realistic photos

He caught her and never let her go again


Anthony Kiedis and Flea by Andy Warhol, 1985

a ranking of each sunflower emoji

almost eerily photo realistic………..pls calm down im a little uncomfortable 4/10

i lov this one but i feel like its missing something 8/10

i didnt know a flower could be aggressive until i saw this 3/10

this emoji looks like if u dropped a chocolate cupcake on an actual sunflower……..a Mess 2/10

good but theres somethin bout that drop shadow that makes me feel uneasy man 5/10

beautiful!! 8/10

im love this????? 10/10

its p good yo 6/10

when will emojidex get its shit together……pls 1/10

Uhm,, I was wandering through tumblr and found this picture of lin and I thought what he was wearing looked real cute and his hair was amazing so I drew it.



ZaneTheMonster commissions

hey guys i thought i decide to open some commissions as a test  


Headshots/busts: b/w and color :$5

full body: $10 with color $15 

extra characters: $5

alts(naked,clothed): $5



-simple furries

-demon/monsters guys and gals


-realistic photos


- overly complex designs

NSFW do’s:


-all the straight stuff?



-anthro(still working on getting better at this)

NSFW dont’s:

-underage (never)

-bathroom stuff(shower sex yes anything else  fuck no)

-mecha (not yet at least)

-gore(not yet)

-rape(just leave now)


if you got any questions just let me know also depending on how it is some of the  fonts can be done pm me here on tumblr in your interested