realistic fan art

So last week I saw Beauty and the Beast! I love the movie and everything about it! But it wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t like the villains ;) I honestly was so thrilled for Gaston (because I LOVE Luke Evans) and Luke didn’t disappoint me! Gaston is an asshole but I still like him ^w^ Lefou was great!!! He is probably my fave! Even though he wasn’t really a villain, was he? I liked how these two acted around each other, it was fun to watch and I think both charas are very intersting :D So I decided to paint the both of them. I saw another fanart here on Tumblr about Gaston being alive after the fall. I like the idea of him being alive…but in my fan art he died. Also for the first time after ages I tried to paint realistic again! I think Gaston turned out pretty nice but I am not so sure about Lefou. Tell me what you think ^w^ Thank you<3

UPDATE: I made an alternative 

I swear this started as a simple cas portrait….

I dedicate this to @cas-watches-over-you, since she is literally the nicest person ever and I feel really sorry for not answering her messages for so long (also check out her art it’s so beautiful)


eager rookie lightning and grumpy old doc have breakfast together at least three times a week pass it on

inspired by this post by @incorrectcarsquotes with doc instead of smokey