realistic fursuit


More pics of my owl fursuit I was surprised with this morning!!!

What you can’t tell in this set was I was dying inside the suit XD just before this I got stuck on the con floor longer then expected because the kids loved the suit at Raleigh Supercon!

Anyways, I’m glad to have more pics of this work! While I no longer own the suit, it still was one of the biggest builds I’ve ever made! Keep an eye out though cause I have more cosplays coming up after awa and I hope to start work on a new suit sometime soon as well!

Also, concrunch hit me hard but I promise to update with progress of Pidge and Shiro kigus tonight and I will post here while at Awa as well!

Photography by Glitch Shine Cosplay


Posing girl

Parts by @selenalunarforest

body by me

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Parts by @selenalunarforest

Body by me

Fursuit belongs to me

White bison-head made by Beetlecat Originals (tumblr blog) in 2015

From the video description:

An artistic liberty head project.

The horns are cast from real bison horns and attached with screws. There is hair extensions wefted into the long pile fur on the head. The nose is hand-sculpted and hand-painted and then glossed for durability and shine. The eyes are hand-painted.