me all the time…work, traveling, everything. You would quit your job so you could be wherever I am. And I know that isn’t realistic, at least not yet.”

“I love that you want me with you. But I think you’re right. It isn’t really realistic at this point, and it would definitely out us to the world,” you say, leaning your head against his chest.

“I know. I’m sorry,” he apologizes, tightening his hug around you.

You look at him, trying to assure him. “I promise you, I am always careful. I stopped taking the tube for you, using a cab or driver like you requested. I don’t go for runs anymore because you are worried for my safety. And where I used to go shopping in the little shops in town all the time, I rarely do anymore, because it makes you nervous.”

“I sound like a tyrant, don’t I?” he sulks, frowning while rubbing his hands up and down your back.

You nod teasingly, crinkling your nose at him. “Yes.” You smile as he chuckles. “I understand why you feel the way you do. But I need my freedom to go and do when I want to sometimes, too. You understand that, don’t you?” you ask calmly.

He hugs you tightly again, kissing your head. “I do. I just need you safe.”

“And I am safe,” you reply, squeezing his middle tightly.


You were excited for a girl’s night! It had been a long time since you and Kari had had an evening of girl time together, and Harry being out of town made it the perfect time for a sleepover. You were thankful that your best friend and your boyfriend liked each other. Kari had never been to the home you shared with Harry, so it would be fun.

At the sound of the security gate buzzer, you let the private car through. Harry had insisted you use one of his drivers, making Kari scream with excitement when you told her. As you see it stop at the end of the walkway, you open the door and quickly run out to greet her. Squealing like school girls, you share a hug, thank the driver, and return to the house to give Kari a tour.

“Never thought I’d experience this kind of life. This is amazing!” she exclaims, still looking around. “A girl could get used to this!”

“It’s a nice home, yeah,” you say, smiling. “I’d love Harry even if he didn’t have a nickel to his name, but it’s a nice perk.”

“Your nice perk is my wet dream, love,” she sighs. “But I’ll happily enjoy your nice perk anytime you’d like some company.”

Hearing a video call sound on your opened laptop, you run to it happily to talk to Harry. Having texted that he would be calling, you prepared ahead. In only a moment, you see Harry’s face light up your screen.

“There’s my beautiful love!” Harry smiled, blowing you a kiss. “How are you, baby?”

“I’m fine! How are you? Missing me yet?” you smile and giggle.

“I am, yes, and I’m fine, only missing you as well!” he replies. “Has Kari arrived yet?”

“I’m here!” Kari chimes in, jumping in front of the computer screen. “Just enjoying the facilities. What a home you have here, love!”

“Like it?” he smiles. “I’m glad you beauties are getting some proper girl time while I’m away.”

“How is your work?” you ask him. “Everything going okay?”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” he says, nodding. “Should be home in a few days. Everything good there?”

“Everything’s fine here,” you smile. “Just missing you.”

He puts his hand over his heart and closes his eyes, grinning. “Missing you terribly, sweetheart. Now I’ll let you girls get back to your evening. I just wanted to call and see your face.”

“So sweet to me,” you swoon. “Going to be a night of wine, fingernail polish, and swapping sex stories.” You smile as his eyes get huge.

“You what now?” he asks, his dimples denting in deeply as he smiles and chuckles.

“Nothing!” you laugh. “Thank you for calling me.”

“Of course, love,” he says, blowing you a kiss. “I’ll call you again tomorrow. Enjoy your evening, babe. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” you say as you blow a kiss in return.

“I love you, too!” Kari yells as you both laugh.

You disconnect the call, closing the laptop and work on dinner.

“Think you’ve found a right good one in him, lovey. He’s definitely a keeper,” she smiles at you. “Not just because he’s well-off and hotter than shit on a shingle. But you can tell he really loves you. And I’ve never seen you so in love.”

You smile. “I agree, but in all honesty, the only other man you have ever seen me with was Alex.”

“Uuunnhhh!!!” she groans loudly. “He who must not be named! Evil!”

You giggle and nod your head. “Can’t say I don’t agree with that, either.”

“Have you seen him since the day he hit you?” she questioned.

“No, and I hope I never do again,” you say bluntly. “Bastard.”

“Like to punch him myself,” Kari says, balling up her fist. “Was lucky enough to have you, then to do what he did. Not a lick o’ smart in that boy, I’d say.”

“Unfortunately, he is smart,” you say. “But at least he’s left me alone since that day. Besides, if he hadn’t done what he did, and things hadn’t happened as they did, maybe I wouldn’t be with Harry now, and that kind of makes me sad to think about. So I have no regrets.”

The two of you have a great evening, watching chick flicks, doing each others hair and makeup and nails, and talking about things you only talk about with your best girlfriend. When you wake up the next morning, you rub your slightly sore head and your blurry eyes, and hear snoring from the other side of the bed. You didn’t think you drank that much wine the night before, but your head was telling you differently.

You look over at Kari and giggle, one of her legs topping your own as the rest of her is stretched out across the bed, mouth open wide and a prominent noise escaping her face with each inhalation. You let her sleep as you get up and slip into a bikini and go out for a morning swim. The water feels amazing as you float and propel your body mindlessly. You love the silence that early in the morning. Besides an occasional bird singing, it was usually quiet for your morning swims.

After a bit longer in the pool, you decide you should make sure Kari is awake and ready when her driver arrives. You climb out of the pool, grabbing your towel and drying, then jumping as you hear a voice behind you.

“Hot babe!” Kari yells followed by a wolf whistle. “You are one sexy bitch!”

You look at her, shaking your head and smiling. “Scared the shit out of me, Kar!”

“Completely jealous of Harry, love,” she admits. “I’d kill to have your body. I’m more straight up and down short of my tits being nice. But you, damn. Curves in all the right places. Harry’s one lucky man!”

“Stop it!” you laugh. As you finish drying, you look at Kari and see her looking toward the security gate with a concerned look.

“I swear someone was just looking in through the gate!” she yelled.

You look more intensely then grab her hand and walk back toward the door into the house. “Come on.” You go inside, locking the door behind you and going to make sure the security system is set. You check the surveillance looking around the gate area but don’t see anyone. “Well, if there was someone, they aren’t there now.”

“That’s scary, love,” she says, the look of fear in her eyes. “Loads of people who would love to get in here and nick somethin’, I’m sure. Or hope to get to Harry.”

You shake your head. “His security system is incredible, and all I have to do is push that red button and apparently what will seem like an entire SWAT team will suddenly descend from the heavens or something. I feel safe here.”

The security gate buzzes loudly, causing you both to jump and scream, then look at each other and laugh nervously. You look into the screen and see the driver is there to pick up your friend.

“Shit, haven’t packed yet,” she says. “Tell him I’ll just be a moment, love?”

You nod as she runs around collecting all of her things as you let the driver in. Soon your friend has left and you are once again alone in the big house. You shower and dress, do a few things around the house, and search for something else to pass the time, when you hear the buzzer again. You don’t recognize the vehicle, pushing the button to speak into the microphone.

“May I help you?” you ask.

“Yes, miss,” the driver replies. “Floral delivery for this address.” You aren’t sure what to do, not knowing how to handle such situations. It was rare that someone would arrive at the house who wasn’t expected.

“Um…” you hesitate. “Do you have identification so I know what business you are from, please?”

“Yes,” the driver says, pulling out a name badge and holding it up to the monitor. “My name is Collins. Feel free to call the flower shop and verify if you would like. I understand.”

You start to but realize it seems legitimate. He wouldn’t tell you to call if it wasn’t, right? You push the button, allowing the car inside, and quickly pull a t-shirt from the laundry over your swimsuit, walking out to meet the car. The driver gets out of the delivery van, opening a door and closing again, walking toward you with a large, beautiful floral arrangement.

“It’s very beautiful!” the driver says to you.

“It sure is!” you say, awestruck from the flowers. You can’t wait to go inside and text Harry a big thank you, knowing he is the only one who ever sends you flowers. You pass the driver a tip, thank him, and watch as he pulls back out of the driveway, resetting the security as you close the door behind you. You set the flowers on the island and grab your phone, texting Harry.

The flowers are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you, sweetheart! I love you!

You set your phone down again and move the flowers to the center of the table and take a photo of them. You hear your phone ring, seeing it’s Harry, and answer it.

“Hi! They are beautiful, Harry! Thank you so much!” you praise.

“Love,” he starts but you interrupt.

“Wait, I’ll send you a photo of them,” you say.

“Sweetheart? Listen to me,” he says.

“Okay?” you giggle, still looking at your flowers.

“I didn’t send you any flowers,” he says. Your smile slowly disappears as you process it. “Hello?”

“Yeah,” you say. “I’m here. If you didn’t send them, who did?”

“Is there a card?” he asks. You can hear the seriousness in his voice. “Look.”

You look through the arrangement but see nothing. “No,” you answer. “I don’t see a card.”

You hear him clear his voice. “Okay,” he instructs. “Who delivered them? What shop?”

You think a moment then answer. “Over In The Garden Floral Shop. The delivery person said his name was Collins. The shop name was on the side of the car, Harry, and I asked to see his ID in the monitor before I opened the gate.”

“Alright,” he says. “Alright. I’m going to call them and see if I can find out who ordered and paid for them.”

“Maybe…,” you offer. “Maybe someone sent them to you. He just said it was for this address, not a specific person.”

“I’ll see what I can find out,” he answers. “Babe, I don’t want you letting anyone else through the gate. And if you need to go somewhere, tell me and I’ll have a bodyguard stay with you.”

“Harry…” you begin to protest.

“Just indulge me here, love,” he begs. “I’m 10 hours away by air from where you are and fighting my urge to jump on a plane. I’ll call you after I talk to the floral shop.”

“Okay,” you give in.

“I love you, babe,” Harry tells you, his voice tender and sweet.

“I love you, too.”

After talking to Harry a short time later, you found he was unable to find out who sent the flowers, that the purchase was made online and paid for using an untraceable method. You assured Harry that you were fine and the only plan you had for leaving was to go to work on Monday. You were unnerved a bit by the incident, but you felt safe, so you weren’t terribly concerned. But your thoughts changed slightly as a noise woke you from your sleep Sunday night.

You lay in the bed before sitting straight up out of your sleep. You tried to determine if you actually heard something or dreamed it, but when you heard it again, your heart began to race. You listen carefully, grabbing your phone from its charger and quietly but quickly making your way to the washroom and locking the door. You listen quietly and soon hear footsteps in the bedroom. Your shaking hands stumble on your phone as you begin to call the police, but hear a familiar voice.

“Baby?” you hear Harry say. The door handle rattles above your head as you try to get to your feet and open the door. “It’s me, sweetheart. Open the door.”

You open the door and quickly rap your arms around Harry’s shoulders. He feels you trembling and breathing rapidly in his ear.

“I’m sorry I frightened you, love,” Harry said into your ear, holding you tightly. “Couldn’t wait any longer to be home with you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you say, relieved but not letting him go. “I’m just happy you’re home!”

You hold onto him for a long moment until he finally finds your mouth, kissing you deeply. You breathe him in, the realization of how much you missed him setting in.


“Mmm,” you heard Harry moan lightly as he kissed you, not wanting to leave you to work for the day. He had insisted on dropping you at work ‘just for the extra bit of time with you’. “If I’m going to be late tonight, I’ll have a driver waiting for you at 5.” You nod as he kisses you again, holding your face to his.

You both jump as you hear someone tapping loudly at your car window. You see it’s Kari, making a face at you and Harry laughs. You open the door, kiss Harry again quickly, then step out onto the sidewalk.

“How are you this morning, Kari?” Harry asks her.

“Rather be sleeping, if I’m honest, but doing well,” she smiles. “How was your trip, love?”

“Fine, but happy to be back,” Harry says, looking at you.

Kari nods. “What’d you find out on those flowers? Have anything to do with the guy at the gate?”

Harry’s smile turns down quickly as he looks at you then back at Kari. “What guy at the gate?” You don’t answer quickly enough for him. “Babe, what guy at the gate?”

“I went out for a swim Saturday morning while Kari was sleeping, and when she came out, she thought she saw a man standing at the gate, looking in,” you say, shaking you head.

“Thought?” Kari asked, sounding offended but not. “I’ll have you know, I know what I saw. Bloke in black standing at the gate, peering through like a right creeper.”

Harry looked at you, irritated you hadn’t mentioned it.

“Don’t look at me like that,” you defend yourself. “I didn’t see him myself, and when I checked the surveillance there was nobody there. I honestly didn’t think about it again.”

You could see the pensive and unhappy look on Harry’s face as he reached for your hand.

“I’ll pick you up at 5,” he said, changing his mind. “If you want lunch out, call and I’ll come get you girls.”

“Harry, I’ll be fine…” you begin.

“Please, don’t,” he says. “Indulge me, remember?”

You nod, leaning in for one more kiss, then close the door and walk with Kari to the building, looking back and returning the wave Harry is sending you.

“Sorry, love,” Kari said, once you were through the front doors. “Didn’t realize mentioning it would turn him into a guard dog. Was just curious.”

“No worries,” you say, forcing a smile. “I honestly did forget about it, but not sure I would have mentioned to him anyway. As much as I love his need to protect me, I don’t want him to become obsessive with it. He’s a busy man. Doesn’t need to be worrying about me, too.”

“That’s his job as your boyfriend, babe,” she reminds you. “Let him obsess if he wants to! You’re a precious commodity to him. Don’t take that away from him.” You shake your head, irritated that your best friend is siding with your boyfriend over you. “Don’t be that way, lovey. Men need to be that way with their woman. Let him!”

You think about what Kari says and realize maybe it is what Harry needs, to know he can keep you safe. You’re just not yet used to having someone take care of you. You have been independent and on your own for a lot of years, and to let someone else have control of that…you would do your best to not complain and to let him do things his way. You were still kind of a stranger to this new way of living…more in the public eye, needing security, being linked to a celebrity. You trusted Harry to know what was best, you just hoped your independent spirit and personality would follow along.

At 5 o’clock you made your way down to the front of the building and saw Harry sitting across the road, a grin on his face and hand waving to you. You smiled and waved in return, kissing your friends cheek and saying goodbye, then quickly crossing the road to get inside the car. You closed your door and turned to Harry, seeing him leaning to you with his lips in an exaggerated pucker, waiting to be kissed. You giggle and kiss him sweetly.

“How was your day?” you ask him.

“Fine…better now,” he flirts. “Yours?”

“Typical day, really,” you return. “Missed you.” He leans in and kisses you again, then you blink as you both hear the sound of a camera clicking, flashing through the windscreen of the car, a pap taking photo after photo of the two of you.

“Shit,” Harry says, irritated, putting the car into drive and immediately taking off down the street. He looks at you and the shock on your face. “Guess we’ve been discovered this time, haven’t we?”

“Looks that way,” you say, trying to read how he feels about that. The look on his face seemed to be a bit timid and nervous until you were well on the road back to the house. You feel his hand grab yours and squeeze, looking at him and seeing a forced smile. “Get ready. Things are going to change now.”

The second you are in the house, Harry goes to his office and makes phone calls, warning his PR team and management about what happened. You left him to it, knowing he wasn’t happy but that the two of you really had nobody to blame but yourselves this time. After a bit Harry walked into the room as you sat on a barstool, looking online. You quickly turn off your screen and set it down, grinning at him. Harry kisses you lightly, holding your hand and sitting on the stool next to yours.

“Already online, aren’t they?” he asks, hesitantly. You just grin slightly at him but he knows. “Fuck, I’m sorry, love. I hate that your privacy is going to be virtually gone now. I know what’s going to happen and…”

“Hey,” you interrupt. “No more, alright? It happened, nobody’s fault besides the stupid pap that should have minded his own business and gotten a better job.” You smile at him and he tries to smile but he knows you have no real concept of the changes that will happen now. “We should be lucky that it didn’t happen sooner. We’ve been together quite some time now, you know.”

“Yeah,” he grins, holding your hands in his. “Still, we need to discuss how things will need to be different now. I’m afraid life as you knew it before is gone now.”

You take a deep breath and exhale. “Well, as apocalyptic as that sounds, I’m a strong woman, I think. Pretty sure I can handle it.” You smile as he returns the smile and kisses you lovingly.


Harry’s warnings about how life would change for you now were highly understated. Paps were in abundance and Harry’s fans took photos of you everywhere you were seen. You were pretty good at ignoring unless they were right in your face. Now that you had been outed to the public, the positive side was that Harry was okay now with the two of you being seen in public to an extent. ‘It’s out there now, might as well go with it a bit’, he stated to you one night. Although he wasn’t really able to take you to and from work now, as fans would wait for him to show up, you did occasionally go somewhere together…a little shop one of you had wanted to visit, or you tagged along with him on certain occasions of his work. A photo of Harry holding your hand as you walk down a sidewalk, or his hand at your waist and laughing with you as you walk into a building, that was gold for paps and fans. You were excited to finally be able to attend his concerts and appearances when possible, although Harry, still being incredibly overprotective, requested that you not be out among the people.

As the popularity of your relationship with Harry grew in the media realm, you found it more and more difficult to do simple things. As you went to a local market one day, only a few blocks from where you lived to get a couple of things needed for dinner, you walked out to cameras flashing and paps in your face asking you questions. It was only a few blocks from home so you hadn’t bothered with bringing a driver or security, but the paps were like vultures and followed you nearly the entire way, unable to cross at a certain point or endure legal action. Within 10 minutes, you were listening to Harry argue into your ear over the phone the importance of having security at all times.

“Are you listening to me, love? This is important!” he nearly yells.

“Yes, Harry!” you reply. “I always listen to you. It was a few blocks for a handful of items. I honestly didn’t think anyone would even notice. I’m sorry!”

“Sweetheart,” he insists. “Somebody will always notice! We’ve been over and over this! Please, just…use your head.”

You weren’t sure if it was the words or the tone of his voice that made it hurt your feelings a bit, but it shut you up.

“Are you still there?” he asks after you’ve said nothing.

“Yes,” you simply reply.

“I love you, babe. I’ll be home in a bit,” he says sweetly but sternly.

“Bye,” you reply, not realizing you hadn’t told him you loved him back. You stood in the kitchen for a long moment, just leaning back against the counter, listening to the stillness of the house with only appliances humming and your heart beating lightly in your ears. The quiet was soothing to you, meditative even.

You put the food away for the time being and decide to take a swim. It always relaxes you and helps clear your mind. You like the rhythmic sounds of the water in and out of your ears, how your body glides through the ripples and small waves your movements make. Your mind becomes transfixed on shutting out the world for a while, until your eyes catch a glimpse of something and you stop, seeing a person standing in front of you. You nearly swallow water as you are caught off guard, wiping the pool water from your eyes, then seeing Harry standing in front of you and kneeling down at the edge of the pool.

“Hello, love,” he says with a smile. “Having a nice swim?”

You see the loving look on his face and smile gently, nodding at him. “Yeah.” Harry holds his hand to you to help you climb up out of the pool. You stand next to him, looking at him, still a bit irritated, but knowing he probably didn’t mean it the way it sounded. “I didn’t realize you would be home this early. I’ve not started dinner.”

“It’s fine,” he smiles. “Managed to get away a bit early. I’ll help with dinner.”

You nod and start to turn and walk away, but he pulls you into his arms and holds you.

“Harry, you’re going to get all wet,” you admonish.

“I don’t care,” he says. “Waited all day to hold you. If it gets me a little wet, then so be it.” You hear him chuckle a bit. “Besides, you kind of like me wet, don’t you?” You look at his face and see a smirk then giggle.

“Yeah, I kind of do,” you agree. Just as Harry lets go of you, you quickly push him into the pool. He erupts from the surface with a look of surprise on his face. “You’re right. Kind of like you wet.”

“You’re going to pay for that one,” he laughs.

“Sorry,” you say, smirking. “Must have not have been using my head again.”

You grab your towel and start drying a bit as he pulls himself out of the water and walks to you with an apologetic look on his face.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he says, placing a gentle kiss on your lips. “I didn’t mean for it to sound so…mean. I know you use your head, it’s just…”

“It’s okay,” you say, shaking your head, then kissing his cheek. “Not a big deal. I’m over it.” You start to turn again but he doesn’t let you walk away, putting his arm around your waist. “Really. It’s alright…”

You can’t finish your words before Harry’s mouth is on yours, kissing you passionately, holding you closely. You melt into him quickly, tasting the lips and tongue you have come to love kissing so much. You feel Harry’s hands pulling your hips against him and feel him getting hard against your stomach. A slight lick to your lips and nibble to your jaw has you moaning lightly as Harry speaks softly into your ear.

“Come with me.”

He takes your hand, leading you into the house, walking to the sofa and stripping off his wet clothes. As he lowers his pants to the floor, he sits, pushing his wet hair out of his face. He pulls you in front of him, pulling your bikini bottoms down without hesitation. Without warning he kisses your little clit, causing you to catch your breath, sucking it into his mouth swiftly. He moans at the taste of you, as if you were his favorite dessert he hadn’t had in ages. You weren’t sure what had suddenly gotten into him, but you were loving it. He massages your hips, pulling you down onto his lap and hastily removing your bikini top. He had a look of desperation on his face which you found almost exciting. Feeling him pull and nip at each breast had your pussy tingling. He moaned as he devoured your nipples, kissing and licking around them then inhaling them into his mouth, sucking them as if he was nursing.

You feel Harry’s hand between your legs, stroking your lips. “So wet already, baby. Beautiful.” You lean down and kiss him with a powerful lust. You and Harry had an amazing sex life, so how was it that he continued to turn you on so madly and so quickly? You thought it is because he makes you feel desired, which you don’t remember ever feeling with a man before. You feel his fingers dip inside of you and you groan into his mouth. He pulls away slightly and looks to the side of the sofa, moving the two of you to the corner and lowering himself down, resting his head in the crevice.

“Up here now, baby,” he says as he taps his hands on the arm and top of the sofa on either side of his head. Dear God…he wanted you to ride his face. You moved one shin to the arm of the sofa and the other to the sofa top, just next to where his head was resting, and sat yourself in front of his face. You whimpered loudly, grabbing on to the back of the sofa, as you immediately felt Harry’s mouth sucking your lips, pulling them lightly into his mouth, then dipping his tongue as deeply inside of you as it would reach. He fucked the muscle in and out of you mercilessly, before teasing your asshole with the tip of it.

“Oh my god!” you whine loudly. You felt him pulling your pussy into his face, his hands on your ass, as his mouth explored you. Little flicks of his tongue over and over against your clit made you nearly sob. You looked down at him and saw his eyes focus on you, then closing again to concentrate on pleasuring you. You felt the thick, lazy swipe of his tongue along the length of your slit, sucking in your clit as he reached it and popping it out again, then beginning the ritual again. You bounce your ass gently toward his face, pulling his hair with one hand while holding your balance with the other. You feel his loud moan vibrate against you as you grind lightly against his face, hearing the smacking of his mouth on you as he mutters to himself.

“How do you….” he starts, consuming you again, “…fuckin’ taste so fuckin’ good?”

You weren’t sure how much longer you could hold that position, seeing stars as you rock your body lightly into his face, constantly catching yourself holding your breath for nearly too long between gasps. You knew your legs would hold out, but you were nearly feeling faint from the level of enjoyment he was giving you.

“Har-ry…” you manage between a deep exhale and quick inhale. He heard your throat stutter, knowing you were close.

“Come sit on me, love,” he ordered. “Get on me.” He helped you move your legs down as you lean down and kiss his damp face, tasting your juices on him, but he is hungry for you. He holds his hard cock, pumping it slightly. You see the pre-cum seep out of his little slit and quickly move your body to lick your tongue across it. You hear Harry groan gutturally, then pull your face back to his, kissing you forcefully. “Get on me,” he repeats.

You straddle his cock as he holds it between your legs, rubbing it back and forth along your hot wetness. As you sit slowly down on him, allowing him to feel every inch as you sink onto him, you hear him breathe in deeply, his eyes closed tightly, jaw clinched. You pepper his face with your soft lips until he is pulling you into another deep, forceful kiss. You pull away and look at him, his gaze burning a hole through you.

“I love you,” he says, through ragged breaths.

“I love you,” you say back to him. You lace your hands into his hair and kiss his temple, whispering into his ear. “I love you so much.”

You begin to grind against him, feeling he is not going to take long, his stiff cock rubbing inside you just right, causing your muscles to contract slightly. His hands work up and down your back and hips, kneading and twisting into your skin as his breathing becomes almost unbearable to listen to. His hands cling firmly onto your ass and begin roughly lifting and pulling you down onto him as deeply as you will go, his hips thrusting upward to meet you. Your mouth rests against his cheek as your own breathing becomes staggered into prolonged inhales and quick exhales before sucking in again. Harry slams up into you, your bodies making loud, wet slapping noises as they collide. You feel yourself begin to clamp onto his dick as you moan and quake. Harry thrusts roughly as all the air he had stored in his lungs escapes loudly, his pumping dick spurting streams of cum deeply inside of you as he moans loudly against you with the release. His hands and arms still cling to you tightly as his body begins to relax. You feel his lips on your neck, kissing your collarbone then moving steadily up to find your jaw. He pulls your lips to his and kisses you intensely, tasting you, leaving little kisses around your face, then another sweet one on your lips. He looks at you and smiles, dimples popping again as he hugs you against his chest.


As soon as you finish work, you rejoice that it is the weekend. Harry had already said that he would be working late in the studio that night, so a couple of drinks with the best friend was in order. After realizing he wasn’t going to talk you out of going to a bar, and knowing you needed time with your friend and time away from home and work, he deserted his request for you to invite Kari to the house, if you agreed to having a driver and bodyguard nearby.

I promise you won’t even know he’s there unless he needs to be’, he said, so you sighed and agreed.

As the two of you walked outside of your office building, you and Kari got into the private car Harry had sent, and drove to a nearby pub that was the perfect ‘hiding place’ away from paparazzi. There were a few around the entrance of the building all the time, as some A-listers dropped in fairly regularly, but they didn’t bother you much after seeing the guard with you. You had to admit, you were thankful for Harry’s insistence. Getting around anymore had become barely worth the trouble. And your guard was nice, and enormous, so you weren’t too concerned about being harassed.

“So, darlin’,” Kari says as the two of you find a private table in the back, far away from the large front windows of the small pub. “What’s happenin’ with you? Seems we never have as much time together anymore outside of work, with my new girl and your rocker boy toy.”

“Yes! How is the new girlfriend? And when do I meet her?” you ask, excitedly.

“She’s not in London at the moment,” Kari smiles, “but she’ll be back next week and she’s stoppin’ by the office one day to take me to lunch, so I’ll introduce you then. Just don’t be too jealous that someone else is gettin’ what you didn’t want.” She looks at you with a turned up nose. “Oh, who am I kiddin’? I’d give it to you anytime you wanted it anyway, whether I was with someone or not. You’re my girl!”

You hug her and thank the bar maid for your drinks, then take a drink. Kari will always be good for your ego, and she’s the best friend you could ever ask for.

“You didn’t answer m’ question,” she reminds.

“Oh, what’s happening with me?” you repeat back to her from earlier, and she nods. “Honestly, not much. Harry’s been in the studio a lot lately, so haven’t really seen him as much. And he stays nervous about my safety, which I understand but I don’t,…doesn’t matter. But that explains why I have Hoke and Magic Mike now,” you say, pointing toward the security guard, referencing him and your driver.

“Yes, he’s huge, isn’t he?” Kari observes, looking the guard up and down from where he is standing. “Nice ass for a guy.” She looks twice. “Shit, nice ass for a girl!”

You giggle and the two of you enjoy your time, knocking back drink after drink as you catch up. After polishing off the last of the beer sitting on the table, you start to stand before abruptly losing your balance and landing back in the seat of your chair. Your guard catches your arm as you and Kari both laugh. You were going to be feeling the alcohol by morning in a much less fun way than you were at the moment. As you try standing again, the guard once again grabs your arm and you look at him strangely.

“I’m alright, Beefcake,” you say with a smile. “Stand down. I’ll make it.”

The guard grins at you, shaking his head, staying close by just in case. You walk haphazardly to the car as the driver opens the door and you and Kari fall inside, laughing. In that moment, in the floor of the car with your best friend laughing on top of you, you couldn’t deny you were unequivocally drunk. The two of you laugh uncontrollably, gasping for air, as Magic Mike helps you both up into the seat of the car.

You love your best friend. You laugh and talk together as the car drops Kari off at her apartment, then drives the distance to return you back home. As you sit in the car, you think of how much fun you have with her and giggle, leaning your head back and closing your eyes.

“Love?” Harry leans into the car, shaking you after the car stops in the drive awhile later. Harry looks at the driver when you don’t respond, sound asleep lying in the seat of the car.

The guard smiles. “They had a lot to drink, but they had a good time.”

Harry smiles, leaning in again and caressing your face. “Babe?”

You don’t so much as twitch before Harry pulls you toward him and gathers you up into his arms, thanking the driver and guard, and carrying you into the house. He looks into the unconscious bliss on your face, smiles, and kisses your forehead. Walking up the stairs with you in his arms, he lays you on the foot of the bed, looking at you again and smiling. As he pulls back the covers on your side, he sees you moving around.

“So you are alive?” he giggles. “Glad to see that.”

You look around, trying to figure out where the voice is coming from then your eyes rest on Harry’s face.

“You’re so cute,” you say, slurring your words slightly, your eyes only slits between your lashes. “I thought you were working late.”

“It is late, baby,” he says, walking back around to where you lay. “You were just later than I was.”

“Mmm,” you say as your eyes begin to close again.

“Let’s get you undressed so you can sleep comfortably, love,” he says, grabbing each of your hands and pulling you up so that you are sitting on the edge of the bed. “Up with your arms now.” Confusion fills your face as you look at him. “Lift your arms up, sweetheart,” Harry laughs. Harry has always found you lovely, but he has a soft, special place for you when you’re drunk. He loves taking care of you.

You feel him lift your arms above your head, pulling the dress you are wearing up and off of your body, as you quickly slide to the floor between his feet. You hear him laughing as you look up at him surprised. He bends down in front of you, still laughing, and kisses you sweetly.

“My angel,” he says endearingly. “I surely do love you, even drunk off your ass.”

You look at him. “Who’s drunk?”

He laughs again, then puts his arms under your pits, lifting you back up onto the bed. “Babe, you are no doubt going to feel this in the morning, but you are adorable right now.”

“I’m always fuckin’ adorable,” you say, blinking slowly as he chuckles at you again.

“You are, yes,” he unhooks and removes your bra and turns you to lay on your pillow, covering you with the sheet and blanket. You feel one of his hands rest on your hip while the other pushes hair from your face and caresses you, kissing soft, sweet kisses to your lips. “Sleep well, kitten.”

“Mmm,” you manage before your eyes fall shut.


Someone must have bashed your head in with a crowbar. Possibly even ran over your head with a car. Nothing else could possibly be causing this horrible, monstrous pain that was gnashing away at your brain. The thundering that had taken over your hearing was like being at the loudest metal concert, your seat being directly in front of one of the house-sized speakers. You rubbed your head, then your senses switched, as you smelled something coming from the kitchen. Your thoughts couldn’t focus enough to know what it was, but the growling of your stomach from no food since yesterday’s lunch overpowered your desire to stay in bed for the rest of your life.

You looked to your side and saw Harry was already awake somewhere, and slowly sat up, waiting for the room to stop spinning. You were fortunate that drinking didn’t often make you vomit, but sometimes you wished it did, because surely you would feel better then.

You walk into the bathroom, not well but you manage, and relieve your bladder, feeling about 10 pounds lighter after. You slowly but eventually make your way through the doorway of the bedroom and look down from the top of the stairs. As you clutch the railing in your hand, you are amazed your feet find each step without problem. About halfway down you can see into the kitchen. Harry is standing at the island, his hair in utter disarray, tattoos displayed beautifully in only his unders, and singing lightly to music playing. He begins to cut into the fresh fruit again but looks toward the steps seeing you appear. He smiles and quickly walks to the steps, taking your hand until you reach the floor.

“Good morning, my love,” he says, as you clutch your head.

“Good morning,” you say quietly.

“Head hurt?” he purposely asks too loudly as you retreat like a scared animal away from him, giving him a ‘go to hell’ look that makes him laugh. You feel his arms wrap around you from behind, a sweet kiss landing on your cheek as he holds you closely. “That was mean, I’m sorry.”

“Payback’s a bitch, handsome,” you say, leaning back against him, enjoying the feel of him holding you. For a long moment he holds you, freckling light pecks from his lips on your skin.

“I made us something to eat,” he finally says, his arm around your waist, leading you to sit at the island. “Your stomach okay after last night?”

“Yeah, I’m starving actually,” you say, rubbing your face with your hands. “Kari and I never did eat last night so I’ve had no food since lunch yesterday.”

“Well, that would explain why the liquor hit you harder, I suppose,” he grins, grabbing a small cup and passing it to you. “Here, babe, drink this.”

Without thinking, assuming it was a bit of fruit juice maybe, you swallowed the cold liquid in like a shot and gulped, sputtering and choking in its wake. “What the hell?” you gagged as he smirked at you.

“Dill pickle juice,” he said. “Good for a hangover.” He hands you another drink and you look at it skeptically, making him chuckle. “Just juice, babe. Here’s some pain killers for your head.” He hands them to you and you take them, welcoming some relief from your pain.

Later after you both eat, Harry tells you to get your shower while he cleans up the mess. When you come back downstairs, feeling some better, you hear him shouting from his office. You can tell he’s speaking with someone on his phone. You stop on the bottom step and can’t help but hear what he’s saying.

“I don’t care! It’s nobody’s business!” you hear him yell into the phone. “If she wants to go to a pub and get drunk with her best friend, it’s her right to do it! I’m not going to tell her she can’t!” Realizing he is upset about something because of your night out with Kari makes you sad. “Clean it up! That’s your job, isn’t it?” you hear him say. You feel terrible that once again you feel like you’re letting him down, doing things that reflect badly on him. “Nothing we can do about that, now is there! We’ll deal with it like we deal with anything else, and in time, it will be forgotten.”

You hear him say something more softly that you can’t hear, then close your eyes, frustrated at yourself. You’ve never been the type of person to put on airs. You are who you are, no apologies, but things are different now. You have someone else to think of. What you do is a reflection on him.

You see him walk out of his office and look at you, standing on the bottom step with a sad look covering your face. He grins slightly and walks to you. The step off the ground makes you almost eye-to-eye with him.

“What did I do now?” you say sorrowfully.

“Nothing,” he says, grinning at you and pulling you against him. “You’ve done nothing wrong. Just nosey people making others lives more difficult. Nothing for you to worry about.”

“I’m sorry,” you say, frowning. “I feel like I can’t do anything without it getting you in trouble with someone.”

He sees the honest sadness in your eyes.

“You haven’t gotten me into trouble with anyone, sweetheart. I promise,” he says, smiling then kissing your lips. “It’s just a little hiccup, happens too often in my world, but I’m used to it, so I don’t want you to worry or feel bad about it, okay?” You look at him unwaveringly. “I mean it. I don’t want you sad about this. It’s nothing.”

He holds you a moment longer then insists the two of you have a swim to try and relax. It helps, but you can’t seem to shake this time how it affected you, putting lots of thoughts into your mind you hadn’t considered before. But, not wanting Harry to worry that you are so upset about it, you seem to cover well enough, you think.

The following day Harry asked you if you would like to run some errands with him, but not really being in the mood, you decided to stay home. Reluctantly he left, but within half an hour, he returned, looking concerned and timid.

“Hey,” you say as he walks in. “Did you forget something?”

“No,” he simply says, setting his keys down and walking to the window, looking out over the front of the property.

“Something wrong?” you ask, apprehensively.

“I don’t know yet,” he answers honestly, looking back at you. “I got a phone call not long after I left, from the same floral shop as before, saying they had a large delivery and wanted to make sure someone was here to receive it. I had given them my number in case they found out anything from last time.”

“Maybe it’s nothing, Harry,” you say. “Maybe just from someone you work with or do business with.”

“Maybe,” he says, sighing. “But I want to be here for the delivery.”

After a few more minutes, you see him walk to the security system on the wall, opening the gate, then promptly walking out to meet the delivery van. You watch from the house as he talks to the man, asking him questions, then walking to opened doors and looking inside for several minutes. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but you could see from the look on Harry’s face, and how he kept running his fingers through his hair, that he wasn’t happy. In another moment you saw him shake the man’s hand, then turn to walk inside the house. You notice the little flower shop van driving back out of the driveway as Harry walks in the door and look at Harry questionably. He closes the door behind him and walks to where you are.

“So?” you ask.

“No cards, no names, privately ordered and paid for,” he states, his jaw tightening.

“So again, no idea who they were from or who they are for,” you reply with him nodding. “Why would someone send an arrangement of flowers and not mention who it’s for and who it’s from? That makes no sense.”

“Oh, it wasn’t just an arrangement, love,” he answers boldly. “There were over a dozen. All with no information. I asked the delivery man to take them all to the children’s hospital for the patients.”

You exhale sharply, completely confused as to why it was happening.

“I need to go make a phone call, okay?” he says, kissing you gently then walking back into his office and closing the door.

You sit on the sofa, thinking about the situation, but can’t wrap your head around it. You assume it may be an obsessive fan, afraid to leave their information, and leave it at that.


The following week was a long one. Harry asked his legal team to look into the situation to see if they could find out anything he couldn’t, plus he still had work keeping him busy, so you weren’t getting much time with him, but you understood. You were proud of him and his work so you would never complain about him spending a lot of time at it.

As you finished your work day, you walked to Kari’s desk but didn’t see her anywhere. You looked at the cubicle next to hers and talked to the person sitting there.

“Excuse me?” you say, as she looks at you. “Rachel, is it? Do you now if Kari is still here?”

She smiles at you. “I’m sorry, Kari went home early. Something about her girlfriend coming back today, I think.”

You nod and grin. “Completely forgot about that. Thanks anyway. Have a good evening!”

You take the lift down and walk through the front doors. You feel a chill in the air and realize that time of year is coming again soon. You walk to a car parked at the curb with a driver smiling at you.

“Hello,” you greet the man, seeing it is a different car and driver. “Are you here for me?”

“Yes, miss,” he says, opening the door. “I was asked to pick you up tonight. Your regular car and driver were unavailable.”

“Oh,” you smile, “Okay, thank you.”

He opens the door for you as you get inside. You breathe loudly through your mouth, blubbering your lips, tired and ready to relax. You hoped Harry wouldn’t work too late. You would love to sit and snuggle with him until you sleep.


As he turns his keys in the lock, Harry walks into the house. It’s quiet so Harry doesn’t call for you, assuming you have already gone to bed. Setting his keys on the table next to the door, he walks into the kitchen for a bottle of water. He looks in the fridge to see if anything sounds good to eat before going to sleep, then decides he is too tired and closes the door. As he begins to walk up the stairs, his eyes happen to glance to the spot where you always set your briefcase for work. He notices it isn’t there and looks around, but doesn’t see it. Maybe you had some work to do before bed, he thought.

Harry walked to the bedroom door, opening it quietly in case you are sleeping, then closing it just as quietly behind him. He glances to the bed as his grin quickly became a frown. It was still untouched from when you made it this morning.

“Love?” he called out to you then quietly stopped to listen. “Sweetheart, where are you?” He walked to the bathroom door and looked into the dark room, flipping on the light and seeing no sign of you having been there since morning. He quickly opened the bedroom door again and ran through, shouting your name as he looked around the large house. “Baby, answer me! Where are you?”

His heart began to race, knowing you would be home by now, or would have texted him to let him know differently. His mind raced nervously as he thought what he should do. He grabbed his phone and tried calling your number with no answer.

“Baby, I just got home and you’re not here. I’m worried. Please call me as soon as you get this and I’ll come get you. I love you!” Harry disconnected from your voicemail and looked at his phone, nerves shaking him to the core. He tried another number.

“Yes, is this Henry?” Harry asked the driver he had hired to get you. “Hi, it’s Harry. What time did you pick her up tonight? I can’t….what?” Harry swallows hard. “No, I didn’t have someone call you, cancelling. Someone called you and said I cancelled her ride?” Harry listened to the man and closed his eyes in disbelief. “Thank you.” He disconnected the call, his hands shaking as he listened to the quiet of the house. He looked at his phone again, trying your number but hearing it go to voicemail again. He disconnected the call, making a different one. With a wavering voice, Harry spoke into his phone with a tightened throat.

“I need you to come to the house. Something’s happened.”


Chapter six in the books! I hope you all like it. Not sure how many chapters will be in this story. It kind of plays out as I write it, so when it sounds like a good place to end it, I will, unless you seem to become bored with it before then. I have issues with stories becoming too unrealistic. I like them to be as believable as possible, including the conflict. But I also know, as a writer, that this can be boring to the reader. So I will continue doing my best to keep you interested!

My continued writing completely depends on all of you! As long as it seems you are enjoying my stories, via your likes, reblogs, and comments, I will keep writing and posting them for you. So please, if you like them, let me know and feel free to share them and my Masterlist!

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