realistic fursuit

We finally got around to a photo shoot of the jackalope this weekend! Instead of posting everything at once I’ll post a few photos here and there over the next few weeks/month. ;D

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Resin base was a modified one from Dream Vision Creations, everything else by me. 


Bein’ a bounty hunter isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes ya get hurt. Sometimes you lose the mark and miss out on a good payday n’ hafta starve til the next big score. Sometimes the memories follow you no matter how far you go to try and get away. Some mornings are tougher than others. Good thing I ain’t the emotional type.

First of all it looks better up close than a small image like this, check it out here:

This is the galaxy tiger mask I made for :iconelaki:! I used my own head base which you can purchase here: I also used the galaxy fields eyes here:

This was really fun to make, huge props to Elaki for letting me experiment. :D

Dad Uses Squid

Character: Dogbomb

Fursuiter: Dogbomb

Fursuit Maker: Beastcub Creations

“Fursuiting has a certain dimming effect on one’s senses.

My senses aren’t razor sharp on the best day, so cover me
in fur, take away a good portion of my hearing and vision,
and I become a tad ineffectual in navigating the world around me.

Rambling up the pier on a sunny Sunday, I became aware of a
sudden heaviness in my right leg.
"Uh oh,” I thought. “Stroke.”

Upon closer examination, I discovered that my difficulty walking
was not caused by a blood clot, but rather this young man who
had anchored himself to my side.

Relieved, I patted his head, gave him the happy paws and looked
around for the camera. Surely his parents were taking pictures of
their giddy son and the giant canine.

It was then I realized that he was sobbing, and no cameras, let
alone parental units, were in evidence.

Dogs I understand. Children are a mystery to me. Worried that I
had crushed his little foot, or smacked him with my tail, I asked
him what was the matter.

“I can’t find my daddy!” He said between hiccups.
“That’s OK,” I said. ‘I’ll sniff him out for you.“
"Really? You promise?” He gripped me tighter and brightened a little.
“Of course! I’m a search and rescue dog. No problem.”

He grinned and held my paw and I then realized that I
had better locate pops post haste or the kid would grow up
not to trust talking dogs. I couldn’t have that.

We walked slowly up the pier, searching for daddy, both trying to
smile for the tourists. Little Carlos related that his papa had been
fishing, but had moved to a new spot on the rail. The kid had
walked over to look at a seagull, and somehow lost track of
his dad’s position. I wagged. I was looking for a guy fishing from the
pier, and that narrowed my search to only a few hundred blokes.
Piece of cake.

“What does your daddy look like?” I asked.
“He’s wearing a white t-shirt.” Carlos offered.
I looked around. So were 90% of the others fishing.

Sensing that I needed more information, he thought hard for a moment.
“He fishes with squid!” He exclaimed, convinced that hunk of
knowledge would lead us to pops like no other.

We walked up and down the pier. Twice.
Carlos started to cry again, and I felt a peculiar mix of compassion,
panic and failure. What if we never found his dad? I’d have to raise
him as my own. Where would he sleep? What do kids eat?
Kids grow up so fast. How could I afford shoes and tiny fursuits
every 6 months?

Just when we were both about to dissolve into sobbing puddles,
a frantic man came running towards us, brandishing a fishing rod
and a look of profound relief. I’ll never forget it.

“Mijo!” He exclaimed, scooping up the kid and hugging him so tight
I thought he might pop. They were both crying and smiling and
a flood of relief washed over me. I wouldn’t have to worry about
making pint sized DTD’s after all….

Carlos Sr. shook my paw vigorously and thanked me again and
again for taking the time to help his boy. He had no idea how
they became separated, but a nice lady on the end of the pier
told him that a talking dog was wandering around with a lost kiddo.
At least I was easy to spot.

As father and son resumed their day of pescatory bliss, I felt
like a very good dog. Crisis averted, I continued my stroll,
heading decidedly for the watering hole with the coldest beer.

I may not be much of a search and rescue dog, but I felt
like it at that moment.

Now to search out a bar stool and rescue a beer…“


Here are two German Shepherd fullsuits we finished this past July, Daryl and Michonne! They feature following eyes and all sewn markings (no airbrushing!)

We know we have not been great at posting new 2014 fursuits here on Tumblr, but you can always check out our Twitter for the most up-to-date information.

~DHC Team -


Rocket Raccoon head finished :) This is my Halloween costume for this year! The rest of the costume is forthcoming, I’ll be sure and take pictures of the whole thing together.

I created this head from scratch from foam- nothing was outsourced or came frome a mold. I extensively studied both real raccoon anatomy and screengrabs of Rocket (and promptly found the real raccoon pictures weren’t that much help because Rocket’s proportions are subtly different). The teeth and nose are hand-sculpted from Super Sculpey, the lip and eyelids are two-part epoxy putty, and the eyes are hand-painted glass taxidermy blanks. I used five kinds of fur on the head and experimented with a few methods I’d not seen before, like feathering fur around the eyelids and simulating black skin peeking through the short fur of the muzzle. Rocket has horsehair whiskers and five real cat’s whiskers. I’ve been saving shed whiskers from my cat like a crazy person, gotta get more so I can replace the horsehair eventually. ;)

This costume head represents a significant investment of time, effort, and obsessive work and I’m honestly a little in awe of my own work if that doesn’t sound too vain! He’s not perfect of course, I can already see three things I’d change for next time if there is a next time… but that’s really just splitting hairs. Enough blab from me, enjoy the pictures and thank you to all for their critique, encouragement, and kudos during this build. ^_^