realistic fake guns

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when I was 11 I went to a theater workshop and there was one fucking kid who was 17 and looked exactly like Glenn howerton. it was 3 years ago so it obviously wasn't him but he definitely looked v similar. he was popular bc he was going off to some famous acting college the next year. once in a scene the director insisted I wasn't "scared enough" so she had him take me into a back room, sit me down, point his realistic-ish fake gun at me and scream at me. Fucking terrifying, dude.

i’m a theatre major and there’s this kid i go to school with who literally looks like a baby dennis…. like i don’t mean he looks like young glenn (glenn doesn’t even look like young glenn) but he looks like what you’d expect dennis to look like if you aged him back like 20 years or so. how many of these doppelgangers are there