realistic gardevoir

i did a newer picture of my interpretation of gardevoir. it’s still a weird cat person with really long popeye arms and dainty digitigrade feet. this time the bottom of its hair skirt is a little dirty, since it does drag on the ground a lot. it’s also better drawn

it’s fuzzy because i like that and it makes sense to me.  i’m not quite sure what the red thing on its chest is exactly, though i like to think that it’s a strange organ that’s encased with a bony shell and a thin layer of soft tissue and pretty much replaces its sternum.

originally this picture was made with my [gengar interpretation] since I Personally like to think that they are taxonomical relatives (due to some similarities i’ve noted, and they’re even both in the same egg group) and wanted to compare my interpretations easily, but i decided to put them in separate posts.

So I’ve been a bit busy recently. Works been chaos at the best of times and I’ve been trying to take a break now and again. and that’s…not gone well, haha! 

But yeah, to those who have commissions waiting, apologies for the delay, but I will get to them, don’t worry! I just have to free up some corporate work time and finish off the one I have on currently and then back to business!

In the meantime, have a collection of finished mons on a generic background. 


all-women-kick-ass  asked:

explain the ralts line to me if you can because i have been trying to determine for YEARS what Ralts, especially Gardevoir EVEN ARE like are they mammals? aliens? and now that they're half fairy type I'm even more confused like what would one even feed a Ralts in real life it's so baffling

Hiya! Unfortunately I don’t have that much input myself on the line, I’m not the biggest fan of them and haven’t given them much thought,  but one of my favourite realistic pokemon fanartists (check out Gnin on deviantart) has sealed my headcanon as to what these guys are (Orchid Mantises!)

Again don’t forget to check out (